The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1902

Vol 8 Chapter 1902: Taming The Snake

"Eighth-order demon emperor."

Ye Futian came here, and felt a breath of monstrous death, and a very powerful sense of corrosion. This is a terrible space. Standing here, there is danger of death at any time.

Below, there is a sea of death, a sea of death cast by Hell Lotus. Numerous Hell Lotuses are spread on the island, devouring the vitality of this heaven and earth, making this area occupied by the breath of death, without any vitality.

Next to the demon snake, there is a huge black lotus with nine petals. The ink-colored petals refract the dim light of death, and each petal can hold a hundred people. This lotus is like a human. Flower.

The huge monster snake is hovering beside it and guarding it, and at the same time drawing its power.

"Hell Flower King, Hell Magic Lotus." Emperor Helian whispered: "This thing can make a super scary death pill, if ordinary people take it, it will instantly die and the vitality will be corroded, but people who practice the power of the death road take it, Its a big tonic. Of course, even if it is not refined into a pill, it is a super dead plant that resists Molian itself."

Ye Futian nodded slightly, he naturally also saw the practitioner who refused to trade with him in Penglai Xianchi. At that time, the other party had the top grade **** lotus, but here, there is a sea of hell flowers. terrible.

Moreover, in the sea of flowers of hell, many of them near the **** demon lotus are top grade, similar to the seventh order and above in the magic weapon.

It is conceivable that this sea of hell flowers is already a city of great value, and it is a huge asset for a high-level spiritual practitioner.

Yan Daoren was the practitioner who had refused to deal with Ye Futian before. He also noticed Ye Futian, and his eyes glanced over there. He had a strange color in his eyes. Refusing the transaction under the circumstances at that time was considered a humiliation to Ye Futian.

It seems to be more careful.

"If you don't roll anymore, this seat is going to kill." The monster snake's mouth spit, and he exhaled a terrible turbidity when he talked, making this space all muddy, making people very uncomfortable and weak in practice. Everyone shrouded the body with the power of the avenue to resist that breath.

It has now practiced to the eighth level. When it has fully absorbed the power of the island, it will have the opportunity to break through the ninth realm. At that time, it will have the opportunity to escape from the trap and no longer be trapped on the island.

It has been here for thousands of years, already tired of it, that **** **** caught himself that year, and now he is still not letting it go.

It used to think of escape, but the escape was arrested and it was a severe beating. It was very miserable. Later, he stopped this kind of thought. Instead, he went to practice, went to Jiujing, and then rushed out. That **** is dead. Xiandao should have no existence beyond the nine realms, as long as it enters the nine realms, it will have a chance.

However, every ten years, Dongxian Island will open, and a group of people who dont know what to do will come to die, just to feed these **** lotus and provide them with nourishment.

Now, these people have come to die.

Ye Futian stared at the **** demon lotus, but this thing is of a higher rank than the **** lotus in the hand of the person before, and should be of great use for the practice of Xia Qingyuan.

"Pavilion Lord, I'll help Xia Niang get it." Bei Gongao said, just broke through the realm, just tried his strength, and his chance was originally given by Ye Futian, now help Ye Fu Tian does something to please the wife of the cabinet, naturally it should be done.

The eyes of the demon snake glanced at Bei Gongao, and the light of death shot from his pupils was terrible.

Bei Gongao took a step and stood in the land above the demon snake. In an instant, the light of thunder fell from the sky, directly submerging the entire island, the light of thunder swam away, and the lightning bolts split, causing a lot of malaria to be destroyed. .

The power of Thunder Avenue will naturally restrain the melasma.

Beiyagong stretched out his arm and slapped directly towards the bottom of the sky, and immediately a huge and immense thunder palm seal condensed and appeared, containing terrible destructive power, and instantly killed the demon snake.

The demon snake made a deep roar, spitting out a terrible breath of death, and drowned the void, but Bei Gongao's body was enveloped by a thunder light curtain, and the evil law did not invade.

The dark and scary demon snake was covered with a layer of ink-colored scale armor. The huge tail swept out directly, collided with the Thunder's big fingerprint, and an amazing sound broke out. The destroyed Thunder raged on the huge tail. A was torn and blood stains appeared.

Bei Gongao stepped forward, and the endless Thunder above the sky directly penetrated down and merged into his body. At this moment, his physical body seemed to have a strong gravitation, swallowing the Thunder, and a huge Thunder God Void appeared above his head. Shadow.

"Boom!" Lights of thunder and punishment appeared, walking around Bei Gongao's body like a thunder god.

Seeing this scene, Ye Futian knew that Bei Gongao had a deep understanding of the will of the Dadao after breaking through the border, and was able to use the technique of thousand punishments. Power.

The shrill noise came out, and the power of thunder and punishment swept down, tearing everything away, Bei Gongao's body disappeared directly from the place, turned into a lightning, and the crowd saw Bei Gongao directly in the next moment Appeared in front of the demon snake, raised his handprint to kill.

In an instant, the demon snake was directly enveloped by the light of thunder and punishment. The crowd saw a flash of lightning on the huge body, ripped the scale armor, and the blood bloomed. The monster beast roared with pain, a huge body Crazy sweeping swing, a violent shock in time and space, madness swept out of death.

"Do it." Others shot at the same time, releasing Daowei to attack the monster snake, but their eyes were still staring at the **** demon guarded by the monster snake, that was their purpose.

The monster snake was forced to retreat by the attack of Dadao, and the figure was extremely fast, rushing straight to the **** demon lotus, the speed is as fast as lightning.

Ye Futian was still standing in the void, seeing many strong men rushing down at the same time, he frowned slightly, glanced at the demon snake, and saw the cold chill in the other's eye pupil, it seemed to be mocking these Greedy humans.

"Be careful." Ye Futian reminded Bei Gongao that the movement of Bei Gongao paused a little. At the next moment, everyone else had already rushed over, and all raised their hands towards the giant magic lotus. go with.

When they scrambled towards the **** demon lotus, the'flower sea' in this area moved at the same time, just like the ninth hell, all the **** flowers were in full bloom, flooding this space, even in the void, Hell flowers are also in full bloom.

In the area around this sea of flowers, huge petals grew out, then enveloped toward the void, nine petals, opened at the same time, and then closed, covering everyone inside.

"Magic Road."

Ye Futian looked down at the demon snake. No wonder he felt something was wrong before. It turned out to be a magic method. This demon emperor was so cunning, and he was good at the magic method. He deceived everyones eyes with the magic method. , Is the real **** magic lotus.

Those practitioners who rushed to fetch Hell's Devil Lotus were bitten by the illusory Devil's arm, and then the strength of the body's avenue was swallowed insanely, and the dead energy rushed directly into their bodies. Many people's bodies instantly became black and vitalized. cut off.

"This is the real **** flower, enjoy the feast of death." The demon snake's eyes swept to the crowd, and his eyes were full of killing intentions, which made many people's faces change. This evil animal was deliberately weak before it was extremely cunning. .

Wow la la...... Among the sea of flowers, **** flowers are blooming and swallowing towards the crowd. This space has been submerged by the breath of Death Avenue. The endless flow of death is raging wildly and rushing towards the crowd. The screams were heard, some people were hit one after another, and then they were swallowed by the **** flower.

Bei Gongao returned to Ye Futian. The Thunder Light Curtain protected Ye Futian and others. He stared at the demon snake below and said, "This wicked animal is cunning."

Seeing that the people around him were killed, Ye Futian also realized that this demon emperor's strength is actually very strong, and he was deliberately weak towards Bei Gongao before. UU reading

"Are you using the power of Hell Demon Lotus?" Ye Futian looked at the monster snake and said.

The demon snake glanced at him, with a bit of contempt in his eyes. A junior dared to look at him with such eyes.

"You follow me, when I mount, you can spare you not to die." Ye Futian said to the demon snake.

The demon snake was surprised when he heard Ye Futian's words, and his huge eyes stared at him, feeling a little weird.

follow him?

A descendant emperor, let him follow?

is the descendant of which family, has a self-righteous arrogance, the demon snake's eyes are a bit ironic, seems to be extremely disdainful of Ye Futian's words.

Its tail swept out, and suddenly countless **** lotus swallowed in the direction of Ye Futian, at the same time, it spit out a voice and said: "You are the most arrogant person you have ever seen in this seat."

But it is an eighth-order demon king, a younger generation, let it follow?

"This is your honor." Heifeng Diao glanced at the demon snake.

Ye Futian didn't say anything, watching the **** flower coming towards him, he stepped forward, not only did not resist, but walked toward the **** flower, Bei Gongao did not stop!


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