The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1903

Vol 8 Chapter 1903: Beheaded Snake

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A breath of avenues was released from Ye Futian's body and turned into a divine radiance. The divine radiance spread out like branches and leaves, covering this area. When those **** flowers were close to Ye Futian's body, they seemed to be greedily absorbed. The breath on Ye Futian's body seemed to be no longer controlled by the Eight Realm Monster Snake, but floated around Ye Futian's body without swallowing him.


The strange scene made everyone's eyes suddenly freeze there, staring at Ye Futian in amazement. The breath on his body made the Hell Lotus greedy?

Bei Gongao and Emperor Helian also showed their different colors. They thought about the previous movement of the flowering tree, they also understood. After all, Beigong Ao believes that the flowering tree is a change caused by Ye Futian, and it can make the **** tree bloom. People, then Hell Lotus and him are normal.

But Bei Gong proudly thought, Ye Futian could not be the son of the Avenue?

He has to wonder whether Ye Futian has anything to do with Donglai Shangxian, and the plants in it can be controlled by him?

Ye Futian's avenue breathed over the island and turned into the avenue area. The **** flowers in this area were all opening and closing towards him, and he was swaying. It seemed like a very pleasant surprise. This strange scene made the demon snake's murderous eyes. The pupil contracted slightly, staring at Ye Futian.

How is this going?

"You have taken advantage of the power of death in this field, otherwise your strength will decline, and now you have surrendered, there is still life." Ye Futianshao said to the demon snake, his voice was cold, the demon snake's eyes were on him, Ye Futian said To be honest, he did use the power of death in this space.

If controlled by Ye Futian, his strength will be weakened.

The eyes of the demon snake were cold, and the terrible malaria permeated, submerging the void.

"There is no illusion here." Ye Futian swept to the other party, a ray of divine light was released, and the avenue area enveloped the island, making the eyes of the demon snake colder. A subordinate emperor was able to use the avenue area. Restrain his illusion?

Even more frightening is that when **** feels the breath of Ye Futian, he seems to be out of his control. The lotus petals open and close in the direction of Ye Futian, absorbing the diffuse breath of Ye Futian's body.

"Senior Beigong." Ye Futian shouted, Beigong Ao stood in the void, and saw the demon emperor said coldly: "Do you want this servant to submit to you?"

"Go to death." It is a monster-level existence in eight realms, subject to a weak human practitioner?

How can it be.

It would rather die by battle than by such humiliation.

"Boom!" The monstrous Thunder Daowei bloomed from Bei Gongao, and he was bathed in Thunder's Divine Light. He turned into a thunder body, his palms stretched out, and suddenly the infinite Thunder came together, and a purple hand appeared between his palms. Thunder knife.

Bei Gongao held the thunder knife in his hand and set down the empty space. The thunder in his body poured into the knife frantically, and a dreadful of lightning swept down.

"Oh..." A sharp and piercing voice came out, the knife chopped out, the light of the thunder cut the space, Bei Gongao's body moved with the knife, this knife method is an extremely powerful thunder recorded in the Dongyuan Pavilion The technique of great attack is extremely domineering.

The horrible sound of rumbling came out, and I saw that the monster snake's body became extremely large, long, and larger than the dragon's body. It was extremely scary. The scale armor was protected like a magic weapon. The body is not broken.

The gigantic body hovered upwards, and the giant tail swept directly to the thunder knife. The sharp noise of the whisper came out. The thunder knife slashed down, slashed the scale armor, and cut directly in. The terrifying Thunder Avenue force rushed in. Inside that body, destroy its internal strength.

But at the same time, the other party's huge body directly rolled to Bei Gongao, and Bei Gongao's look slightly changed, and the demon emperor was going crazy.

"Bang." He pulled his sword straight out of the body, and at the moment he drew the sword, the huge head of the demon snake breathed wildly, burying the space in an instant, and spreading towards the surrounding area, the power of the avenue was corrupted and destroyed.

The terrible malaria flooded the space, and the rest of the strong men were not idle. At the same time, the attack towards the demon snake erupted. The terrible attacks came one after another. The demon snake roared with miserable roar and blood spewed out continuously.

I saw that the red blood and the breath in the air were mixed, making this space stained with blood, and even more terrifying, the blood seemed to merge with that force, making the power of corrosion even more terrible.

In the opening and closing of the **** magic lotus, countless **** flowers bloom and blood splashes on it, as if transformed into the nourishment of the **** flower, the **** flower on the island grows madly for a time, including the **** demon lotus, all towards this space People swallowed away.

"Be careful, this evil animal breeds these **** flowers with its own blood." A cry came out, and a similar color flashed in Ye Futian's eyes, understanding why the demon snake could control these **** flowers for so many years. Later, it was alone on the island, nurtured these **** flowers with its own blood, established a certain relationship, and grew together.

Now, the blood in his body splashed out and fell on the **** flowers, making those **** flowers crazy.

I saw a huge **** flower directly swallowing the figure of a human emperor into it, a little bit engulfed his body, and the intention of death directly invaded, and soon the other person disappeared and became the nourishment of the **** flower.

These **** flowers have a bit of evil spirit.

On Ye Futian's body, a ray of divine light bloomed, still showing a cold breath, Taiyin Shenhui swept out, the **** flower will be frozen, and still dare not approach Ye Futian, making Ye Futian's body become an independent safe space .

"Can you stay away from this for a while?" a person who practiced the emperor said to Ye Futian.

"Come in." Ye Futian nodded without refusing.

"Thank you." The other party stepped into this field, and it turned out to be much safer. Many people flashed towards Ye Futian. The demon snake was fighting against Beigongao, but many people in the raging Hell Lotus couldn't stop it. live.

For a time, many strong men rushed to Ye Futian to seek refuge. Although many people previously wanted to rob Hell Demon Lotus, Ye Futian did not care about them. The avenue breath surrounded this space to protect them from hell. Flower attack.

At this time, another figure rushed in. He Ran was the Yan Dao person who was in Penglai Xianchi before. He mumbled forward and did not dare to speak, but Emperor Helian still noticed him. Swing straight out and said, "Go away, there is no place for you to stay here."

Just because he was afraid of offending Jun Qiuyan, he turned around and refused to deal with Ye Futian in public. Now, want to seek asylum?

Although they are generous, it does not mean that Ede will complain.

Many of the practitioners are clearly distinguished between grudges and grudges.

Yan Daoren's face became ugly. He looked at Ye Futian and said: "I have been offended before, and I have no choice but to forgive me."

As he spoke, Hellflower continued to swallow away in the direction he was.

Ye Futian glanced at the other party, ignoring him, he was not so generous.

"Om." Yan Daoren also wanted to rush forward, Ye Futian frowned slightly, and a sword's intention erupted directly towards the other party. Yan Daoren's face suddenly turned back, and the sword's intention crossed the void and flew back. To Ye Futian's side, very terrible.

"There is no place for you here." Ye Futian returned without looking at him, but looked over to the battlefield. Yan Daoren turned and wanted to escape, but Hell Mo Lin had closed this space and could not go out at all. Seeing that the **** flower that eclipsed the sky was swallowed up, Yan Daoren was desperate and continued to rush out, but soon he was overwhelmed by the **** **** flower and his body was swallowed a little bit.

He made a terrifying voice of despair, unwilling to die in such a miserable way, but could not change the ending.

Ye Futian didnt go to see him, and continued to look at the battlefield. Bei Gongao, who broke through the boundary and merged with the Thunder God Aomu, obviously had stronger strength than the demon snake. Under the light of his thunder knife, the wound on the demon snake became more More and more.

Moreover, the Thunder Sword became more and more overbearing, and the horrible Thunder continued to wreak havoc on the monster snakes huge body, causing the monster snake body to be torn and destroyed continuously.

"I'm willing to surrender." The demon snake shouted loudly and finally admitted, seeming to understand that it could not be reversed. When the breath of life passed, life still defeated dignity.

"Kill." Ye Futian spit out a voice.

"Okay." Bei Gongao nodded, and was struck by another lightning strike. He actually broke a terrible crack on the other's huge body. He shouted, and the thunder penalty swept out directly, rushing into the other's body. Suddenly, the huge monster snake body was submerged by the light of thunder, and the body shivered nonstop.

Bei Gongao will naturally not miss the opportunity, his left hand reaches out, and the light of thunder and punishment rushes into the body of the other party. Under the thunder destruction avenue, all vitality in the huge monster snake body is destroyed, and soon falls in There was a huge roar.

A demon emperor with eight realms was killed.

Many people around Ye Futian glanced at What kind of person is this young man, even so ruthless, the Eight Realm Demon Emperor surrendered and was directly rejected and killed.

"This demon snake's body is also a treasure. Senior North Palace took it." Ye Futian said.

"That's true." Bei Gongao nodded. The monsters in the eight realms are all treasures, and their scale armor is comparable to magic weapons. The attack is difficult to break.

As for Ye Futian's failure to forgive the demon snake, he had already seen it, and maybe he didn't care much about Ye Futian's eyes.

This means that although he broke into the eight realms, in fact, Ye Futian did not care too much, his vision far exceeded his imagination.

He looked forward to the future somewhat, and wanted to follow Ye Futian to see where this younger figure could go.

"Hell Magic Lotus, won't you fight with me?" Ye Futian looked at the humanity around him, everyone nodded, and they all retreated and left!

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