The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1904

Vol 8 Chapter 1904: Diao Ye Floats A Little

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Ye Futian collected them on the island and took away all the valuable things without any politeness.

Dongxian Island invites the world to come to practice in the island, in order to allow those who practice it to get a chance on the avenue. Therefore, Dongxian Island has been well-known for many years. Every time Dongxian Island invites, more than a thousand mainlanders will gather Come together, even if someone dies in the process of practice, that is also their own reason. The opportunity is here. Whether they can compete on their own, Dongxian Island cannot be offered by hand.

Hell Demon Lotus and those **** flowers are handed over to Xia Qingyan. By refining these, Xia Qingyuan's avenue power can be further improved.

"How many islands are there in Dongxian Island?" Ye Futian asked.

"A lot." Bei Gongao responded: "The Dongxian Shangxian was the top strongman, the uncrowned king of the Penglai mainland, and even the surrounding continent respected it. There are many people who come to see each year. The status of immortals is truly outstanding. His alchemy technique also made Dongxian Island have a great influence. It can be said that there are opportunities everywhere. As far as I know, the wealth of Dongxian Island was absolutely absolute. It's unimaginable."

Ye Futian nodded, and the influence of a detached top alchemist did not need to say anything at all.

Master Dan Dao is rare and rare, and countless people are asking for them. The status of Donglai Shangxian can be imagined.

"Let's find other opportunities." Ye Futian said, this is a rare opportunity to practice.

"Donglai Shangxian is an alchemy master, so apart from the chances left by some top figures, the island itself has many places similar to the previous death island. Some strange plants are planted, which contains the power of the avenue. There are benefits." Bei Gong proudly said: "I visited a sycamore island that year. The whole island was sycamore, and there was a tree king. It was the habitat of the fairy monster Huoyan Fengzun on Donglai that year. Sycamore Divine Flame is a super horrible life-and-death Dao God Fire, which was also used by Fengzun in those days. According to rumors, this Sycamore Flame is not much different from the true fire of the sun, and contains the power of regeneration."

"Not taken away?" Ye Futian asked.

"It's difficult." Beigong shook his head proudly: "There is a mythical beast on Wutong Island, guarded on the island, it is the heir that Feng Zun left that year, and its strength is very strong. It is said that it was already a Shenlun Sijing many years ago. When he came to Dongxian Island, he was already a monster in five realms."

"Shenlun Five Realms? Da Yao?" Ye Futian said.

"Indus Shenhuo is known as Shenhuo, it is the perfect road flame." Bei Gong proudly looked at Ye Futian Road.

Ye Futian immediately understood that the mythical beast Phoenix that guards Wutong Island is equivalent to the perfect level existence of the five realms of Shenlun.

How powerful is Wujing Perfect?

At the time, Ye Futian had fought with a cultivator of this level of Kongshen Mountain in the original realm. His fist was unparalleled and could not be shaken. He had no power to fight back, but the mans cultivation level was higher, which was six. The environment is perfect.

According to his feelings at that time, the spiritual practitioner was probably enough to shake the existence of the Eight Realms of the imperfect wheel.

Well, I am afraid that the Divine Beast Phoenix will not be much different. At least, the strongest of the Seven Realms can't help it at all.

"Moreover, it can draw on the fire power of the plane tree." Bei Gongao said again.


Ye Futian was speechless for a while, and she had some thoughts just now, but now she was ruthlessly hanged. This is because it is extremely dangerous for Shenlun Bajing to face it.

"Yes." Emperor Helian also nodded. "As far as I know, the ordinary nine realms exist. Although they can suppress the phoenix, it is still difficult to take away the phoenix flame. Previously, the top powers of Penglai mainland came to try. Later, the practitioners were desperate. There were very few such thoughts. Many people in Wutong Island felt it, and tried to persuade Phoenix, but they were all idiots who said dreams, and those who could compete with Phoenix. ,Basically no."

Ye Futian took control of the power of Taiyin, naturally knowing the horror of the power of Taiyin, then the hegemony of the real fire of the sun may be the same, with the power of burning all things, this phoenix fire is not much weaker than the real fire of the sun, so to speak, Definitely a super fire on the road.

"Go and see." Ye Futian said, Bei Gong proudly nodded, and a group of people walked in one direction. On the way, they can still continue to meet the practitioners, looking for the opportunity of the avenue in Dongxian Island.

Wutong Island is very easy to find. From a distance, you can see that the whole island is covered with a golden illusory flame. The whole island is full of sycamore trees. The golden brilliance of the fire reflects the whole island extremely gorgeous And, there is a very powerful flame avenue air flow, ethereal, but very clear.

Ye Futian speeded up and headed towards the island of Wutong, a hot airflow enveloped the whole island, the fire of the avenue was filled with breath, making people a little uncomfortable, but here are the people who repair the flame avenue It can be called a holy place.

Looking forward, they could vaguely see a lot of figures, and continue to accelerate forward, the flame breath became stronger and stronger, even in the high altitude, they could still feel the scorching airflow.

In the center of Indu Island, there is an independent space, where even a flame pavilion was built, and next to it was an incomparably huge sycamore tree, each leaf was golden and flaming, and the flames were filled with terrible flames. .

Far away, Ye Futian could feel a terrible breath in the Sycamore Tree. Shen Nian wanted to invade, but he was directly burned out before he approached, and Shen Nian could not be approached.

Next to the sycamore tree, a phoenix with golden flame feathers perched there. It seemed a bit lazy. Although there were many practitioners in the sky above it, it was too lazy to glance at it, and looked dismissive.

Every ten years, someone will come, it is used to it, of course, if someone wants to die, it does not mind.

Ye Futian looked at the practitioners above the plane tree, there were many practitioners, and the temperament here was more outstanding than those on the death island. Among them, there are several people who have extremely strong auras, maybe eight The existence of the environment.

If there is no confidence, I am afraid to come here.

When Ye Futian arrived, many people glanced at him, but then they turned their eyes and ignored it.

"Phoenix, I am from the continent of the sea, and I am one of the top forces in the mainland. Now the Shenlun is also a perfect class. Although it may not be comparable to Dongxian Island, you have been practicing here and it is a bit boring. Why not go out and try together? Let's run around? Look at the outside scenery." At this time, a fairly young practitioner said to Phoenix.

The continent that can have a name is not bad, at least it is much stronger than the continent where Dongyuan Pavilion is located. This man has a perfect level of God Wheel, and should be the most powerful descendant of the sea continent, so he has some confidence and wants to invite Phoenix out of the island .

Phoenix raised his eyes and glanced at each other, with some disdain. Where can the practice environment be comparable to Dongxian Island?

In the three realms of the God Wheel, even if the God Wheel is perfect at present, it is not always necessary to break the median emperor. Even with a high probability that the rank of the God Wheel will drop, is it worthy to leave the island?

"Ms. Feng is extremely talented. Naturally, she does not look up to the practitioners who enter the island to try. I am not greedy for the flames, but for a destiny, if there is anything Miss Feng wants, I will do my best to satisfy." Just now Next to the speaking young man, a person with eight realms practiced said, although it was eight realms, the tone was still polite, and he wanted to find a chance for his descendants.

Although hope is slim, if he can succeed, it will be a huge opportunity for his juniors.


Only when a voice came out at this time, the strong people in the void were all stunned. Their eyes looked in the direction of the sound, and they saw that it was a monster, Ye Futian's mount, and a black wind carving. .

Many people have a stunned look, and some strangely look at the black wind eagle. How proud of this phoenix. At that time, its elders were the spiritual partners of Dongxian Shangxian. Their strength was tremendous. For many years, it felt the flames and prestige on Wutong Island. Hehe.

Today, a black wind eagle is actually called, mother...

Ye Futian heard the words of Heifeng Diao with a black line on her face and some big heads. It seems that she has been very good with this product recently, and it is a bit floating!

The feathers perched on the resting phoenix stood up one by one, and lifted their eyes to sweep the black wind carving. The terrible flame was shot in the pupils of the eyes, and its body slowly stood up, the fierce light exposed.

The little eagle was staring at the other side and only felt uncomfortable, and her body shrank towards Ye Futian's back. The female phoenix was so fierce.

So, Ye Futian appeared in Phoenix's vision.

This made Ye Futian have the urge to shoot the guy dead, and the horse caused trouble, he came to settle?

"This beast is stubborn, and I have been under-disciplined recently. I must teach him well when I go back. Don't blame Miss Feng." Ye Futian arched his hand at Phoenix slightly, what happened to the small The title is indeed some disrespect for Phoenix.

"Let it come," Phoenix said with a spitting voice, and the voice was a little crisp, but with a chill, a scorching stream of air enveloped the space, causing the temperature to rise.

Master Eagle is hiding behind Ye Futian, "trembling", this female phoenix is so powerful, afraid that Master Eagle is too far away, that breath is too fierce, it is not an opponent at all.

Ye Futian was a little depressed. He didn't do anything when he came here. He offended the other party. It was too miserable. He wanted to talk to the other party about Qin and Fengsheng. Now, I am afraid it is difficult.

"Cut the beast out," said a figure beside him, saying that it was the practitioner who came from that sea continent just now. At this moment, there is an opportunity to show the Phoenix, just to catch it, or let the Phoenix give birth. Some favors.

"Speech is disrespectful, indeed **** it." Another figure said, making Ye Futian frown!

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