The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1905

Vol 8 Chapter 1905: Cocoon

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The little eagle made a bad speech, and it was normal for Phoenix to trouble him.

However, what does this have to do with others?

Actually shouted that the little eagle died.

"Speaking of disrespect, of course, should be compensated with your life?" Ye Futian glanced at the speaker and said, cold tone, but still looking forward.

"Of course." The practitioners of the previous sea continent replied.

"Destroy." Others are also humane. This Wutong Island is different from other places. They all came to ask for it. The Phoenix had ignored them. Now Ye Futian came to them, and this evil animal was directly exposed to anger. The Phoenix, bad things about them, of course damn.

"In this case, you guys are disrespectful to my mount, shouldn't it be damn?" Ye Futian looked at them and said lightly, all the practitioners were stunned, and the small sculptures were disrespectful to the Phoenix, damn, but they were also to the small sculptures Disrespectful, then should it be damn?

Logically, there seems to be no problem. However, his black wind carving is on a par with Phoenix?

"A bad animal is also worthy?" The emperor of the sea continent said coldly. This white-haired young man has good temperament. However, comparing his mount with the Phoenix, I don't know what it seems. It seems that it is also the top force from a continent. The junior figures are arrogant and arrogant, with no one in sight.

When his words fell, he released a violent Daowei in the direction of Ye Futian where they were. Although he saw that Ye Futian was from the top power of a certain continent, he still shot, and the chances are slim today. , Just take advantage of this performance, or there may be a chance, at least, so that they can practice in front of the phoenix tree.

He grabbed the palm of his hand directly in the direction of the small sculpture, and a terrifying flame-like figure appeared on the sky in an instant. The vast space and the Avenue of Gods were born and gathered, extremely violent, and turned into the Flame of War. Fire was born, this figure was captured from the air, and a large palm of flame appeared, burying the void, and the rumbling sound came out, and it was directly deducted and extremely domineering.

Actually shot directly?

The powerful people around were a little surprised, thinking that this person was decisive. He didn't hesitate at all. He wanted to show this and seize the opportunity. Even if he couldn't kill the black wind eagle, he also showed some results. The ending is not so important.

Of course, if they can kill, they will naturally not care, of course, kill.

As long as they are not the top local forces on the mainland of Penglai, they are not afraid, and Ye Futian and his team are obviously not among them, so they dare to start.

The top strongman from this sea continent is the existence of eight realms, and the big flame palm is directly captured from the sky, and he is overbearing. But at this time, he saw a figure blocking him, it is Bei Gongao, Leiguang Oblivion, Chao With eight faces blooming, a terrifying light of thunder and punishment swept out, Bei Gongao directly raised his palm and cut it out, this cut palm print directly split the space, turned into the thunder blade, split the void , With a loud noise, splitting the large palm print directly from the middle, making the power of thunderfire raging in the air.

Seeing that the two sides were fighting each other, Phoenix calmed herself down. The crimson eyes swept towards the void, watching the two sides fighting, as if they had nothing to do with her.

"That wicked surrender, don't care about you." The body of the eight realms in the mainland of the sea is suspended in the air, like the body of the flame warlord is extremely proud, contempt for Ye Futian and others.

Ye Futian raised his eyes and swept towards each other, took them to Bo Fenghuang and smiled?

In this case, complete them.

"Senior Beigong, if the opponent shoots again, kill." Ye Futian said indifferently, responding strongly.

"Yes, Patriarch." Bei Gongao responded, hearing his name revealing a strange color, Patriarch?

Has it inherited the top power of a continent?

However, this does not matter.


The powerful thought of the strong man shrouded the void. In an instant, the more violent flame avenue burst into bloom, and the vast space turned into a field of flame avenue, like a large array of horrible flames, refining everything.

In this avenue field, flame characters float out, respectively, fire, flame, Yan, each character contains a terrible burning destruction power, for a time, Ye Futian they were all enveloped in that In the flames, the characters fell down towards them, trying to burn the space.


Bei Gongao also released a terrifying avenue of breath, only to see the appearance of a majestic thunder **** like a ghost, and his body merged into his body, his body was integrated into Xiaomu, and in an instant, I saw the vast sky of endless thunder light emerged, Casting a thunder light curtain, holding up a large array of flames, making Daohuo unable to kill Ye Futian them.

"Boom!" Shen Lei lowered and slashed to the other party to practice. The number of people on both sides entering Dongxian Island was the same. A Dongxianling could only bring ten people in.

The powerhouses around have spread out, and at the same time they have released a powerful avenue to resist the aftermath of the battle between the two sides. If the powerhouses in the previous sea continent just want to show their performance, the strength and words of the two sides make them both move. After the real fire, the war broke out directly.

"Boom!" Bei Gongao's body directly turned into a thunderlight rushing towards the other party, and the speed was so fast that it was hard to see with the naked eye. With a loud noise, they saw thunderlight rushing to the sky, and both bodies flew directly above the sky, even The area of the avenue with that terror was also moving up, heading towards the sky.

In an instant, the pressure of destruction disappeared, the two figures had already appeared above the sky, the other did not care, and against Bei Gongao, their lineup was slightly stronger than the other.

However, Bei Gongao also thinks so. If Ye Futian is here, it will surprise the other party.

The rest of the practitioners stepped out at the same time and walked directly towards Ye Futian. There were two Shenlun seven realms. Emperor Helian stepped on the void and Ye Futian glanced at Yang Dongqing, who was indifferent in the rear, and said. : "Senior Yang, tired."

When Yang Dongqing heard Ye Futian's words, he could only take a scalp shot. During this time, he always followed Ye Futian, and now he is also somewhat guilty.

He found that Ye Futian was terrifying and increasingly mysterious, and although he didn't really go all out in a real sense, his own strength, according to Yang Dongqing's speculation, might be able to fight against the seven powerful players.

The rest of the people also fought against each other. For a time, the war broke out. The young people who wanted to invite Phoenix and him to practice together glanced at Ye Futian. There was a breath of air in their bodies. Their eyes were proud and indifferent, as if they were disdainful to the people below. Take a look.

A terrible flame avenue of breath swept through him, and behind him appeared a horrible furnace of the avenue of gods. There was a constellation of fire from the avenue continually falling down to cover this space.

That Dao Shen Furnace is his Dao Shen Shen wheel, which has a magic weapon inside, which can refine and refine Dao Fire and make it stronger continuously.

The golden Daohuo has a terrible smelting power. Wherever it passes, the avenue is smelted into nothingness. For a moment, with his body as the center, the vast area is full of **** fire. The body instantly engulfed Ye Futian and the black wind sculpture behind him, a flash of coldness flashed in those proud eyes.

However, the black wind carving behind Ye Futian was looking up at him, his eyes, as if looking at a poor man.

This guy, even daring to take action against his master, the next imperial realm, Shenlun perfection probably thought he was unparalleled, so miserable, I didnt know how to die.

Ye Futian raised his eyes and glanced at the other party, perceiving that the flame flow penetrated into his body, but he could not affect him.

"Oh..." Suddenly, an extremely sharp sword suddenly burst out from him, directly traversing the void and killing the other side straight, the young emperor instantly felt a strong threat of threat meaning.

Jianyi crossed the sky directly, killing him straight, his body exploded, the monstrous fire was madly forward, and the **** wheel also hurled forward to block the sword.

However, when the sword intention crossed, there seemed to be a gorgeous sword river, where everything passed was frozen, and then shattered.


Dao Shenlun directly collapsed and shattered, and that wisp of sword intention penetrated through The face of the spiritual practitioner instantly turned pale, groaned, bleeding at the corner of his mouth, and a wisp appeared in his mind Thought, how is this possible?

That's the perfect level of God Wheel he built, only a sword intention?

However, he only had this thought, the next moment, the sword intention penetrated his body directly, his body trembling violently, a ray of sword gas raging in his body, he felt the body split.

"Do not"

A roar came out, and at the next moment, his body shattered directly under the sword gas, and the smoke disappeared.

The people around were stunned. Everything happened so fast that many people could not react. When they turned around, they found that the descendants of the top powers of that sea continent were directly killed by a sword.


Everyone showed a weird look, a little surprised, just killed?

The owner of the perfect level of God Wheel is definitely a top talent. He thought that he firmly suppressed Ye Futian, but it was only a momentary confrontation, and he was directly killed.

The practitioners of the continent of the sea are fighting. They look in the direction of the young man, and their faces become pale. All this is so fast that they have no reaction time.

Those who thought to kill the Black Wind Eagle before also looked at that moment at the moment. Some thoughts came out of their minds. Sure enough, they should still be low-key. You don't know who you will meet.

No matter how you look at it, the owner of the Perfect God Wheel is considered a top demon. Even if you cant kill the other party, this is not the case, but the reality is so dreamy.

Those who practice on the mainland of the sea must regret it.

Of course, there is also anger.

Above the sky, the sound of a terrifying collision came, and the two top characters were still fighting. The people of the eight realms also knew that their heirs were killed. When the collision was over, the blood in the body rolled and spit out a blood!

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