The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1906

Vol 8 Chapter 1906: Sounds So Good

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Phoenix looked up at the battle in the void and seemed to have some interest, especially for Ye Futian.

Since Ye Futian's arrival, although his mount has spoken badly, this person is considered to be polite and apologetic for his mount, but for those who talked about killing his mount, he was not polite.

Moreover, he has been standing quietly in the unobtrusive mountains, and his shot is a thunder kill, directly beheading the opponent, and he is determined to be fierce and decisive, without any hesitation.

This white-haired young man is not simple. At least, it is the most interesting person she has seen so far, and it may be the most outstanding, although the cultivation is not the highest.

After the death of the young man, several people in the sea continent killed Ye Futian, but they saw the birth of a monstrous sword domain, centered on Ye Futian's body, the swords of the sky resonated with each other, and a sword river rolled towards the other side. Among the sword rivers, condensed into three heavenly sword lights, as if they were three swords, that is three sword meanings.

The booming sound was heard continuously, and everyone who killed him was killed on the spot, killing him instantly.

The sword river was surging. Soon, the mainland of the sea was killed and only three people were left. The three strongmen fighting Bei Gongao, Emperor Helian, and Yang Dongqing, one eight realm and two seven realm.

"The practitioners of the sea continent may be wiped out by the regiment." Many other strong men looked at the battlefield over there secretly. They thought that even if they could not kill the black wind eagle, at least they should be able to suppress their opponents, but they did not expect The situation is like this, one-sided, and being suppressed by the other party, directly killing the people below the realm of the upper emperor.

What a miserable!

Many people thought that if the people in the previous continent knew this would be the end, where would they come from?

And those who had previously said that they would let the small eagle die to practice were secretly vigilant, but they didn't do it, and they shouldn't go to war because of a word of anger.

Three swordsmanship continued to kill towards the sky, helping Emperor Helian who was fighting. These three swordsmen were already able to deter the emperor of the Seven Realms, and together with Emperor Helian, it took a while to punish each other. After killing, it was Yang Dongqing's battlefield, sweeping away one by one.

In the blink of an eye, except for the formerly proud figure of the Eight Realms, all other powerful men were killed.

Moreover, those eight realms were also suppressed by Bei Gongao.

"He has gods in him," someone said.

"Thunder attribute artifacts, as far as I know, there is one of the islands in Dongxian Island." Some people spoke, and they also had many powerful people who did not enter Dongxian Island for the first time to understand some circumstances.

"Xiaomu!" Sure enough, someone responded immediately.

"Yes, Xiaomu." The man nodded and responded: "Xiaomu contains powerful thunder properties, which can attract the road thunder power and make it stronger. Now it is integrated into his body. This person is called the road thunder body. The characters in the eight realms are stronger."

The situation on the battlefield became clearer and clearer. The Northern Palace steadily suppressed the opponents. This made Ye Futian, who wanted to help, watch the changes. In the high-altitude battlefield, the angry eight giants of the mainland still wanted to break through and kill Ye. Fu Tian, but at this moment, it was already inescapable for him. Not long afterwards, a palm full of violent thunder directly penetrated his flame road body, and then burst frantically, destroying him a little bit.

"Ge killed."

Everyone watched the heart trembling in the battlefield in the void. After Bei Gongao killed the opponent, he also took away the opponent's storage ring and caused many people's eyes to twitch. Does this guy have the demeanor of a strong eight-pointer?

Bei Gongao does not care. Seven Realms and Eight Realms are okay in their own territory, and they must also be prudent on the land of China. Unless one day the gods are invincible, they will have all the emptiness of capital. Well?

The benefit is of course first.

Shen Nian glanced at the treasures in the storage ring, and Bei Gongao showed a knowing smile, comfortable.

The strong men around saw his smile speechless for a while, but his heart was dark, and the practitioners of the sea mainland were wiped out by the regiment, and there was no one left.

This is the high-profile ending. They secretly reminded themselves that in Dongxian Island, even if the other party looks easy to deal with, they should pay attention to it, otherwise they will have to overturn the boat in the gutter.

Those people just now are a lesson.

Ye Futian looked as usual, as if there were not too many psychological fluctuations. At least his eyes were still as pale as water and gentle temperament, but when he thought of his shot just now, many people were secretly vigilant and this kind of talent was terrible.

Moreover, he was only in the realm of the Three Realms, if he got into the upper emperor?

Could this man be the heir of which super-powerful character?

Ye Futian arched his hand slightly towards the Phoenix: "In the second year of the second year, I heard that there was a great fire on the road, so I came to look at it. I didn't expect this animal to speak badly, and this incident happened again, disturbing Miss Feng."

He is still very polite and makes people feel extremely comfortable, just like the white-haired young man who shot before.

"I can't but apologize." Ye Futian glanced back and glanced at Heifeng Diao.

The black wind trembling tremblingly, stepping forward honestly, facing the phoenix and said: "Master Eagle is ignorant and offends him a lot."

Everyone: "???

Eagle master? ?

Has this guy not evolved yet?

Shouldn't be, it's all demon emperors.


A crisp sound came out, Ye Futian slapped the black wind carving down with a slap, and several hairs were dropped. Ye Futian was connected with his heart, how could he not know what it was thinking, this product was intentional, in my heart Dissatisfied.

Let Lord Eagle apologize to the Phoenix? Sooner or later, she will ride on her, let her be the mount of the eagle, hum.

If this is to bow your head, after this female phoenix is conquered by the master, who is the boss?

It's too hard for Lord Eagle.

The little eagle grieved and looked up at Ye Futian. The eagle should have no worries without far-sightedness. What he thinks is reality.

This female phoenix is so fierce, I am afraid it can't be beaten.

"Ye Mou's discipline is not strict, and he must take care of him when he returns." Ye Futian smiled apologetically at Phoenix.

"Don't act." Phoenix's eyes lightly swept Ye Futian and Heifeng Diao, revealing a look of contempt and hypocrisy.

"What's the matter here, also for Wutong Shenhuo?" Phoenix continued, not mentioning the matter just now, apparently it was just exposed, and he didn't pursue the black wind to swear, and the rest of the practitioners showed a strange color.

When they came before, Phoenix had been lazily perched under a sycamore tree, and they had never looked at them. Now, their attitudes have changed a little bit, which means that people in the mainland of the sea want to show that they have not been able to attract the attention of Phoenix. Their own life, they succeeded in making a wedding dress for Ye Futian, what a miserable!

"The Wutong Shenhuo is known as the Shenhuo, and the practitioners are naturally greedy, presumably the strong are all coming for this, but for me, it is not so precious." Ye Futian said.

"It's not ashamed." Phoenix's eyes glanced at Ye Futian. Is the Wutong Shenhuo not so precious?

This **** fire was born by her father on the tree of the phoenix tree. It contains the meaning of two levels of life and death, and it is above the thousands of fires. It is known as the real **** fire. It's nine realms, just as coveted.

Her road is perfect, and her practice has reached the middle emperor, but she still needs to rely on Shenhuo to practice, and she will be able to maintain the perfect road when she proves to the demon emperor in the future.

"Miss Feng doesn't believe it, you can try it." Ye Futian stepped down and descended in front of Phoenix, only to see his palm stretched out, a ray of air filled his palm, and Phoenix glanced at him, this person was really bold and not afraid of her Burn him?

Understand Ye Futian's intention, the phoenix turned into a human form, dressed in phoenix feathers, extremely gorgeous, her face is also extremely outstanding, with the charm of the charm, the figure is hot, the heroic force is compelling.

Her palms also stretched out, colliding with Ye Futian's palms, and the fire spread from the palm of her hand and entered the other's arm.


In an instant, the arms of the two were shrouded in a cold and hot breath, with the light of ice and the flame.

Phoenix's face changed slightly, and beautiful eyes shot at Ye Futian's eyes, which was the power of extreme cold and overcast.

Ye Futian withdrew his palms, and Phoenix also dropped his arms, looking at Ye Futian's eyes with a ray of surprise.

The strong men in the surrounding void looked at the two, frowning slightly, and they only felt an extremely cold and extremely hot breath, ice and flame.

"How?" Ye Futian asked.

"Even so, it does not necessarily mean that you are not greedy for Sycamore Fire." Phoenix sneered.

Ye Futian smiled and said, "I told Miss Feng when I came. I heard that there is a fire in this place, so I came here to feel it, but I didn't mean it. However, when I saw this scene, it was very suitable for a piece of music, Feng. Is Miss interested in listening to Ye Mou playing a piece?"

Phoenix looks at Ye Futian, what does this guy mean?

Piano music?

She has no interest, vassal elegance, she doesn't like it.

"Random." Phoenix said proudly, but wanted to see what Ye Futian wanted to do.

People in the void heard her and knew that Ye Futian had successfully attracted her attention and caused her curiosity.

This guy

Is it because they look good?

Does Phoenix also look at face value?

Ye Futian walked under the sycamore tree and sat cross-legged. His movements were elegant and natural. His white hair and white clothes gave people an extraordinary mood.


Diao Ye looked at Ye Futian, the master was the master, and he was powerful.

He looked at the beautiful phoenix, thinking that the master's picture was not your flame, but your phoenix and your **** fire, he wanted...

The piano music appeared, Ye Futian's slender ten fingers were placed on the strings, and the fingers plucked the strings. In a flash, a note jumped and turned into a beautiful movement.

In one song, Phoenix Yufei.

Under the sycamore tree, the leaves fluttered, as if attracted by the sound of the piano, and flew towards Ye Futian, swaying continuously.

A phantom of Phoenix appeared, circling behind Ye Futian, dancing gracefully, under the beautiful temperament, Phoenix stood there dumbly, only feeling completely trapped in the mood of Qin Yin.

sounds so good!

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