The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1907

Vol 8 Chapter 1907: Feng Ming

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Sycamore trees, ancient trees, swaying golden leaves, and the surrounding Phoenix phantom playfully chasing, like the sound of a clear piano.

The young man with white hair and white clothes is immersed in the playing of the piano music. All of this is like a perfect picture. It is intoxicating. Even if he is a powerful person who practices in the realm of the emperor, he still marvels at the beauty of the artistic conception of this picture. , Pleasing to the eye.

What's more, Ye Futian's temperament was handsome and elegant. The boy who was once matured now adds a bit of charm, just like a fairy playing a piano.

What is even more amazing is that the ancient sycamore trees seem to understand the sound of the piano, making a rustling sound. The branches and leaves are constantly swaying toward Ye Futian. It seems that they are also approaching Ye Futian. It feels like they understand. The piano sound resonated and wanted to dance.

In the ancient Sycamore trees, a stream of air flows flowing towards Ye Futian's body. Gradually, Ye Futian's body is shrouded in a sacred and brilliant flame. This flame is very faint and ethereal, not The real fire, but like wearing a layer of flame robe for Ye Futian, is even more outstanding, making Ye Futian at the moment like a **** of flame.

"Huh?" Phoenix, who has been listening to the piano music quietly, was surprised to see this abnormal situation. Only then did he find that the fire in the avenue of the sycamore tree was also close to Ye Futian and the sycamore tree itself.

This made her show a strange color, and the heart she let down could not help but become vigilant again. They all said that there are many cunning people among the people who practice humanity. Was this person deliberately letting her vigilance and then plundering the fire with special means?

There was a terrible blaze of flames in her eyes, and she shot towards Ye Futian. She cultivated to be powerful. Although there are many practitioners here, she asked herself that it was difficult for someone to defeat her here. As for Ye Futian, Dadao breath is perfect, but she is still confident that if she shot, she can still quickly control or even kill Ye Futian.

As long as Ye Futian dares to move.

However, she found that Ye Futian was still quietly playing the piano. It seemed to be completely immersed in it. When she entered the state of ecstasy, even her eyes were closed. The swaying of the sycamore tree and the dancing fire of the avenue seemed to be all It is their natural response. This young man has something to attract them. He himself is a very extraordinary person.

Seeing that Ye Futian didn't have any movement at all and still played quietly, the piano music was still so elegant, as if it made her want to dance with her.

Phoenix Yu Fei, this is a piano music about Phoenix, which can attract Phoenix to resonate with her. She listens to the piano music and naturally reacts. However, because of the strong practice, she can restrain it. The piano music has not affected her so much. The piano sound is very beautiful.

The tone of the piano gradually became low, and the phoenix still jumped, but the movement gradually slowed down, and all the beauty was calm. In the picture of artistic conception, the phoenix returned to the nest, perched under a plane tree, quiet and beautiful.

When the piano sound stopped, the picture did not disappear. The kind of artistic conception, as if still imprinted in the minds of the powerful, is unforgettable.

Phoenix looked at Ye Futian's beautiful eyes with a sense of ashamed self-blame. She actually thought that Ye Futianju was scheming and wanted to plunder the fire, it seemed that she was the heart of the villain.

"Miss Feng laughed." Ye Futian smiled gently, and Phoenix nodded slightly, saying, "The artistic conception is beautiful, what song is this?"

"Phoenix is flying." Ye Futian said.

"Phoenix is flying..." Phoenix murmured, it was really about the Phoenix's music, no wonder it would make her resonate.

"Why can you make the ancient Wutong tree and Shenhuo react too?" Phoenix asked.

"It should have something to do with my practice." Ye Futian smiled and said: "I also practice the way of flame, and also repair wood attributes, and the power of life and death."

Phoenix heard his words revealing a strange color, and many practitioners in the sky also had a strange look. This person's talent is natural and needless to say, creating a perfect level of God Wheel, and the combat power is extremely strong. It can be seen by the owner of the **** wheel and the help of the seven powerful players.

However, listening to what he said, it was just the tip of the iceberg of his ability. He was good at many abilities, and his accomplishments in piano music were also very deep.

Even more terrifying is that, unconsciously, he even let the arrogant phoenix who had ignored everyone put him in the same position and stared at him, chatting so casually, which means that he has successfully let the phoenix put his guard down. To make Phoenix willing to communicate with him, this is what they wanted to pursue before, but no one knows that Phoenix simply disdains them.

Fenghuang nodded gently when he heard Ye Futians words. No wonder, then, the attributes of Ye Futians practice had similarities with the plane trees and Shenyan, but she knew that it might not even be as simple as Ye Futian said. Except for her father, no one can understand the plane tree and Shenyan as much as she does. They can react and must encounter extremely high power.

This means that in addition to the power of Taiyin, Ye Futian also controls other powers, which can make Wutong Shenyan integrate into it and resonate.

This person's talent for spiritual practice may be far more terrifying than it appears.

Phoenix has a great talent. Although she has been on Dongxian Island and has practiced with talent and Shenyan to this day, she is not stupid. She understands many things and she can guess some things.

"I came to Dongxiandao for experience on the next trip, and I want to find other opportunities, so I don't disturb Miss Feng anymore." Ye Futian said, even saying goodbye directly. This actually caused the practitioners around me to show some confusion. Some Looking surprised at Ye Futian.

They thought that Ye Futian should take this opportunity to continue to get acquainted with Phoenix and then invite her out of the island.

After all, Phoenix guards Wutong Island, but she can't stay here forever, they don't go out, they all have a chance.

Fenghuang also looked at Ye Futian for a while, then nodded slightly and said, "Okay."

"Farewell." Ye Futian arched his hands, then his body flew towards the void, and fell on the body of Heifeng Diao. He looked down at Phoenix and saw the other party also look at him, smiling and nodding, and then Heifeng The carving spread its wings and left here. Bei Gongao gave Ye Futian a deep look, and then left with him.

Soon, Ye Futian left Wutong Island and disappeared.

After seeing him go, Fenghuang suddenly felt a bit down, staring at the distance in a daze.

"Miss Feng." Someone shouted, and then Phoenix came back, glancing at the crowd, and his eyes became fierce again, but it seemed that he lost his interest again, and returned to the sycamore tree, transformed into the body, perched there, I don't plan to ignore everyone.

Her eyes closed slightly, and she seemed to be caught in thought.

She has been guarding here for many years, but she is also very lonely. She has no friends and no company. Although some people will come to see her on Dongxian Island, they will either be in the friendship of elders or have a plan.

Every ten years, Dongxian Island will be more lively. She is arrogant, indifferent, not close to human beings, and ignores the world, but she is very empty in her heart.

The appearance of Ye Futian made her feel a little warm, that kind of getting along was like getting along with friends and partners.

Moreover, he is extremely talented and has no intention of making her feel a little emotional.

Over the years, she has remained there for another purpose, to find a person who can accompany her to practice, as a human partner, the island owner told her that if this day comes, she can go out to practice on the island, but, That person must be outstanding enough.

Well, he should count.

Therefore, she is thinking.

"Miss Feng, although Im not in the same place as Dongxian Island, after all, in the outside world, Miss Feng has been practicing here for many years, wouldnt it be boring? If Miss Feng is willing to leave the island, my forces are willing to worship Feng "Miss." One of the practitioners of the upper emperor realm said, saying that he had to worship the Phoenix. It shows how much she wants to get her and let the Phoenix go out of the mountain.

A perfect level of the five realm monsters is already terrible. If she breaks through the two realms again, she will definitely be able to become a top-notch presence. With Wutong Shenyan, UU reading is terrifying.

Who doesnt want her to go out with them?

Even if the ancestors worship, do whatever you want.

Phoenix opened his eyes and glanced at them, then slowly got up and said, "You are right."

When the words fell, the Phoenix looked up and made a long blast toward the sky. In an instant, the loud sound of Fengming passed through Dongxian Island.

For a time, countless phoenix trees of Wutong Island were swaying and trembling, and the sound of rustle was constant. From all directions, people walked through the empty space one after another, coming in the direction of Wutong Island.

Many fairies of Dongxian Island shook their hearts trembling violently when they heard this sound, and their beautiful eyes looked in a direction that was exactly the direction of Wutong Island.

This is Fengming!

Phoenix, about to leave the island.

After so many years, did you finally have a decision?

who is it?

What kind of evil spirits exist, let Phoenix decide to leave the island?

The strength of Phoenix The practitioner of Dongxian Island is the one who knows best. If you want to let her out of the island, you must first conquer her!

In the distance, Ye Futian, who was traveling in the void, also heard the sound of Fengming, and they turned back and looked towards the distance.

"Phoenix Changming, what does this mean?" Emperor Helian whispered, "Do you want to go back and see?"

"No." Ye Futian said, Bei Gongao looked at the white hair in front of him, and asked, "The patriarch said nothing before. If he chose to leave, is he trying to make it happen?"

Ye Futian shook his head, it seemed that Bei Gongao's guess was the same as him.

However, where there is something to do, if Phoenix does not want to leave the island, she will not leave the island anyway, his strength is not enough.

But if Phoenix had the intention of going out of the island, then everything is silent, and many things are more appropriate than words.

A piece of Phoenix Yu Fei has been able to express too much!

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