The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1908

Vol 8 Chapter 1908: Magic Space

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The main island of Dongxian Island towers like an imperial city.

On the Dengxianlou, a peerless woman with a phoenix crown and xiaxia sat on it. There was a coercive spirit in her body, just like a noble emperor.

This woman is the island owner of contemporary Dongxian Island, and rarely shows up. Few people know that the contemporary island owner of Dongxian Island is a peerless beauty with a stunning face. She sits there as if the world is beautiful. They are all in one, even if there are many fairies standing under her head, they are all outstanding, but no one can still overshadow her grace.

Her beautiful eyes were radiant, looking towards the distance, everything in Dongxian Island was like a mirror, presented in her mind, and everything could not escape her control.

I saw a gleam of divine light at her eyebrows, which turned into an illusory figure. It was Ye Futian's figure. The women around him looked at the imaginary figure, and then listened to the owner of Dongxian Island. The name is Ye Liunian, where did he come from, who invited him into the island?"

In the direction of the body, many powerful people began to check the records, and in an instant countless pictures were displayed. With the Dongxianling, everything was recorded. Soon, they found it, and someone bowed: "Ye Liunian came from the east Yuange, that is an unknown continent. He was invited by Baimu, the owner of Dongyuange."

The woman nodded slightly and said, "Tell Bai Mu that the rest of the people will not be responsible for her. Just stare at this person and be sure to leave him on Dongxian Island. In addition, immediately send someone to Dongyuan Pavilion to find out everything about Ye Liunian. In the past."

"Yes." Someone bowed and led away.

The woman looked in another direction and whispered: "Zifeng is here."

When her words fell, she saw a brilliant light pouring down, and then a beautiful woman appeared here, everyone around was used to it, and there were not many people who dared to appear in front of the master in Dongxian Island. Zifeng is definitely one of them. At that time, her father was a partner of Dongxian Shangxian, and Dongxian Island was extremely favorable to her.

In the eyes of many people, Zifeng should be the islands monster companion, but for some reason, the island owner let Zifeng practice and did not let her become her monster companion, but let her wait for a willing one Those who practice together.

Many people don't understand the intention of the island owner. Zifeng's extraordinary talent, if let outsiders take away, is it not a huge loss of Dongxian Island?

"Zi Feng, come and sit down." The island owner saw the majestic meaning of Phoenix coming to dissipate into the invisible, like a noble and gentle elder, smiled at Phoenix.

"Sister, I will wait." Phoenix said, and she called the island owner sister.

"Well, I saw it." The island owner nodded with a smile: "Decided?"

"For so many years, there should be no more suitable person than him." Phoenix continued.

The island owner nodded gently: "You have already decided, I naturally support you, but I still need to see how this character is. I have sent people to investigate. If there is no problem, you will bring the phoenix fire, and then follow Let's practice together."

"He should also be able to absorb the phoenix fire." Phoenix murmured.

"No, you need to control the fire of the parasol." The island owner said a little more seriously, and the phoenix snorted, and nodded gently, like a well-behaved girl, where there was the sense of majesty and pride in the parasol tree. .

When the island owner saw Phoenix's posture, he smiled gently and said, "Okay Zifeng, he is too busy to practice on weekdays, and he has very little time to accompany you. Now that you have found your way, you won't have to stay sleepy in the future. You are on this island, come over and have a good chat with me."

Phoenix nodded and walked over to the island owner to sit down. She was in awe of the sister.

In the sky above Dongxian Island Road, Bai Muzheng was with a group of practitioners of Dongxian Island. However, at this time, she received an order from the island owner, and she was a little shocked in her heart.

Has Ye Liunian, the master of the Dongyuan Pavilion, already caught the attention of the island owner?

In this way, her previous decision was indeed right. When Jun Qiuyan and Ye Futian clashed, let Jun Qiuyan stop and save Ye Futian. Before that, she thought that if Ye Futian's talents entered Dongxian Island, it might be possible. It will be an opportunity. If it can attract the attention of Dongxian Island, it will be sheltered in the future, no need to care about Jun Qiuyan.

But she didn't expect to be so fast, and the island owner was directly alarmed.

So, Ye Futian will be the first person appointed by the island owner?

What did he do?

But in any case, Ye Futian did not disappoint her, and even brought surprises, and, as the island owner meant, she only needed to pay attention to Ye Futian alone, and everyone else could leave her alone.

Stepping forward, Bai Mu Yukong walked to find Ye Futian.

After a while, she saw Ye Futian's figure, not just Ye Futian, in front of them, there were many people, vast, gathered many practitioners who entered Dongxian Island, gathered together.

Ye Futian also stopped here, and did not continue to move forward. In front of them, there was a vast white fog that cut off the Shennian. According to Emperor Helian, the area outside the main island of Dongxian Island was in front. More avenue opportunities, and gathered in the same area, through this area, you can enter the main island of Dongxian Island.

This area, also has a name, is called the magic space.

Everything is illusory, and there may be strong characters from all parties entering the East Fairy Island. Due to the competition for treasures, direct fighting will erupt, and historically there will be heavy casualties. People who are ordinary practitioners are afraid to enter. In this area, even if they can't enter the main island, they are still willing to give up and find some opportunities in the outer area.

After all, Dongxian Island has invited more than a thousand mainland practitioners to come here. Although they are all the top figures in each continent, relative to this whole, they are still of different strengths and weaknesses, not everyone has such great ambitions , Step into the core island of Dongxian Island.

For many emperors, the opportunities in the outer area are sufficient. Before, Ye Futian was already in the outer area, and he has gained a lot. Of course, many people are outside, and it is impossible to do like him.

"Imaginary space is the test that Dongxian Island really leaves for practitioners. There are many chances in the avenue. I have been in it, and I can hardly get out." Bei Gongao said to Ye Futian, with a dignified look, even if cultivation was transformed, There are eight realms, and there is Xiaomu, but it is still solemn and serious.

After entering, it is no longer like the periphery, the strong powers are scattered, but the top strong powers of each island appear in a field of competition.

"Do you want to go in?" Bei Gongao asked Ye Futian. They had already gone to several islands. From Bei Gongao's point of view, their harvest was definitely not too small. They could have gone to other islands, but Ye Futian seemed dismissed.

He wants to go to the core island.

Therefore, Bei Gongao took him here and walked through the magical airspace, which is the core island. However, the practitioners of Dongxian Island have a special method to directly pass through. This magical airspace is deliberately prepared for them.

"Yeah." Ye Futian nodded. He also wanted to see how many opportunities there were.

"Master Yege." Ye Futian's eyes turned when he heard a voice, and he looked at the person who came and smiled, "How come the fairy came."

This beautiful figure is Bai Mu.

"We have nothing to do, mainly to see the performance of the people who entered the It was here that I saw Lord Ye, and came here." Bai Mu said softly: "Ye Ge is ready to enter the magic. Is it airspace?"

"Yeah." Ye Futian nodded. "Since I've come here, I naturally have to walk up."

"As far as I know, probably one-fourth of the practitioners who come to Dongxian Island have already entered the magical space, especially some powerful people who have come before. Their goal is directly It can be said that almost all those with strong practice are in this magical space." Bai Mu said to Ye Futian: "Several top forces in Penglai mainland are naturally there. After the Lord Yege enters, be careful ."

Ye Futian naturally understood who the other party was referring to.

Jun Qiuyan also entered the magical sky.

"I will be careful." Ye Futian nodded: "Thank you fairy for reminding me."

"It's okay, with the strength and talent of Lord Pavilion Ye, he will be able to show his outstanding talents in Dongxian Island, attracting Dongxian Island's attention. If Lord Pavilion Ye is willing, there may be opportunities to practice together in the future." Bai Mu hinted.

Ye Futian understood what she meant. Bai Mu said that if he wanted, he might be able to stay and practice in Dongxian Island.

Every ten years, Dongxian Island invites outstanding people to enter the island for practice. This is not surprising, and naturally invites him.

However, Ye Futian didn't respond. After all, he didn't have such a plan, but he refused directly, it was too much to give face, others are still in Dongxian Island.

"If the fairy has no other orders, I will go first." Ye Futian said.

"Okay." Bai Mu nodded. "Master Yege, please help yourself."

Ye Futian slightly arched his hands, and then a group of people walked towards the fog.

Outside, there are still many people who are still hesitating and seem to be thinking about whether to go in for an adventure. Some people are determined to go in for a break, but there are also many people who have not taken this step after all.

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