The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1909

Vol 8 Chapter 1909: Perception

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In the fantasy space, Ye Futian and his team stepped into it, as if they were in another space. The previous entrance could not be found, as if they were separated by formation.

Here is a piece of land, the mind spreads, and it can sense that many strong people are there.

"So dense?"

Ye Futian Shennian swept through this magical space, and found that it was completely different from the outside. This was a dense area. The mighty powerful people seemed to gather on an island. The land covered by Shennian was full of silhouettes. .

Before Bai Mu said, a quarter of the people who entered Dongxian Island came here. It is conceivable how many practitioners here, thousands of powerful practitioners, gathered together, and, Many of them are powerful figures.

In the distant sky, a terrifying collision sound came. Ye Futian looked up and saw an area above the sky. A war was erupting, and it was a group battle between multiple emperors, fighting At that time, it seemed like a sky-splitting, a doom-like scene, extremely terrible.

However, people in the Magical Space seem to be strange, as if they are accustomed to fighting. This area has far more than one battle. Due to the competition for the opportunity of the Avenue, there are frictions in many places, even before Ye Futian came here. Many wars broke out, and many people fell here.

Many people did not go to the islands outside to seek opportunities, but came here directly. Many powerful people are not the first time to come. Knowing the situation, coupled with their own strength, they directly rushed towards the avenue of the imaginary airspace. Here.

This is also the case with Jun Qiuyan, for example. Ye Futian Shennian saw Jun Qiuyan, and there were powerful and powerful men around him to form a human legion.

Ye Futian thought that Jun Qiuyan had collected Dongxianling before, probably for now, he could bring more powerful men here, so that once they competed for the opportunity of the avenue, they would have an absolute advantage in quantity.

Beside Ye Futian, the other strong men also spread their minds, and Emperor Helian whispered: "There are a lot of opportunities here, and there are many strong men everywhere."

Ye Futian naturally saw it, Shen Nian glanced at the vast area, then his footsteps moved, and said: "Go."

A group of people walked in one direction, and not long after, they came to an ancient peak.

It was a mountain soaring into the sky. This mountain was once shaped like a sword. Standing around the mountain, you could feel a repressed atmosphere of kendo, as if this area was a field of swords, enveloped by an invisible sword. With.

A Jianfeng.

"This Jianfeng is depressing and must be left by the top figures." Bei Gongao said, but even in his realm, it is difficult to really perceive how Jianfeng's sword intentions exist here. This sword How strong is the intention?

In front of Jianfeng, there are nine stone platforms for spiritual practice. These stone platforms are connected to Jianfeng, as if the sword intention is also diffused from it. It seems to be one with Jianfeng. Some practitioners are sitting on the stone platform. Feel the sword.

"Nine stone platforms." Ye Futian glanced. There was one person on each stone platform. There were nine strong men sitting on it, and they died and were independent. The rest of the practitioners were either guarding or standing by. After watching.

These nine people all have the breath of the road released, Ye Futian can clearly perceive that their nine people are different, and even the gap is not small, the strongest person is the upper emperor of the eight realms, and the weakest is the three realms, but The temperament is extraordinary, and there are strong men who follow the guard behind him. Presumably the identity is aloof, so this kind of treatment.

"Every cultivating stone platform contains a sword meaning." Ye Futian said, and Emperor Helian and Bei Gongao looked at him, and the secret path was so powerful that they could see it at a glance.

"It is said that this Jianfeng is a formation, containing nine different sword intents, one carved on each stone platform, connected to Jian Feng, sitting on it, and being able to perceive the existence of that sword intent, and thus to perceive the practice. People who practice kendo are beneficial." Bei Gongao spoke to Ye Futian. Ye Futian was known as the Emperor Sword Emperor. His swordsmanship was superb, and Bei Gongao had seen it with his own eyes.

Moreover, the three sword intentions when Ye Futian shot, are already very terrible means of attack.

Ye Futian stepped forward, but the nine stone platforms were already occupied by people, and there was no place for spiritual practice. Even if you wanted to go up, you had to wait.

But there are too many strong people waiting here. They are all looking forward to having the opportunity to practice. If they want to wait for their turn, it is simply impossible.

He stood under the stone platform and looked at Jianfeng. His eyes suddenly became eerie and scary, as if he could see through the avenue. Suddenly, a wonderful breath enveloped the boundless space and spread towards Jianfeng. Soon, Ye Futian perceives a strange vein. Above Jianfeng, there seems to be nine veins.

The nine avenues merged perfectly and turned into a sword. The mountain, now in Ye Futian's eyes, was no longer a mountain, but a sword.

"Nine styles." Ye Futian whispered, and looked at the nine stone platforms again, whispering: "This is a set of swordsmanship, which is composed of nine styles, normalized into a sword, it is That Jianshan is now."

"Your good eyesight, this can be seen." A sword repairer next to his arms embraced his chest with a sword between his hands, apparently a sword repairer. He smiled and looked at Ye Futian, but his smile seemed a little bit. strange.

"Nine stone platforms contain nine sword intents. These nine sword intents form the sword intent of Jianshan, which is well-known to everyone." Another person said, his eyes still looking at the sword mountain, He spoke quietly, without looking at the talking Ye Futian.

"Yeah." Ye Futian nodded gently. It turned out that he asked, "What is the name of this swordsmanship?"

"I don't know." The person next to him responded: "In short, it is left by the powerful swordsman. Only the nine swords on the stone platform can hardly be fully understood for many years. As for the mountain, today They havent been fully understood yet, that is to say, they havent completely controlled the swordsmanship yet."

Ye Futian nodded slightly, and he also felt that there was a lot of swordsmanship. The sword contained in Jianshan was not an ordinary sword.

But the nine swords in the nine stone platforms are not so difficult. He can feel the sword intent very clearly.

"Is it difficult to comprehend these nine swords?" Ye Futian whispered.

"Of course." Another queen said next to her, "Nine Dao swords have different meanings, but they are nine different swords, just like nine swordsmanship. If you can sit on the stone platform and feel the sword, it may be easier. Points, but below, it is difficult, even if it is a sword, it is difficult to understand."

When her words fell, there was an extremely splendid glory of Kendo suddenly blooming into the sky, and when the sword's intention broke out, everyone could clearly feel a very strong Kendo air flow walking over her.

"This is, I realized one of the sword intents." Many people around looked at the woman, showing a hint of appreciation, amazing.

"Being able to perceive a sword intent under the stone platform, the savvy is extraordinary." Some people praised that the sword breath in the woman's body was flowing, and it was bright for a long time. It took a long time for the sword intention to gradually converge. She turned her eyes and looked at Ye Futian: First time?"

Ye Futian nodded and smiled, "I have just arrived."

She glanced at the people around Ye Futian, and she knew that she should be a major force from a certain continent, but it was not the most top class in Dongxian Island. However, Ye Fu's weather was extraordinary, and she should be a famous family.

"It seems that it is impossible to go to Shitai to practice. You can concentrate on understanding a sword behind Shitai to see if you have a chance to succeed. If you feel difficult, you simply give up and try your luck elsewhere. "The empress saw Ye Fu's weather was extraordinary, so she said a little more, and then raised her footsteps and walked towards the back of another stone platform, ready to feel another sword.

"Thank you." Ye Futian said to the woman. The woman waved her hand happily, but she didn't care. She reminded her casually and couldn't say a word of thanks.

"If you want to grab a stone platform to practice, maybe you want a bigger one." Someone next to him said with a smile, with a bit of a joke No. Ye Futian replied: "The swords of these nine stone platforms are clear and not so difficult to comprehend. You don't need to sit on the stone platforms." "

His words made many emperors look at him with a smile and said, "Is it true, Your Excellency? Try to wait and see."

The empress who spoke to him before looked back at Ye Futian and said, "Don't be too confident, this sword is not simple."

With that said, she continued to practice herself.

"Haha, maybe other people are extremely talented, and their savvy is extraordinary. At one thought, the sword is natural." Some people said with a smile, but most of them are ridiculous in the practice of spare time, and there is nothing malicious.

It's just that they are here to perceive and practice, knowing the difficulty of the sword sense.

Among them, there are several sword peaks whose sword intentions are easier to understand, and many people understand it, but a few are very difficult.

Ye Futian smiled, not much to say, he walked forward, came to sit directly opposite Jianfeng, and also happened to be in the middle of the nine stone platforms.

He looked at one of the stone platforms, and the avenues of air diffused out of it, covering the stone platform, and immediately, a ray of swords gathered around his body, and suddenly a stream of kendo air appeared around Ye Futian's body. .

This attracted many people to look at him, but he was very serious. Could it be that he really thought he could understand the sword in a short time under the stone platform?

Those who practice on the stone platform are difficult to do.

Helian Huang and others also looked at Ye Futian. They looked forward to it. They had some understanding of Ye Futian's talents. They also wanted to see how terrible his understanding is at this moment. Many practitioners can't grasp the sword. How long does he need?

Ye Futian's sword was becoming stronger and stronger, and a stream of sword light circulated around his body, as if a sound of sword roar was emitted. Many people looked at him, and the movement was not small!

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