The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1910

Vol 8 Chapter 1910: Can't

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Ye Futian's sword was flowing and shining brilliantly. At the same time, in front of him, on the stone platform of Kendo, the sword awn suddenly lit up, like a sword light flashing, a ray of sword lingering, as if to be Rushed out of the stone platform.

This scene made everyone show a strange look, many people were still joking, but in the blink of an eye, the sword intends to break out of the stone platform, then, this is the insight of the practitioners on the stone platform, or because of Ye Futian ?

If it is Ye Futian, isn't it an instant?

The person sitting on the stone platform was also shocked. He was feeling the practice. Suddenly, the sword's intention flowed out of the stone platform and became stronger and stronger, directly drowning his body. However, this was not because of him. When he was born, a stream of kendo air flow walked over his body, and he sat down on the stone platform and shone brightly.

How is this going?

I saw that he had a weird look, and a stream of kendo air flowed on the stone platform, flowing towards Ye Futian's body. Soon, Ye Futian and Shitai seemed to establish a certain relationship, and it seemed to resonate.

"This..." The eyes of the people who spoke a moment ago were stiff, no matter how strong or weak they were, they all opened their eyes and looked at Ye Futian. Some older middle-aged emperors were flushed.


What are they doing here?

Is this his first time here?

Many people felt a great blow. At this moment, a terrible sword shadow rushed out of Ye Futian, thousands of sword shadows overlapped, turned into a sword spirit, and rushed to the sky.


A sword appeared on Ye Futian's body, not a real sword. The stone platform resonated with it, and a sword shadow appeared on that sword mountain.

Ye Futian's thoughts moved, and the sword that surrounded his head turned into countless sword shadows, and then unified. At this moment, those practitioners who also imagined that they must have seen it wrong were sad.

It's too shocking.

"That's it?" An elder bearded man has been practicing here for a long time, and his fur hasn't felt it. When Ye Futian came, a sword came true?

"How did you do it?" Some Emperor looked at Ye Futian and saw that Ye Futian smiled at him: "Is this sword intention not ready-made, just understand the front, is it not very simple?"


The interrogator's face is dark.'s simple, what else can he say, it's hard to say? Wouldn't it be a face-slap by yourself.

"Maybe it's luck, or maybe he practiced this kind of sword intention." Someone thought of the dark path in his heart, and then pointed to Ye Futian: "Since it's simple, I must have a few other sword intentions that will not fail you."

"Yes, try a few more sword ideas." The person next to him seemed to find comfort, and he followed the opening path, hoping that it was luck, otherwise it would be too shocking, and he didn't have a face to feel the practice here.

As everyone knows, the practitioner on the stone platform is the most embarrassing at the moment. He sits in the best position and does not realize the sword intention. Ye Futian realizes it from the bottom, which... is embarrassing.

He can only pretend that he doesn't know anything. Continue to practice.

"it is good."

Ye Futian nodded, he was still sitting cross-legged, looking at the other stone platform. As before, the breath of avenues filled out, enveloped the stone platform, and the sword intent was felt in his eyes, as if there was a sword in his eyes. The light appears to seem to be able to see the flow of the sword.

He felt quietly, a ray of sword intention was walking around him, and the sword light reflected his body. At this moment, the eyes of the practitioners around him were staring at him. This guy was so weird that he realized it as soon as he came It's hard to think of a sword with a sword intention.

They are all looking forward to this guy's failure, for no reason, simply to have opinions on his talent...

Under the gaze of many eyes, Ye Futian's sword became stronger and stronger. Soon, the stone platform he watched also responded. The sword's intention flowed and illuminated the stone platform. The practitioners also opened their eyes, revealing a weird look, and then looked back to Ye Futian.

Then, a sword light waved upwards, illuminating the space where Ye Futian was located. The sword light was like a wash, extremely gorgeous, as if it was difficult to capture, and it was dazzling.

Behind Ye Futian, there appeared a second sword meaning, which seemed to turn into a real sword, suspended behind him, and made the sound of sword roar. This sword was different from the first sword. Sword as light.


The men stared at him, staring at the two swords, and many of them were blushing and shameless.

"Leave." An old man turned and walked away, preparing to leave here.

"Teacher, don't get it?" one of his juniors looked at him and asked.

"Wu Wuwu, such a simple sword intention, is not powerful at first glance." The old man was a roar at the disciple. The disciple lowered his head and murmured in his heart. With such a simple sword intention, why didn't you see it Come out, and, havent you told him that the nine swords are extraordinary, can you realize that a sword can enhance the power of kendo?

It's too fast to change your face.

Looking back at Ye Futian, it might seem embarrassing.

The sword meaning that others can understand instantly, they haven't realized the fur by doing so, this great opportunity doesn't belong to them, and simply left.

Other emperors around him were completely speechless when they saw this scene. Is there really such a big gap in perception?

The people who can come here are also at the top level in their respective continents, but the mysterious white-haired emperor who suddenly emerged has stepped their confidence under their feet, and the gap is too big.

Fortunately, there is only one such person, and the one who is sitting on the stone platform is like them, and will not be as evil as Ye Futian.

Before, the empress who changed a stone platform stopped her practice. She looked back to Ye Futian. Not long ago, she reminded Ye Futian not to be too confident. This sword is not simple, and even said to him, if it is sentimental Dont waste time, go elsewhere.

So now, who should go elsewhere?

She felt that she wasted her time here.

However, Ye Futian didn't care about her sentence, and didn't look at her at this time, still feeling the practice, he began to realize the third sword intention.

As before, it didn't take long for another stone platform to illuminate, the whole body was dazzling, and the sword was lingering. Behind Ye Futian, the third sword appeared.

This sword seems to contain a terrifying and majestic trend. Although it is a sword, it seems to be very heavy, giving people a strong pressure.

There are nine types of kendo, each of which is different.

After that, it was the fourth sword, the fifth sword, the sixth sword...

In front of Jianshan, all the practitioners stopped their comprehension and practiced and looked at Ye Futian one by one.

Behind Ye Futian, Emperor Helian and Bei Gongao watched all of them blankly. They stood there as if everyone were staring at them.


Can you keep a low profile?

How can you let others practice?

Bei Gongshuang Meimei blinked, looking at Ye Futian, this guy was so powerful, but did not teach her to practice.

On the stone platform, the practitioners sitting there also stopped at this moment. Without continuing to practice, they simply turned around and looked at Ye Futian, so they looked at him so quietly.

Is this a face-slap?

How can they sit on the face and practice.

Moreover, the people who can sit up and practice are not simple characters. They are either high-level practitioners or powerful forces. However, when Ye Futian appeared, everyone else was wiped.

"This **** really didn't leave us any face." A strong man from eight realms looked at Ye Futian and said, he had the urge to rush past Ye Futian for a meal, but first let's see if this kid can Come to understand all nine swordsmanship.

"Indeed." The person on the other stone platform responded, which made them put their old faces.

A young man's face is not very pretty, but with a sharp sneer in his eyes, he said: "The talents of others are extraordinary, why should I wait for my eyes."

The old man next to him glanced at him and smiled, but the young man seemed a little dissatisfied, but it was also normal. The swordsmanship sitting on the stone platform was not born of him, and it must be very faceless.

If transcendence is a mistake, Ye Futian is certainly wrong.

Seven swords have been born, Ye Futian is comprehending the eighth sword meaning. This sword meaning Ye Futian has been comprehending for a long time, many people looked at it quietly, although Ye Futian's perception is'very uncomfortable', but everyone He looked at him very seriously.

Finally, a stream of kendo air flow condensed from the stone platform. This sword was very slow, as if it was not as fast as kendo, on the contrary, it was very slow.

Behind Ye Futian, the eighth sword also appeared.

Jianfeng nine swords, now only the last sword.

Ye Futian looked at the last stone platform, and a young man in black looked at him, and said, "Your avenue is breathtaking, what kind of avenue power does it have?"

"Kendo, Wuxing, etc. are all slightly involved." Ye Futian responded.

"In this way, I have realized multiple avenues." The young man in black is a median emperor, with a striking momentum and a sharp sense. He continued to ask: "The avenue breath I released has a peculiarity. The meaning can make me feel specific."

That force, with its inclusiveness, seemed to be able to provoke the airflow of Shitai Kendo. He guessed that Ye Futian could have such a consciousness. I am afraid that it is related to his practice. Not all are consciousness.

Ye Futian glanced at the other party, and he had already responded to the other party. However, the young man in black wanted to know his practice. This was not polite behavior.

The people behind Ye Futian also frowned. Ye Futian's practice has been smooth before. Although everyone in the practice is envious and jealous, but no one really does anything, but the attitude of the youth in black makes them feel a little unfriendly. .

"No." Ye Futian said with a smile, and then the avenue was filled with breath, and he continued to perceive the last sword of practice.

Hearing Ye Futian's answer, the young man in black shot a sharp kendo cold light in his eyes, couldn't he!