The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1911

Vol 8 Chapter 1911: Killer

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Ye Futian didn't care about the other party anymore, the avenue of breath blended into the stone platform, and he felt the sword in it.

A leaping sword light appeared in his perception, as if innumerable.


In an instant, Ye Futian's body was surrounded by countless sword lights, jumping and dancing. Many people looked at him and looked at the sword light behind Ye Futian.

The sound of Jianyin came out. It was that the sword was flying. On the stone platform, the brilliant sword light was also lit up, resonating with Ye Futian.

The ninth sword will be born.

The hearts of everyone were shocked. From the previous curiosity, envy, and jealousy, to the present, the strong men looked serious and looked at Ye Futian's figure.

For him, is Jiujian really difficult?

Where is the gap between them and Ye Futian, why does he have such extraordinary comprehension?

Who is this white-haired sword emperor?

At this time, above the stone platform, a strong air flow from top to bottom flows from the top to the bottom, instantly submerging the stone platform. This air flow directly suppresses the resonance of the sword intention and Ye Futian in the stone platform, even directly using the sword domain The sword intention hidden in Shitai was banned.

Many people were stunned and walked up the stone platform. They saw it there. The young man in black stood like a sword, standing there straight, with a stream of swords flowing from his body, flowing from him to the stone platform.

It was him who obstructed the resonance of the sword spirit and Ye Futian in Shitaizhong, which interrupted Ye Futian's perception of the Ninth Sword and did not appear the Ninth Sword.

"Can't you!"

The man in black stood quietly, looking at Ye Futian indifferently.

He is the practitioner on the stone platform, ignoring him, directly comprehending Shitai's sword intention, and directly refusing to answer his questions.

This scene made everyone have their own ideas. Sure enough, this man in black was dissatisfied with Ye Futian and prevented him from continuing his practice.

Of the nine, the other eight were a bit unhappy, but they didnt stop Ye Futian from conflicting with him. After all, everyone was practicing, they didnt interfere with each other, Ye Futian was more sensible, and he didnt sit on the stone platform. Resonance, they can only admit that they are upset, and they will lose if they lose face, after all, there is more than one of them.

Everyone who is doing, except Ye Futian, who has light on his face?

However, when Ye Futian realized the last sword, some people prevented him from continuing his practice, and even directly blocked the sword in the stone platform with the sword, so that Ye Futian could not perceive it.

Ye Futian's eyes stared at the stone platform, and those brilliant stars stared at each other, as sharp as swords.

The eyes of the two met and collided in the void, and many people faintly felt a strong air flow of kendo flowing, spreading toward the surrounding space, and extremely suppressed.

They didn't speak, they just looked at each other as if everything was in their actions.

Ye Futian's expression didn't move, like a sword spur shot out of the sword's eyes. When his mind was moved, the mighty sword gas flowed in an instant, and the surrounding space turned into a avenue of swords. Flowing away, the power of the ban was to be stripped away. At the same time, the sword light surrounding him was still shining, and he did not stop practicing.

The man in black glanced at Ye Futian lightly, and there was a horrible sword roaring above the sky, and then saw a dark lightning sword awn descending from the sky.

"Boom, boom, boom..." A shank sword directly descended from the sky dome, inserted in the area around the stone platform, completely sealed the space, making it an absolute kendo field, and the power of Ye Futian's kendo Everything is stripped and erased.

The two of them seem to be getting stronger and are already fighting each other.

Many people showed a touch of strange color. This man in black was cultivated as the realm of the middle emperor. His momentum was amazing, and his sword was super strong.

In the left and right direction of Shitai, there is a group of strong men standing there, apparently following the men in black who are practicing. Among them, there are two eight realms. Only the giants have such a lineup.

No wonder so arrogant, Ye Futian refused to answer his words, he immediately started to stop Ye Futian from continuing to realize.

However, Ye Futian also had a group of strong men behind them. They stood there and gazed in front. Their eyes were also somewhat unskillful, and they looked at the people in black indifferently.

It's all for comprehension of Jianfeng. Everything here is a great opportunity of Dongxian Island. They don't belong to anyone. They seized Shitai and took it. Others are not as powerful as they are. They never compete for it, and Ye Futian doesn't fight.

Ye Futian just felt the spiritual practice under the stone platform. If this also angered the other party, then it seemed a little unreasonable. Could it be that only those who sat on the stone platform could perceive the spiritual practice?

The other eight strong men, although they also had jokes, did not have any malice against Ye Futian, but the man in black acted overbearingly.

At this moment, around Ye Futian's body, a terrifying sword domain appeared, and the mighty Jianwei raged in this void, causing everyone around him to tremble with a strong kendo breath.

Although Ye Futian also showed his breath before, it was practicing, and at this moment, it was the real power of the outbreak of kendo attack. The people of the lower emperor realm felt that they could not be compared at all, even if they were many powerful middle realm emperors. , I felt a strong pressure.

"This son created the perfect **** wheel." An old man from the upper realm said, staring at Ye Futian. Sure enough, people who can continuously understand the nine swords, how can the talent not be evil, the road of the gods is perfect, I don't know which one The evil characters of the mainland.

In the space above Ye Futian's body, three sword intents are condensed, all of which are extraordinary. The sword intent makes a terrifying sound of sword roar and stings the eardrums. Everyone can feel a strong sense of sharpness.

However, people in black don't care at all. A black sword with a handle is condensed and born. Each giant sword contains a superb destruction power. Taking the stone platform as the center, it also creates a terrible sword territory.

"It should be that the next Emperor Avenue God Wheel is perfect, and it can't be maintained after breaking through." An old man felt this strong breath in his heart. If it has always been an ordinary God Wheel, then under the sword power of Ye Futian, the man in black Kendo will be suppressed.

But he did not, which means that he had been perfect before. Although he did not maintain it after breaking through, he still far surpassed the ordinary median emperor, and his momentum was not weaker than that of Ye Futians sword, even stronger. After all, Dadao He used to be the same as Ye Futian at the level of the God Wheel, and his realm was higher.


The three swords behind Ye Futian bloomed in an instant, and they immediately fell upon the power of the ban.

Along with a terrible loud noise, there was a crack in the banned sword curtain. The stone platform was trembling continually. With a bang, the power of the blockade shattered. Ye Futian resonated with the sword in it again, and the stone platform emerged. Out of the sword light, and the sword light on his body complement each other.


At the moment when Ye Futian broke the ban, there was a terrifying roar of roar.

"Be careful." Emperor Helian reminded that, above the void, the black giant sword with the handle suspended in the air was directly killed towards Ye Futian Town. The power was terrifying, and the ban set by the man in black was broken. Ye Fu Tian comprehends the ninth sword forcibly, making him the killer.

The black giant sword is extremely fast, and it seems to have a terrible pattern on it. Each giant sword contains a terrible light of destruction and wants to directly engulf Ye Futian.

Countless sword lights traveled around Ye Futian's body, creating a sword curtain, blocking the void and preventing the other's sword.

But the roar of horror came out, the sword curtain shivered violently, and a crack appeared directly under the attack of the black giant sword, and then collapsed and shattered, the black giant sword continued to kill Ye Futian, and the destroyed sword river appeared, the sword Underneath, kill everything.

At this moment, another brilliant sword light appeared behind Ye Futian. At this moment, the ninth sword was condensed and radiated a terrible glory of kendo.

"Nine Dao Jianyi, all understand." Everyone looked at Ye Futian, and his heart was extremely unsteady, and it was still cultivated under the restraint of the man in black.

At this time, many people have guessed the origin of the black man, the top kendo force on the magic stone continent, and the person who practiced the black iron sword sect.

No wonder it is so overbearing. The strength of the Black Iron Sword Sect is very strong. On the magic stone continent, it is the force standing at the peak.

Ye Futian's eyes were cold, his sword eyes swept toward each other, and immediately the three sword intentions went up against the trend and killed the man in black, but he saw a huge black sword appearing behind him, which was his great **** wheel , A black sword with a shank rotating around his body, three swords intended to bombard it without actually breaking the defense, only a sharp, harsh sound.

The man in black standing in the middle of the sword is like standing on the throne, with an aloof indifference in his eyes.

I saw a terrible golden idol appeared around Ye Futian's body. The rumbling loud noise came out, and the black giant sword slammed on the idol, making the idol shaken violently, but it was not broken~www.mtlnovel .com~The young man in black raised his hand and stretched out towards the void in front of him. In an instant, a huge black iron sword appeared above Ye Futian's head. Above the sword, each ray of kendo airflow turned into a sword falling, blasting around Ye Futian's body, confining the space where Ye Futian was located.

The great sword is still gathering stronger strength, as if it was the end when the sword came down.

"It's so strong." Everyone was shocked and looked at the young man in black. Is this really a killer?

Will the people behind Ye Futian shoot?

If they intervene, I am afraid that the other strong players of the Black Iron Sword Sect will also take action. In that case, the giant sword will still be killed, I am afraid that he cannot stop him from killing Ye Futian.

Many people showed a strange color. Although Ye Futian made the practitioners here lose face, but if they killed Ye Futian, they didn't have this kind of thought.

The young man in black didn't pay attention to the thoughts of everyone. He pointed his finger down, suddenly the giant sword fell, and cut towards Ye Futian!

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