The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1912

Vol 8 Chapter 1912: Why Seek Death?

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Around Ye Futian's body, a statue of God surging forward toward the slain giant sword, each statue contains monstrous power.

I saw the black giant sword blasting on the idol, and the huge body of the idol suddenly appeared cracked, torn apart and shattered, those giant swords that were falling down, constantly destroying the galloping idol, the terrible collision sound made this space With the unceasing shaking, along with the collapse of many gods, the black iron sword above Ye Futian's head also fell down, directly striking Ye Futian's body.

"Boom..." An extremely terrible violent noise came out, and the black iron **** will blast on the huge idol body, making it tremble, but he saw that the idol released a monstrous golden divine light, and the golden body was not stable. Extinguish.

Ye Futian got up, stood up in the shroud of the idol, and looked towards the young man in black on the stone platform in front of him, a cold indifference killing flashed in his eyes.


Ye Futian stepped forward, stepped down, and suddenly, besides the surging power of the idol, he also had an unparalleled sharp breath, capable of tearing all existence.

Three swords flew back to Ye Futian, above the sky, there appeared sword rivers, converging on the sword.

"Om!" Infinite kendo airflow flows into the sword meaning, as if it blends into it. In an instant, each of the three sword meanings seems to contain Ye Futian's horror kendo power. The attack just now was not Is its complete form.

"Go away." He glanced up, and a loud rumbling sound came out, and the idol transformed by the Divine God Wheel soared into the sky, and the black iron sword was directly shocked towards the void, and then collapsed and smashed. Above the sky, the golden radiance of the gods bloomed, making the idols still huge and rushing forward. The sound of rumbling shattered the eardrums of human beings, and countless idol shadows rolled forward at the same time.

Ye Futian looked at the young man in black in front of him, and continued to move forward. The huge idol was killed directly. The black giant sword of the other side's Dao Shenlun also made a terrible sharp noise and went towards the idol.

The two collided in the void, causing a horrible road storm to erupt in the surrounding world. The Jianfeng and Shitai tremble, but they did not collapse, and many practitioners around retreated. The power erupted by the two was so terrifying that the power of the ordinary lower realm would be affected around them.


At this moment, the three gorgeous swordsmanships once again blossomed into the power of Ye Futian's avenue.

The eyes of the young man in black also changed slightly. Ye Futian's strength was somewhat unexpected, and he didn't take it directly. In his prediction, his realm should be enough to directly kill the opponent.

A giant sword with a black handle surrounds the body, majestic and cold, he still stands in the center of the sword, like a figure sitting on the throne of Kendo.

At this moment, a sword river flooded the void, and he felt a strange breath, covering the area where he was in an instant, making him shudder, very cold, this coldness could even impact Soul.

His kendo defense power, also covered with a layer of frost, seemed to be frozen and frozen.

"Huh?" The two eight realms behind him frowned, and seemed to feel a force that could destroy the youth in black. One of them was decisive and raised his hand as a sword.

Almost at the same moment, the sword's intention fell, with a clear sound coming out, the dark iron sword defense around the body of the youth in black was torn and smashed directly into pieces, and the sword's intention was instantly killed, the youth in black looked at the sword When the idea came, a strong sense of fear suddenly emerged, and the sword's intention continued to enlarge in the pupil.

"Boom..." There was a loud noise, and a more terrifying dark sword was blocked in front of the young man in black. Three swords were directly bombarded on it, blocked, and could not be crushed.

Beside the young man in black, an extremely majestic and powerful man appeared. Eight realms existed, and his eyes stared coldly at Ye Futian.

"Om!" Jianyi flew back to Ye Futian in an instant, clank and screamed.

At this moment, the crowd understood what was happening, everything was too fast, and everything was over.

And their hearts tremble violently. Just now, the youth in black was almost killed?

It turned out that the strongmen of the Eight Realms shot him to save him.


They thought that the person who might be killed would be Ye Futian, and the person who would intervene would be the practitioner behind Ye Futian, but the facts were diametrically opposite. The young man in black in the middle realm was almost cut by Ye Futian on the spot. Killing, the person behind him shot, only blocked the killing sword intention.

This space suddenly quieted down a bit, and it was a bit scary. From beginning to end, the young man in black and Ye Futian didn't talk much, they were all direct people, and both of them were going to kill each other. .

"This is your confidence?" Ye Futian looked at the middle-aged man who was standing in front of the man in black. Although the tone was plain, this sentence was extremely ridiculous in itself.

The man in black directly hit Ye Fu's world killer, but he was almost killed. If there is no person behind him, he may already be a dead person.

In this confrontation, it can be said that the face of the young man in black has lost his face. If he directly killed Ye Futian before, everyone would think that this person was cold and fierce, because a thing directly killed a demon, but Ye Futian will only be a pitiful people.

However, the young man in black was almost beheaded himself, which was somewhat ironic.

Another eight-state existence stepped out and said aloud: "For those who have nothing to do, please avoid it temporarily."

Everyone's heart trembles. It seems that the strong man of the Black Iron Sword Sect is going to chop Ye Futian. Since he has already fought, he will simply do it without wanting to let Ye Futian live.

The identity of the youth in black is extraordinary, but he is the young master of the black iron sword sect and the son of the contemporary black iron sword emperor.

And the two eight realm strong men beside him, one is the big disciple of the black iron sword emperor, and the other strong man who protects the black youth is the black iron sword emperor's younger brother and young uncle.

"Some trifles, why bother to do something, and it's not a life and death grudge, since both sides have nothing to do, it's better to stop here." The empress who persuaded Ye Futian to say, wanted to persuade both parties to stop, Ye Futian's talent is superb, if it is a war, The possibility of being slaughtered is greater, after all, the Black Iron Sword Sect is stronger.

This matter was first taken by the Black Iron Sword Sect, with rudeness first, but she also understood that there is no absolute right or wrong in the spiritual world.

"No." The black man's eyes were cold, and the killing thought was stronger than before. If it was said that he just wanted to kill Ye Futian on a whim, then at this moment, he really wanted to kill him.

"Thank you for your kindness." Ye Futian looked at the empress and nodded slightly: "However, some people are eager to die, so they have to complete it."


The woman looked at the two sides in amazement, and the young man in black and Ye Futian all rejected her proposal. It seems that they all think they can kill each other.

"Dedicated to death?" The young man in black glanced at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian glanced at each other and said to Bei Gongao beside him: "You block them for a moment."

"No problem." Bei Gong proud nodded, and now he has become more confident in his own strength.

The voice fell, a monstrous thunder domain appeared, a terrifying thunder **** shadow appeared, enveloped this space, above the sky, the endless thunder light walked, fell down from the sky dome, descended on him, he turned into a thunder body, attracted Avenue of God Thunder, a thunder of light surrounded the body like countless thunder chains.

The disciples of the Black Iron Sword Emperor took a step forward, and a mighty sword appeared on the sky. The terrifying sharpness came out. The powerful people around them all retreated and pulled away. A war will break out here.

However, many people are also accustomed to it. In Dongxian Island, this kind of battle has erupted a lot, but here, it is the first time this kind of battle has erupted.

The Emperor of the Eight Realms stretched his fingers to the Sword of the Sky, and a terrible black iron sword was imprinted with a terrible sword pattern, which turned into a horrible black lightning and slashed down.

"Bang Bang!" I saw the light of a handle sword falling from the sky, blasting around the area where Ye Futian was located, turning into a black iron prison, and blocking this space with swords, so that Ye Futian had no way to escape. .

Then, he pointed his finger down, and with the horrible loud noise of the rumble, the Dark Iron Sword directly killed.

The Thunder God of War transformed by Bei Gongao floated in the air, and the endless Thunder Lightning walked into a Thunder Chain, directly descending on the Black Iron Excalibur and wrapped around the Excalibur, but it did not block the horror of the Fall of the Excalibur. The general trend is that the dark divine light pours down and kills everything.

But there was a thunder net under the sky, destroying all the divine light, a ray of thunder punishment force swam away, a thousand punishment technique bloomed, and moved towards the sword.

"Boom..." A horrible loud noise came The Excalibur was locked in the void, baptized by the light of the Tribulation, and broken a little.

Seeing this scene, the strong men of the eight realms beside the young men in black also came out, and a more terrifying breath bloomed, pressing this space.

Ye Futian didn't go to the battlefield, his avenue power filled, nine stone platforms lit up at the same time, blooming brilliant kendo light, at the same time, the sword peak also lighted up, vomiting monstrous sword intent.

"What's the matter?" The emperors who withdrew from the battlefield saw the change of Jianfeng's heart trembling. They looked over to Ye Futian. The strong man of the Black Iron Sword Sect also turned back to look at Jianfeng. An ominous hunch.

"Dongxian Island contains the opportunity of the avenue, practice alive, isn't it? Why seek death." Ye Futian said coldly, the voice fell into the eardrums of the young man in black, and his face was extremely harsh, and his face also changed. Overlooked Jianfeng.


I saw in Jianfeng, a sword light that pierced the sky dome bloomed directly into the sky, and its sword intention swept out. In a flash, the black iron swordsmen who were near Jianfeng shattered their bodies directly under the sword intention. Make nothing!