The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1913

Vol 8 Chapter 1913: Attention

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"what's the situation?"

The strong men looked at this scene shocked, and the terrifying kendo pressure fell on them, they continued to retreat decisively, and saw Jianfeng as if it had truly turned into a sword of heaven, Jianfeng The sword in the middle seemed to be urged to erupt at this moment.

The crowd saw nine sword swords surrounding the Jianfeng, which made the Jianfeng release an incomparable sacred Kendo glory. As it spread towards the surroundings, a Kendo light curtain was born. It was this brilliant sword curtain that digitally blackened the iron. The strong of Jianzong shattered directly.

The two Eight Realm strong men also turned back and looked over there, their faces changed, the voice still lingered between the world and echoed in their eardrums.

Dongxian Island contains the opportunity of the avenue.

Why seek death.

Ye Futian said that they sought death.

"Retreat." The two stood decisively, the Kendo Divine Wheel broke out, and there was an immense huge black iron Excalibur. The rumbling noise came out, and it seemed to be falling apart. The scene was terrifying, and their palms were directed towards The young man in black grabbed him and wanted to take him away. His body turned into a sword streamer and evacuated toward the sky.

"Om..." The sword curtain swept past directly, hindered by the sword that suppressed the avenue for a moment, and the other party had withdrawn when it came to Shitai.

But seeing the other side, Ye Futian's body was suspended in the air, the nine swords surrounded the body, the sword light was shining, and suddenly the sword peak also surrounded the nine swords.

"Get up!" Ye Futian spit out a word, the voice fell, and the sword curtain shrouded the vast space for a moment. At this moment, everyone seemed to be in the sword domain, and the black iron sword sect strongman who fled into the air was the same. They felt He was enveloped by Jianyu, his face suddenly changed in shock.

"Since I'm going to seek death, what else to go." Ye Futian dropped another voice. He pointed his finger toward the sky. Immediately above the Jianfeng, a Jiandao xiaguang directly submerged the space and swept to the three people. There was almost no time interval. .


The moment the sword light fell, the bodies of the three strongest black iron sword sects were still in the void, motionless, and they watched their bodies turn into nothingness and shatter.

"No!" the young man in black roared, and the proud face showed a strong sense of fear at the moment, his body was disintegrating, and a little dissipated.

How could he die here, in the hands of a lower emperor.

Even, he didn't even know who killed him. He didn't even ask who Ye Futian was and where he came from, so he directly killed Ye Futian. He had thought that he would die.

The strong man of the Black Iron Sword Sect was killed by a subordinate emperor.

The last two eyes of the two eight realm strongmen were looking at the young man in black, with despair and anger. Their life was buried by his arrogance, why did he provoke Ye Futian.

They regretted their incomparable hatred, and Ye Futian's voice echoed in their minds. Why did they seek death?

The sword light fell down, and the bodies of the three powerful emperors directly dissipated, as if blown by the wind, turned into dust, and completely disappeared without a shadow, as if never appeared.

The black iron sword sect strong, all destroyed.

They didn't know that before them, a force had a similar experience. The strong men from the vast sea continent had been wiped out. If they knew it, they might not directly kill Ye Futian.

Jianyi returned to Jianfeng, and the strong men in the distance looked at Jianfeng. Everything just now was like a dream.

It's too dreamy.

A subordinate Emperor Powerhouse of the Three Realms of the Three Realms, not only did what they did not do, and continuously realized the nine sword intents with his own strength. stay.

If they said that before they felt Ye Futian's envy, jealousy, wonder and suspicion, then at this moment, they had only one idea, who is this person, how divine.

No one doubts, even jealousy is gone, only shock and awe, there are many of them in the presence of the super emperor of Shenlun Bajing, but at this moment, Ye Futian is no longer regarded as a junior, but really very serious Treat Ye Futian.

After all, just now, Ye Futian cut off the existence of two eight realms.

This child is too stunning.

Many people used to think that Ye Futian was a descendant of a major continent, but now they feel that Ye Futian has a deeper background?

The queen who had persuaded Ye Futian in addition to shock and amazement, suddenly felt a bit hot on her face, since she was invincible. Since she realized a sword, she persuaded Ye Futian to give up without saying that it was difficult to understand the sword.

is it hard?

All the nine swords comprehend, urge the power of Jianfeng, and sweep the strong men, making her a little bit self-confident, really embarrassing, what is she doing to Ye Futian.

Those older people who talked about the previous generation were also speechless, and could only sigh in their hearts. A new generation is better than the old, and when they are old, they are old. In the era of genius, there are always some amazing characters who are born and dont know which continent. Such a romantic figure was born.

In the future, that continent may become famous because of him.

At this moment, many people already believe that Ye Futian will be famous in the future, and his continent will be proud of him.

Ye Futian looked around the crowd and said with a smile: "I disturb you to practice, sorry, the friction just now has passed, you continue."

There was no sharp indifference before him, no boundless arrogance of dying for death. There was only a touch of subtle elegance in his body, which gave a very comfortable feeling between chatting and laughing. Many people looked at Ye Futian now and found him It seems a little more handsome...

Perhaps this is the additional effect of strength.

When everyone saw Ye Futianyun's breeze and light wind, they nodded slightly, and each came back, but some people said, "I see how little friends can feel Jiu Jian so easily, what else can I practice here, I still go to other places to touch Try your luck to find opportunities, and wish Xiaoyou full control of Jianyi in Jianfeng."

"Thank you." Ye Futian nodded with a smile, very polite and polite. Many people felt that Ye Futian in the normal state was very different from him in the battle.

"I don't know your friend's name, where do you come from?" Another old man asked, with curiosity.

"In the second half of the second year, from an unknown continent." Ye Futian replied.

"Ye Liunian." The people secretly wrote down the name, and the person who asked the question nodded and said, "This nameless continent may be famous in the future by its friends."

This sentence is very high praise.

If a continent is named after one person, then this persons achievement can be imagined. Obviously, he is extremely optimistic about Ye Futian. This battle has proved Ye Futians supernatural talent.

Ye Futian smiled and said nothing, how long he could practice in that mainland is not yet known. If there is nothing, it is possible not to go back. After all, this trip came to China only for spiritual practice and set foot on the highest level of the emperor.

"Don't disturb Xiaoyou Wujian." All the people said goodbye to leave, and Ye Futian showed super talent before. Their attitude was ridicule and uncomfortable. After all, a lower emperor stepped on everyone's face. .

But at this moment, where there is such an idea, only admire, willing to fall in the wind, how can this be compared? Not at all a grade.

In the distance, there were other people from the emperor who came here and were attracted by the sword just now. After all, that sword light was too gorgeous, so that many people in the Magical Space felt it.

After coming here, they didn't understand the situation yet, but when they heard the conversation, they guessed a little and looked at Ye Futian.

There have been many romantic figures in other places, and it seems that there will also be one here.

I don't know who will be the most magnificent figure in this trip to Dongxian Island. Is it the older generation's strongman or the younger generation's descendant?

At this time, in another part of the magical sky, many people stood on top of a statue, gazing into the distance, and above the tallest statue in the middle, stood a magnificent empress figure, shrouded in thought The boundless space covered the area where Ye Futian was, and saw what happened behind.

"This person is very strong," the Queen said.

"Although it is very but the best person on this trip to Dongxiandao must be the princess." The person next to him said, the woman said nothing, "Don't forget the previous flowers The tree, with two people, is unfathomable."

The people around were speechless, and they naturally remembered.

In the other direction, also in front of the opportunity of one side of the road, a young man stood with his hands down and looked forward, while the person behind him turned his back to him and looked at the distance, saying: "The Jianfeng side has appeared A very powerful sword repairer with an extraordinary savvy who killed the strong iron sword sect."

"How powerful?" the young man standing in front asked.

"The realm of the next emperor, even enlighten the nine swords, draw the sword of Jianfeng, and cut the eight realms." The man responded, and the youth nodded slightly: "It seems that this trip to Dongxian Island will not be too boring. ."

In addition to them, many people have noticed the existence of Ye Futian. That battle not only shocked the people around Jianfeng, but also attracted the attention of many powerful people in the magical space, and knew a demon sword repair. The presence.

But for this, Ye Futian didn't care much. He still practiced with peace of mind and realized the sword in the sword peak!