The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1914

Vol 8 Chapter 1914: Gable

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Before Jianfeng, Ye Futian sat cross-legged, and there were no spiritual practitioners on the nine stone platforms.

Ye Futian is here, and no one is qualified to go to Shitai to practice. What happened before has made all the powerful have self-knowledge. They go to Shitai to practice but lose face.

Many people left before, but many others stayed and watched Ye Futian practice.

With the passage of time, they saw Jianfeng shining brightly again, surrounded by nine swords, and above that Jianshan, they could vaguely see an illusory figure dancing the sword, but they were somewhat vague and invisible. real.

Ye Futian's eyes were closed at this moment. He resonated with Jianfeng, his sword intentions flowing, as if the sword intentions on his body were the sword intentions flowing above Jianfeng.

There was a picture in his mind. In the infinite space, he stood alone, the sword in his hand danced again and again, each sword style was different, and after countless dances, the nine styles seemed to be integrated into one. A sword.

When this sword came out, thousands of sword shadows appeared, and there were many sword-shaped trajectories in the void, with different speeds, different from each other, but the terrible sword shadows penetrated the space. When the sword shadows were unified, thousands of sword shadows Shadow turned into a sword, this sword seems to be able to smash everything.

At this time, the extremely terrifying sword light appeared in Jianfeng, rushing towards the sky, the hearts of the strong men suddenly shuddered, and then looked at Ye Futian, they also saw a sword light on Ye Futian, directly toward Jianshan Go, and, between Ye Futian and Jianshan, many of his figures appeared, and each figure seemed to have a sword.


A terrifying thunder burst, and it seemed that the sky was falling apart. At the next moment, they were shocked to find that the Jianshan was already broken, and only one Lingtian sword blossomed.

Ye Futian, who was sitting there, had disappeared, and when the crowd saw him again, they were standing on the broken sword peak above the broken sword peak, as if at the moment when the sword came out, his people It turned into a sword and moved with the sword. Even some strong men in the upper realm of the emperor didn't even see the sword clearly.

"Hao Qiang, is this the ultimate sword style left by Jianfeng." Everyone was shocked in their hearts. I saw Ye Futian's place. He who was bathing Jianguang was undergoing the baptism of that sword, which seemed like a sword. Be completely integrated with him.

He as a whole is like a sharp sword at this moment, indestructible and omnipresent.

"Jianfeng is broken, no one has done it for so many years, this Jianfeng has been here, now, it is broken." Someone whispered, emotion.

"The old decay has come four times. This sword peak has been there for thirty years. Every time I come in, I will come here to understand the sword intent. For many years, the nine sword swords have finally realized the seven swords. In another 20 years, there should be an opportunity to perceive the meaning of Jianfeng in Jianfeng, but I did not expect someone to make my decades of hard work look like a joke at a time." An old man murmured and said, "Ashamed ."

"It's all the same. We saw it ten years ago." Another old man said with a sigh, all with emotion.

They did not expect that one day the opportunity of the great road inherited here would collapse, and future generations would no longer be able to feel it.

This is the next emperor's fellow, less than a day, comprehend the inheritance of sword intention.

"I really want to know what kind of sword this is. The top powerful Kendo characters are left behind. If you can realize the cultivation, you will definitely increase the combat power. This child inherits the sword intention, and the strength of Kendo is probably a little stronger."

There was a lot of discussion among the people. There was a top kendo demon in Dongxian Island, but there was one less kendo chance, and it was destroyed forever. This guy is extremely talented, but also ruined the ruins of the avenue. Bastard.

However, they also wanted to be this bastard, but unfortunately they couldn't.

Ye Futian's sword light was diffused and gorgeous, and it lasted for a long time before it gradually faded. His eyes opened, as if a sword was shooting from the pupil of the eye, with a sound of sword roar.

One sword and nine styles, nine swords are unified, and this sword technique does not know what kind of sword technique.

This swordsmanship can ignore the distance in space, and it can be killed instantly.

Ye Futian thought about it and named the sword.

Returning to the ruins, passing over the ages, never ending, the power is extraordinary.

Moreover, if the fleeting sword cooperates seamlessly, it will inevitably become more terrifying. The combination of long-range attack and close-range killing will become a sword of terrible killing.

Ye Futian glanced at the disappeared Jianfeng, and then looked at the crowd, seeing everyone's eyes were looking at him, could not help but smiled bitterly: "Sorry, this Jianfeng broke himself!"

"I broke it myself..."

Ye Futian looked at Ye Futian and saw that this guy said sorry but had an innocent expression on his face and really wanted to beat him up.

Will Jianfeng break itself?

Naturally, it was because of Ye Futian's practice, but Ye Futian realized the sword intention in Jianfeng and got the opportunity of this avenue. What can they say?

There was only a sigh.

Ye Futian returned to Xia Qingyan beside them. Emperor Helian and Bei Gongao also watched Ye Futian smile. This guy practiced himself and then practiced, but now it is better, so that others have no chance to practice.

"You're ruthless." Bei Gongao said.

"I just practiced it myself." Ye Futian shrugged.

"Well, you practice yourself, so that others have nowhere to practice. Fortunately, it is just this Jianfeng, and there are many opportunities in the avenue in the magical sky, and everyone can go elsewhere to try their luck." Beiya Gong continued.

Ye Futian nodded: "Let's try our luck elsewhere."

"En." Everyone nodded, and a group of people walked away. Ye Futianshen spread, covering the endless space, wanting to see where it is suitable for practice, there is a great opportunity for him.

Ye Futian they soon came to another place, where there are also many people, all standing in this space, looking forward.

In front of everyone, there is a huge mountain wall with golden characters carved on it, obscure and difficult to understand, like a special language, but standing here, you can perceive a ray of Sanskrit avenues, give There was a strong coercion.

"This is, the inheritance of Buddhism and Taoism?" Ye Futian said, perceiving the meaning in it, and this force gave him the feeling of a Buddhism.

It seems that those who practiced Buddhism had also come to Dongxian Island to pray for Dan, which shows how terrible the influence of Dongxian Shangxian was.

"There are words next to it." Xia Qingyan looked at the lower right corner of the mountain wall, and a line of writing was engraved on it. Ye Futian looked at it. Sure enough, it was actually left by a Buddhist monk, who had been extremely traumatically traumatized. So he came to the house to seek medicine, and Donglai Shangxian healed his road injury. This Buddhist monk left a set of Buddhist monasteries here, as a thank you.

Many people are meditation, Ye Futian saw one of the extraordinary temperament women sitting cross-legged in front of her body, many Buddhist characters surround her body, making her around the Buddha light, sacred to the extreme, not blasphemy.

Ye Futian looked at the obscure characters, and he felt faintly that it was not words.

A breath of avenues permeated from him, and he could more truly perceive the golden runes on the mountain walls. His eyes also became extremely deep, seeing through all falsehood.

Suddenly, the characters seemed to jump out and appeared in front of him.


Ye Futian secretly said, these characters are not words, but a note.

The Taoism left on this mountain wall is a technique of temperament. Those who do not practice temperament are afraid that it is simply difficult to comprehend and cannot enter the doorway.

"I can't understand it." I only heard Bei Gongshuang whispered. She used to be able to understand some of the swords before, but she couldn't perceive the mountain wall.

"It's normal if you don't understand." The next person said with a smile. How many people can understand?

"I'm the same." Beigong Aodao, Beigongshuang nodded slightly, the original father could not understand, then it must be extraordinary Taoism, I don't know if Ye Futian can understand.

She looked forward and saw Ye Futian standing there, and a voice came out of her mouth: "This is the way of temperament, and it can't understand normal."

"The way of temperament?" Bei Gongshuang showed a strange color: "Do these characters record the technique of temperament?"

"It's not a character, it's a musical It's not a person of this kind of practice, it's hard to see through its door, you don't have to go to understand." Ye Futian said, Bei Gongshuang nodded, she looked at Ye Futian a little speechless. Yesterday, Ye Futian played the music on Wutong Island, but now it seems that he really understands the rhythm of the rhythm.

Several figures behind the Queen turned their eyes and looked at Ye Futian, saying, "It's you."

"Do you know me?" Ye Futian asked.

"Have seen in Penglai Wonderland." The man said with a smile, Ye Futian and Penglai fairyland broke out before the conflict, they were all present.

Ye Futian said nothing.

"I just thought of him and came." The man said again, Ye Futian frowned, and in his perception, a line of mighty figures was coming towards this side, at the same time, a ray of coldness came directly There is a killer in him.

Ye Futian didn't look back, but naturally knew who was coming, it was Jun Qiuyan.

Jun Qiuyan brought a lot of people. He exchanged a lot of Dongxianling before, so he can be said to be strong around him. When he came here, a group of mighty strong made the practitioners here feel a trace of pressure!