The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1915

Vol 8 Chapter 1915: Vajra

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In addition to Jun Qiuyan and them, there is another strong man who also came here. They are not so many people in this industry, but everyone is amazing. The young man headed by Ye Futian has also seen it. Before in Penglai Wonderland, he and Jun Qiuyan together, the two walked closer.

After they arrived, only Yu Guang glanced at Ye Futian and did not take a serious look. Their eyes fell on the empress who realized the notes of the Buddha Gate in front of the mountain wall. Seeing her divine bright light, Jun Qiuyan and another young man All exposed a strange color, it seems that she may understand the mountain wall characters.

"Shangguan, how is your sentiment?" At that moment, the young man said in a quiet voice. Like Jun Qiuyan, this person was born in the top power of the Penglai mainland. The alchemist family and the Yun family have extremely terrible power in Penglai. , No weaker than Jun's.

In addition to the Jun and Yun, the empress who is practicing is also the practitioner of Shangguan, the top power of Penglai mainland. In front of this mountain wall, the three top powers of Penglai are gathered.

Jun Qiuyan and Yun Shiyun Zheshi did not come from Ye Futian, but happened to meet Ye Futian here. In Jun Qiuyan's eyes, Ye Futian did not take Ye Futian too seriously, although Ye Futian was very talented in practice.

"Yunzhe, you are wanton." An old man in Shangguan's house asked behind frowning behind Shangguan Qiuye. His expression was a little cold. This Yunzhe was deliberately disturbing Shangguan Qiuye's practice.

"I'm going to ask how Shangguan Qiuye practiced, and why did the seniors talk wildly." Yun Zhe looked at the old man and asked. The old man didn't respond, but released a slight coldness on his body. The relationship between the several major families in Penglai mainland was complicated. , Yun's, Jun's and their Shangguan's have always been at odds.

At this time, the light of Shangguan Qiuye gradually dimmed, slowly turning around, the pair of beautiful eyes captured the soul, sweeping towards Yunzhe and Jun Qiuyan.

"Somewhat, do you want to be together?" Shangguan Qiuye's voice was calm and he responded to Yunzhe.

Yun Zhe looked up to the huge mountain wall in front of him. Those obscure golden runes were like a mystery and could not be seen at all, but they knew that no matter the people around them or the data in the family, there were records. The characters on this mountain wall are musical notes.

A top Buddhist practicer engraved a Buddhist melody technique here. According to the books in the family, this technique is called Vajrasattva. It is an extremely terrifying tempo attack and can directly shock Killing other people's souls, especially the power of restraining demons, is an extremely domineering law.

However, only those who are proficient in the way of the temperament have the opportunity to comprehend. They have a good understanding of the temperament, but they are not good at the power of the avenue. It may be possible to perceive one or two.

Looking at the eyes of Shangguan Qiuye, Yun Zhe said to Jun Qiuyan beside him, "What do you think?"

"Although I'm not good at it, I don't feel bad about it anymore. The roads are connected and there may be unexpected gains." Jun Qiuyan looked at Shangguan Qiuye and said, he also glanced at Ye Futian next to him.

"Yes." Yun Zhe nodded. "Then, I will learn about it again to see if I can perceive the vajra."

"Vajra Volleyball." When everyone heard his words, his heart moved slightly. Is the name of the inheritance called Vajra Volleyball?

"They are the practitioners of the great forces on the mainland of Penglai, and they may be the best-understood forces on Dongxian Island. There should be nothing wrong with them."

Ye Futian also repeated in his heart, is the magic of Fumo?

Jun Qiuyan walked a few steps forward, and several strong men followed him together. Behind them, the figures were lined up one after another. The momentum was amazing, making the practitioners of this space feel a slight pressure.

If you look closely, you will find that Ye Futian and others have just completely blocked the retreat.

Before, Ye Futian and Jun had a war, killing many practitioners of Jun.

After stepping here, Jun Qiuyan thought that Ye Futian would not leave alive.

Now that there are no fairies in Dongxian Island, should no one be in the way?

He glanced at Ye Futian and said, "Aren't you talented, do you understand spiritual practice together."

Jun Qiuyan let Ye Futian follow him to understand the characters on the mountain wall. Although he did not want to suspect Ye Futian about the flowering trees before, he still had such a guess in his heart.

However, this does not matter, whether it is Ye Futian or not, he will definitely die.

Before that, he let Ye Futian follow him to see how his talents are.

Ye Futian glanced at Jun Qiuyan squintingly. He ignored it and looked at the mountain wall. He had intended to understand the practice here. What does he have to do with Jun Qiuyan? He needs to understand Jun Daoyan's permission.

Seeing that Ye Futian ignored him, Jun Qiuyan didn't care, and he looked towards the mountain.

Everything is back to normal, and the practitioners here all look at the mountain wall for their insights.

Ye Futian is also the same, the meaning of the road is filled, perceiving the meaning of the mountain, at the same time, his eyes have become extremely bright, with the meaning of demon, for a time, those golden characters in the eyes It seemed to jump.


Ye Futian entered into the state of ecstasy, immersed in that mountain wall, at this moment, he seemed to have entered an absolutely quiet field, in front of him, there were golden notes jumping out.

"Dao Yi." Ye Futian perceives a ray of Dao Yi's existence, which is very clear. The Dao Yi is embedded in the characters of the Dao, and blends with it. He tried hard to perceive, he could perceive the beat of the note, but not To the sound.

The loud sound is hopeful that Dao Yi has surpassed the sound itself.

How terrible Ye Futian's perception is. In the perception, all the characters seem to come alive, all turned into golden runes, flying and beating in the air, seeming to play a beautiful song.

However, there was no sound, at least, Ye Futian could not perceive the sound.

Notes, but no sound.

But even so, on Ye Futian's body, there is a ray of golden light shining, as if to cast a golden body, the whole body is bright.

This scene made Bei Gong proud of their strange look. No matter how strong their talents are, Ye Futian will not be surprised, but what really makes them speechless is that he is not just as simple as displaying powerful talents.

Even the power of various avenues, he seemed to realize the cultivation.

Today, he is equally good at the way of temperament.

So, is there the power of the road that he does not practice?

This time, Ye Futian's enlightenment was more difficult than comprehension of Kendo. He perceived the notes of the Dao for a long time before he realized what he knew.

Loud sounds, the way of sound waves, do not necessarily need to be able to hear the sound.

Vajra flies, the rhythm of sound waves moves. When the sound of the avenue reaches another level, perhaps he does not even have the qualification to listen to the sound.

"My state is not enough, so I can't hear it."

Ye Futian thought.

Although he can't hear it, his powerful perception ability can perceive the rhythm of notes. Through this rhythm, he can also practice.

Ye Futian became extremely engaged at this time, immersed in spiritual practice, and felt the rhythm of the first note.

Everyone in this space is enlightening, but the vast majority of people are not essential, and an old man of the middle emperor said with emotion: "I have practiced the temperament for many years, and I can feel that this law is extraordinary, it must be a very strong temperament. Its a pity that theres no way to do it, but you still have to miss it after all."

With a sigh, he finally resolved to give up and turned to leave.

"Leave?" someone asked.

"Let's go." The old man didn't look back: "I don't know if this technique of temperament can be done in a hundred years."

Difficult, too difficult.

He has been immersed in the way of temperament for many years, and he is also a master figure. However, he can only appreciate the fur. In his opinion, the difficulty of this law of temperament, Dongxian Island opens ten times, and no one may be able to Repaired.

However, at this moment, an invisible rhythm swept out, making him want to leave the pace stopped, and then turned back to look over the mountain wall, and saw that the first golden character seemed to jump out, Jumping out of the mountain wall, a brilliant golden light bloomed from the characters, and a ray of sonic waves radiated from it. In an instant, sweeping this space, everyone clearly felt the power of that sonic wave.


The old man had to flutter, his eyes suddenly became extremely sharp, his eyes looked around the crowd, and there were waves in his heart. Someone did it. Although it was only the first step, it was a beginning.

Such a start can make cracking possible.

His gaze looked at Shangguan Qiuye. Only she and the mountain wall resonated before. If who did it, then the biggest possibility is her.

But at this time, Shangguan Qiuye was also trembling in the heart, her beautiful eyes opened, staring at the mountain wall fiercely, the ray of undulating waves made her feel a very strong shock. This is exactly what she thought for a long time The desired result.

However, she has not yet entered this step, but someone took her one step first.

who is it?

She also looked at the Seeing her reaction, the old man suddenly understood that it was not Shangguan Qiuye, so who would it be?

Many people opened their eyes and looked around them, and some people even whispered whispers, just now, they all felt it.

Shangguan Qiuye glanced at Jun Qiuyan and Yunzhe, shouldn't he be the two of them?

I saw the two of them but they also looked at Shangguan Qiuye, Yun Zhe looked at her suspiciously, then smiled and said: "Not you?"

Shangguan Qiuye doesn't need to ask, nor does it know that it can't be the other party.

So, who would it be?

Who is still practicing?

Her eyes moved, and gradually, she fell on a figure with white hair and white clothes, still staring at the mountain wall in a daze, seemingly immersed in it.

This man, Ye Futian, was also one of the few who had not been disturbed and who still felt.

Shangguan Qiuye naturally doubted him!