The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1916

Vol 8 Chapter 1916: Speak Up

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Seeing Ye Futian's heart in sight, Qiuye Shangguan was extremely devoted, and a flash of splendor flashed in her beautiful eyes.

In the former Penglai fairyland, Ye Futian sword-slashed the Jun's strong man, with extraordinary strength. In her opinion, Jun Qiuyan is far inferior. Now, he feels here, and he must be good at musical rhythm.

Well, its very likely that Ye Futian, because apart from Ye Futian and Jun Qiuyan who had just arrived, most of them were already there before, and before that, she was the one who understood the mountain most deeply .

Shangguan Qiuye glanced back at Jun Qiuyan, and his indifferent eyes seemed to be somewhat contemptuous, as if mocking him, Jun Qiuyan had always despised Ye Futian, but in fact, if he did not have the identity of Penglai mainland junior He is far inferior to Ye Futian.

Jun Qiuyan frowned, his pupils contracted, and his eyes were fixed on Ye Futian. The ray of thought at the bottom of his heart reappeared. For whom did the blossoming tree bloom?

His eyes suddenly became sharp and cold. A breath of avenue fell on Ye Futian. Ye Futian was being disturbed by the breath of this avenue. He woke up from his practice, and a cold flash flashed in his eyes.

The notes in this Vajra Volcano are extraordinary and difficult to comprehend. It must be fully devoted to it and cannot be distracted. Its difficulty is much harder than that of Wu Jian before, so Jun Qiuyan invaded with the meaning of the road and instantly woke him up.

He turned his eyes and glanced at Jun Qiuyan. He saw that Jun Qiuyan also looked at him. When he saw the two people's anomalies, Yun Zhe showed a strange look and looked at Ye Futian said: "He did it? "

He looked at Ye Futian seriously, and saw that the light of the golden runes dimmed above the mountain walls, as if he had lost color, and there was no longer a wave of volatility, making his expression even more weird.

Is it really him?

"Jun Qiuyan, it seems that you have a good vision, and you want to pull him into your practice to enter Dongxian Island, but unfortunately, others don't appreciate the face." Yun Zhe smiled and said: "But it's no wonder that with this talent, I feel the opportunity of the Avenue, Why make wedding dresses for others?"

"It's just luck." Jun Qiuyan said, "You continue to feel."

At this moment, he did not move Ye Futian and let him continue to realize.

Ye Futian's eyes forced Jun Qiuyan, but at this moment, another voice came into the eardrum, saying: "Penglai mainland Shangguan's Shangguan Qiuye, I don't know how you call it?"

"Ye Liunian." Ye Futian glanced at Shangguan Qiuye next to her. She talked to herself by means of sound transmission.

"Yellow Emperor." Shangguan Qiuye said: "On this mountain wall is the technique of the melody of the rhythm, the vajra, and each golden rune is a note. Ye Huang just urged a note, but there is a way. See through all these notes?"

"I don't know." Ye Futian replied. What does Shangguan Qiuye mean?

"Jun Qiuyan allows you to continue to enlighten. If you really enlighten, he must take you down and force you to know how to enlighten me. It is better to cooperate with you and me. If you can enlighten the vajra, I will protect you. Safety." Shangguan Qiuye said, as for the conditions, needless to say, naturally it is the vajra awakened by the enlightenment.

This method is of great value and makes Shangguan willing to come forward to protect Ye Futian, provided that he can enlighten the Vajra Volvo on the mountain wall.

"Then let's see if we can talk about enlightenment." Ye Futian replied, not agreeing or refusing.

Since Jun Qiuyan and Shangguan Qiuye both want to see his insights, then, naturally, he will not let the other side down.

Without paying attention to them, Ye Futian continued to practice towards the mountain walls. However, Beigong Ao and Emperor Helian were guarded by Ye Futian with some vigilance. They naturally saw that Ye Futian needed to devote himself to it. They themselves cannot perceive this way of rhythm, so they no longer perceive it, but guard Ye Futian so that the other party will not rush down the killer.

After all, anything can happen in Dongxian Island.

Ye Futian started from the beginning and realized the first golden rune. When he looked at the mountain wall, he entered a mysterious state, as if only he and the note, the rhythm of the notes continued, the golden notes beat, and the breath of the road Outgoing.

Feeling this rhythm, Ye Futian seemed to hear a voice, very shallow.

Moreover, this sound is not listened with ears, but with the heart and mind to perceive, through the rhythm of the notes, to perceive the sound of the temperament, if he is strong enough in the temperament, he may be able to hear it directly, but now he , Not yet.

An invisible wind was blowing, and the practitioners standing in front of the mountain wall felt quietly. They also felt the rhythm. They had a feeling of indecision and unclearness, like a rhythm with sound, but They cannot hear.

"It's weird." Many people thought that some older generations of people showed a strange color. The upper emperor of the Shangguan family stared at the mountain wall and said: "There are rumours that some top-notch rhythm attacks are killing invisible. , No shadows, no sound, no sound, this vajra vampire law belongs to the top-notch rhythm attack technique, the invisible rhythm sweeps past, and the soul is broken."

"So, actually we have already sensed the rhythm of the temperament, but we just can't hear it." Someone said next to it.

The people nodded slightly and continued their quiet perception. As time went on, another rune lit up a gorgeous golden divine light, from which a strong rhythm diffused out, causing many people to reveal a strange color.

Jun Qiuyan's eyes were very cold, and he swept towards Ye Futian.

However, he did not stop Ye Futian from practicing, but let him continue. After Ye Futian practiced, if he could understand the vajra vajra and then take him no later, then Ye Futian could be of some use, Make wedding dresses for them.

Jun Qiuyan at this time is contradictory, and he hopes that Ye Futian will realize it, but does not want him to realize it.

From the depths of his heart, he didn't want to see Ye Futian's talent is so outstanding, so he seemed extremely mediocre in front of Ye Futian.

However, no matter what he thinks, there are more and more characters glowing on the mountain walls with golden divine brilliance, and the light is shining, and gradually, the void in front of the mountain walls lights up the terrible god, and many golden characters appear from it. , A wave of invisible waves blooming from it, like a wave, sweeping towards the space in front of the mountain wall.

Ye Futian is also completely immersed in it. In his own world, he seems to be in an independent space, with countless notes floating around his body, a whirl of marvelous Sanskrit sounds, seemingly incomprehensible, terrible rhythm spreading in all directions Out, these innumerable characters seem to be interwoven into a pattern, and a golden Buddha statue can be seen faintly.

The Sanskrit Sanskrit is heard from the Buddha statue.

The mountain wall gradually lit up with extremely gorgeous dignity. Illuminating this space, the practitioners in front of the mountain wall were extremely shocked, and actually inspired the rune of the mountain wall.

They looked around the body and felt a sense, as if all of them had been enveloped by invisible rhythms. The golden divine radiance was everywhere, like a thread of silk, covering the vast void, like a realm of avenues.

Bei Gongshuang's gaze looked around, and then looked at Ye Futian, really there was nothing he wouldn't.

Shangguan Qiuye is also immersed in spiritual practice. This opportunity is more suitable for enlightenment. She can borrow Ye Futians enlightenment to make her own perception of the mountain wall clearer. She also enlightened several runes, body There are invisible rhythms around.

Jun Qiuyan felt what was happening in front of him, and his face was slightly gloomy. Not far from him, Yun Zhe looked at him and said, "It's a pity that this kind of understanding is hard to find in Penglai."

When Jun Qiuyan heard Yun Zhe's words, he was even more gloomy. He naturally could see that what Shangguan Qiuye did not do, Ye Futian did.

A strong breath bloomed out and diffused in the direction of Ye Futian. However, at this moment, Bei Gong, who had been guarding, took a step and came to Ye Futian's side. The avenue was filled with air and enveloped Here, let the other party disturb Ye Futian.

"Okay." Jun Qiuyan shouted like thunder, and the tremor of the sky shook violently, as if breaking up the invisible temperament. Ye Futian, who was practicing, was immersed in the temperament. UU read the book www.uukanshu. Suddenly came from com, making him slightly unstable.

Inwardly indifferent, a wave of invisible rhythm swept out, dispelling the sound, Ye Futian's lips moved slightly, and his mouth spit coldly: "Go..."

The voice fell, just like the sound of the avenue, the words followed, and a terrifying rhythm swept through. He instantly overwhelmed Jun Qiuyan's body, and his look changed. The horror rhythm directly attacked his soul, the Brahma lingered, and wanted Shattered his soul directly.


Just listening to a loud noise, I saw Jun Qiuyan's body directly flew out of his mouth, and a spit of blood spit out. The people around him changed their faces and flickered in shape, but Jun Qiuyan still fell to the ground, his face pale.

His eyes became extremely gloomy, and he swept to Ye Futian's side, only to see that the other party was still practicing, and he didn't move, so he wounded him.

This scene, described as self-deprecating, cannot be more appropriate.

"Miserable." Many people looked at Jun Qiuyan with some sympathy. The descendants of the Jun family in Penglai mainland were humiliated. What happened here will inevitably spread to Penglai mainland!