The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1917

Vol 8 Chapter 1917: Shot

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Jun Qiuyan stood up, his gloomy eyes full of murderous intent, and he stared at Ye Futian.

However, at this time, Ye Futian didn't care about his existence at all, and stood facing the mountain wall, which gave people the feeling that Jun Qiuyan was constantly provocative like a beam jumping clown, but was injured by a word.

Jun Qiuyan only felt hot on his face, killing horror. Around his body, the eyes of many practitioners were swept toward Ye Futian, all indifferent. They walked forward, and in an instant, a violent road was overwhelmed. Cover the area in front of this mountain wall with the endless void.

This made the practitioners in front of the mountain frown, frowning a little.

Ye Futian was not disturbed, but Shangguan Qiuye, who was practicing, was awakened from the state of spiritual practice. She turned her eyes and swept coldly towards Jun Qiuyan and others, and said indifferently: "Cultivate and practice well, not practice." If so, get out."

When the voice fell, there was also a violent momentum sweeping out, turning into the melody of the avenue, blowing on Jun Qiuyan's body.

Jun Qiuyan took a step back, his body was filled with prestige, wrapped around his body, his clothes were hunting, and he danced wildly. He stared at the turned Shangguan Qiuye, his eyes cold.

Another word.

Before, Ye Futian humiliated him by rolling words. At this moment, from the mouth of Shangguan Qiuye, he also spit out the same words. When did he suffer such humiliation.

"If you don't practice, don't disturb other people." A strong man in the eight realms opened his mouth lazily and didn't look at Jun Qiuyan, but his voice passed into the eardrums of everyone. To Jun Qiuyan, they are here to pretend.

In other words, I dont want to see them disturbing Ye Futian.

At this moment, Ye Futian realized the characters of the mountain wall and urged them to make their perception clearer. Many people can feel the rhythm of the temperament. This helps them to practice. As long as they can take this step, they can A little bit of understanding, at least a chance.

But Jun Qiuyan was destroyed here, and they were naturally upset.

Although many people did not speak, they also released the mighty road pressure. The people present today are all powerful emperors from all sides. If they have enough strength on one side, would they care about Jun Qiuyan?

In particular, many of them are also practitioners of powerful forces from all continents. They are also proud people. Naturally, no one should be so arrogant.

"I was snarled and retreated, my mouth spit blood, Jun Qiuyan, if I were you, how far would I roll, how could there be a face here." Shangguan Qiuye continued to fight mercilessly, also as Penglai mainland Although there are frictions among the top powers, she asked herself what the Jun's people dared not do to her. What's more, their Shangguan's strength in Dongxian Island was not weak.

"Shangguan, it's too much." Yun Zhe looked at Shangguan Qiuye and said: "Anyone who is also a spiritual practitioner in Penglai mainland, now he is facing others because he is inspired by spiritual practice, so he is anxious to flatter each other? In the hope that the other party teaches you to fail ."

"The same is true for you. Shut your mouth if you want to practice. If you don't, you will get out of this area." Shangguan Qiuye glanced at Yunzhe, also an indifferent cry of sipping.

Her words silenced Yun Zhe, staring at him with a sneer in the corner of her mouth.

"Brother, how do you think?" He asked Jun Qiuyan.

Jun Qiuyan glanced at the crowd. Although many strong men released the breath of the road, he knew very well that there were still a few people who really dared to take action.

He did not believe that these people were not afraid of death.

Moreover, Ye Futian continued to realize that with the help of the mountain wall rhythm, he couldn't wait any longer.

Jun Qiuyan's eyes flashed a bit of domineering fierceness, looked around the crowd, and said aloud: "Penglai mainland monks act, no one, please move temporarily, wait for the matter to end, then come back to practice, disturb you Now."

When the words fell, he waved his hand, and suddenly he stepped out of the way, scattered in different directions, he dispersed the more than one hundred strong men who brought into the East Fairy Island with multiple East Immortals, and for a time, the mighty pressure enveloped the mountains. The space in front of the wall was pressed to everyone.

"Penglai mainland monarchs do things, I hope you will give some face, please move." Next to Jun Qiuyan, an eight realm also said aloud, the sound was rolling, resounding in the void, trembling in the eardrums of everyone in.

The suffocation pressure enveloped this space, many people retreated, and some emperors who were not so strong had already begun to evacuate. This matter has nothing to do with them. Naturally, there is no need to go to this muddy water.

They glanced at Jun Qiuyan. Unexpectedly, when everyone had an opinion on him, Jun Qiuyan could still be so strong, and his actions were extremely decisive and domineering.

Sure enough, some strong men fled away one after another. Although the strong men on all sides were all top figures from all continents, they all came from different forces and could not condense into a force. Naturally, they had their own ideas and could not join forces.

After all, there are no big stakes.

Therefore, most people have chosen to withdraw.

"Yun Zhe, after the war, the Yun's strongman, help me wait for the battle, how?" Jun Qiuyan looked at the next Yun Zhe and said, it was actually implying that Yun Zhe, once he started the war, blocked people who wanted to flee, and wiped it out. , Continue to give those who did not leave a strong oppression.

"No problem, leave it to me." Yun Zhe took the opportunity to make a decision and responded directly. There was no hesitation. The clams were fighting, how could he mind?

Moreover, there is also a Shangguan family, but he really wants to see a conflict between the Jun family and the Shangguan family, which will weaken each other's strength.

He waved his hands, and the Yun's strongmen stood one by one above the sky, standing in different positions, the avenue breathed out, covering the void, the two top forces of the Penglai mainland, joined forces.

It seems that Jun Qiuyan is iron-hearted and wants to take down Ye Futian.

"Please hurry up, if you haven't left the war, then you don't have to go." Jun Qiuyan said coldly again, making people keep leaving here.

In front of the mountain wall, the number is very small, there are only a few practitioners, and the most important are the three camps.

The Dongyuan Pavilion headed by Ye Futian, the Shangguan clan formed by Shangguan Qiuye, and Jun Qiuyan are them.

"He is still practicing?" Many people looked at Ye Futian, and they were about to go to war. Ye Futian seemed to be unaware, but he was still there to understand the mountain wall, and he was still in peace. He continued to practice with peace of mind. This scene made many people feel emotional. The talent of human cultivation is so high, and the state of mind is also aloof.

I just don't know how he should rob it.

Shangguan Qiuye's eyes were indifferent. She also waved her hand, and suddenly a strong man stood in front of the mountain wall, facing the Jun strong man, but their lineup was much weaker than that of Jun Shi. Jun Qiuyan came prepared this time, bringing Many strong people such as Dongxian Island, there are emperors of their monarchs, and there are those who do not have Dongxianling, rely on them to enter Dongxian Island, and cooperate with the practitioners.

The strong man of Shangguan can't stop so many people from the other party. He can only choose to stand in front of Jun Qiuyan and a group of strong men beside him.

Jun Qiuyan glanced at Shangguan Qiuye and said, "Shangguan, you really think I dare not move you."

"You try." Shangguan Qiuye's eyes responded to each other with a sense of arrogance.

Jun Qiuyan waved his hands, and several powerful men emperor and Shangguan clan confronted each other, spit out a cold voice from Jun Qiuyan's mouth: "Jun's doing things, if someone intervenes, there is no amnesty to kill."

"Yes." The emperor nodded, terrified.

Both sides are extremely strong and refuse to give in half.

On the other hand, Yun Zhe took the strong man to enclose the area. He looked at the conflict below with a sneer on his eyes. It seems that today's events will be a bit exciting and wait and see.

Jun Qiuyan didn't pay attention to what Shangguan Qiuye thought. If the strong man of Shangguan stopped him, then he didn't need to show mercy.

Looking at Ye Futian, who is still practicing, Jun Qiuyan has a killing thought in his eyes, but he can't kill him yet.

"Take him to live, you can scrap it." Jun Qiuyan said, his voice was extremely cold, his voice fell, and suddenly the mighty avenue swept out, toward Ye Futian.

Around Ye Futian's body, Bei Gongao and Emperor Helian both changed their faces. Although the power of the Avenue was released to resist, but the strength of the two sides was very different, they could not stop it.

"Do it yourself."

I saw the void, the power of the attack of the avenue was directly bombarded from across the air, there was a thunder and thunder, a bright sword light, and the palm print of the avenue that tears the space, the violent extreme power, like a storm, directly towards the leaf Futian bombed their space.

"Boom..." Beigong stands proudly above the sky, surrounded by thunder, incarnate into Thunder God of War, the infinite thunder bursts, and blocks all attacks with the power of Thunder.

At the same time, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com saw that on the mountain wall, an extremely bright light suddenly erupted. All the characters of the avenue lit up the gorgeous radiance of the avenue at the same time, and the invisible temperament storm swept out.

At this moment, between heaven and earth, everyone indistinctly perceives an invisible rhythm. Brahma sounds are circling and passed into the eardrum. The rhythm is invisible and invisible, but it is everywhere. This is the power of sound waves.

The dazzling brilliance bloomed from the mountain wall, and at that moment, a vaguely statue of Buddha could be seen vaguely, as if an ancient Buddha appeared, the golden body was shining, surrounded by countless avenue characters, the Buddha mouth vomited Sanskrit, sweeping the void .

"Poof..." I saw the space in front of the mountain wall. A man emperor Ye Futian vomited blood directly, his soul was broken, his body fell down, and he died instantly.

"Puff puff!"

Then, one figure after another fell down one after another, when the next emperor realm swept away from their minds, the direct soul collapsed and died, there was no trace of resistance, and they died!

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