The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1918

Vol 8 Chapter 1918: Counterattack

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Those shots stopped abruptly, and the avenue raged in the air, but everyone was quiet, watching the falling figures.

In a flash, the next Emperor Realm's shot was almost dead and wounded, and all were killed.

The melody of the avenue lingers, they cant hear the melody, but they can perceive its existence. There seems to be a Sanskrit sound in their minds, invisible and invisible. Between heaven and earth, the golden Buddha light shines. When they look at the mountain wall again, they all see it. A Buddha statue made them want to worship.

This Buddha statue is extremely coercive and even domineering. This is the Buddha of the Demon Buddha. Its technique is the Vajra Vajra, and the Buddha is angry, and it comes with terrifying majesty and frightening.

The emperors looked at the Buddha, and many people who were not strong enough to practice retreat. Here, it is very dangerous. If you are a little careless, you may be obliterated by the way of temperament.

Shangguan Qiuye looked back to Ye Futian, revealing a sense of shock, too strong, he not only realized the vajra vajra, but also directly urged the golden notes on the mountain wall to make it into a way, erupted super strong Power, directly borrow the intention of the road in the mountain wall to attack.

Such a talent is simply extraordinary.

Although they were surprised, Bei Gongshuang had already seen it, and it was not the first time. This was not the first time. They had seen it not too long ago. Its just that this guy is really not human... as if there is nothing he cant do. Yes, from the time the statue of Dongyuan Pavilion was revealed.

All of them realized that it was nothing for Ye Futian. In this Dongxian Island, he exerted this talent to the fullest.

The melody of the avenue is omnipresent, ubiquitous, and surrounds the world, as if it may be attacked again at any time. Jun Qiuyan's face was somber to the extreme. He glanced in the direction of Ye Futian, only to see that the other party was still facing away from them, facing the mountain, as if to return In Wushan Mountain Avenue.

His presence of Jun Qiuyan, like a joke, set off Ye Futian's glory.

"Do it, kill." Jun Qiuyan said to a person. This time, he didn't want Ye Futian to live. He changed his mind and didn't keep a live mouth. In front of this mountain wall, it seemed difficult to want to catch alive. , Simply obliterate directly.

No one heard Jun Qiuyan's voice, and no one knew what he was thinking. Dadao heard the sound. Only the person he passed heard it, and he didn't know why Jun Qiuyan was so confident that he could kill at this moment.

On Ye Futian's body, the Buddha's light was lingering, and countless notes seemed to surround the body, ignoring all the outside world, and concentrating on the Taoist perception.

Not far from him, there is an extraordinary strongman, the superior emperor of the Seven Realms, armed with a spear, is domineering and sharp, and is extremely sharp, pointing to those who killed Ye Futian.

It was at this moment that the spear was engulfing the terrible power of destruction.

This person is Yang Dongqing.


At this moment, Yang Dongqing's body moved and turned into a terrible silver lightning, but instead of rushing to other people, he rushed to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian only left a back, and was urging the Shanbi Avenue where he would take care of the people around him.

The black wind carving made a sharp scream, and the faces of Helianyou and Beigongshuang also changed greatly. The people around him did not look back at this scene. What is this for?

Isn't that man Ye Futian's?

They couldn't understand what happened.

The silver spear erupted with amazing destructive power, and a brilliant silver light shed in a flash.

Too fast, shot at such a close distance, almost in a flash, it is too late to make any response.

Jun Qiuyan saw a cruel killing in his eyes. Ye Futian might not even know it himself, but it was always under his control.

Although he promised to let Bai Mu leave Ye Futian outside, but when he entered Dongxian Island, he must have Ye Futian die, even if Dongxian Island did not kill him, he would not let Ye Futian live out of Penglai mainland. .

After entering Dongxian Island, he did not send people to follow Ye Futian, because everything was under his control. Yang Dongqing had long since rebelled and was willing to follow his monarch, and he didn't seem to want much.

"Yang Dongqing." A cold voice came out, it was the voice made by Emperor Helian. He didn't expect that Yang Dongqing betrayed and killed the killer at this time. This is absolutely fatal. Ye Futian was not fortified at all. The strong man, and is using the strength of the mountain wall to deal with other practitioners, where will know Yang Dongqing behind the killer.

If Ye Futian died, everything would be over.

However, how can such a killing blow be stopped?

At the same time as his voice fell, a loud noise came out, and the spear directly hit Ye Futian's back. Too fast, Ye Futian couldn't react at all.

Yang Dongqing's eyes were extremely cold at this time, with the intention of being fierce and decisive, this blow was extremely determined, and there was no trace of hesitation.

This shot will determine the fate of him and the Yang family.

At the beginning of the Penglai Xianchi, Ye Futian and Penglai mainland's top power Jun Qiuyan broke out, he thought it was extremely irrational. Although this person is very talented, he is too proud and no one in his eyes, so in this way, only they will be implicated. When the contradiction intensifies, and the Penglai continent's strong men come to their continent, his Yang's will also be miserable.

So at that time, he communicated with Jun Qiuyan.

Compared with Emperor Helian and Beigong Ao, Ye Futian is the most distrustful of him. He naturally can also see that after entering Dongxian Island, Beigong Ao has continuously benefited and even repaired the situation.

All of this made him more firm in his thoughts. Ye Futian is not dead, and may affect them. If Ye Futian is dead, he stands on the side of the Jun. Both Beigong Ao and Emperor Helian will bury everything here.

By then, he would not only be able to control the Dongyuan Pavilion, but also directly become the strongest man in that continent, directly control the entire continent, and control the Heraeus and the Northern Palace.

In addition, he also formed a friendship with Jun Qiuyan and formed an alliance with Penglai Mainland Jun. His position will be extremely stable and no one can shake it.

No matter how you look at it, killing Ye Futian is a must.

So he shot extremely decisively without any hesitation in his eyes.

After this blow, the overall situation is set.

He never thought that he would fail. At such a distance, how could he fail with his full blow in seven realms?

There is no trace of it, Ye Futian will die.

The gun fell and he stared ahead, ready to witness Ye Futian's death with his own eyes.

However, the spear did not penetrate Ye Futian's body. The spear seemed to hit an extremely solid wall, causing his brow to wrinkle slightly, a magic weapon.

Ye Futian actually has a magical body protection.

But even so, the magic weapon can only weaken the attack power, it is impossible to completely ignore it, this attack can still kill him.


Sure enough, I saw Ye Futian's body flew forward, and his long spear followed the movement of Ye Futian's body. All the way forward, the violent breath of destruction bloomed wildly, trying to completely destroy Ye Futian.

But at this moment, a frost covered the spear instantly, and even spread out towards his body, directly invading his body, even the soul.

There is still resistance?

Yang Dongqing's face changed slightly. At this moment, I saw the endless golden notes between heaven and earth shining brightly, and the Dadao notes swept directly towards him.


After the killing word fell, the scary Dadao notes directly invaded Yang Dongqing's mind. His face changed, and the spirit resisted this force. At almost the same moment, his body was entangled with countless branches and leaves. Trembling all over, even thinking seemed to run slowly.

How could this be?

Didn't this kill?

Emperor Helian and Bei Gong Ao Ben wanted to shoot, but they froze when they saw this scene, but didn't shoot.

Above Ye Futian's body, the sword's intent endlessly blended into Taiyin Shenhui directly fell out, directly penetrated Yang Dongqing's body, without a pause.

Yang Dongqing's thinking seemed to be static. He felt a bit ridiculous. With such a blow and a sneak attack, he did not kill a subordinate emperor, but was killed instead. What a ridiculous thing?

Ye Futian, has not shown his true strength?

This was his last thought. At the next moment, Yang Dongqing's body shattered directly into nothingness, as if he never existed.

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From the beginning, Ye Futian asked Yang Dongqing to bring only one person into Dongxian Island, and he was already observing him. He wanted to see if he would shoot in Dongxian Island. How could there be no defense? He has been guarding Yang Dongqing.

Moreover, this time Yang Dongqing brought Dongxian Island to one of his disciples, not a heir. Both Emperor Helian and Bei Gongao brought their heirs.

At this critical moment, Yang Dongqing really hit the killer, just to get rid of it, so as not to leave hidden dangers in the future.

His disciple changed his face and looked at Ye Futian: "This matter has nothing to do with me."

Avenue notes swept by, Ye Futian directly wiped him out.

Seeing this scene, Emperor Helian was stunned. Fortunately, they decided to be friends with Ye Futian instead of enemies.

This surprisingly mysterious guy with a strong talent makes people feel a sense of talent, but also makes people feel a little scared.

"Penglai Xiandao Jun's face, you are all lost." At this time, Ye Futian spoke lightly, and his voice was full of irony!

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