The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1919

Vol 8 Chapter 1919: 1 More Time

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Jun Qiuyan looked gloomy, and the existence of the Seven Realms of the Shenlun, when he released such a close blow at such a short distance, failed?

Ye Futian is just a lower emperor. Even if the Divine God Road is perfect, the realm is still only three realms. Yang Dongqing's seven realm emperors, with one blow, can't kill him?

Like Yang Dongqing, Jun Qiuyan believes that this blow must at least seriously injure or abolish Ye Futian.

But as a result, Yang Dongqing was killed by Ye Futian.

Even though he may have a magical weapon protection, this should not be able to prevent this blow.

But no matter what you think, everything is now true and irreversible.

The strong men started their hands, and then sent people to assassinate, without success. Before that, he himself was humiliated by Ye Futian, and everything that happened did indeed embarrass Jun.

I saw that at this time, the light of the golden runes on the mountain wall was blooming, the Brahma sounds were swirling, the Buddha was like a shadow, and the endless divine radiance fell on Ye Futian's body, making Ye Futian bathed in it, becoming sacred and majestic.


A terrifying voice swept through. In a flash, many people in this world felt deaf in both ears. It was difficult to hear the sound for a while. At the same time, the soul was oscillating. Release to the extreme to resist this sonic attack.

"Kill." Ye Futian spit out a voice in his mouth, and the breath of horror killing broke out in this sky dome, along with the melody of the Avenue, he spoke out the law.

The fluctuation of the tone rhythm swept toward the distance, trying to kill the practitioners brought by Jun Qiuyan.

"Retreat." There were eight emperors and strong men shouting loudly, the sound exploded like thunder, trembling in the eardrums of the strong men, waking them up, and at the same time there were strong men guarding the front of Jun Qiuyan, the Avenue of Light curtain Envelop this space and protect Jun Qiuyan's body in it.

The invisible rhythm storm swept out. Those who practiced in front of Jun Qiuyan only felt the shock of the soul and snorted. All the existence of the upper realm had bleeding at the corners of the mouth, pale face, and the body retreated.

At the same time, the light curtain of the avenue was directly shattered by the sound wave, and that force swept on Jun Qiuyan. Jun Qiuyan released a magical body protector, but even so, he was still directly swept away and spit out a few mouthfuls of blood.

"Retreat..." One figure after another evacuated back and forth, and all the strong men brought by Jun Qiuyan were attacked by indifferent sound waves, just like a golden Buddha light sweeping past their bodies.

When the light curtain dissipated, many strong men collapsed, and their bodies fell towards the bottom. They were actually killed on the spot by many emperors. Among them, there were even some realms of the middle emperor.

What is the meaning of the tone of the mountain cliff?

The rest of the strong men backed away to the distance, and distanced from the mountain wall. Many of them were injured, their faces pale, and their spirits were still shaking.

When they looked forward, they saw that there was still a round of light curtains sweeping out of the mountain wall, and they continued to retreat from the area covered by the strength of the mountain road.

I saw that the ray of avenue light flooded directly into Ye Futian's body, and did not continue to kill them.

The space in front of the mountain wall is shrouded in golden Buddha light, which is extremely sacred.

"It's so strong." The hearts of all the people present were extremely shocked. This temperament was terrible.

What shocked them even more was that Ye Futian had already mastered the meaning of the mountain wall's temperament. He could use him to launch a avenue attack. From his control of the temperament to lock the attack range, he knew that Ye Futian could already resonate with the mountain wall.

This means that he may be about to understand.

Jun Qiuyan only felt that he had retrieved a life. His face was cold and looked away. At this moment, he was out of the scope of the sonic attack. However, today, Jun Qiuyan can be described as a face-sweeping. Before Ye Futian, he could not withstand a blow.

The other party never gave him a serious look from beginning to end.

Beside, there is a high-ranking emperor who looks at Jun Qiuyan, and their faces are not very good-looking. Such a powerful lineup has been swept out by one person. Moreover, it is a shame to kill many people.

Moreover, nowadays they can't help Ye Futian at all, or even dare to get close.

"Wait for him to leave the mountain wall." Jun Qiuyan uttered a voice in his mouth, his voice was plain, joyless and sorrowless, and he could not even feel the emotional change, but from his eyes, the practitioners around him felt it An extremely terrifying obsession, Ye Futian's heart of death.

He did not order to leave, but let all the strongmen wait here, wait for Ye Futian to leave the mountain wall, and then kill him.

After leaving the mountain wall, Ye Futian Xiu wanted to live, he would have been staring here.

"Yes." The people around them nodded. They also looked indifferently, turned around, and glanced at Ye Futian's position. They stood so quietly in the void, waiting for him here.

In front of the mountain wall, everyone saw a strange look in this scene and immediately understood Jun Qiuyan's intention.

Waiting for Ye Futian there, until his practice is over.

Unless, Ye Futian will never leave the mountain.

Otherwise, as long as he left, he would not be able to use the power. How to face the strong man brought by Jun Qiuyan?

It seems that Jun Qiuyan was humiliated, and with heavy casualties, he made up his mind that Ye Futian must die before he can feel at ease.

Emperor Helian and Bei Gongao frowned. They were indeed a bit disadvantageous.

Ye Futian didn't care. He glanced at the crowd. His eyes stayed on Yun Zhe, causing Yun Zhe's pupils to shrink slightly. Before, he and Jun Qiuyan came together, but he didn't start with Ye Futian.

What happened afterwards also shocked him very much. Ye Futian realized the notes on the mountain wall and slaughtered many strong men. Then he cut Yang Dongqing and let Jun Qiuyan and other strong men be evacuated. If Ye Futian now strikes them, They can't afford it either.

However, Ye Futian just glanced at him, then turned back, looked at the mountain wall, and continued to practice.

It seems that everything that happened just now is illusory.

This made many people show a strange color, and Ye Futian was too indifferent.

Bei Gongao showed a strange look, Ye Futian gave him the feeling of being like, never put the other person in his eyes, like in Dongyuan Pavilion, facing Liu Han and Yang Dongqing, he never really let go Have a heart.

Could it be that the top power of Penglai mainland, he also did not pay attention?

He vaguely felt that there was no problem with his feelings, except that Ye Futian was extremely talented, but what was his spirit?

Beside Ye Futian, Shangguan Qiuye glanced at Yun Zhe and said, "Are you going to continue to practice here, or do you go by yourself?"

Yun Zhe looked at her and smiled and said, "Shangguan, what are you doing?"

"However, you don't dare to cause trouble now." Shangguan Qiuye sarcastically, then looked over to Ye Futian, and said: "If there is any trouble in the Jun's side, I can help, even if I leave the mountain wall. Side, you can also fight."

"Thank you, but you don't have to." Ye Futian replied, making Shangguan Qiuye reveal a strange color.

"The power around Jun Qiuyan is very strong. When he left the mountain side, he was afraid that it would be difficult to deal with. He must kill you, and Yunzhe must be careful. You can handle it?" Shangguan Qiuye continued, not questioning What, just kindly remind Ye Futian, at the same time want to send a favor.

In this way, it is somewhat beneficial for her to practice and understand the mountain walls.

"Thank you for reminding me." Ye Futian still only echoed indifferently, and then continued to look at the mountain wall to realize the practice, making Shangguan Qiuye feel a little speechless, and no one has ever ignored her existence.

She found out that Ye Futian was not very willing to take care of her.

She was a little depressed, but at this moment the mountain wall lit up a brilliant divine light again. Seeing the dissatisfaction in Guan Qiuye's heart in this scene, she disappeared into the invisible. Who made this guy sensible, or follow him together? Practice it.

The storm seemed to have subsided temporarily, Jun Qiuyan and they were waiting in the distance and dared not approach this side.

Ye Futian is practicing quietly, with no distractions and no foreign affairs, as if everything has nothing to do with him.

The notes on the avenue above the mountain wall are getting stronger and stronger, the divine radiance is blooming, and the Sanskrit sounds are lingering. With the passage of time, the notes on the mountain wall seem to have become one, and the Buddha statues appearing on the mountain wall are more clear .

More striking is that Ye Futian's body also surrounds the golden avenue notes, resonating with the mountain notes, as if integrated into one.

There is even a golden Buddha statue appearing on the body of Ye Futian. The unreal Buddha statue coincides with his body, as if Ye Futian has become a Buddha, divine and solemn.


The magnificent radiant light bloomed from the mountain wall, extremely gorgeous, everyone looked up to the direction of the mountain wall, the dazzling golden Buddha light came, the avenue Brahma lingered between heaven and earth, in the void, as if a giant Buddha appeared.

At the same time, the rumbling sound came out, the mountain trembling violently.

"What's going on?" Everyone was shocked by their Then they saw the golden runes on the mountain wall continue to fly out, toward Ye Futian, and flew directly into his body.

After the golden rays of light shone, all the characters of the avenue flew out of the mountain wall, and they all disappeared into Ye Futian's body.

"This..." everyone showed a strange look, the mountain wall trembling more and more, when all the characters flew above Ye Futian's body, a loud noise came out, and I saw a crack in the mountain wall. Then break without breaking.

The mountain wall is ruined.

This avenue of opportunity disappeared.

Many people stared at this scene dumbly, and some practitioners who had been there several times were also stunned and looked at it silently.

"Come again?"

Emperor Helian and Bei Gongao looked at this scene with a weird look. Before in Jianshan, Ye Futian had already done such a thing. Is this, again?

Practice yourself, leaving others nowhere to practice?