The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1920

Vol 8 Chapter 1920: Pride Of Great Palace

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The powerful men in front of the mountain wall witnessed the broken mountain wall, and they were speechless and destroyed.

This avenue of opportunity disappeared in this way, and future generations had no chance.

This also means that Ye Futian has inherited this avenue of opportunity and is completely controlled by him, but because of the existence of such a demon, the avenue of opportunity is all in one person, so no one will benefit from it. this.

Too ruthless!

Those who practiced have no place to practice, the opportunity of the main road disappears, and there is no chance to perceive this vajra.

Looking at the disappearing mountain wall, Shangguan Qiuye only felt a little confused and lost... She has gradually entered the good world, and she can gradually realize the mountain road. At this time, Ye Futian realized the opportunity of the road and all the notes disappeared. , Absorbed by him.

In the future, there will be no such opportunity.

Next time, there will be no more.

"One person alone swallows the opportunity of the avenue, powerful." A voice came out, the speaker was Yun Zhe who had never left. He stood in the void and watched this happen quietly. Seeing Ye Futian made the mountain wall disappear, he opened. .

Behind Ye Futian, Bei Gongao turned their gaze, and saw Yun Zhe embracing his hands on his chest, looking at it with interest.

The mountain wall is broken. Although Ye Futian realized the opportunity of the avenue, it also means that he no longer has the protection of the mountain wall and can not use the strength of it. In this way...

Thinking of this, he looked back and looked at the direction in the distance. Sure enough, Jun Qiuyan and others who retreated to the distance stepped forward at the moment. They were waiting to kill Ye Futian. Now, how would they miss such an opportunity.

Without the shelter of the mountain, Ye Futian will definitely die.

The majestic pressure came over, and the pressure was extremely terrible, making everyone around Ye Futian frown, and seemed to realize that something was wrong.

In the past, Ye Futian shot twice to kill the enemy, once with the sword intention of the Jianshan Mountain, and once with the mountain wall, both of which borrowed external forces. On the road of Dongxian Island itself, there is no external force. Powerful, far superior to them, I am afraid it is a little troublesome.

Without the mountain wall, the people here do not know Ye Futiansu, and have no interest relationship. Even, I am afraid that there will be some opinions because Ye Futian has broken the mountain wall. Naturally, it is impossible for him to be as vague as before. meaning.

This time, others are afraid they won't interfere.

Soon, Jun Qiuyan came here, glancing at the crowd, and saw that Ye Futian was still facing away from him, as if absorbing the notes of the avenue that he had devoured before.

Jun Qiuyan's eyes were indifferent, and he said coldly: "You want to use his feelings to practice and stop me, how about now?"

Everyone was speechless, but their hearts were very complicated. They wanted to use Ye Futian's power to realize that they did get some benefits. But now, everything is reduced to nothingness, but nothing.

But can this matter blame Ye Futian for anger?

Others have extraordinary perceptions and unparalleled comprehension. They fully comprehend the vajra vajra rule left on the mountain wall, absorb the power, and take the chance, what can they say?

Even if there is some dissatisfaction in the heart, everything becomes a foregone conclusion, and it cannot be changed, and Ye Futian cannot return them to a mountain wall.

When Jun Qiuyan saw the people without saying a word, his eyes swept over each other. Eventually, he fell on Ye Futian and his party, including Bei Gongao and others. The cold killing thoughts appeared in his eyes.

Now, who else can shelter Ye Futian?

He looked at Shangguan Qiuye, not far away. He saw that Shangguan Qiuye also looked at Ye Futian, saying: "Need help?"

Today, Ye Futian is already extremely passive, but even at this time, she is still willing to help, as long as Ye Futian nods.

This arrogant guy categorically rejected her before, so now?

Ye Futian was silent, did not speak, and seemed to be still practicing.

Are you silent?

Shangguan Qiuye thought to himself, it seems that this proud guy doesn't want to admit that this kind of time can't speak.

But thinking of the other party's refusal, Shangguan Qiuye said again: "If you need help, you can nod your head and I will help you."

She did not believe, Ye Futian did not bow her head.

Ye Futian still ignored it. He naturally heard the other party's voice. The tone of Shangguan Qiuye gave him the feeling as if you came to me... Probably because she was rejected before, and you want to fight back.

It seems that the empress of Shangguan can't avoid the wayward way.

The Daoist streamer turned around and did not enter the body. Ye Futian slowly turned around, glancing at Shangguan Qiuye, and the voice replied: "No."


Shangguan Qiuye was stunned, her beautiful eyes blinked, looking at Ye Futian, then her eyes slightly changed, this bastard.

"Without the strength of the mountain wall, how to contend with the Jun strong, with your lineup, there is too much difference, not to mention, and Yun Zhe stared at him, do you really think you can get away?" Shangguan Qiuye said coldly .

Ye Futian flashed a strange color and glanced at her.

What's wrong with this woman?

Want him to ask her for help?

"No effort." Ye Futian still responded indifferently. Shangguan Qiuye was completely speechless. There was even a flash of anger in her beautiful eyes. She saw Ye Futian's talent, and couldn't bear him to die here. By helping each other, you can win a talented friend for Shangguan.

But she never thought that Ye Futian completely ignored her good intentions and was too lazy to ignore her.

"I am passionate." Shangguan Qiuye replied coldly. She didn't speak anymore, but planned to watch.

She wanted to see how Ye Futian broke the game.

Faced with Jun Qiuyan's killing intent, how does his lineup contend?

Ye Futian walked a few steps forward, raised his head and looked forward to the void, and saw that the powerful people of the emperor's realm brought by Jun Qiuyan lined up, the mighty, and the road was covered by the vast void, making this piece There was a suffocating pressure in the space.

People who practiced before evacuated this space one after another, and soon, only Ye Futian was left. Few of them faced such a strong lineup.

Ye Futian was not far behind them. The angry Shangguan Qiuye also took someone back some distance. She was also ready to watch to see how this proud guy dealt with Jun Qiuyan.

Ye Futian looked up and looked at Jun Qiuyan, and saw the other person's eyes were extremely cold, with a strong murderous eye, overlooking him, Leng Ao said: "Has the practice been finished?"

"En." Ye Futian nodded. Jun Qiuyan didn't rush out after he arrived, waiting for his practice to end.

"Now the mountain is broken and there is no external force to borrow it. What do you think?" Jun Qiuyan asked again.

"You need to borrow external force to kill you?" Ye Futian replied.

Jun Qiuyan's eyes solidified, and Ye Futian removed the external force. He didn't have the protection of those around him. Ye Futian's killing him was still easy.

His pupils were cold, and he ignored Ye Futian's words, and said, "Since you shot that day, you are destined not to leave Penglai mainland. Before, you had good luck. Now, how are you going to live?"

Ye Futian didn't speak, and there was a breath of air on his body. Between heaven and earth, there was a Sanskrit sound that turned into an invisible rhythm fluctuation. Above his body, there appeared to be a Vajra Buddha, like an angry King Kong, and an overbearing pressure.

The body is slowly suspended in the air, a breath of breath blooms from the body, and under the Buddha's light, there is a terrible sharp breath, that is swordsmanship, invincible.

"It seems that you have no chance to live." Jun Qiuyan said coldly: "Kill."

When the words fell, the powerful people lined up in a row, the majestic pressure of the mighty avenue swept out at the same time, and flooded towards Ye Futian. For a time, the avenue was very strong.

However, at the same time, the Sanskrit sounds ringing, resounding between the world and the world, making the strong men frown. Some middle emperors only feel that they are under very strong oppression, and the spirit of the gods is oppressed. Jun Qiuyan feels that pressure. Retreat, an eight realm strong guarded in front of him, so as to avoid Ye Futian burst into the killer.

"Senior Beigong, work hard." Ye Futian said, Beigong nodded, standing in the sky, the Leiwei Avenue broke out, standing in front of Ye Futian, the body of Thor shrouded his body, and once closed.

Emperor Helian was guarding in front of Xia Qingyan and others. Ye Futian looked back at Shangguan Qiuye, not far away, and said, "If you have the heart, take care of them."

Despite the guardianship of Emperor Helian, Ye Futian was still worried that the other party would rush to Xia Qingyan at all costs, so he asked for Shangguan Qiuye.

Shangguan Qiuye was taken aback, looking at Ye Futian's meaning, was he going to deal with Bei Gongao and the other group of emperors?

Is this guy crazy?

And, if you are conscious... Is this an attitude of asking for help?

Shangguan Qiuye looked at Ye Futian coldly, and saw that the other party had turned to face forward and said, "Okay..."

When the good words fell, she was a little depressed. Why did she agree?

Perhaps, she wanted to see how Ye Futian, a UU reading book, dealt with Jun Qiuyan and a group of emperors.

"Boom..." The power of thousands of penalties came together and turned into a monstrous thunder. The light of thousands of thunders spilled down from the sky and swept out. The northern palace of the eight realms stands proudly in the air at this moment, and the pride is dry. He has never had such a battle.

Ye Futian asked him to shoot. The two battled the emperors. He nodded in agreement. He seemed to have blind trust in Ye Futian, but at the same time, he had been cautious outside for many years and never had such a moment.

Today, it will be a complete rash.

Thinking of this, he shouted with great enthusiasm, but at this moment, the Brahma sounded, a horrible sound wave swept out, and a vajra ancient Buddha appeared on the sky. The Buddha was angry, and the invisible tone made the surrounding space no sound. With a loud voice, Ye Futian preemptively shot, making the pride of the North Palace proud.

At the next moment, many emperors were directly killed by shock, vomiting blood, and their bodies fell, as if they were vulnerable.


Bei Gongao looked at this scene speechless, a little depressed, shouldn't he show it?