The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1921

Vol 8 Chapter 1921: Swordsmanship

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"Be careful."

Someone from the strong side of the monarch shouted loudly. This sound contained the coercion of the highway. It seemed to want to crack the attack of the temperament. The invisible sound wave shattered the soul of the person, so that this space was transformed into the temperament. As far as people are concerned, they all have a very powerful deterrent force and can even be directly obliterated.


The existence of an eight realm strode out towards Ye Futian, threatening terror, a wave of sound waves slammed down towards him, rushed into the soul of the god, he stared at Ye Futian and found that Ye Futian was golden around him The runes lingered like a Buddha, and a big Buddha appeared on the sky.

Ye Futian had just absorbed the power of the mountain wall and inherited the ray of will left on the mountain wall, containing the valiant will of vajra.

This ray of will is directly integrated into the attack he comprehends, which can directly threaten the existence of the Seven Realms, and even affect the powerful Eight Realms.

He stretched out his palm and grabbed it across the sky. A large hand appeared on the sky, covering the sky and covering the sun. He grabbed Ye Futian directly through the void, and made a roaring noise, which was extremely domineering.

But at the same time, Bei Gongao strode out in a moment of depression, striking a thunder knife light towards the front, with a loud noise, the thunder knife was swept across the sky, and the big handprint was directly from the middle. Cut off.

"I hold him." The shot strongman snorted, pedaling the void, the avenue roared, palms stretched out at the same time, suddenly centered on his body, a piece of avenue area appeared in this space, and Bei Gongao fell directly Among them.

This avenue area is a splendid ancient mountain, surrounded by Bei Gongao's body, this void is banned, as if they are not on Dongxian Island, but in a separate mountain.

He did not seal Ye Futian in, worrying that he could not deal with Bei Gongao and Ye Futian alone.

Ye Futian has only one strong man in the eight realms, Beigong Ao, and on their side, there are three big characters of this level. As long as Beigong Ao is dragged down, the other strong people can naturally kill Ye Futian.

One of the other two powerful eight realms is protecting Jun Qiuyan, and the other is walking in the same way, standing in the area above Ye Futian, and surrounded by emperors of different realms, standing in different positions, mainly the seven realms and the six realms. Existence, awesome, terrifying breath.

People under the Six Realms dare not get close, so the Vajra can directly kill, even directly threaten the life of the median emperor in the Six Realms.

The strong man of the eight realms stepped out and came to the sky above Ye Futian's head. His body was majestic, golden divine light shining, and above the sky, the golden glow of the sky filled the sky, as if to create a gorgeous golden pattern.

The roaring sound came out, and I saw an endless huge golden stone column appearing on the sky, and each golden stone column was engraved with a terrible pattern, covering the sky.


The void trembles violently, and the huge golden pillar directly falls from the sky, suppressing all directions, accompanied by a loud noise, a golden pillar around Ye Futian's body directly blocks this area, even, The golden glow released from these stone pillars turned into one, completely sealing off the space, and at the foot of Ye Futian, the golden glow turned into a golden pattern.

The eight realm strongmen in the void condensed their hands, and the pattern kept changing, turning into a golden dragon, circling upwards, and Ye Futian's body in front of the huge dragon seemed extraordinarily small.

"Kill." The eight realm snorted coldly, and the dragon slayed towards Ye Futian. The golden claws smashed down and could tear the space of the avenue, which was extremely terrifying.

"Everyone in the battlefield." Ye Futian looked up at the strong in the void. This is a golden avenue formation, and the dragon evolved in the formation.

In the distance, Shangguan Qiuye naturally knows who the shot is. This person has a very high status among the Juns, but he is a very arrogant master alchemist who can engrave a metallic array and is powerful. He is enshrined by the Juns For Yan Shi.

How can Ye Futian contend with such a powerful presence?

Moreover, in front of this alchemy, even Ye Futian's temperament attack is useless, so the other party deliberately asked Master Yan to deal with Ye Futian.

I saw that Ye Futian's body released a terrifying sound of sword roar, and the sword intention surrounded the whole body. He seemed to be a sword, and he was extremely fierce.

"Boom!" Jianguang appeared shiningly, and Ye Futian's figure directly shuttled into the void. When the claws smashed down, his body passed directly by and disappeared instantly.

"Where to go." Master Yan sneered, and the radiance released by the golden pillars surrounding the heavens and earth turned into a light curtain, directly blocking the land above, and Ye Futian should be blocked in it, even the power of the space can't shuttle it out. .

A sword appeared in Ye Futian's hand. The sword assassinated from the sky and fell on the light curtain. A horrible wave swept through. I saw that the light curtain turned into an entity, a pattern appeared, and the void was blocked. Block Ye Futian in this golden field and kill it inside.

However, at the same time, Ye Futian seemed to have an incomparable sword intent. This sword influx poured into the divine sword, and a heavenly divine splendor was born, rushing into the sky.


A clear sound came out, and a crack appeared in the light curtain, and then shattered by a little tear like a cobweb.

This scene caused Master Yan's pupils to shrink slightly, accompanied by a loud noise. At the moment when the light curtain shattered, a blazing sky rushed straight towards the sky and came straight toward him.

"Dang......" The Dao Avenue lingered, directly attacking and killing the soul. Master Yan felt that the soul was shaking violently. A Vajra Buddha appeared in his mind, and Ye Futian in front of him seemed to turn into a Buddha.

He naturally knew that this was not true, but that when the Taoism was strong enough, a illusion appeared, and what he saw was the transformation of the Tao.

A sense of crisis came, and his palms were shot down at the same time, and immediately the gorgeous golden pattern shined, directly oppressing Ye Futian.

In the land below, there appeared a shadow of Qiange Sword. At the moment when he touched him, Qianying Sword shadow became one and became a sword.


A violent sound came out, and the pattern was shattered by the Excalibur. The dreaded sword light rushed to the sky and swept out. However, the Yan's body was enveloped by the golden light curtain, and the sword was killed, making the Avenue Light Curtain When a crack appeared, Master Yan instantly retreated to high altitude with the help of anti-shock force.

"So strong?" All the people around showed a strange color, and this attack power actually shocked the eight realms.

"There is Jianfeng's sword intention, and the will of the mountain wall is integrated into the attack." Emperor Helian saw this scene as a mirror. It seems that the two chances of the road, Ye Futian had a great harvest. It broke out during the battle.

After Ye Futian's sword fell, his body disappeared, and a gorgeous trajectory appeared in the void, followed by a sword shadow.

In one direction, the faces of several emperors changed in shock. They all felt a horrible fluctuation of the temperament invading and directly attacking the soul of the god. Then, in their pupils, there was a bright light of the sword.

"Be careful." Master Yan shouted, wanting to wake them up, the sword crossed, and the sound of the boom came out, across the space distance, the digital emperor seemed to be killed at the same instant, almost no time difference.

The two attacks merged into one and the attack was so terrible. Under the realm of the upper emperor, no one could take a blow.

Master Yan stepped out and chased down Ye Futian.

However, I saw Ye Futian's body turned into a residual image, and the body appeared in front of a superior emperor and strongman of the Seven Realms of Shenlun.

The upper emperor glanced at Ye Futian, and then he saw a Vajra Buddha, the sound of horror struck, as if the characters of the endless Buddha gate were printed in his mind, and the Brahma sounds swirled around, making the soul shock.

"Don't be influenced by your voice." Master Yan shouted again, and the face of the eight-strong man in front of Jun Qiuyan also changed slightly. His vajra-fu magic law can directly affect the upper emperor.

"He inherited the will of the avenue in the mountain wall, which made the Vajra Volleyball very terrifying when it was released." The eight realm strongmen spoke to Jun Qiuyan behind him. When his words fell, he saw another sword. .

The Seven Realm Powerful God Wheel broke out, a huge ancient clock, accompanied by a scream, UU reading slammed forward, the huge ancient clock burst out of amazing coercion, sweeping the space .

Ye Futian's figure crossed an endless gorgeous arc, it is difficult to see the real body, a sword shadow stretched, the avenue **** wheel seemed to be killed in the air, the crowd saw a sword light cut the avenue from the side Holding each other closer.


Kendo is incessant, as if ignoring the distance in space. Ye Futian's figure appears behind the opponent, facing away from the Seven Realm Powerhouse. At the next moment, the body of the Seven Realm Powerhouse shatters directly, turning into nothingness under the sword spirit.

The seven emperors were killed by a sword.

In the vast space, the emperors trembling violently in their hearts, they were shocked by a practitioner of the lower emperor's realm. This sounds like a joke, but it is happening at the moment.

A lower emperor, a lot of killing between many emperors and upper emperors.

Qiuye Shangguan looked at Ye Futian's back, and his heart was speechless. No wonder the **** ignored her. Unexpectedly, he inherited the will of the avenue after the mountain was broken, and his own strength was so terrible!