The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1922

Vol 8 Chapter 1922: Calculation Of Shangguan Qiuye

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In the distant area, many powerful people gathered, and the people around were attracted by the battle, looking at this battlefield.

Then they saw Ye Futian alone, facing the emperors.

"Who is this white-haired emperor?" Someone secretly said that he was so strong.

The person opposite him seems to be the Penglai mainland monarch strong, all emperors were deterred by one person?

Yun Zhe also showed a weird look at this time. This battle was somewhat similar to that in Penglai Wonderland. It was also impossible to kill Ye Futian and was killed by many powerful men.

Now here, it happened again.

The strongest of the eight realms can't help him.

Moreover, the strength of Ye Futian made the eight-strong powerhouse who guarded Jun Qiuyan dare not act rashly, worrying about Jun Qiuyan being assassinated by Ye Futian. After all, the strength revealed by Ye Futianzhan is such a possibility, he dare not carelessly.

Another eight-state strongman is still fighting Bei Gongao, and has been suppressed by Bei Gongao. This practitioner from an unknown continent has even suppressed the existence of the elder Jun.

However, they also felt that a Thunder Treasure seemed to be integrated into Bei Gong Ao's body, making him closer to Thunder Avenue and becoming more terrifying.

The turbulence in the avenue raged between heaven and earth, but everyone did not immediately take action, and became very afraid of Ye Futian. Just now the fall of several emperors, including an emperor from the Seven Realms, let them wake up.

They didn't shoot, but Ye Futian didn't stop. He turned around and stood above the sky. The Buddha's light was vigorous, and the Brahma sounds swirled around. Everyone looked at Ye Futian like a golden Buddha.

At the same time, Ye Futian's palms crossed over the Excalibur, and the wisp of swordsmanship in Jianshan in his body was released to the extreme. In an instant, the sword light rushed to the sky.

"If you live under the sword, leave by yourself." Ye Futian's voice fell, as if the Buddha of King Kong gave a roar of the Buddha's gate, the avenue of the Brahma was circling between heaven and earth, and the invisible rhythm fluctuations swept through the infinite space. All the souls of the people were violently attacked. .

At the next moment, Ye Futian's figure disappeared from the original place, and the crowd saw many figures there, each of which was transformed by Ye Futian.

These figures went in different directions. First of all, it was very slow. More and more figures, and stronger and stronger swords, in the blink of an eye, it seemed that thousands of swords appeared in the world, covering all directions.

"Defense." The Emperor of the Eight Realms next to Jun Qiuyan shouted, trying to wake everyone up from the Sanskrit Brahma. They were still under the attack of temperament. This killing swordsmanship bloomed again. How did the ordinary emperor resist Got it?

"Om..." Ye Futian's thousands of phantoms from slow to fast, gives a very wonderful feeling, in a short moment, all the figures are transformed into a light, as if directly integrated into the sword light, many people I only saw the brilliant sword light across my eyes, and then everyone saw a burst of blood.

The strong men all gathered together to resist the avenue, but when the sword light cut through, they directly cut the void, and the sword light shuttled through the space of the avenue, and the puffing sound continued.

Afterwards, thousands of sword shadows were unified, and Ye Futian's figure appeared again in the same place as if he had never moved.

The vast space seemed to return to peace again. Among the crowd, an emperor stood there, his pupils dilated, staring at Ye Futian, and a blood line appeared in the center of his eyebrows.

"Do not"

He yelled, and the next moment, his body was directly crushed by the sword.

At the same time, in this space, the sounds of puffs continued, and the figure of an emperor shattered almost simultaneously, destroying everything.

In an instant, the emperor who was still standing in the void had not much left. One of them stood on the spot and was covered by a golden bell. It was a magical instrument. At this moment, the ancient bell cracked and then collapsed and shattered. He stood In the void, his arm trembled slightly, looking at Ye Futian's eyes full of fear.

Is this really the next emperor?

One thought cut all emperors.

Ye Futian's palm stretched out and raised the sword in his hand. The sword pointed to those who were still alive. The emperor remembered the words that Ye Futian said before. If the sword was alive, he left and gave himself a way.


The body of the middle emperor of the six realms retreated in an instant, and the speed was very fast. He turned and left directly, without looking at Ye Futian or Jun Qiuyan. He was not from the Jun family, but was hired and entered with Jun Qiuyan. Dongxian Island competes for the remains of the avenue.

However, such a strong lineup was killed by Ye Futian like this. He also recovered a life. Below the upper realm of the emperor, no one can live under the attack of Ye Futian Avenue. Do not leave at this time, wait for death?

"Forgive the old and incompetent." A seven-level superior existence also spoke in the direction of Jun Qiuyan, and then retreated, no longer participating in this time. The death of the former superior realm powerhouse is a lesson. .

He also saw that Bei Gongao had completely suppressed his opponents. The existence of the three major and eight realms might not necessarily be able to deal with Bei Gongao and Ye Futian.

It is not easy to practise practice, and the opportunity of the avenue is not obtained. Dont leave your old life here.

Soon, the strong men have almost retreated, and there are only a few people left in this space.

Jun Qiuyan, three powerful eight realms, two powerful seven realms, and Ye Futian and Bei Gongao.

These two strongmen of the Seven Realms are also the heirs of the Jun family, and it is naturally impossible to leave.

And the three strong men of eight realms, two of them are Jun's men, and the master Yan is a guest of Qing Dynasty, who was invited.

Ye Futian looked in the direction of Master Yan and said, "The Eight Realm Array Masters are also ordered by Jun Qiuyan?"

Master Yan looked at him and only listened to the distant Shangguan Qiuye, saying: "This person is named Master Yan, not a person of the Jun's family, but a character of the guest Qing, a master of alchemy formation."

After all, she said to Master Yan: "Mr. Yan, Jun Qiuyan was just stunned and very arrogant. He didn't want to practice, but he always wanted to slaughter the Emperor Ye for his personal grievances. , Master Yan is better to join me in Shangguan as a guest secretary, how?"

Ye Futian glanced at Shangguan Qiuye, but the woman would have thought, at this time actually took the opportunity to dig people.

"There is no grievance between you and me. Letting go now, I can do what has happened before. Otherwise, even if you are in the Eight Realms, whether you can walk out of Dongxian Island alive is unknown." Ye Futian said, tone Extremely arrogant, Yan Master, who called the Eight Realms, may not be able to walk out of Dongxian Island alive.

This is how proud he is. However, he does have this capital. Before the brief confrontation, Master Yan knew that Ye Futian, with the help of the mountain will inherit the will of the avenue, could already barely fight against the powerful players of the eight realms.

Moreover, in addition to the vajra vajra volition, he also inherited an extremely terrifying will of kendo.

As long as he can't kill Ye Futian, Ye Futian and Beigong Ao may join forces to kill them.

Master Yan frowned and swept to Ye Futian, saying: "Even if your talent is unparalleled, but such a rant, it is too much to despise the old man."

"Master Yan, this matter was originally provoked by Jun Qiuyan. Do you want to be polite to others?" Shangguan Qiuye said: "In contrast, who is Jun Qiuyan? Can't Master Yan see it? ?"

"Shut up." Jun Qiuyan yelled in the distance. His expression was a bit gloomy. This time, he was defeated.

"Jun Qiuyan, you are involved in the powerful, causing the emperors to fall. If you are really brave, don't hide behind others, and take the initiative to fight against Ye Huang, Fang Xian is responsible." Shangguan Qiuye sneered, how could Jun Qiuyan be possible? come out?

Ye Futian could cut him with a sword.

Master Yan looked at all of this quietly. Jun Qiuyan was also courteous to him on weekdays, diligent in his practice, and his talents were not weak. However, he could not really see a person without a comparison. It started with a transaction in Penglai Xianchi.

In contrast, Jun Qiuyan and Ye Futian seemed too incompetent, and even there was no comparison between the two.

"Trusted by others, I can never betray it like this." Master Yan looked at Ye Futian and said: "If you can defeat the old, I will retreat."

"A good trustee." Ye Futian sarcastically said, the sword was empty, and the brilliance was bright: "Trusted by someone, if you can beat me, you will take my life? If I can beat you, do you still want to live?"

Master Yan's expression narrowed.

"A strong man in the eight realms, a person who challenges the emperor and the three realms?" Ye Futian continued, even so impressive.

He looked at the battlefield where Bei Gongao was located. The Excalibur released a boundless blaze, even if he inherited the will of the but it is still difficult to deal with the people of the eight realms, but it is also difficult for the other party to kill him. Then, we can only cooperate with Bei Gongao and kill them one by one.

"Master Yan, Ye Huang is right. You are killed by Jun Qiuyan. If you don't want to let go, naturally both sides will have a death, and you still hope for a peaceful settlement?" Just listen to Shangguan Qiuye continue to say: " If Master Yan still refuses to stop, Shangguan has no choice but to let him go."

Master Yan's pupils contracted slightly, and his eyes swept to the autumn leaves of Guanguan. I saw that the other party looked up at him with indifferent eyes. This sentence showed a strong threat.

He did not agree to let go, Shangguanshi would also intervene in the fight, so that they would have no chance of winning.

Failure is death.

"Shangguan Qiuye, are you going to provoke two battles?" Jun Qiuyan said coldly. This Shangguan Qiuye was intentionally malicious.

In this way, Yan's dilemma is very likely to retreat. In this way, it is equivalent to breaking up with Jun's and weakening Jun's strength, plus Ye Futian is dealing with Jun Qiuyan and she wants Jun to be in Dongxian Island completely annihilated!

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