The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1923

Vol 8 Chapter 1923: Irony

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Shangguan Qiuye glanced at Jun Qiuyan, and there was already a deep contradiction between the two.

Before, Jun Qiuyan also unkindly wanted to shoot them.

That being the case, there are such good opportunities now, so we have to take advantage of them.

She wouldn't kill Jun's person by herself, and she wouldn't move Jun Qiuyan, but she didn't move, but Ye Futian could move.

Now, it is only necessary to differentiate Yan Master and let him retreat when he is in difficulty. Ye Futian, the other few strong men, should be able to deal with it.

Not far from her, Yun Zhe also stared at Shangguan Qiuye, and said lightly: "Shangguan, you intervene, isn't it good?"

"So, you also have to intervene, against Ye Huang?" Shangguan Qiuye retorted, making Yun Zhe's pupils shrink slightly, Ye Futian's strength in his eyes, if they Yun's shot, maybe they can stop Ye Futian.

But Shangguan Qiuye is also unknown. If she participates in it, the ending is unknown.

His figure stood in the void, his eyes looked around the powerful men, and his eyes showed thoughtful thoughts. Today's situation makes him hesitate for a while. Should he shoot?

Now that the Jun's is a complete defeat, if he shoots, he will bet on the lives of the Yun's.

Now, let's see how Master Yan will choose.

Although he has a good relationship with Jun Qiuyan, it is between interests. If it is related to his own interests or even life and death, he will naturally stay out of the matter and will not help Jun Qiuyan.

The previous underestimation of Ye Futian made the Jun's strongman pay a painful price.

Jun Qiuyan's eyes were cold, he glanced at Shangguan autumn leaves, and then looked at Master Yan, saying: "Master Yan, how does the Jun clan treat Master Yan, I think Master Yan knows well, Shangguan and Jun are both practicing in Penglai mainland If the Shangguans intervene in this matter today, the Juns will definitely fight the Shangguans at all costs."

"Do you think that you still have the right to represent the Jun?" Shangguan Qiuye sarcastically said: "Even if you can walk out of Dongxiandao in a safe and sound state, with your performance this time, in the future, you might be It's nothing to you."

Jun Qiuyan's face was stiff, and he only felt cold inside. He knew very well that what Shangguan Qiuye said was true.

This trip to Dongxian Island cost him a lot of power, and the family exerted a lot of power to let him be the helm of the trip. He even sent three major and eight realms to assist him. In addition to spiritual practice, this was a test for him.

For this, the family placed high hopes on him.

However, it is clear that his performance has not been described by the words of disappointment, which almost wiped out the entire army of Junshi and the hired strongmen, not to mention the competition for avenue of chance, and now, he is still facing a crisis of life and death.

In this case, even if he killed Ye Futian and went out alive, his status in the family would plummet. He would be joked by his peers and no longer have the right to speak.

Perhaps, he is one of the strongest emperors who stepped into Dongxian Island in the past, not one of them.

"Did you decide?" At this time, Ye Futian, who was bathed in the sky, asked Master Yan, Jun Qiuyan must be won, but since the Yan's are not Jun's, there is no absolute need. To deal with it, if the other party can voluntarily give up, then he can do it as if he hasn't happened, and there is a strong enemy of eight realms, so that he can concentrate on dealing with others.


Master Yan sighed. He looked at Ye Futian and said: "With your talents, if you don't die, you will become a great weapon in the future, not to say it's me. I'm afraid the Jun family can't hold you back. Here comes, since the dispute broke out between the two sides, I naturally stand in the position of the Jun. Next, I will give you a full blow. If you cant bear it, I will still kill you. If you inherit it, the old will leave. Go, you will find me troublesome in the future."

Ye Futian glanced at the other party, understanding Master Yan's intentions, and was speechless.

After the other party's voice fell, a vast golden glow radiated over the sky, covering the boundless space, a golden pattern gleamed and appeared above him, that was his celestial wheel, just like a pattern, with the fall of the golden light, the golden pattern Directly covering this space, around the body of Ye Futian, a golden pillar appeared again, blocking the void.

Yan's figure flashed, and he appeared in the sky above the golden pattern, standing above the void and swept down to Ye Futian.

"Booming..." The terrifying radiance shone, and the golden golden glow shrouded from the sky. Every golden glow seemed to turn into a golden spear, and the endless spears of the sky dome fell down, containing all the horror and sharpness of destruction.

Master Yans eyes swept down into the empty space, and his finger pressed down. In an instant, the endless golden radiance killed Ye Futian, burying the void, and the golden radiance in Ye Futians formation also furiously killed, Master Yan just wanted to resonate with the sky and fingers, the spears screamed, and the big golden roar roared.

Ye Futian stretched out the central area of the devastating storm, and a terrible chill was released from his body, as if a round of moon was released, with his body as the center, the meaning of the road radiated out, and the surrounding space was exhausted. All covered, when the terrible killing power that can bury the void comes, once close to his body will be weakened, the speed will slow down, and frost will condense.

Everyone saw Ye Futian's body as the center, and the dazzling golden divine array of radiance was to be buried there, but in a flash, there was frost sweeping out, which directly covered the layer of golden radiance, making many people exposed Different colors, what is that power?

Master Yan's fingers are still pointing down, and there is a terrible ray of divine light flowing at his fingertips, resonating with the Avenue of Heavens, his fingertips are down a little, but the terrible attack has never been able to kill Ye Futian's The body, even though it was an eruption of the Divine Array, he felt an absolute realm centered on Ye Futian's body. In that realm, any invading forces would be frozen and then destroyed by the sword.

Everyone around looked at the Divine Array, swept down like a doomsday killing air, and buried Ye Futian's body in it.

"Are you dead?" There was a ray of thought in many people's hearts, and Jun Qiuyan also stared there.

Such an attack, burying Ye Futian, the road strength of the eight realm strong enough to completely wipe Ye Futian?


At this moment, Master Yan's fingers withdrew, and in an instant, the terrible golden dignity on his body dissipated, making many people stunned. What does it mean?

Master Yan turned and left directly, saying, "The old is helpless."

His voice fell, and the Divine Array disappeared. I saw a white hair figure appearing there, surrounded by a terrible sword, and a cold breath. It was Ye Futian there. He raised his head slightly, and his eyes were still there. Bright.

This scene made Jun Qiuyan's heart twitch, a gloom of despair in his gloomy eyes, could it not be killed?

An eight realm has a full blow, will it not kill the next emperor?

"Boom..." At this moment, there was a terrifying loud noise from the sky, and I saw the victory and defeat in another battlefield. Bei Gongao's thundering force directly penetrated the opponent's body, making His opponent shuddered, his mouth spit out blood, and his face was pale.

Defeat. In the battle of the eight powerful players, the opponent never stopped trapping Bei Gongao, but was also killed by the opponent and wounded. The Avenue area collapsed and was crushed.

Three of the top eight players, one left, the other was defeated and seriously injured.

Today, only the eight-strong man who protects in front of Jun Qiuyan remains safe.

However, the situation can be said to have been completely reversed. The two powerful players of the Seven Realms of the Seven Realms have no chance of winning either for Ye Futian or Bei Gongao, and can even be said to be mortal, as long as they participate in the war, Can't stop any of Bei Gongao and Ye Futian.

The robe on Ye Futian's body trembled, and the frost that immediately covered his body dissipated. He walked toward the direction where Jun Qiuyan was located, and the strong man of the eight realms was guarding the front, the two emperors of the seven realms were In the left and right direction.

However, the existence of the three major tyranny, facing Ye Futian alone, even as a big enemy, UU reading www. uukanshu. In particular, com, especially the two powerful players in the Seven Realms, have extremely strong fears in their eyes. Ye Futian is difficult to deal with the powerful players in the Eight Realms, but he can easily kill the Seven Realms.

In addition to gloomy eyes, Jun Qiuyan's eyes looked at Ye Futian now with a hint of fear.

He never dreamed that a foreign practitioner who had never been in the eyes of Penglai Wonderland before, but now in Dongxian Island, could actually threaten his life and cause them to die.

Ye Futian stopped in the void, looked at Jun Qiuyan, and said: "Except in Penglai Wonderland, you have not stood in front of me from the beginning to the end, sadly."

Jun Qiuyan felt a strong sense of humiliation when he heard Ye Futian's words, but even so, he was still hiding behind the strongmen of the eight realms, daring not to come out, and looked even more sad.

This scene is very ironic.

More than a hundred emperors were killed to such a degree.

"Get out on your own, or do you want me to do it?" Ye Futian continued, he didn't plan to kill Jun Qiuyan, it was useful to keep his life!