The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1924

Vol 8 Chapter 1924: Humiliation

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Jun Qiuyan stared at Ye Futian and did not respond. The Emperor of the Eight Realms in front of him looked at Ye Futian and said: "This time the storm is not a big deal, but it will continue to be a loss of both defeats. Even if you are extremely talented, if you want to continue It is also impossible to walk out of Penglai mainland, it is better to stop here, the two sides will not interfere with each other in the future, how?"

Ye Futian looked at each other with a bit of irony in his eyes.

Only now I said not to interfere with each other, stop?

Is it possible?

In this battle, he slaughtered the emperor's emperors. The grudges are deep.

Even if the other party can let him go, he doesn't want to let Jun Qiuyan go.

As the other party said, this is no big deal, but you have to kill yourself and others. Since this is the case, then naturally return to the other party.

"You can rest assured that I still have some say in the Juns. If you ask Penglai mainland practitioners, you will know that since you promised you, you will do it, and you won't be in trouble afterwards." The other party continued to speak, worried Ye Futian was not at ease, fearing that the Jun's revenge would come out of Dongxian Island.

Ye Futian still looked at each other calmly and said, "Just worry about revenge, just take Jun Qiuyan, why bother so much, you are right, this is not a big deal, now I also give you the same opportunity, you can Leave, I just want Jun Qiuyan."

The eight powerful players frowned and said, "It's impossible, even if you really win him, can you get to Penglai mainland?"

"No effort." Ye Futian's voice fell, and the will of his body was released, an extremely terrible breath enveloped the infinite space, the Brahma sounded, the golden Buddha light lingered around him, and the horrible sound waves swept out and swept away toward the other party's soul.

The eight realms did not expect Ye Futian to shoot directly. He closed his six senses. The light of the road enveloped him and Jun Qiuyan's body, gazing at Ye Futian, but at this time, he saw only one. Flash, did not shoot him, but went in another direction.

"Huh?" The eight realm brows frowned and swept in that direction, and they saw it there. Bei Gongao once again launched a violent attack on his opponent, and the light of the thunder directly penetrated the defense of the avenue. Power, Thousands of Thunders turned into Blades of Heavenly Punishment and cut towards the other side.

"Be careful." He said aloud, reminding the other party, but the next moment he heard a wave of terror sweeping the sky, the other party and Bei Gongao had collided together, Thunder Avenue instantly flooded the body of the other party, and the endless thunder chain was entangled in that area. .

The eight realm strongmen resisted with all their strength. At this moment, the horrible Buddha sound lingered, directly trembling into the ear, attacking the soul, making him pale and groaning.

"Oh..." The sharp and piercing sound came out, and the Excalibur was in the air. Behind him, the shadow of the Thousand Swords transformed by Ye Futian came down, normalized into a sword, and stab him straight.

When he turned around, he raised his hand and hit the sword. The sword fell down, and there was a crack in the big sword. The sword intention rushed directly into his body.

"Cut." Bei Gongao attacked again, Thunder knife slashed down, slashed towards the other body, a blade of light shining, where he had been hit hard, where he could withstand the attack of the two, his body trembling violently , With a sense of despair in his eyes.

He looked over to Jun Qiuyan, and at this time, the eight-state strongman who protected Jun Qiuyan turned and left directly, striding across the void in one step, ignoring his life and death, and left.

A powerful figure from eight realms gave up the battle and chose to escape.


On the other side, the body of the eight powerful realm of the battle was constantly destroyed by the thunder, the sword came again, and it passed directly, killing the other side, and the upper emperor strong of the eight realm fell on the spot and was killed here. .

"Go." Ye Futian spit out a word after killing his opponent. The Excalibur returned to the position, and the sword was turned directly, chasing away in the distance.

How can I let the other person leave?

"Boom..." The light of thunder shines, and Bei Gongao's body is directly transformed into a thunder, passing by Ye Futian at a moment, faster than Ye Futian. , And good at Thunder Avenue.

In addition to the powerful destruction attack, Thunder Avenue can also increase its speed. How fast and thunderous is the Thunders speed. After taking control of the Avenue, as a Thunder, it can span an extremely long distance.

Ye Futian didn't move, and the sword moved first, whistling toward the distance, as fast as lightning, and immediately followed by the light of thunder.

"Let's go and see." Many people are catching up and want to see the ending of this storm, but people below the upper realm of the emperor can't catch up.

After they left, the Juns still had two superior emperors of the seven realms, but the two powerful superior empires were directly ignored by them and stood in a daze.

They looked back and sighed in his heart. He all fled. What else could they do?

Can only go.

The figure flashed, and the two also evacuated from each other, but from another direction, worried that Ye Futian asked them to settle their accounts.

Shangguan Qiuye looked at the leaving figures. She didn't move. Ye Futian left and gave her friends to her to take care of her. She naturally would not act rashly. Such a potential practitioner, Shangguan Qiuye is certainly willing to make friends.

Although she used Ye Futian to deal with the Jun clan, she only took advantage of the situation. Ye Futian had to deal with Jun Qiuyan, and I believe the other party would not care.

Jun Qiuyan, this time it's over.

Bei Gongao's strength is very strong, completely inferior to the other party, Thunder Avenue is good at speed, the other party may be able to walk alone, but with a burden, I am afraid that it will not be so easy, after all, he needs to always consider the life and death of Jun Qiuyan.

What's more, there is Ye Futian.

As he guessed, Bei Gongao was so fast that people didnt arrive, Thunder first, covered the sky, and the Thunder Tribulation continued to bombard and go down towards the other party, although this power did not threaten the Eight Realms. Strong, but he needs to take care of Jun Qiuyan.

"This is a fantasy space, where can you go?" Bei Gong said with a loud voice. Thunder light obeyed the sky, and many strong people around them looked towards them, but they were all used to it. It is very common in Dongxian Island. odd.

The Eight Realm Strongmen who took Jun Qiuyan directly through the land covered by the thunder field, he said to Jun Qiuyan: "Qiuyan, everything today is due to you and can only be undertaken by you."

"Uncle." Jun Qiuyan's face stiffened, and he looked up at the Eight Realm Strongmen who guarded him, feeling a chill in his heart.

"The other party's strength is not inferior to me, and I will take you out of the magical space." The eight powerful players continued: "After I went out, I informed the Jun's strongmen to stay outside Dongxian Island. Rest assured that they should not Dare to move you."

At this moment, Jun Qiuyan knew that he might be abandoned.

His eyes twitched and his heart hurt.

He was forced to such a degree by the next emperor from the outer continent and was completely abandoned and given to the other party.

"If you are really in trouble, the family will surely wipe out the other party, destroy their entire family, and avenge you." The eight-strong man continued, Jun Qiuyan knew that since the other party had already said so, it meant that it was a foregone conclusion and could not be changed. .

"Okay." Jun Qiuyan nodded. He didn't struggle and didn't make sense.

"Be patient, live." The man continued to speak, Jun Qiuyan nodded silently, and then the other party's body directly turned into a streamer and continued to move forward, while his body was dumped and not taken away.


Thunder flashed, Bei Gong proudly chased, and saw the other party dumped Jun Qiuyan for a while, but then he realized that Jun Qiuyan was abandoned.

The other party knew that he could not take Jun Qiuyan away, and finally decided to abandon Jun Qiuyan and leave.

He didn't continue to chase after the other party. With the same eight realms, he might not be able to stay. Moreover, Jun Qiuyan was Ye Futian's goal. Winning him should be enough.

Stopped, he stood in the sky and swept to Jun Qiuyan. If he said that he was in Penglai Xianchi before, he took a somewhat respectful attitude towards the family members of the Penglai mainland. When he looked at each other again at this moment, he was only indifferent and irony.

This change in mentality also seems to correspond to the change in strength. Unconsciously, Bei Gongao has also changed. He has not put Jun Qiuyan in his eyes, but only feels that the other party is sad.

Ye Futian soon arrived and saw Jun Qiuyan standing quietly there.

He showed a strange color, but only surprised for a moment, and looked at Jun Qiuyan with a little pity.

"Sad." Ye Futian said, his voice falling, the sword whizzing, and he wrapped his body forward.

"When you go out of Dongxian Island, Jun's strongman must be there." Jun Qiuyan said, before he finished, the sword's meaning had arrived, a sword gas passed directly through his body, Jun Qiuyan snorted, Looking up at Ye Futian, he was angry and dazed.

How dare he start directly?

Jian Xiao was in the air, constantly walking through Jun Qiuyan's body, raging in his body, screaming, Jun Qiuyan vomited blood at the mouth, and his breath was decadent. His eyes were staring at Ye Futian, and he was already standing unstable.

"Jun's, you will destroy your Nine Clan." Jun Qiuyan stared at Ye Futian and spit out a vicious voice. Ye Futian even abandoned him.

Raised his Suddenly a terrible suction came, Jun Qiuyan's body flew directly to Ye Futian, and there were branches and leaves surrounding his body, tied him, and then Ye Futian turned around and took Jun Qiuyan Go back.

Some people around looked at this side, and when they saw Jun Qiuyan showing a strange color, some people looked shocked and said, "That is one of the sons of Penglai mainland Jun, Jun Qiuyan, one of the heirs."


Many people are shocked in their hearts. The young master of Penglai mainland has been abandoned?

And, treat it this way.

This makes many people's hearts beat, who is this young man in white?

It seems that Jun Qiuyan offended the ruthless character and was cruelly abolished.

Countless eyes looked at oneself, and voices gradually entered his ears, and Jun Qiuyan silk fell into the ashes. This kind of pain is more uncomfortable than death.

I am afraid that his Jun Qiuyan is the descendant of the most humiliating top power heir of Penglai mainland!