The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1926

Vol 8 Chapter 1926: Chess Game

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There is a gate leading to the core area of Dongxian Island in the magical sky, which is known as Dongxianmen.

At this time, there are many powerful people gathered in front of Dongxianmen.

East Immortal Gate is an immortal gate, standing in the sky high above the sky, immortal mist lingering, revealing a breath of air.

In front of the Dongxian Gate, there is a magnificent building, towering like a city wall, many people stand on it, and look at a huge magic circle in front of the fairy gate in front, this magic circle is a huge chessboard, chessboard There are thirty-six positions on it. At the moment, there are thirty-six practitioners, all of whom are surrounded by pawns.

The thirty-six strong men, the elderly, the middle-aged, and the younger-looking men, both men and women, have different realms, but they appear on the same chessboard.

When Ye Futian came here, they saw that the wall-like buildings had strong parties standing there, looking at the chess board in front of them. At this moment, an extremely fierce battle seemed to erupt on the chess board, but it was not a man and a man. Between people, but between pieces.

In addition, there are nine platforms on the left and right sides of the chessboard. There are already people sitting there. The temperament is extraordinary. Everyone is an extraordinary character.

"Is this Taoism?" Ye Futian whispered. When he came, he already knew what was here. There was a pair of high-level chessboards in front of the Dongxian Gate. It required 36 players to play chess at a time. Chess pieces, where you can incorporate your own words.

Thirty-six strong players will learn on the chessboard of the avenue. The winners can go on the road platform and the nine road platforms. When nine people win, another match will be played. The winners of these nine people will step in. The qualification of Dongxianmen.

Dongxian Island promised that those who passed the Immortal Gate must have a Dao Dan reward.

Therefore, some powerful people will come here to break through, as long as they break through, there will be an extremely precious Dao Dan, not an ordinary product. This is the reputation of Dongxian Island for many years, and there may be other benefits. .

Ye Futian and his group fell on the building. Many people stood there like them, their eyes looked forward, and there were still people coming behind. Many people first searched for the opportunity of the avenue in the magical space. Will come here.

After all, immortality is precious, but if those avenues of opportunity can be rewarded, they will also be helpful to the strength, and naturally cannot be missed.

Jun Qiuyan was held by Ye Futian and came to attract the eyes of some Penglai mainland practitioners. People who knew Jun Qiuyan saw the expression on their faces became a little strange, glanced at Ye Futian, standing beside him The person turned out to be the young lady Shangguan Qiuye of the Shangguan family.

Could it be that Shangguan's teamed up with outsiders to deal with Jun's?

It seems that Penglai mainland is calm.

Are they the conflict that broke out on Dongxian Island?

Shangguan Qiuye is behind Ye Futian. She also wants to see what Ye Futian will do here. With his talent, unless he meets a very powerful opponent, he should enter Dongxianmen. Not difficult.

"This chessboard is also a magic circle. As long as the thirty-sixth house is up, there will be thirty-six pawns in the avenue, which can be integrated into your power of the avenue and confront other people. Here, you can ignore the gap between the realms and the **** The strength is the same, the key is the strength of the Tao. Of course, people with high realms have a deeper understanding of the Tao. Even if they are weakened by chess pieces, they still have some advantages."

Shangguan Qiuye explained to Ye Futian: "After defeating everyone on the chessboard, and there are still pieces, you can go to the next nine Daotai to watch the game, and until the nine people gather on the Daotai, they will decide these nine Who enters Dongxianmen."

"This should not be too difficult for you, at least in the first game."

Obviously, Shangguan Qiuye has great confidence in Ye Futian. He has witnessed his strength before. Ye Futian's Tao is naturally very strong, and the fighting power is the manifestation of the power of the avenue.

Ye Futian glanced at the nine Taoist platforms, only the last two were no longer on it. This meant that if there were two more rounds of fighting, one person would be eligible to enter Dongxianmen.

This is a very fierce confrontation on the chessboard. It was a dogfight. Everyone took action against each other. After some moments, a strong man won and walked onto the platform, but he did not have the intention of joy. On the contrary With a dignified expression, he glanced in one of the directions, with a sense of fear in his eyes.

On the Taoist platform, a young man sat cross-legged, was practicing with his eyes closed, and his temperament was extraordinary. Ye Futian found that many people were more concerned about the young man. He looked at each other and found that this person he had seen before At the time of entering Dongxian Island, the young person who caused the blossoming tree to move, according to many speculations, this person may have an extraordinary history.

"next round."

In front of the wall-like building, a fairy figure said that she was a fairy in Dongxian Island, where she abducted Taoist wars.

However, with her voice falling, no one wants to enter the chessboard.

"Anyway, there is no hope. It's okay to try." A spiritual practitioner said with a smile and frankly entered the chessboard. Afterwards, many people had such thoughts and entered the game.

Ye Futian heard the comments of the people around him and came to understand it. This time, some powerful characters did not play.

"Who are they afraid of?" Qiuye Shangguan also understood that after the victory of this battle, he still had to face the opponents on the Taoist platform. Then, if powerful characters appeared on the Taoist platform, others would hesitate.

"Yes, this time, I am afraid I have been to the scene, every powerful person." An old man next to him said lightly.

"Can the old gentleman solve the doubt?" Qiuye Shangguan asked the old man beside him.

"Look at him." The old man pointed to the young man who had changed the flowers and trees before, and said, "This man enters the chessboard, nine sons suppress the strong men, thirty-six players play, nine sons out, no one can beat, so that only one loses The perfect record of the chess pieces set foot on the stage, so how can other people compete?"

"Nine sons out?" Shangguan Qiuye murmured.

The old man nodded: "Thirty-six pieces, he only made nine pieces. The other pieces were never moved and only one piece was lost. This means that in the next decisive battle, he still has thirty-five pieces. The addition of the other seven players on the Taoist platform has only forty-one pieces, which means that with the addition of the last person, eight people directly join hands, and there are no more pieces than the other. Do you understand?"

Shangguan Qiuye slightly nodded and said, "Thank you."

She naturally understood that the winner kept her pawns for the next nine-player match. The terrible thing was that in the first round of the showdown, the opponent only swept the heroes with only nine pawns, kicked everyone out, and lost one pawn.

Such a record is too terrible, who dares to play?

It's no wonder that many people have discussed before that it's just a piece of hustle and bustle, and they are all people who don't have the hope to enter Dongxianmen.

It is a skill to avoid the strong. After all, many people want to enter the East Immortal Gate. When meeting such a powerful person, they naturally dont want to encounter them, which affects their way to the East Immortal Gate.

Thirty-six enters one, and then nine enters one, which means that only one of the three hundred and twenty-four persons is eligible to enter Dongxianmen. This is at least the case. Add thirty-six people.

It can be imagined how difficult this is. This time, people from all continents have come here, and it is not clear how powerful others are. Naturally, we need to observe carefully.

Ye Futian looked at the battlefield above the chessboard. Sure enough, this battle was not so exciting. It was slightly inferior to the previous round. It took a lot of time to win the last one and set foot on the platform. Nine people appeared on stage.

The fairy of Dongxian Island looked at them and said to them: "You guys, please enter the game."

Nine people stepped down one after another and stepped into it one after another. The young man who was watched by the powerful also opened his eyes and slowly stood up. Then he walked toward the sky and landed on the chessboard.

Nine people appeared in nine different positions.

Pieces of Avenue Chess pieces appeared around them.

Most of the pieces around the person's body are in single digits. Only that person is surrounded by fifteen pieces on the avenue, and the light is bright, and each of his pieces should be brighter.

The eyes of the eight strong men, UU reading www. looked at him at the same time. It seemed that he had reached some kind of tacit agreement and wanted to deal with that person first, otherwise they would have no chance.

"Hands." Only one person said, and the words fell, and suddenly they attacked one by one, and each piece shot out, and each piece contained a terrible attack on the road.

The young man looked at all this quietly, his palms waved, and suddenly an incredibly brilliant divine light appeared in front of him. Twenty-seven chess pieces shone at the same time, circling in front of him, and turned into a light curtain. Shooting out of the light curtain, it is like a road formation.

"Puff puff"

The pieces of Dadao pawns shot and shot directly fell and shattered, and their faces changed. They found that there were still people who deliberately kept and did not do their utmost. After all, the exhaustion of pawns is equivalent to the end, and natural selfishness.

"I don't know life or death." There was an old man who snarled, but at this time, he still kept it?


The light curtain transformed by the chess piece in front of the young man zoomed in, and actually saw an extremely terrible illusory figure in it, and he ruled the world.