The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1927

Vol 8 Chapter 1927: Into The Game

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Twenty-seven pawns seemed to be unified, releasing a golden radiance. The shadow of the world appeared, and the pawns came forward, as if there was a huge pagoda, suppressing one side of the sky.

"Bang, bang..." All the pieces that attacked him were shattered into nothingness, the opponent's finger fell forward, the 27 surrounding pieces swept frantically, and the sound of mumble came out, released by the eight strong players Almost all pieces of the **** are shattered.

The imaginary shadow of the world looked down on everyone, with the intention of gazing. There was no suspense in this discussion of the Tao. The young man won with a crushing advantage. Not only that, this time he directly attacked with 27 chess pieces at the same time. None were crushed.

Thirty-six pieces still have thirty-five pieces left.

"Congratulations." After the battle, the fairy of Dongxian Island said to the young man, "You can wait and enter Dongxianmen together."

"Okay." The young man nodded, his figure flashing toward a direction next to Dongxian Gate, where there was a hanging loft, and the young man went there, then sat cross-legged and continued to practice.

"Wushuang." The practitioners in front of the chess board secretly said that no one can threaten the other party and have a brilliant record, only damaging a piece, and I don't know if anyone has done it before.

"Who else?" At this time, the fairy of Dongxian Island continued to speak. When her words fell, someone directly stepped forward and walked toward the chessboard. It fell to one of the thirty-six positions. Thirty-six pawns appeared, whirl around him.

"It's the Shaocheng Master of Wucheng." Someone said, revealing a strange color. Wucheng is one of the main cities of Penglai mainland. Wucheng City has strong superpowers. This Shaocheng master is already terrible. , Has reached the six realms, the fighting power is extraordinary, and the talent is extremely outstanding.

He chose to go out first, presumably to want to deter others, let some strong people avoid him by themselves, and do not fight with him.

"Liu Qing, the master of the harmless city of Penglai, one of the top forces in the mainland," next to Ye Futian, Shangguan Qiuye introduced to him: "It is very famous in Penglai, which is much better than Jun Qiuyan, of course. Compared with the same, he is the heir of Wucheng City. Without one of them, Liu Qing walked out directly, probably wanting to announce this second quota. He wants it."

"So, you will lose if you go up?" Ye Futian asked.

"Basically defeat." Shangguan Qiuye replied: "If you are not in a hurry, it's okay to avoid him. Although you should be stronger than him, but there are still a lot of strongmen behind. Once you show your strength, It will inevitably be the target of the siege, and there will be some pressure."

In the view of Shangguan Qiuye, the super strength revealed by Ye Futian's exhibition, although Liu Qing must not be Ye Futian's opponent, but Liu Qing is also a strong enemy, which will bring some pressure.

"It seems that the harmless city Shaocheng mainly locked in the victory of this first battle." Some people said, for a time, no one went up.

"Is the young city master of the harmless city?" At this moment, only one voice came out, and I saw a handsome young man's figure flashing and fell on a huge chessboard. This person was beautiful and white, and his skin was as white as a woman. Xiu Qi is a rare beautiful man.

"Beiyuan Continent, White Orphan," the man said softly, with a feminine breath in his voice, which aroused many people.

The continent that Nou has a name is not weak. This northern continent is a continent of the same level as the Penglai continent. However, most people have not traveled so far. The northern continent is relatively unfamiliar.

But some powerful people know what the surname Bai of the Northern Plains means.

The surname of Northern Plains Continent Bai, the ruler of the entire Northern Plains Continent, is different from the Penglai Continent. They are absolute overlords.

Then Liu Qing also gave Bai Gu a serious look, and his expression was slightly serious, but he didn't care too much. He didn't meet it here. After nine rounds of fighting, he still had to meet it. For him not important.

"I have known for a long time that those who come to Dongxian Island must be as strong as the clouds, and the innocent city will dominate the Penglai mainland. The Bai dynasty ruled the North Plains continent, and the old and unknown people have also joined in the fun." Walking out, he is an old man with a strong breath and a high-level existence.

"This old man had defeated many competitors in a great opportunity before. His strength was very strong." Some people looked solemn, and the crowd was a little surprised. From the other's words, they also knew the weight of Bai Gu.

This is the first battle. Are the strong men so eager to enter the game?

"Since that is the case, I will join in the excitement." Another person said, this time the speaker was a queen. He was wearing a red robe and was noble and cool, just like the queen.

"Blood Queen." Shangguan Qiuye whispered, the practitioners of Penglai mainland saw her appear to be trembling, what is the situation?

Every one of these powerful people is so eager to prove that he has stepped into the game?

Can't we wait until the next matchup?

This one who walked out of the practice was an extraordinary strong man, proud of himself. The previous mysterious young man was so strong that many people deliberately avoided him, which was against their original intentions.

Now that the opponent has won, they will not take part in the battle anymore. Did they deliberately avoid this matchup?

What's more, this battle, the remnants of more than a thousand mainland practitioners, can really be said that the strong are like clouds, who knows who will appear in the next duel?

Every matchup will inevitably encounter powerful people.

Especially after the nine rounds of the showdown, the winning nine will have to fight, so it is impossible to avoid it.

They were reluctant to wait all the time to avoid others, so the situation at this moment appeared.

This is true of these top figures, and there is nothing else that other people can avoid. Some people have stepped out and entered the game.

There are very few people who can enter the core island of Dongxian Island. Many people still have self-knowledge. They are just experiencing it. If so, what else to choose? There is nothing to avoid.

Moreover, if it is said that in order to practice trials, the more powerful characters, the better.

Seeing this scene, many people knew that this round of fighting was probably due to the few people fighting, and the others just went to join in the excitement.

"Several people are very strong, avoid it?" Shangguan Qiuye said, but as soon as her voice fell, Ye Futian stepped out and said, "Help me watch him."

Leaving Jun Qiuyan behind, Ye Futian stepped onto the chess board, making the beautiful eyes of Shangguan Qiuye solidified.

This guy

However, she knows how strong Ye Futian is. If the above people say alone, whether it is Liu Qing or Bai Gu, no one can beat Ye Futian.

It's just that if Ye Futian shows his strength, he may face the encirclement and suppression, not knowing what will happen.

"This man also went up." Many emperors of Penglai mainland noticed Ye Futian. He pulled Jun Qiuyan, which was naturally noticed by many people, and those who had practiced from the ruins of the mountain before. It was a strange look.

He also shot.

Previously, there were several extraordinary figures in a row. Many people thought that the winner must be one of them. However, when Ye Futian walked out, they knew that the final winner would be Ye Futian.

"It seems that the victory or defeat has been determined." One of them said confidently.

"The outcome is fixed? Liu Qing, Blood Queen and Bai Gu are all very strong characters. I am afraid there is still great suspense." Someone responded.

"None of them will be a winner." The person who spoke before gave a glance at the other person with a deep smile.

"Oh?" The other party looked surprised and said, "Who would it be?"

"He." The other person's finger pointed to Ye Futian, causing many people to look at him.

Ye Futian has a white dress and white hair. His temperament is extraordinary, with a somewhat enchanting beauty. His face value is only stronger than that of Bai Gu. At one time, it attracted the attention of many people.

However, it is doubtful if he can beat the heroes.

Of course, since someone said that, there must be something extraordinary about this person. Who is this person?

Above the chessboard, Ye Futian fell at a position, and immediately suspended thirty-six chess pieces around his body, spinning around his body, as if bred in a formation, which was extremely wonderful.

Ye Futian read the chess pieces, and the power of the UU reading book avenue poured into it, and all the pieces suddenly roared, and the sense of thought diffused out of it, which was very natural.

At this time, Ye Futian frowned, feeling that he was being stared at.

Lifting his head, on the chessboard, there was a direct shot from his side. Nine pieces were roared directly. The pieces were filled with extremely strong thunder power, turned into nine light of thunder, and directly slashed towards Ye Futian. Out.

The light of nine straight Thunder Avenues shot out, Ye Futian raised his hand and waved, and immediately a piece of **** flew out directly, traversing an extremely gorgeous arc, and turned into a sword.

This sword intention penetrated nine chess pieces in a row, but destroyed them all in an instant.

Nine pieces fell, and the practitioner looked at Ye Futian. In front of Ye Futian, the only piece left was filled with a terrible sword breath.

With just one, he shot down nine of his pawns.

On the chessboard, many people also looked at Ye Futian, this person seems not weak!