The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1928

Vol 8 Chapter 1928: You Guys Together

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In the game, the strength of the avenue that all pieces can accommodate is of the same level. The key to winning or losing is the strength of the Tao itself and Taoism.

The person who shot Ye Futian was directly wiped out by the Kendo pieces, and his power of Thunder Avenue was obviously inferior to that of Ye Futian.

The look of Ye Futian's shot was slightly changed. I saw Ye Futian's finger pointing toward the void, and suddenly nine chess pieces flew out at the same time. All of the nine chess pieces contained powerful sword intent, and each wisp of sword intent seemed to be as if There is also a difference, trembling violently in the chess game, making the sound of sword roar.

"Go." Ye Futian waved his palm, and suddenly nine chess pieces attacked the emperor who shot him.

Feeling the sword spirit contained in the chess pieces, the practitioner's face slightly changed, and the remaining twenty-seven chess pieces screamed out at the same time, turning into a roaring thunder behemoth. The terrifying thunder monster ghosted, engulfed the void, and swallowed directly towards Ye Futian's chess pieces.

"Oh..." The sharp and harsh sound came out. Nine kendo chess pieces seemed to be swallowed directly, and disappeared in sight.

However, it was only for a moment that Jianyi directly penetrated the Thunder Beast, and walked straight towards the practitioner, looking at the Jianyi who roared, and the other party raised his hand directly to resist.

"Om..." The pieces directly crossed a gorgeous arc, and the power of the thunder on the board dissipated. All 27 pieces were all news. In addition, the opponent also borrowed his own strength, whether it was a piece Destroy or use one's own strength, it means to be out.

Looking back at Ye Futian, nine chess pieces clanged and hovered in front of him, all intact.


The strong players were a little shocked to see this scene. The normal victory was normal. However, in the first match of this round, Ye Futian kicked the opponent out of the game without losing a piece. This strength is not the case. More than usual, it made more people notice him.

Someone previously boasted that there was no suspense in this duel. Ye Futian may be the first. Many people think it is too much touted. Now, this white-haired emperor may indeed be quite arrogant.

Perhaps, really qualified for the winner of this round.

At this time, on the huge chessboard, countless pieces twirled and other powerful players also shot.

Liu Qing, the young master of the Innocent City, the pieces in front of him flew out, not one piece or nine pieces, but thirty-six pieces flew out at the same time, faintly condensed into a giant axe shape, also full of incomparable The power of the violent Thunder Avenue also revealed the terrible air flow of dark gold, making the void make a torn sound.

Thirty-six pawns flew into the air, and then cut directly towards the person in front of him. The man felt the power change slightly, and the thirty-six pawns danced like silver, condensing into an indestructible spear, and The pieces cut down in the void collided together.


The Thunder Axe directly hacked down, splitting the opponent's spear, and the pieces were smashed.

"It's a very aggressive attack." The strong players tremble in their hearts, and Liu Qing took out 36 pieces of pawns, leaving no room for maneuver at all. In this way, if a single blow can't defeat the opponent, the pawns are pinned. If he does, he will be directly over, and others will take the opportunity to attack, he will use his own strength to resist, and he will be directly out of the game.

What a powerful confidence.

Few people will directly attack with 36 pieces.

The powerful players such as Bai Gu and the Blood Queen successively shot, and the chess pieces flew in front of him, winding and winding, and a terrible ice breath frozen the void, forming a field of frozen avenues in the space around him. Pieces are released from pieces, even if other people's pieces invade, I am afraid it is not easy to penetrate this frozen road area.

At the same time, the winding pawns condensed into a holy and horrible frost dragon, spreading their teeth and claws, breathing toward one person in front, and the breath they breathed turned into a cold snap. The opponent just wanted to attack. In an instant, he was frozen under his breath, turning into frost, and the pieces seemed to have no power.

"It's a strong chill." The people outside the board saw the frozen power and exclaimed: "Everyone is at the same level in the battle of the board, and it is easier to distinguish the strength of the debut. This board board array is indeed a genius idea and can stand out. Must be the one with the strongest potential."

In another place, the blood queens attack turned into a **** brilliance. Where the chess piece passed, it was like a blooming **** rose. Under the delicate appearance, it contained horrible **** lightning and destroyed everything.

In addition to a few of them, several others are not weak.

However, Ye Futian, Liu Qing, Bai Gu, and the Blood Queen of Wu Shaocheng, the innocent city, all achieved one piece without damaging them, and resolved an opponent, as if their competition had already begun, and they did not want to fall behind. A strong one.

"Join together."

The rest of the people communicated with each other. Liu Qing, Bai Gu and the Blood Queen were so powerful that they could not deal with it. Moreover, the white-haired Emperor's Avenue chess pieces were also very powerful. They were very strong threats. Too.

I saw next to Ye Futian, several emperors shot at the same time, at the three prescription positions, at the same time, a chess piece flew directly and fell towards his position.

Directly in front of them, golden avenues gleamed brilliantly, and the pieces were condensed into small golden tripods. Each piece turned into a single tripod, and thirty-six small tripods circled down to suppress them.

On the other side, there is a ray of sharp sword qi that whirls towards Ye Futian.

In the last prescription position, Dadao Chess pieces turned into golden streamers directly, shuttled through the void, and shot straight at Ye Futian. He wanted to bypass Ye Futians chess pieces, directly attack Ye Futian himself, and force Ye Futian to do so.


The chess pieces around Ye Futian's body flew at the same time, circling around his own body, and a ray of powerful swords flowed into a avenue of swords, radiating towards the surroundings.

Thirty-six small tripods simultaneously twirled down to enter this piece of sword territory, and the crisp sound came out, and the tripod transformed by the chess pieces was directly shredded, just for a moment.

At the same time, other people's attacks have arrived, but the ending is the same. As long as their pawns enter the sword domain transformed by Ye Futian pawns, they will be destroyed directly, as if they were suicide attacks.


Many people are silent when they see this scene. Is the gap between Tao and Tao so obvious, and even if they are both swordsmen, the power is not at a level at all.

The same is true in the rest of the battlefield. Liu Qingbai and others are obviously stronger by one level, but at this time, Liu Qing met an extremely powerful opponent, his old man who entered the game after he entered the game. Nine pieces of Liu Qing were removed from the confrontation, leaving only 27 pieces.

The blood queen was broken three pieces in the battlefield.

Only Ye Gu, like Ye Futian, had a piece that was unbreakable and intact.

However, this may be related to the opponent they face.

As the battle continued, the number of people decreased, as expected by the crowd, and only four people remained in the final checkerboard.

Ye Futian, Liu Qing, Bai Gu, Queen of Blood.

They happened to be standing in different directions, Ye Futian and Bai Gu were close, and Blood Queen and Liu Qing were close.

All four were silent for a moment, looking around the others. Liu Qing now has the fewest pieces left, still twenty-seven pieces. The old man took nine pieces from his violent attack of thirty-six pieces. It's not easy, there is no loss in the next battle.

Who will go down the next four?

"Come on." At this time, a voice came out, the voice of Bai Gu, whose temperament was slightly similar to that of Ye Futian, both handsome and extraordinary, with a feminine and handsome meaning, all because of spiritual practice.

Ye Futian was influenced by the power of Taiyin, which made his temperament lean towards femininity, and Bai Gu also practiced the ice power. Perhaps because of the similar temperament, Bai Gu first noticed Ye Futian and let him out.

Ye Futian's eyes flicked and glanced at each other. Bai Gu's eyebrows were cold and cold, and his eyes could make people feel cold.

"The three of you will be the winners and losers first." Ye Futian replied, without looking at Bai Gu again. The arrogant meaning contained in the bland tone caused the pupils of several people to shrink, revealing a strange look.

This means letting them decide the victory and defeat and then fight him?

It seems that in his eyes, these people are not as good.

Bai Gu also showed a strange color, he and Ye Futian are complete pieces, so he chose to let Ye Futian out, but did not expect that this person is even more crazy than him.

"I think it's more appropriate for you to go down first." The blood queen's beautiful eyes swept to Ye Futian, with a **** and delicate beauty, which made people dare not touch her easily.

The Young Master of the Innocent City also looked to Ye Futian. He had the fewest pieces and the situation was not good for him. How could he let others take advantage of fishing? Now, Ye Futian seems to have committed public anger.

Seeing the three people's eyes all looking at themselves, Ye Futian was indifferent, and said at random: "Since this is the case, let's come together!"