The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1929

Vol 8 Chapter 1929: You Are Ok

Three people, together?

Everyone's eyes were fixed there, and they looked at Ye Futian in silence. Although some people predicted that Ye Futian might be the final winner, he was highly praised, but the other three, who is not a devil?

Liu Qing, the master of Wucheng, Shaocheng, Bai Gubai, and Queen of Blood in the Northern Plains.

Although the three strong players, Liu Qing lost nine pieces, but that is also because of the opponent's strength, and Bai Gu and Ye Futian have kept the pieces intact until now, with 36 pieces in all.

The voice of the three of them was no lower than that of Ye Futian. However, at this moment, Ye Futian let the three of them shoot together. This is how wild and arrogant.

Even the three white solitary men were also stunned when they heard Ye Futian's words, their eyes were strange, before Ye Futian made a rant, let them decide the victory and defeat, they still can understand, but now, the three of them, together It is no longer arrogant, but ignorant.

"You know you are going out, so choose a more tragic way?" Bai Gu said softly, the three of them reached a certain tacit agreement, let Ye Futian go out first, then, he said, perhaps because he already knew himself in advance The ending, so I said this on purpose?

It seems that there is indeed such a possibility.

After all, the three of them were ready to let Ye Futian go out first, and on this chessboard, the biggest price is only out, even if there is no one in the arrogant eyes, there is no consequence.

Ye Futian glanced at Bai Gu, he raised his hand, and suddenly one piece of chess floated in front of him. There were nine pieces in total. Each piece contained a roaring sword meaning. In addition to the sword meaning, there were also terrible The cold air diffused out of it, and the faintness made the void solid.

"You said yes, that's right." Ye Futian's words fell, and nine chess pieces flew out directly, turning into nine sword swords and killing in the direction of Bai Gu.

Many people showed a strange color, Ye Futian dealt with Bai Gu, and only released nine pieces?

Bai Gu swept towards Ye Futian, and 36 chess pieces around his body swept out. The intention of frost covered his area. In an instant, nine swords were killed, invading like a terrifying lightning, and penetrated the ice. Realm, enter the realm directly, and go straight to Bai Gu's body.

The meaning of frost became stronger, the pawns in front of Bai Gu hovered and flew, and a sacred frost dragon breathed toward the **** of Ye Futian, releasing an endless sense of frost.

But at this time, the sword spirit transformed by the nine pieces seemed to be turned into a straight sword light, and a colder breath was filled from it, making the surrounding ice meanings frozen, and the frost dragon's breath Solidified there, even the movement of the frost dragon became slow.

Many people showed a sense of shock, and before they returned to God, they saw that the light of the sword penetrated directly, and the huge body of the frost dragon shattered a little bit, which directly turned into nothingness. Chess pieces are also destroyed.

"Om..." The sword formed by the chess pieces floated in front of Bai Gu and did not continue to attack.

Bai Gu's eyes were fixed there, a strong chill on his body, staring at the suspended chess piece in front of him.

At this moment, the previous confidence disappeared.

Nine chess pieces turned into a sword, destroying all his 36 chess pieces in an instant, an absolute spike.

The previous words were still wrapped around the ears, and they were slightly harsh.

Ye Futian deliberately arrogant, want to leave in a more tragic way?

In fact, it was him who could not withstand a blow at all.

The eyes of all practitioners are also fixed there. Bai Gu, a white evil character from the Northern Plains, ended this trial confrontation with a fiasco. Before the cold and proud, he faced the equally handsome white-haired emperor. , Was resolved in a flash.

The grey-haired emperor did not lose any piece.

No wonder he dared to rant, let the other three shot together.

Such a strength does indeed have such a qualification. He can solve the white orphan with nine chess pieces. What about Liu Qing and the blood queen of Shaocheng, the innocent city?

Is it the same? Nine pieces are enough?

Everyone thought of this weird look, and looked at Liu Qing and the Blood Queen. They saw that they had been staring at Ye Futian. Obviously they were also shocked by Ye Futian's previous attack.

Judging from their feelings, Bai Gu's Tao is not weaker than them, but has been Ye Futian's spike, so, can they withstand Ye Futian's attack?

Soon they will know that Ye Futian's palm is waving, this time, eighteen pieces are suspended in the air, divided into two sides, each with nine pieces.

This scene makes the people outside the game show a strange look, do you want to shoot two people at the same time?

Sure enough, as he said before, he shot directly against the top three.

Eighteen pieces were spun out and turned into two sword intentions. It was exactly the same as the sword attitude used to deal with Bai Gu before. There was no slight change, and all efforts were broken. As long as it is strong enough, no change is needed.

"Boom..." The terrible thunder sounded through the void, Liu Qing shouted, pointing his finger forward to the void thunder axe and slashed down, directly colliding with the condensed sword shadow.

In the other direction, the **** rose of the blood queen's body fluttered into a sea of blood, engulfed everything, and swallowed the killed sword into it.

The sword penetrated from the attack of the two at almost the same moment. The crowd saw Jianguang directly pierce the battle axe and the **** rose into a straight light, and walked all the way through, leaving a gorgeous radiance.

After the sword light passed, all the pieces were smashed. Only the swords made by the eighteen pieces were still there. The faces of Liu Qing and Blood Queen became extremely ugly, not because they felt humiliated, but Being crushed and defeated made them feel unacceptable.

They are all extremely proud people. Before that, a mysterious strongman let them avoid not participating in the war. They already made them have some ideas in their hearts. Now, they have come out of this round of battle, but they have been so tragicly crushed. Pressure.

This is a great blow to their self-confidence. Is their way of practicing so weak?

Thinking of this, Liu Qing and the blood queen's face gave birth to a drop of meaning.

Some of those who watched the battle were shocked and others were amazed.

Too strong. The former strong men thought that this victory would be one of the three of Bai Gu, Liu Qing and the Blood Queen. It was absolutely unexpected that there would be a person with such a strong attitude, directly crushing the three of them.

It seems that as some people have said before, the outcome of this battle has been decided in advance, not the three people they are optimistic about, but the gray-haired emperor.

Shangguan Qiuye is a little speechless. It seems that he underestimates Ye Futian's power. His Tao is not at the same level as other people. Perhaps, it is the same level as the mysterious strongman.

"Don't mind, it's the same for other people." Ye Futian saw the blood queen and Liu Qing looking at him all the time, and it seemed that she hadn't come out of the defeat.

Hearing Ye Futian's words, many people showed a strange look, this is simply...

But everyone was speechless. Who asked him to kill the three strong men in seconds, saying everything was right and could not be refuted.

Ye Futian is indeed qualified for arrogance.

If someone talks to the blood queen and Liu Qing on weekdays, the two may have violently shot their hands, but at the moment, they have no temper, but just glanced at Ye Futian silently.

I hope so.

This person is strong enough, not their weak.

"It's better to be ashamed, looking forward to your performance." Liu Qing said, and then withdrew from the game. The blood queen's fairy eyes also took a deep look, and then left.

See if Ye Futian will be so strong after that battle.

The battle ended, Ye Futian won the victory with a complete victory, no trace of suspense.

Even more frightening is that he didn't lose a piece of chess and walked to the stone platform in the lateral direction. If he can still do it in the battle of nine people behind, it will be stronger than the mysterious strongman before.

Now, wait and see.

"How do you know he will win?" someone asked the person who had predicted that Ye Futian would lock the victory ahead of time.

"Before the battle on the mountain wall, he defeated the Penglai mainland monarch Didnt you see that Jun Qiuyan, the junior master of the monarch, was abolished? The wall collapses, how can such a person be invincible?" said the man, squinting his eyes and saying, as if everything was under control, as if the person who won was his own.

But the people around him were a little shocked to hear his words, so strong?

The opportunity of the avenue was taken by him, and the mountain wall collapsed because of him.

Many people looked at Ye Futian on the other side of Daotai, and saw that Ye Futian was sitting quietly on top of his practice and did not look at the people below. The reason why he behaved so powerfully is because he now wants Dongxian Island's attention , In order to deal with the accident after Dongxian Island.

In front of Dongxian Gate, the eyes of the mysterious strongman also opened, glancing towards Ye Futian, and said, "The strength is not bad."

After hearing the sound, Ye Futian looked up and looked at the other side calmly. This person is the most talented person he currently sees in Dongxian Island. Of course, there is still a gap between him and him.

"You are okay." Ye Futian responded with a smile, the youth's pupil contracted slightly, then nodded with a smile!