The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1930

Vol 8 Chapter 1930: End

The battle continued afterwards, but like many people who avoided the mysterious strongman before, many people who had some strong thoughts about entering Dongxian Island chose to continue to avoid Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was too strong. The thirty-six pawns of the mysterious strongman had damaged one piece during the battle.

In Ye Futian, 36 pieces are all there. If he meets him, he is definitely not an opponent, so he can only continue to wait for a greater chance.

Of course, there are some powerful characters who did not wait and chose to join the game.

Ye Futian did not pay attention to the battlefield. On this Penglai continent, it is already not easy to appear a mysterious strongman. It should be difficult to find another person who can threaten him.

After a while, nine people were elected.

The nine strong men on the chessboard looked at each other, and then the eyes of the other eight looked at Ye Futian.

As if, Ye Futian was the well-deserved protagonist in the next matchup.

"Let's go to the chess game." Fairy Dongxiandao said, suddenly a figure fell down. After they arrived at the chessboard, they were surrounded by chess pieces on Monday, and a pair of sharp eyes still stared at the same direction.

In that direction, the white clothing fluttered, and the white-haired emperor's figure slowly landed, and thirty-six pieces of chess simultaneously shone brilliantly.

"Buzz..." The moment when Ye Futian just landed on the chessboard, the eight powerful players shot at the same time, without any hesitation, as if they had already reached some kind of tacit agreement, all of them shot against Ye Futian alone.

This scene made everyone show a strange color, it seems that they have communicated with each other, and the eight emperors directly shot at the moment when the other party just fell is not a very face-saving thing. After all, they are all emperors. .

But they can also understand that in the face of Ye Futian's previous strength, they wouldn't have a chance without taking extraordinary measures.

Eight directions, at the same time attacked by the pavement attacked by the pawns, Ye Futian made a terrible sharp sound around his body, but at the same moment, thirty-six pawns flew at the same time, surrounding Ye Futian's body, and turned into a terrible one. Sword intent.

Thirty-six pieces were transformed into thirty-six sword intentions, and thirty-six sword intentions gave birth to infinite sword shadows. When flying around Ye Futian's body, he turned into a sword curtain directly, centering on his body, The sword curtain surrounds and makes a terrible tear.

A strong collision sound came out. When the attack of the pavement turned by those chess pieces came and impacted the sword curtain, it was instantly torn and smashed by the sword curtain and turned into nothingness.

The attacking pieces are broken instead.

This scene made many people feel hopeless and the gap in the strength of the avenues made their pieces of Daowei inferior to Ye Futian, and they were destined to be impossible to defeat Ye Futian. Their pieces attacked actively and were still destroyed by the opponent's defense. How is this fighting?

The qualitative gap has never been made up by the number of people. It seems that many low-level emperors fight a high-level emperor, and there will still be no suspense in the battle ending.

Therefore, there is no suspense in this battle. When seeing their pieces smashed one by one, and then withdrawing, Ye Futian waved his hands, and thirty-six pieces crossed the gorgeous arcs, just like the same sword of light traversing the void, the powerful All the pieces of Dadao are smashed.

After all pieces except Ye Futian's pieces were broken, the pieces surrounding Ye Futian's body were still the same. There were 36 complete pieces, and no one was lost.

One piece is not damaged, stronger than the previous mysterious strong.

Before, everyone thought that the mysterious strongman lost a piece of chess would be the record of this trip to Dongxian Island, but no one thought that it would be cracked so quickly, Ye Futian directly surpassed him, with a perfect record of victory. , Defeated everyone.

The appearance of two such charismatic figures in the first session has opened eyes to many people. I am afraid that the people in Dongxian Island will also be delighted.

Shangguan Qiuye watched Ye Futian walking towards the high platform beside Dongxian Gate, thinking that Ye Futian might be the most dazzling one in Dongxian Island, so Dongxian Island would definitely show him good.

If Ye Futian borrowed the power of Dongxian Island, then he did not need to be afraid of the Jun.

Although Dongxian Island has avoided practice in the past years, it has been accumulating strength. Now, how strong it is is a mystery. No one knows, but according to her guess, it will definitely not be weaker than the top powers of Penglai mainland.

After all, although Dongxian Island suffered a great disaster in the past, its details are not negligible. Even if so many years have passed, the path of Dongxian Islands inheritance and the red medicine in Dongxian Island are still thought by countless practitioners. If you want to compete, look at the opening of Dongxian Island every ten years.

With such a strong background, she speculates that Dongxian Island's current strength may be above any top power in Penglai mainland, but it is unknown at what level, even the giants of Penglai mainland can't see it. come out.

Therefore, if Dongxian Island is willing to shoot for Ye Futian, Jun's threat is not so terrible.

Thinking that this Shangguan Qiuye showed a weird look, looking at Ye Futian from a height, this guy behaved so strong, wouldn't it be for this purpose in itself?

After all, they all knew that when they came out of Dongxian Island, the Jun strong must deal with Ye Futian.

First, she was drawn into the game, tied them to Shangguanshi, and then laid out on Dongxian Island. It seems that this guy already had everything in mind.

After glancing at Jun Qiuyan behind him, Shangguan Qiuye made a determined decision whether or not he could become a friend, but at least not to become an enemy with Ye Futian, otherwise they could suppress Ye Futian now, but once Ye Futian found a chance, Like the former Jun Qiuyan, the strong man with the Jun's family was directly eliminated.

In addition, she must fight for an opportunity to step into Dongxianmen. After seeing Ye Futian, she witnessed the strength of the other party. Shangguan Qiuye felt that her previously proud capital seemed nothing worth mentioning. It has to be stronger.

The Shenzhou is too big. The Tibetan dragon, the tiger, and the Penglai continent are also relatively strong continents, at least in the center of these more than a thousand continents, but compared to the entire Shenzhou, they are still small. She wants to see the scenery further away.

Ye Futian came to the high platform beside Dongxian Gate and sat quietly. Beside him, was the mysterious strong man.

"Jiang Jiuming." The young man spoke to Ye Futian as if it was his name. Since stepping into Dongxian Island, he has never disclosed his name. This is the first time.

Perhaps because Ye Futian's strength came into his eyes, he didn't expect anyone else to be better than him and came here with a perfect performance of 36 pieces.

Of course, he didn't care so much about the difference between a chess piece. After all, he wasn't so serious at that time. Otherwise, he could be the same as Ye Futian, and he wouldn't lose a chess piece.

"Ye Liunian." Ye Futian replied that before he was able to deal with the top characters, he did not intend to use his real name, but always named Ye Liunian.

Although China is big, some forces standing at the peak may still be able to contact and know what happened in the original realm, so still be cautious.

Jiang Jiuming didn't continue to speak after speaking, and still closed his eyes to practice, as if he didn't pay much attention to the outside world.

Ye Futian also sat there quietly, practicing quietly.

A little bit of time passed, and there were constant battles on the chessboard, but there were no more powerful characters like Ye Futian and Jiang Jiuming, who could directly crush the existence of the heroes. The battle between each other was constantly calculated, and the joint and betrayal were constant. Staged, in addition to the need for strength, but also test luck and intelligence.

After all, unless there is an absolute strength advantage, otherwise in the face of encirclement and suppression, it is undoubtedly defeated.

There was a seemingly honest man who was extremely clever. He was out of the game with a winning record, leaving only nine pieces to enter the second round of the nine-player decisive battle. The rest of them didnt care much about his existence, but At the last moment, this person suddenly broke out with a strength not inferior to the other eight. The last piece was used to win the opponent when the two of them fought fiercely, making the people behind more cautious and no longer daring to target indiscriminately. Powerful people, those who seem weak, also need to be prepared.

Autumn leaves of Shangguan, UU reading also came out on the high platform with its own strength and some luck out.

With the passage of time, more and more powerful men have entered the war, and there are already seven people on the high platform.

Not only did the number of people outside the chessboard not decrease, but more. The powerhouses of the Magical Space all came together. Dongxian Island will not wait forever. At a certain time, it will directly close the chessboard, otherwise, some people will not take the shot. Until there are fewer and fewer powerful people in the back, it doesn't make much sense.

Many people look at the figure sitting on the high platform, those who will be qualified to enter the core island, take the road to the magic pill of Dongxian Island.

Finally, after two more people were qualified, the fairy of Dongxian Island announced the closure of the chessboard formation. Those who did not make shots lost their chances.

Since then, a total of nine practitioners have been qualified to enter the core island of Dongxian Island, and each of them is an extraordinary figure.

Of course, the most dazzling people are still Jiang Jiuming and Ye Futian, which left a deep impression on everyone!