The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1931

Vol 8 Chapter 1931: Eagle Status Is In Danger

In front of Dongxian Gate, a group of people stood together. In addition to Ye Futian and their nine people, the people they brought into Dongxian Island were also there.

Those who are qualified to enter the core island of Dongxian Island can bring the people they bring into it. Of course, everyone else is just a foil, and they will not get any benefits, but Dongxian Island lets them feel comfortable. Still walking.

"All of you, please, there is someone on the island to receive." The fairy of Dongxian Island pointed to the people. I saw the Dongxian Gate in front of me, and everyone nodded and walked one by one and stepped into the east. Xianmenzhong.

"Let's go in." Ye Futian said, and the group of people went forward, and naturally took Jun Qiuyan directly into the door.

After passing the East Immortal Gate, I entered a slender area. When I came out, there was a refreshing feeling, which was extremely comfortable. A burst of fragrance came across the face, and a beautiful scene was printed in the eyes.

Here is like a place outside the world, where birds scented flowers and fairy air came. There were a group of fairies in white waiting in front of them. When they came out, all the fairies came forward and saluted a little.

Ye Futian saw a beautiful woman approaching him and said softly, "Congratulations to Lord Ye."

This woman invited him to come to Baimu of Dongxian Island, and the people of Dongxian Island naturally have a way to come here, without going through Dongxianmen.

"Xianqi is polite." Ye Futian smiled and nodded in return. The rest of the people who came forward were also invited by the nine selected candidates. However, Jiang Jiuming had not received the invitation. He came by himself.

However, she saw an extremely beautiful woman with a transcendental temperament. Even among the fairies, she was still outstanding and extremely stunning. She walked to Jiang Jiuming to salute slightly: "I didn't expect that Jiang Gongzi would come. I'm here to say hello."

Her words made a strange color appear to the people around her. The island owner personally asked people to come to say hello to Jiang Jiuming?

This means that Jiang's identity may be extraordinary.

Ye Futian's eyes also showed a hint of contemplation. Jun Qiuyan was one of the top forces in Penglai mainland, but even his life and death, Dongxian Island did not care much. At this moment, Jun Qiuyan was controlled by him, Dongxian Island The people dont pay attention, and their attitudes are left unchecked.

However, this attitude towards Jiang Jiuming shows the difference between the two.

This means that Jiang Jiuming's identity is far from comparable to that of Penglai mainland master Jun Qiuyan. What does this mean?

A stronger force than Penglai mainland's top force, let the owner of Dongxiandao Island say hello, it seems that it is already very obvious.

"The island owner is polite, this time I'm not here to invite you. I'm guilty." Jiang Jiuming said with a smile, with a somewhat handsome temperament, giving people a very comfortable feeling.

"Dongxian Island has its own rules. You can enter the island by taking the Dongxianling. Why don't Jiang Gongzi ask for guilt and come here, Dongxiandao Peng Xunshenghui." The woman continued to politely speak.

Jun Qiuyan, who was controlled by the side, heard the conversation between the two and only felt very cold in his heart. This is the place he always wanted to step into, but he did not expect to be in this way.

However, it is even more disgraceful that people who came here in Dongxian Island did not pay any attention to his situation, but were so polite to other practitioners.

"White Fairy, can you look at Jun's face and let me leave Dongxian Island." Jun Qiuyan said, his voice was particularly weak and humble, as if to beg the people of Dongxian Island to let go he.

Jun Qiuyan was also invited by Bai Mu. He had a hatred of Bai Mu in his heart. If Bai Mu stopped it at that time, outside Dongxian Island, he should know what Ye Futian's strength was. In Penglai Wonderland, In any case, it is impossible to end this way. Ye Futian will die terribly on the mainland.

But because of Bai Mu, he gave his opponent a face at the time and didn't force his shot, so that he now has the tragic fate.

However, although he had a strong hatred in his heart, he still carried a pleading tone and did not dare to show it at all. He only hoped that Dongxian Island would take care of him a little bit. After all, this is Dongxian Island, and they have the ability to help him.

Bai Mu looked at Jun Qiuyan, it was a bit embarrassing. Jun Qiuyan was indeed invited by her, and she was an extraordinary person, one of the top powers in the mainland, if she changed the situation, she could help, but Jun Qiuyan took the initiative to deal with it. Ye Futian led to today's ending.

And now, Ye Futian is the person named by the island owner. So, can he still take into account the fate of Jun Qiuyan?

She glanced at the woman who had walked out before and saw that her beautiful eyes also fell on Jun Qiuyan.

"Are you a Huang Xianzi?" Jun Qiuyan looked at the woman softly. This Huang Xianzi is rumored to be a very popular person among the disciples of Dongxian Island. He has a supernatural status, even in Dongxian Island. high.

The Huang Xianzi glanced at Jun Qiuyan and said, "The gentleman should also know the rules of Dongxian Island. Since he entered Dongxian Island, it is equivalent to admitting that life and death are life and death. I can not interfere with Dongxian Island. ."

Jun Qiuyan's face is as gray as death, and he feels a bit desperate. When he arrives here, will the people of Dongxian Island also see that he is dead.

These bitches.

Just because Ye Futian is more outstanding, so they offended them?

In any case, Junshi is also a giant of Penglai mainland.

Ye Futian has not spoken, even if Jun Qiuyan begs for mercy, he is still letting him, while also observing the practitioners of Dongxian Island, seeing Huang Xianzi's reaction, Ye Futian speculates that Dongxian Island's current strength may not care at all Junshi.

Perhaps the declining Dongxian Island is far stronger than everyone thought?

"All of you, please enter the island." Huang Xianzi led everyone, and she chatted with Jiang Jiuming casually beside Jiang Jiuming. The rest of them had their own inviters. Bai Mu then beside Ye Futian said softly: " Lord Ye Ge is amazing in Dongxian Island this time."

"Fairy is awesome." Ye Futian smiled and replied, what happened in Dongxian Island, I am afraid that they can't escape their eyes, after all, this is the other party's territory.

At this time, there was a figure flying in the distance. This figure was wearing a fiery red shirt, which was particularly conspicuous, and it had outstanding temperament. The invisible flame flowing out of the body was particularly strong.

"Zifeng." Huang Xianzi looked at the coming person and said with a smile, it turned out that the figure that arrived was the phoenix that Ye Futian had seen on the side of the plane tree before.

Zi Feng's eyes looked at Ye Futian and walked a few steps forward, actually standing beside Ye Futian, making Ye Futian show a strange look.

"This is after Feng Zun?" Jiang Jiuming asked, and Huang Xianzi next to him nodded slightly: "Zi Feng is Feng Zun's daughter."

Jiang Jiuming took a serious look at Zifeng. When he saw that his eyes were also swept toward each other, there seemed to be a terrible fire in those pupils, which caused Jiang Jiuming's eyes to tingle, and the secret passage was loud.

The phoenix fire that Feng Zun practiced at that time was the two great flames of life and death. The power is called horror. This phoenix inherits the great fire of the road and cultivates it as absolute horror. It has great potential.

"The elders in the family also admire Feng Zun very much." Jiang Jiuming whispered, and then looked at Zifeng: "If there is a chance, Zifeng Fairy can go to my Jiang family to sit."

Zifeng looked at Jiang Jiuming and did not respond. She and Jiang Jiuming didn't know each other.

"Zifeng, Jiang Gongzi is from the ancient royal family Jiang, and he has a chance to walk in the future." Huang Xianzi said, making the surrounding people shocked. Jiang's surname originally came from the ancients that passed down for countless years. Royal family?

"It really comes from there." Shangguan Qiuye was a little shocked. She had also guessed Jiang Jiuming's identity before, but now it is confirmed that there are slight waves in her heart. The ancient Jiang family, its strength is not inferior to that of Dongxian Island. , With a giant level of existence, if today, the ancient royal Jiang Jiang will only be a little stronger than Dongxiandao.

More than a thousand mainland practitioners came here to try and want to get a chance on the road, but for the ancient royal family, it is not necessary, they are not lacking, even if it is an extremely precious medicine, placed in the ancient royal family, it is not like that Precious.

Ye Futian saw the subtle changes in her eyes naturally understand, what is the ancient royal family?

It should be the same as those giant forces that were in contact with the original world before, Jiang Jiuming will probably be the first practitioner of the giant forces he encountered after coming to China.

"The island owner has agreed, and after UU Kanshu leaves Dongxian Island, I can go out with you to practice." Zi Feng said softly while standing next to Ye Futian, which made Shangguan Qiuye's footsteps pause slightly, gazing Solidified there.

This time I came to Dongxiandao for a trial, but it was really exciting...

First, the cultivation practice of Jun Qiuyan was abolished, and then I met here with the ancient royal family Jiang Cultivator. Now, the daughter of Fengzun, the **** Phoenix of Wutong Island, will follow Ye Futian to practice! !

What's wrong?

This is the **** bird of Wutong Island, the eight realm powerhouses can't help but exist. For many years, I don't know how many powerhouses want to strike her attention, or have ideas about Wutong Shenyan, no one has ever succeeded.

However, now, the **** bird voluntarily said that the island owner agreed, she would follow Ye Futian to go out to practice, this is simply...

The beautiful eyes of Shangguan Qiuye looked towards Ye Futian, whose eyes didn't know how it tasted.

However, at the moment, behind them, the eagle eagle's hair fell, and his status was dangerous! !

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