The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1932

Vol 8 Chapter 1932: Shendan

The eagle carving can naturally see that this phoenix is more powerful than he is.

Now, even this girl has to follow her master's practice, isn't she trying to compete with Lord Eagle?

The point is, this girl is still a mother, and she grows well.

The eagle carving is too difficult.

"Good." Ye Futian nodded, he would not refuse to follow a **** Phoenix, this **** Phoenix has infinite potential, it is able to practice to become the existence of top demon.

There are many monsters in the world, but the monsters that can really reach the summit are also extremely rare.

There will be opportunities to build the Wutong Shenyang, the perfect phoenix on the road.

Moreover, the island owner of Dongxian Island agreed that she should follow her practice, so that his relationship with Dongxian Island could be established. In this way, if he came out of Dongxian Island, the pressure from the Penglai mainland monarch would naturally be solved. .

"What about Wutong Shenyan?" Ye Futian said with a smile to Zifeng.

Zifeng showed a strange color, and Wutong Shenyan was inside the **** tree. It could only be used to practice, but it was difficult to take away.

"Can I try to help you take it?" Ye Futian faced Zifeng Road, Zifeng Mei looked at him, revealing a strange look, she can take away the flames?

Then he played there before and approached did she feel cheated!

"If you need it, you don't need it." Ye Futian said with a smile and a gentle look, making people look very comfortable. Zi Feng looked at his eyes, not like a liar.

I have already talked to the island owner's sister, and it is naturally impossible to change it.

However, can he really take away Wutong Shenyang? ?

Before Jiang Jiuming returned to look at Zifeng and Ye Futian, he did not expect Feng Zun's descendants to be willing to follow Ye Futian. Sure enough, this person was extremely outstanding, otherwise it would be impossible to win the Dongxianmen on the chessboard.

A group of people continued to move forward, and Bai Mu next to him said to Ye Futian: "Island Master ordered people to prepare the banquet, and will also let you choose the Elixir."

"Thank you very much." Ye Futian nodded gently, a group of people followed along and walked through many places, but the core island of Dongxian Island is like the same painting, which is pleasing to the eye, and it is also poetic when walking in it. A sense of beauty, very comfortable.

Finally, they came to an ancient temple, where the banquet was already set up, and many fairy figures were there, standing on each side, as if welcoming them.

On this scale, Ye Futian felt that they were flattered, Dongxian Island was detached, and they were given the opportunity of the avenue of spiritual practitioners, and they were given a pill, and they were so entertained. It can be said that there is nowhere to be faulty.

"Everyone please sit down, don't need to be restrained." Just listening to Huang Xianzi said with a smile, and suddenly a group of people took their seats. Huang Xianzi led Jiang Jiuming in the top position. After all, the identity of the ancient royal family Jiang was there.

Ye Futian didn't care much. The group randomly found a place to sit down. In the middle of the crowd, Bai Mu was also looking after him. He said a few words from time to time.

In front of the banquet, there are many seats, which seem to be prepared for other practitioners of Dongxian Island. In addition, at the top, there is a main seat, which should be reserved for the host of this banquet.

"The Master will come in person later." Bai Mu saw Ye Futian looked at him and whispered to him.

Ye Futian nodded, but did not expect Dongxian Island to be so grand.

There was a voice not far away, and everyone looked towards them, and they saw a group of figures appearing, talking and laughing, these people are all transcendent in temperament, all of them are in the realm of the emperor, there are people with Yu Xuanang, some with fairy wind Tract bone.

All the people I saw before were women, and these figures appeared to be men.

"Pingyuan Emperor." At this time, I saw the pupils of Shangguan Qiuye shrink slightly, and looked at one of them, a strange color appeared in the beautiful eyes.

Two other practitioners of the Penglai mainland made a sound, and it seemed that they were also calling their names, obviously they also recognized the people.

Ye Futian looked at Shangguan Qiuye and only heard her look over there: "It is a well-known emperor from Penglai mainland. He became famous many years ago. He entered Dongxian Island for practice ten years ago, but rarely appeared outside. , I did not expect to enter Dongxian Island, and it seems that the rumors are true."

"What rumors?" Ye Futian asked.

"Many powerful emperors who have tried in Dongxian Island will be left to practice in Dongxian Island and become a member of Dongxian Island. The family members have mentioned it before. I have heard of some of them and now I see it with my own eyes. Still surprised." Shangguan Qiuye said: "There are so many practitioners here, and there seem to be famous people many years ago."

Ye Futian did not feel too surprised. Dongxian Island invited people from over a thousand mainland to practice and gave many benefits. Naturally, it also made a plot. It cannot be just to help the world practice.

Dongxian Island should be trying to strengthen itself, which may be related to the fall of Dongxian Island Donglai Shangxian.

And every trip to Dongxian Island, with so many people in the sky, how could Dongxian Island miss it? Naturally, invitations will be issued to them, too.

On the contrary, those who come to Dongxian Island also want to use the resources of Dongxian Island, or Dongxian Island has put forward sufficient conditions to refuse, then joining Dongxian Island is not a strange thing.

They talked and laughed and looked at the people sitting here. Many people smiled in good faith. Seeing their appearance, they seemed to be very moist.

"Do you know me?" Emperor Pingyuan asked Shangguan Qiuye. Before Shangguan Qiuye's speech was not transmitted, but directly communicated, it was natural to hear the other party's cultivation as the realm.

"Yes." Shangguan Qiuye nodded: "The younger Shangguan's Shangguan Qiuye has seen seniors."

"It turns out that the girl of Shangguan's family has come here to such a level. It's not bad." Pingyuan Huangxiu is powerful, and now he has eight realms. Shangguan Qiuye is indeed a descendant in front of him.

"Seniors have been practicing in Dongxian Island?" Shangguan Qiuye asked.

"I spend most of my time, and occasionally go out for a walk." Emperor Pingyuan said: "There are many special places for spiritual practice in Dongxian Island, and there are many elixir spirits, all suitable for spiritual practice, girl, you Entering Dongxian Island is definitely beneficial to your practice."

Shangguan Qiuye smiled and did not respond. Emperor Pingyuan praised Dongxiandao so much. It seems that these people are sincere. Dongxiandao should show enough sincerity to help them practice, so that these practitioners will take the initiative. Invite others emperor.

Just then, there was a cry of exclamation, and many fairies saluted slightly in a direction, shouting, "Island Master."

Everyone's eyes looked over there, and they saw a queen-like figure walking towards this side. The value of the face was extraordinary, and it was amazing at a glance. At the same time, there was a sense of distance that was unattainable.

"Owner of Dongxian Island." Shangguan Qiuye secretly said, this is the first time she saw the island owner of Dongxian Island. I have only heard of some of them before. Almost all people in Penglai mainland can't see her.

The master of Dongxian Island is gorgeous, walking step by step to the throne, looking at the crowd.

"I've seen the island master." At this time, even those powerful practitioners who had just arrived, saluted a little, and seemed to be very respectful of the female island master.

"You are polite." The island owner smiled back and looked back at Ye Futian. They said, "This time my Dongxian Island is open, and we have greeted all the great people, which is a big event in Dongxian Island. Tang Tu, invite you to have a few drinks together, and hope you dont mind."

"Islander is welcome." Someone said, what identity of the owner of Dongxiandao Island will never be inferior to those who are at the helm of the top powers of Penglai mainland. They can come and sit with them in person. UU reads books. After all, is giving face.

"You don't have to be restrained, just sit down." The island owner saw many people standing up and reaching out, she also sat on the throne herself, looking at the crowd and said: "Dongxian Island has rules, as long as people who can come here, Everyone will be rewarded with immortality medicine, and naturally today is no exception. Presumably everyone has waited a lot of time."

With her beautiful eyes looking behind her, she saw a group of figures facing forward, a total of nine people, each holding a porcelain bottle in their hands, which contained an extremely precious Divine Pill.

"There are nine elixirs here, and every elixirs is the best in danzhong. The nine people who came here today can choose one elixirs, so let's pick them first." The eyes of man have fallen on the hands of the nine fairies.

However, Jiang Jiuming still bowed his head and sat there quietly, without looking at the immortals.

Although these immortals are quite precious to practice, they are not so important to him.

The purpose of his coming here is not for these immortals, but for the magic elixir in Dongxian Island!