The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1933

Vol 8 Chapter 1933: Invite

The female island owner looked at the feasts at the banquet and said, "You can introduce these immortals to you."

"Yes." The nine fairies nodded. The first person looked at the potion he was holding, and said, "Nine turn imperial lei dan, refining into the body can directly improve the physique of the practitioner, even in the realm of the emperor." , To enhance the perception of control over Thunder Avenue, to cleanse the body and turn it into a thunder body, is made by Xiaomu."

"Xiaomu." Ye Futian looked at the purple elixir, which was extremely dazzling and was confined inside, but it still seemed to be able to feel the terrible energy it contained. Before, Bei Gongao got Xiaomu's breakthrough. The strength has greatly increased and can overcome the existence of many eight realms.

Today, this panacea is itself refined by Xiaomu, but it is a superb panacea with thunder properties.

"I want it." Ye Futian said, making everyone stunned, and the woman island owner looked at Ye Futian and said, "I decided so quickly, don't look at other medicines?"

"No need, since the juniors have made a decision, can they pick it first?" Ye Futian said with a smile, and the female island master nodded. "Of course, since you Ye Huang first spoke, then this panacea belongs to Ye Huang first. ."

"Thank you, Lord of the island." Ye Futian nodded, and immediately the fairy handed over the elixir to Ye Futian.

After getting the Elixir, Ye Futian turned to Bei Gongshuang and said, "You are more suitable for this Elixir, and go back and practice."

The people at the banquet were shocked when they saw it, and they looked at Ye Futian with some surprise, with a strange look.

A top-notch panacea, just give it away?

Elixir is very precious, the more high-level Elixir is rarer, because there are fewer refining people, most practitioners are immersed in the practice, few people will spend a lot of time in other aspects, After all, the practice world is supreme, the strength is stronger than anything else.

However, Ye Futian got a top medicine and gave it away.

And looking at it like this, he himself was rushing to give someone a choice, otherwise, he would not even bother to listen to the introduction of other medicines.

This only shows that Ye Futian didn't care about this panacea.

The female island owner also smiled at Ye Futian. She had seen Ye Futian's performance before. It was indeed perfect. It was extremely outstanding. Such a remarkable person, it is normal to look down on a panacea. This little guy, a bit meaning.

Both Beigongao and Beigongshuang were stunned. Beigongshuang looked at Ye Futian strangely. This guy wanted to get close to him before, and now he turned around and gave her such a precious medicine. do not understand.

"Pavilion Lord, we can't suffer anymore." Bei Gongao said, Ye Futian had given him a chance before, and now he is giving Dan, which is getting more and more popular.

"Let's hold it and hold it. Didn't you say that Xiaomu was thinking of inheriting her before, but after you get it, it's very good to break through the situation? Now that this medicine is right for her, what do you refuse? "Ye Futianyun said blandly, seemingly indifferent.

Bei Gong proudly said nothing, then nodded seriously, and said, "Thank you, Lord."

Bei Gongao is clever, good at making choices, and making good use of words. However, at this moment, his heart is a little touched, and the light on some people can make you change for him, and the soldiers die for their soulmates, probably what this means.

He was just a superior emperor of the Seven Realms, whether it is Xiaomu or the Elixir, which is beyond his level. If there is no Ye Futian, it is unreachable.

On the other side, Emperor Helian showed a touch of loss, but it quickly covered up.

He first knew Ye Futian. At that time, Bei Gongao was still the opposite. Although they were together later, his relationship with Ye Futian was closer, but after entering Dongxian Island, he happened to meet Xiaomu, and Bei Gongao got The opportunity of the avenue is more helpful to Ye Futian.

He knew that this was not a partial favor of Ye Futian, it was just a coincidence. If he encountered something of his spiritual practice, Ye Futian would also fight for him.

But seeing Bei Gongao getting better and better, he was somewhat envious.

Ye Futian didn't say anything. It wasn't that he was partial, but just some luck.

If there is a chance, he will help Emperor Helian.

When the spiritual practice reaches their level, some things do not need to be explained.

Afterwards, a fairy went on to introduce other medicines, all of which were very precious gods on the road. Ye Futian listened carefully. A few of the medicines made him feel a little moved, but it was only a move, and it did not allow him Has undergone qualitative changes.

There is the world's ancient tree of life and soul, his perception of the road is already very strong, and the effect of the panacea is also limited. As he said before, he is a heavenly **** body, even though it is a arrogant speech, but in fact it is also Can be regarded as his talent in spiritual practice.

The rest of the strong men have chosen the Elixir one after another. Soon, the Elixir was selected to only one, and only one person had not yet selected it.

This unselected person is Jiang Jiuming.

As the descendants of the ancient royal family of top powers, these elixirs are not so attractive to him, he does not care so much, so he does not compete with others.

"Mr. Jiang." Huang Xianzi said, "Now, there is only one last medicine left."

"It's okay, then I want this one, which is also very good." Jiang Jiuming smiled and accepted it, and he seemed very casual. Everyone in Dongxian Island could see that Jiang Jiuming didn't care so much. Not strong.

But his life is there, and the people of Dongxian Island are naturally aware of it, and will not have any ideas.

The nine fairies returned, and the island owner looked at them and said, "It's all a feast, don't be rude."

"Thank you, Lord." Everyone nodded and began to enjoy the banquet here. Someone was intoxicated. Someone showed a sense of intoxication. With a touch of strange color in their eyes, they continued to enjoy the food.


They were all a little frightened and looked at each other and wanted to say something, but no one spoke first.

"Haha." In another direction, an old man who practiced in Dongxiandao said, "I feel it. This banquet is made with ingredients grown by Dongxiandao personally. They are all good for the practice, although the effect is not as good as the elixir. , But taking it for a long time is extremely beneficial to spiritual practice. Do you want to enjoy this fine wine and food every day in the future?"

The people looked at each other with little waves in their hearts. No wonder so many powerful practitioners are willing to stay in Dongxiandao for practice, which is really tempting.

"If there is no Taolu, there is still a chance to practice with the fairy of Dongxian Island. See how good you are." Another person opened a joke and pointed to a pair of bi humanities opposite him. "Look at these two people. Fairy couple."

Everyone looked over there and saw a pair of Bi people sitting together. The men were handsome and the women were unparalleled in beauty. They all had a hint of dust on their bodies. They were all emperors.

"The fairy of Dongxian Island is not so easy to pursue. Whether they have that skill is not necessarily the case." Another person said with a smile.

The owner of the island never spoke, but these people sent out olive branches for Dongxian Island.

However, Dongxian Island is indeed very attractive to practitioners.

"Ye Gongzi can have spiritual practitioners?" Bai Mu said softly beside Ye Futian. She looked at Ye Futian beautifully, her voice was gentle.

"Yes." Ye Futian smiled and nodded. Bai Mu glanced at Xia Qingyan beside him. She seemed to have been sitting the most recently, probably an extraordinary relationship. Maybe it was a fellow.

"Being able to become a fellow with Ye Gongzi must be extremely good." Bai Mu looked at Xia Qingyan's direction and said with a smile, but Xia Qingyan sat quietly there, did not respond, and did not look at her .

"Is the fairy always practicing in Dongxiandao?" Ye Futian did not talk about the Taoist, but asked.

"En." Bai Mu nodded. "It was met by a teacher many years ago and brought Dongxian Island to practice. If there is no master, I am afraid it will be another life."

Practicing in Dongxian Island can change one's physique and talents to create a strong person. In fact, most of Xianxian Island fairy's previous family background is not prominent, otherwise it will not be brought to Dongxian Island.

After their arrival, for their practice, it was indeed a leap.

Therefore, UU reading books www. They are very grateful to Dongxian Island.

Moreover, Dongxian Island will not force them to do anything, and even the matter of the Taoist companions will also be voluntary.

Ye Futian nodded, Dongxian Island has innate conditions, and it is indeed very attractive to practitioners. Now, it seems that Dongxian Island's accumulated power over the years may be stronger than the outside world thinks.

"You may be interested in practicing in Dongxian Island. If you want, you can feel the practice of the road in Dongxian Island in the future, and Dongxian Island will also have enough medicine to help you practice to a higher level." The host of the banquet, Dongxiandao Island, finally opened his mouth and invited those who came here to practice.

Everyone was a little silent, and it was not easy to decide this matter for a while.

Favored by others, he went to Dongxiandao to practice, and he will be regarded as a person in Dongxiandao in the future.

Dongxiandao does so, presumably what it wants to do in the future.

"I won't enter Dongxiandao to practice." Jiang Jiuming said with a smile. "I'm not here for this."

"What's the reason Jiang Gongzi is here?" asked the island owner.

Jiang Jiuming looked at the island owner and smiled and said, "Those things that Donglai Shangxian's senior pursued!"

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