The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1934

Vol 8 Chapter 1934: Tree God

Jiang Jiuming's words fell, and he looked at him all at once.

What did Donglai Shangxian pursue?

what is that?

Ye Futian showed a hint of curiosity, looked at Bei Gongao beside them, but saw Bei Gongao also shook his head, obviously he did not know.

"Is there a legendary magic pill, does it really exist?" A thought appeared in the mind of Shangguan Qiuye. There was indeed a rumor spread on the mainland of Penglai. It is said that the magic pill is contained in Dongxian Island and Dongxian Shangxian. At that time, it did not really fall, but was conceived by the Divine Pill to maintain life.

However, most people are unbelievable about this rumor, and countless years have passed, and Dongxian Shangxian cannot be alive.

The island owner's eyes also stared at Jiang Jiuming, and those beautiful eyes suddenly contained an invisible coercion, falling on Jiang Jiuming.

Over the years, there have been many conspirators.

As the ancient royal power, Jiang Jiuming was not surprised to know.

However, since many people who came here failed for a long time, no one has been here for a long time and made this request. Unexpectedly, Jiang Jiuming came here now. Could it be that he thought he was special?

"You are still waiting for some time. If Jiang Huang is here, maybe it is possible." The female island owner said with a smile, the tone was not so friendly, did Jiang Jiuming come to pay attention to it.

"How do you know if you don't try it?" Jiang Jiuming didn't care about the attitude of the island owner, and continued to say, "Even if it's not possible, it's enough to have a long view, at least I have seen it."

"Are you sure you want to watch?" the island owner continued to ask.

Jiang Jiuming nodded slightly. "Before I came, I heard about the magic of the magic pill, so I always wanted to come and see. Taking this opportunity to come to Dongxian Island, it is also for this purpose, and I hope the island's owner will complete."

The island owner was holding a wine glass in his hand and pursed his lips with a soft sip, and then put it down to look at Jiang Jiuming. She stood up and turned around to walk, a long dress and ground, graceful and dignified, dignified atmosphere, just like the queen of the generation.

"Well, since the ancient Jiang family still wants to see, I will fulfill you." The island owner said aloud, "Follow me to the Forbidden Land of Dongxian Island."

"Yes." Many fairies got up and followed the island owner. Many practitioners at the banquet looked at each other. Most of them knew this kind of thing vaguely, but never mentioned it. However, this is also the first time they heard someone tell the story in person.

Will the island owner let them see it too?

What is the magic pill?

On Ye Futian's side, a group of people whispered and talked about Shendan. Obviously, for many people, the Shendan of Dongxian Island only exists in rumors and is not true.

However, it seems there is.

Moreover, the owner of Dongxiandao Island is about to take them to see.

All of them followed the owner of Dongxian Island. Soon, a group of people went forward, and passed through the sky of Dongxian Island. After a while, they came to a piece of boundless medicine forest.

There are many strong men guarding here, growers of all kinds of extremely rare herbs and plants.

They flew directly over the sky, Ye Futian looked down into the sky, and actually saw many precious plants that had been seen on the island before.

This area is full of extreme vitality.

Moving all the way forward, they came to an immense ancient mountain, a gap was opened in the mountain, from which came a terrible breath, a breath of life, which made people feel very comfortable.

"The Divine Pill is inside. If you want, you can go to get it." The island master said, making everyone show a weird look.

Dongxian Island, how easy it is for people to take away the elixir?

Of course not.

Then it can only be explained that this magic pill is not easily taken away.

However, why can't one take away a panacea?

Many people were full of curiosity. Ye Futian looked at Jiang Jiuming and saw that the other party looked extremely serious. Since he came for Shendan, he should obviously have learned more information than others. Everything about Shendan should be clear.

Looking at his expression, it became clear that this panacea was not easy to take.

The island owner did not speak, but stood aside and looked at it quietly. Later, Jiang Jiuming walked with the Jiang's strongman into it. The rest of the people wanted to keep up, but hesitated and worried that the island owner was dissatisfied. , Waiting outside.

Jiang's strongman and his party quickly disappeared into the gap of the ancient mountain and stepped into it. There, the terrible avenue of the air cut off the Divine Thought directly. Can't see clearly.

"Boom..." Inside, there is a strong collision sound coming out, it seems that there is a violent fluctuation of the air flow in the avenue.

Various sounds came out from the inside, and the roar continued. Beside Ye Futian, Zifeng's eyes glanced contemptuously in front of her. Inside, she went in.

Even the strong of the ancient royal family, it is impossible to take away the Divine Pill.

Sure enough, it didn't take long for them to see a figure appearing in the gap. It was Jiang Jiuming and others who walked out of it, all looked a little embarrassed. Many people's clothes were messy, and some were even injured, as if they had experienced a war. .

This made Ye Futian have a weird look, isn't there a magic pill hidden in it?

Why is this the case, can Elixir still fight?

This is simply impossible, or is it possible that this magic pill cannot protect the demon?

Jiang Jiuming expressed a sense of disappointment, and said slightly to the island owner, "Thank you, the island owner, for his kindness."

"You don't have to be polite." The island owner said casually, "You are interested, you can continue, as long as you can take the Shendan away, then you are all."

At this point, the face was slightly beaten, obviously the other party could not take it.

This scene made Ye Futian look a little weird. From the conversation between the two parties, it is clear that there is indeed a magic pill in it, otherwise the strong people of the ancient Jiang family will not speak so well.

Although there is a magic weapon, no one can take it away.

Not only Ye Futian, but everyone else is also full of curiosity, wanting to know what happened in the past.

The island owner obviously noticed the curiosity of the crowd, and looked inside and said, "If you are curious, you can go in and take a look, but be careful."

"Is there really something in Donglai Shangxian's relics?" someone asked.

"I will know when I go in. I won't care since I spoke. If you want to see it, you can go. If you can take away the Divine Pill," the island owner continued, seeming to be extremely confident of the Dongxian Island Forbidden Divine Pill. , No one can take away.

"In this case, it's okay for the old to go in and see." An old man stepped inside, and soon the sound of a violent collision came out. Not long after that, the old man walked back again, and also looked slightly embarrassed, with a bitter smile on his face. , Seeing many people looking at him, he just shook his head and said, "The creator is really magical, you will see if you go in and see."

Hearing his words, more practitioners were curious, and saw a figure walking into it, and then came back disappointed. Of course, in addition to the disappointment, there was a ray of exclamation, but, did not say what was inside, let Everyone explores on their own.

Seeing a figure back, Shangguan Qiuye beside Ye Futian said, "Aren't you going in to see?"

Ye Futian's talent is outstanding. Before he inherited the opportunity of the avenue on the mountain wall, if he went in, would it be different?

"Do you want to go in?" Ye Futian asked.

"Yes." Shangguan Qiuye nodded.

"Let's go first, I'll look at it again." Ye Futian said, Shangguan Qiuye was not polite, but actually walked inside.

However, it didn't take long for Shangguan Qiuye to come out like everyone else, with a little surprise in her beautiful eyes.

"What?" Ye Futian asked.

"Go and see for yourself." Shangguan Qiuye didn't tell him, but spoke to Ye Futian, and Ye Futian didn't question, waiting quietly, accompanied by a figure in and out, but no one succeeded. After all, it was only amazing.

Seeing other people come out, the people who came in before are relieved...

I am afraid that no one can take it away, UU reading www.uukanshu. As the island owner said, the presence of Jiangs presence may only take Shendan away.

Finally, no one entered it again, and the island owner asked, "Who else wants to see it?"

No one responded. At this time, Ye Futian stepped out and said, "The juniors also want to open their eyes."

"Random." The island master echoed back, as usual, did not think too much, and then saw Ye Futian walked, walked into the gap of the ancient mountain, directly passed through the mountain, and entered a huge space.

When Ye Futian came here, he instantly felt a very kind atmosphere, and when he saw the scene in front of him, he was surprised in his eyes.

In front of him, it turned out to be a tree, an immense huge tree with infinite branches and leaves.

This tree seems to breed all kinds of methods, filled with a variety of avenues of breath, as if it can hold everything, and among the old trees, the strongest avenue of breath is the breath of life, which is the breath of the old tree itself.

Ye Futian was a little shocked that this immense and huge ancient tree actually appeared humanoid, as if it was an immense huge tree god.

This humanoid **** tree has a skull, eyes, arms, body and legs, and it completely fits the humanoid shape. The humanoid head is now shining with extremely brilliant life, and there seems to be a panacea!

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