The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1936

Vol 8 Chapter 1936: The Second Island Owner

The main island of the female island stared at Ye Futian. The pressure of the road was still strong. Was he merged?

"What did you get?" she continued to ask.

"Shen Pill, the power of the avenue of life." Ye Futian's voice fell, a divine emerald green radiance shone, his body seemed to turn into a **** tree, and countless branches and leaves spread out, swaying in this space , The breath of life is extremely magnificent.

Ye Futian's body is also filled with gorgeous green divine light, vitality is extremely strong.

"What else?" the other party continued to stare at him and asked.

Ye Futian looked at each other's deep eyes and replied: "Also, inherit everything from Donglai Shangxian's predecessors."

His voice fell, and an invisible road pressure enveloped this area, not just the female island owner, but also a strong air breathed from the strong men around her. Donglai Shangxian is the belief of Dongxian Island Even though it has been falling for many years, the people of Dongxian Island know that he has not completely disappeared. They all hope that he will exist forever and one day will wake up in other ways.

But now, it is inherited by Ye Futian.

"He's gone?" A terrible avenue force surging on the woman seemed to be a little cold.

"Leave." Ye Futian replied frankly: "Senior Donglai Shangxian said that I am also a half of his disciple, and he will take care of Dongxian Island in the future."

"You take care of Dongxian Island?" The other party looked at Ye Futian Road.

"Not now." Ye Futian responded: "Does the island owner think it will not work in the future?"

The woman was silent when she heard Ye Futian's words. Ye Futian's performance was always in her eyes. Even if Jiang Jiuming was present, Ye Futian was still the most outstanding person in Dongxian Island.

"In this way, the change of the flowering tree is also because of you." She continued to speak, Ye Futian did not deny, nodded.

"Who are you? The continents around, there is no top family with the surname Ye." The female island owner stared at Ye Futian. She was somewhat doubtful of Ye Futian's identity, and whether the other party was just like Jiang Jiuming, directed at Shendan Here.

"Dongyuan Pavilion Lord." Ye Futian replied.

"Dongyuan Pavilion cannot accommodate you." The other party responded directly.

Ye Futian glanced at the people around her, which made the other party show a strange color. This means that they should be avoided?

"You withdraw first." The island owner said, and several people glanced at Ye Futian coldly, and then turned around and left. The island owner looked at Ye Futian and said: "You can say."

Sure enough, as she guessed, this person seemed not simple and had an extraordinary origin, otherwise, there was no need to retreat from the screen.

An invisible avenue power enveloped this area and blocked it. Ye Futian looked at the island owner: "I have inherited everything from the predecessor of Dongxian Shangxian, and naturally know the past, as the predecessor said, I am indeed his half I've been a disciple, and my relationship with Dongxian Island has continued, so I can tell the island owner the secret to show my sincerity, but I also hope the island owner will keep it secret for me."

"Yes." The other party nodded.

"I come from the realm." Ye Futian said.

"Impossible." The island owner showed a strange color: "How could your cultivation behavior come out of the original realm."

Obviously, she has heard of the original world. After all, Dongxian Island was also very popular in the past. His father was a top character and naturally talked about it.

"I did come from the original realm, whether the island owner believes it or not, this is a fact." Ye Futian continued, the woman's beautiful eyes stared at him. Although she knew the original realm, she was against most of the powers of Shenzhou. Words, the original world only exists in rumors.

The youth in front of him came from the original world.

"Even if I believe you, this is not a secret?" The island owner looked at Ye Futian Road.

"At that time, I was hunted down by the top Chinese forces in the original realm, including the forces of the Holy Land." Ye Futian continued, making the other party show a strange look. She naturally heard of the Holy Land, even if it is not the same as Dongxian Island. There will be no intersections, but as one of the top powers in Shenzhou, she knows that there is a holy place in the beginning.

Will such forces chase Ye Futian?

"My real name is Ye Futian, Ye Liunian is a pseudonym. In the original realm, due to some opportunities, it was targeted by the forces of the original realm and the forces of the lower realm of Shenzhou, so I fled to Shenzhou." Ye Futian said.

"How do you escape?" the other party looked at him.

"Princess Donghuang doesn't want me to die." Ye Futian said.

"Princess Donghuang?" The owner of the female island already believed Ye Futian a little, but the more she heard the more absurd, and only felt a little dreamy, a person from the lower emperor's realm came to his Dongxian Island to try the opportunity of the avenue. However, the characters and forces mentioned were beyond his reach in Dongxian Island. How could this not make her feel dreamy.

"Islander see for yourself." Ye Futian's eyebrows shot a thought toward the other party's eyebrows. The other party did not refuse, and saw the scenes appear in the scene. The battle in the original realm appeared in the other party's mind.

After reading the island, the woman's breath slightly fluctuated, and her gaze stared at her figure.

This is a wizard. In the original realm, she has come into contact with the top powers. The Princess Donghuang appreciates it. No wonder she has such extraordinary talents. She rampages on her East Fairy Island and inherits the opportunity of the avenue to seize the Divine Pill.

"The sincerity of the younger generation should be enough?" Ye Futian said, and the other party still looked at him.

"Why tell me so much?"

These are Ye Futian's secrets, and there is no need to tell her all.

"I have inherited the Divine Pill, and the inheritance of the predecessors of the Immortals in Dongdung Lai can be regarded as half a successor. If the island owner does not believe my talents, it may be harmful to me. On the contrary, if the island owner sees all this, then , The ending may be the opposite." Ye Futian frankly replied that he knew everything that Dongxiandao experienced through Donglai Shangxian.

Today's Dongxian Island is in desperate need of strength, because it will take advantage of the avenue to attract outside talents.

However, in any case, even if the strength of Dongxian Island increases greatly, there will still be an upper limit. As long as there is no giant figure in Dongxian Island, the upper limit will always be there.

So, he can give Dongxiandao hope.

Inheriting everything in Donglai's Shangxian, he had also promised to take care of Dongxiandao, so he didn't mind Dongxiandao becoming his help.

"You go back first." The island master thought for a moment, and said to Ye Futian, her thoughts were a little messy, and she hadn't sorted it out yet.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded slightly and turned away from here.

After he left, the owner of Dongxian Island still stared at his back in a daze.

Ye Futian in the original world, Ye Liunian, the master of the Dongyuan Pavilion.

She Dongxian Island has been attracting evil characters. On this day, when a talented wizard came, even the daughter of the emperor appreciated him. Ye Futian's talents did not need to doubt at all.

This is a romantic figure who can let the flower tree run wild, let the **** tree merge into the **** body, and let Zi Feng be willing to follow him out to practice.

No matter where you look, Ye Futian is the best choice for Dongxian Island.

But is he reliable?

At the banquet before, Ye Futian randomly gave Jiu Zhuan Yu Leidan to the people around him. He had also performed well on Dongxiandao Avenue before. He was gentle and gentle, but he was extremely ruthless to the enemy.

Perhaps all this is a fateful arrangement.

Ye Futian was sent to Dongxian Island.

"Island Master." At this moment, I saw a figure flickering and fell beside the owner of Dongxian Island. Their eyes were filled with doubts and inquiries.

What did the white-haired emperor talk to the island owner?

"From now on, Ye Liunian is the second island owner of Dongxian Island, and he needs his full help. However, this matter is only known to you and must not be publicized. Its identity is the same as mine." The woman said, everyone around was a little shocked. , Looking at her.

Is this, positioning the white-haired emperor as the heir to Dongxian Island?

Even if he got the inheritance of Dongxian Shangxian, shouldn't he decide so quickly?

"Islander, do you want to discuss this matter again?" someone asked.

"No, I've decided, so it's settled." The island master's tone was sure, everyone was a little shocked, I don't know what the two men actually talked about, but who is the island owner, they know better than anyone, and act resolutely. It is an extremely outstanding leader. Since they have made a decision, they will naturally not question it, they all nodded and then left.

Dongxian Island, the second island owner?

Ye Futian didn't know all this. After he went back, Zi Feng asked him, "What did the island's sister tell you?"

"Nothing, care about me." Ye Futian said with a smile.

"I care about you?" Zi Fengmei glanced at him with a somewhat contemptuous look. Her sister, the island owner, UU reading would not care about others, let alone men.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded: "Although you plan to follow me to practice, it may still be often in Dongxian Island."

Zi Feng didn't understand it, and Ye Futian didn't explain much. In his view, such a choice is actually very simple. With the cleverness of the owner of Dongxian Island, he will naturally make the best judgment.

Faced with a win-win option, no one will choose to lose.

"When are we going?" Bei Gongshuang asked Ye Futian.

"Go?" Ye Futian looked at Beigongshuang and said, "Dongxian Island Chinese and American wine and food are all great supplements. Why do you want to go?"

Stay a few days longer and make up for it, isn't it fragrant?

"Don't you go?" Bei Gongshuang showed a strange color, some didn't quite understand.

Ye Futian smiled and didn't say much, of course, he didn't leave, and he would be his own domain in the future!