The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1937

Vol 8 Chapter 1937: Custody

Dongxian Island, the people who entered the core island have successively left, and several people have chosen to join Dongxian Island in preparation for staying in Dongxian Island.

Ye Futian naturally did not leave, after that he stayed in Dongxian Island to practice.

Dongxian Island is delicious and delicious every day. Baimu fairy in Dongxian Island comes to serve every day. Many Dongxian Island practitioners are dissatisfied. They all say that Baimu now becomes Ye Futians maid. Too.

They all thought that Ye Futian should have agreed to join Dongxian Island to practice, but even if he entered Dongxian Island, he was so talented, there was no need to be so wronged, Bai Mu?

In Dongxian Island, Bai Mu's talent is also very outstanding. A dusty empress character is waiting for Ye Futian every day, which makes many people feel strange. If they become monks, they can accept it.

However, Bai Mu didn't say anything, nor did he feel wronged. The island owner's order naturally had a deep meaning.

As for the matter of'Second Island Master', Dongxian Island has not been disclosed, only the core few people know, even the fairy characters of Dongxian Island, do not know, of course, Ye Futian himself does not know, but look at the East Xiandao's attitude is clear to many things.

On this day, in a hall on Dongxian Island, Bai Mu and the Huang Xianzi stood there, facing the peerless queen, the owner of Dongxian Island, respectfully.

"Bai Mu, how have you been with Lord Yege these few days?" Dongxiandao Island Master asked.

"Very good." Bai Mu nodded slightly: "Master Ye Ge is more easy-going and good at dealing with others."

The island owner nodded slightly and glanced at the fairy Huang, who was named Huang Yan. He was a disciple of the host of Dongxian Island. He was very talented and very important to her. Seeing the master looked at himself, Huang Yan said: "Master, there have been a few gossips on the island these days. Lord Yege is very talented. Although he entered Dongxian Island to practice, is it necessary to treat it like this?"

The island owner glanced at her and said, "Huang Yan, please go down first."

Huang Yan was stunned for a moment, but she nodded, but still nodded and bowed: "Yes, Master."

After all, she turned around and retreated, leaving here, and did not know where this sentence caused Master to be unhappy.

Bai Mu didn't understand, at this moment only she was left here.

"Bai Mu, what do you think of Lord Yege?" The island master asked.

"The talent is unparalleled." Bai Mu replied: "Even the ancient royal family Jiang Jiuming is not necessarily superior to him. Both inside and outside of Dongxian Island show unparalleled talent."

"Yes." The island owner nodded. "Would you like to practice with him?"

Bai Mu was stunned for a moment, a strange color appeared in her beautiful eyes, slightly lowered her head, and said softly: "Return to Master, Ye Gezhu already has a fellow."

"It's not the Taoist companions, it's following him to practice." The island owner knew she had misunderstood, and continued, Bai Mu looked up and looked at her master with some surprise.

Does Master really want her to follow Ye Futian all the time and serve around?

How much does this value Ye Futian?

"Master's order, Bai Mu should obey it." Bai Mu said softly.

"Its not a request, Im just asking for your opinion. If you dont want it, I wont force it. What I need is a person who really wants to follow his practice, not because of my order, he came from you, You also know him best, so ask your opinion." The island owner continued.

Bai Mu heard Master's words revealing a hint of contemplation, listening to Master's meaning, Master was more optimistic about Ye Futian than she had imagined.

Bai Mu thought of the process of knowing Ye Futian, first of all, a battle between him and Jun Qiuyan. Later, in Qiuxian Island, Jun Qiuyan was abolished. At that time, she still thought that Ye Futian was impulsive and should not move Jun Qiuyan. It is very dangerous to go out.

But now she found that she might think too much. In Dongxian Island, Ye Futian has been able to directly affect the master, and even let herself follow him. Since that is the case, if the Juns want to move Ye Futian, Dongxian Island It is never possible to look on the wall.

"The disciple is willing." Bai Mu nodded and bowed, perhaps following Ye Futian's practice.

"Yes." The owner of Dongxian Island slightly nodded and said, "Since that is the case, I will tell you the truth. I have named Ye Futian as the second island owner of Dongxian Island. He may carry the future of Dongxian Island. do you understand me?"

Bai Mumei's eyes showed a sense of shock, looking up at the Master.

"Shen Pill, he got it, and he also got the inheritance of my father." The owner of Dongxian Island continued to say, every sentence made Bai Mu's heart tremble.

Sure enough, he still underestimated him...

No wonder Master let him follow him around.

At this time, I saw that the owner of Dongxian Island took out a sacred ancient order, which was filled with a very powerful avenue. This ancient order flew to Bai Mu, suspended in front of her, Bai Mu saw this ancient order's eyes There was a wave of volatility, which was clearly recognized.

"See it as you see me, you hold it, you can use it when you need it. In addition, I will order you to be the goddess of Dongxian Island." The voice of the owner of Dongxian Island made Bai Mu's state of mind extremely calm and gave the ancient order , To seal the goddess, just to let her follow Ye Futian to practice.

"Most people in Dongxian Island don't know about today's things. It's better if you understand it. Don't disclose it to others."

"Yes, Master." Bai Mu nodded. It seems that the Master chose her this time, which is a heavy responsibility.

"Go." The owner of Dongxian Island said, Bai Mu saluted slightly, and then turned around to leave. There was a huge wave in his heart, and it was difficult to calm down for a long time.

The owner of Dongxiandao Island watched the other person sit away and sat quietly. Ye Futian inherited everything from his father and won the Divine Pill. Except that he was not a descendant of the fathers bloodline, the others were more like heirs, so she sealed him. As the second island owner.

She is not greedy for power, strength can bring power, otherwise it is floating clouds, if one day Ye Futian can reach a certain height, she does not mind Ye Futian to inherit Dongxian Island.

Although Zifeng followed, she thought it was still not enough. Ye Futian was not a person in Dongxian Island and did not have a sense of belonging to Dongxian Island. She needed to strengthen her feelings. Since she recognized Ye Futian, then, of course Ye Futian should be tied.

Therefore, she would send Bai Mu to serve, and she also thought about choosing Huang Yan, but Huang Yan was proud and made her serve Ye Futian. She was afraid that she could not be willing to do so, so she gave up this matter to Bai Mu. .

The goddess can only grieve Huang Yan. If there is no Ye Futian, the position of the goddess should be Huang Yan.

She looked out and said aloud: "Today, the disciple Bai Mu is officially enrolled as the goddess of Dongxian Island. He is the head of all the disciples, and all the disciples of Dongxian Island need to listen to their orders."

This voice went out and spread throughout the whole Dongxian Island, and in a flash, it rang through the sky.

Bai Mu's footsteps stopped shortly after she went out, and she did not look back. At this moment, she had no joy or excitement. On the contrary, she had a long way to go. Now, she is not worthy of the position of goddess. She can only make herself more outstanding.

Huang Yan was in another place, looking back at the ancient temple that had come out before, the beautiful eyes solidified there, his eyes puzzled and puzzled.

Sealed Bai Mu, the goddess of Dongxian Island.


Is it because you were in the ancient temple before?

Did she say that wrongly?

She was a little puzzled and could not understand it. She was not jealous, but she could not understand why the master made this decision.

In all respects, she is more outstanding than Bai Mu.

It's not just her. At this time, the people of Dongxian Island looked at the direction where the sound came, and their hearts were slightly wavy, Bai Mu, and they were sealed as goddesses.

What about Huang Yan?

Why did the island owner seal Bai Mu at this time?

"Follow the order of the island master, congratulations to the goddess." At this moment, another voice resounded from Dongxian Island, a powerful figure in Dongxian Island.

"Follow the order of the island master, congratulate the goddess..."

After that, voices came out one after another in response to the owner of Dongxian Island. Soon, this sound directly submerged Dongxian Island, resonating with the world and resembling the will of the road, which made people unwillingly accept it.

In the palace where Ye Futian is located, he raised his head slightly, and the sounds of the voices fell, and the sound of Yu Yuling around. Is this matter related to him?

"Yehuang." At this time, I saw Shangguan Qiuye coming here and said to him: "Bai Mu was sealed as a goddess. Before that, Bai Mu invited you to Dongxian Island?"

"En." Ye Futian nodded.

"I didn't expect Bai Mu Fairy to have this luck." Shangguan Qiuye expressed some emotion.

Just as she spoke, a figure from a distance stepped towards this side. Seeing that figure Shangguan Qiuye was stunned, she had just come here when she talked about Bai Mu.

This scene made her look weird. Bai Mugang was enshrined as a goddess. Even if there is no official enrollment ceremony, shouldn't she go to the host of Dongxian Island?

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"Master Ye Ge." Bai Mu landed on the floor, nodded to Ye Futian with a smile.

"Congratulations to the fairy." Ye Futian smiled and congratulated.

"Congratulations Bai Xianzi." Shangguan Qiuye also congratulated.

"Thank you." Bai Mu responded with a smile.

"The fairy is enshrined as a goddess, how come you come here?" Shangguan Qiuye asked doubtfully, but Ye Futian didn't ask. He vaguely felt that this matter might be related to him.

"In this trip to Dongxian Island, Lord Pavilion showed unparalleled talents, and the master enrolled me as a goddess, but it also made me learn more from Lord Pavilion. For many years, I have been practicing in Dongxian Island, and now I should go out. Walking, I wonder if I have the opportunity to go out to practice with Master Ye Ge?" Bai Murou asked softly, with a very polite tone. Ye Futian also confirmed her guess after hearing her words.

It seems that the owner of Dongxian Island has made a decision to let a goddess follow him to practice.

Sure enough, Bai Mu was banned because of him.

The side of Shangguan Qiuye showed a shocked color, how could she not understand this situation, Bai Mu, who had just been enrolled as a goddess, wanted to follow Ye Futian to practice, this is to make the goddess Ye Yetian ?

Obviously, her understanding is a bit biased!

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