The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1938

Vol 8 Chapter 1938: Shenyang

Ye Futian's understanding is different from that of Shangguan Qiuye. The master of Dongxian Island enrolled the goddess, and then let the goddess practice with him, naturally admitting him.

However, sent a goddess to follow him, is there any intention to look at him?

However, his impression of Bai Mu was okay, and the person selected by the other party was suitable. He naturally had no reason to refuse, and he nodded and said, "If the fairy does not dislike, I naturally have no opinion."

"That's the way to say it. After that, I will practice in this palace. If the Lord Pavilion has any instructions, I will directly tell me to do it." Bai Mu said, Ye Futian nodded, and vaguely understood Dongxiandao Island. The Lords thoughts.

He wanted to connect Bai Mu with Dongxian Island.

"Thank you Fairy." Ye Futian, who understood, nodded with a smile, and the next Shangguan Qiuye blinked, did this become?

It's really unpretentious... shameless.

Shangguan Qiuye now thinks that Dongxian Island just wants to lure Ye Futian through Bai Mu, but it is only a beauty. Where does she know that Ye Futian has already inherited the Dongxian Shangxian inheritance and swallowed Dongxiandao Shendan, already The second island owner of Dongxian Island is gone.

"Ye Gezhu will stop calling the fairy in the future, just call my name." Bai Mu said.

"Good." Ye Futian nodded. "Bai Mu, should there be a place of alchemy in Dongxian Island?"

"En." Bai Mu nodded his head. Dongxian Island was created by Donglai Shangxian, and Donglai Shangxian was a top alchemist. How could Dongxian Island not know alchemy, there are many people who are good at it Alchemy.

"Are you good at it?" Ye Futian asked.

Bai Mu shook his head. "My talent in alchemy is not high. Alchemy needs to have a strong sense of the power of the avenue. Any good alchemist can make the flowers bloom."

"So, a powerful alchemist must have a very strong talent for spiritual practice?" Ye Futian said, and Bai Mu nodded. This is also the reason why a powerful alchemist is extremely rare. It is enough for a person with outstanding talent to practice to improve his strength. Why bother to go to alchemy.

"So, I should have a lot of potential. When you have time to take me to observe alchemy, maybe my talent for alchemy may be outstanding." Ye Futian said with a smile, Bai Mu knew the inside story and naturally understood that Ye Futian wanted The reason to go and observe.

Inheriting everything from Donglai Shangxian, Ye Futian now has the opportunity to become a top alchemist master, provided he is willing to spend time and energy on it.

"When is Dongxian Island closed?" Ye Futian asked.

"It will be closed after three days. At that time, all practitioners will withdraw from Dongxian Island." Bai Mu said, Ye Futian nodded slightly. When Dongxian Island was closed, the news would also spread. Penglai mainland will naturally know Jun Qiuyan Things.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that the other party already knows, and the possibility is very high. After all, there is such a magic weapon in the practice world. He and Xia Qingxian have a pair of mirrors. It is also possible that the news has been spread.

But Jun Qiuyan is in his own hands, and the Jun's practitioners should not dare to mess up.

However, it is time to consider the following things.

Before that, the Wutong Shenyang must be closed.

"Zifeng, shall we go to Wutong Island now?" Ye Futian said to the Phoenix not far away.

Apparently the two have reached an agreement, let Ye Futian take away Wutong Shenyan.

"Okay." Zifeng nodded, and then the two went away together. Shangguan Qiuye and Bai Mu and others looked at them dumbfoundedly, what to do on Wutong Island?

"Wait for the little sculpture..."

A voice came from behind, and the'Diaoye' wings spread out to keep up, and if it didn't keep up, it would lose its status.

It didnt take long for them to appear together on Wutong Island. Although Zifeng was not there, the sycamore tree still stood on the island, and no one could take the phoenix flame from it. There is no problem with the spiritual fire of life, but it is impossible to directly smelt it for yourself. At least there are no such strong people into Dongxian Island.

However, Ye Futian said he had a way.

"Leave Wutong Island immediately." Zifeng's body swooped down, the red dress was dazzling, and there was a sudden monstrous coercion on her body, and a phantom shadow of Shenfeng appeared on her body, covering the sky and the flames. Wutong Island makes the sycamore trees on the island sway, and a ray of magic flame diffuses out.

In an instant, the temperature of Wutong Island rose suddenly, centered on the phoenix tree, and a plume of flames lingering around, the practitioners on the island glanced at Zifeng, knowing that this is probably the owner of Wutong Island, they all have To evacuate towards the void.

Ye Futian and the statuette swooped down and fell next to the phoenix tree. Ye Futian walked under the phoenix tree and sat cross-legged.

Zifeng's body was suspended above the plane tree of Wutong, looking at the quiet Ye Futian, thinking how he could take away the flame of Wutong from the tree.

At this moment, she faintly felt a stream of invisible air flow from Ye Futian's body, enveloping the Indus God Tree in it. At this moment, the power of the Flame Avenue above the Indus God Tree was constantly flowing towards his body. Going away, made Zifeng's beautiful eyes flash a bit of a strange color and became a little serious.

At this moment, she faintly noticed that this space seemed to have an independent avenue area, covered by the descending tree, and there seemed to be invisible ancient branches and leaves spreading in the avenue area, turning into the airflow of the avenue, and infiltrating into the tree of the plane tree In the process, Ye Futian's body and Wutong God Tree are integrated into one body, and they continue to devour and absorb the light of the Divine Flame.


The terrible divine light shines, an incomparable fiery breath diffuses out, the phoenix tree turns into a flame color, as if burning a golden divine fire, and the whole body is extremely dazzling.

"Shen Yan!"

The body of the little eagle receded into the void, but he couldn't bear the power of the fire.

But even with the power of Divine Fire, Ye Futian still absorbed into the body a little bit, which made Zifeng show a strange look. Unless he can resonate with Divine Flame, such as her, otherwise contact with Divine Flame, whether it is physical or spiritual The will will be directly burned.

This is also the reason why Wutong Shenyan is still unattended, but no one can take it away.

But why can Ye Futian not be injured?

I saw Ye Futian's body also lit up with flames, constantly flashing, the whole body was shining, the fire was circulating around the body, and was also under great pressure.

But even so, he still did not stop his movements. The strength of Taiyin encountered in the earth core of Taiyin Realm was much more terrible than this phoenix flame. It was still absorbed and swallowed by him. Today, this sycamore flame is also the same.

Because of his experience in the shadow world, he dared to be so confident.

After a long time, the divine light on the Sycamore tree gradually became dim, and the divine light in Ye Futian's body became extremely bright, as if he were bathed in divine fire, sitting cross-legged in the practice without leaving.

At the same time, the breath of flame on the entire island of Indus also weakened, and the power of the avenue in this island gradually dispersed.

"Really swallowed." Zi Feng stared at Ye Futian under the sky. Although she had been watching here, she still didn't understand how Ye Futian did it. She only felt that Ye Futian was good at a mysterious force. This force is very strong, strong enough to tolerate Wutong Shenyan.

After a while, the glory of Shenhuo Avenue circulated on Ye Futian's body. He stood up and spit out a turbid breath, which turned into a terrible hot air.

Lifting his head, Ye Futian looked at Xiang Zifeng and said with a smile "Okay."

"Shen Yan?" Zi Feng's eyes widened, looking at Ye Futian.

Didn't you help her away?

Where is Shenyan?

Won't it be swallowed by this guy?

"Relax." Ye Futian saw Zi Feng's expression with a smile and said, "Go, go back."

Having said that, his figure flickered and left directly here, leaving an empty island of Indus.

After they left, many people came here, and someone asked "Who is that person?"

"Ye Liunian, who had destroyed a lot of avenues before, was swallowed by him alone, and then broke into the chessboard to enter the core island. Now it seems that he may have been invited to practice in Dongxian Island and put it on this island. The chance of the Dadao Avenue was swallowed, really ruthless..." Someone said, it seems that Ye Futian is already quite famous in Dongxian Island.

"Ye Liunian, the main patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion, I have also heard that the Jun Qiuyan of the Penglai mainland monarch was abolished, and the death of the hundred monarchs of the monarch emperor was killed. The strongman of the eight realms escaped. What will happen." Someone said beside him.

It seems that everyone knows what happened in Dongxian Island a few days ago.

After Ye Futian returned to the core island, UU reading still enjoyed life, serving wine and food, and accompanied by beautiful people, and more than one.

Not only himself, he took Emperor Helian and Bei Gong proud of them on the island, he also enjoyed the most'luxury' life, and even Bai Mu got him some pill, saying that it was for spiritual practice. Assigned to the people around.

Sometimes, he will go to alchemy.

All this, Shangguan Qiuye looked at her eyes, her head was a little messy.

Although Ye Futian's talent is outstanding, he has now entered Dongxian Island to practice, but Dongxian Island is not necessary to treat him like this?

Moreover, this guy is like an emperor's life in Dongxian Island, very happy.

This period of time seemed to pass exceptionally fast. Finally, this days trip to Dongxian Island ended, and Dongxian Island invited several evil characters in the island to practice in Dongxian Island. At the same time, Dongxian Island opened The strong men who came to the trial also left one after another, and some were happy and some were sad.

When the gate of Dongxian Island was opened, Penglai mainland was shocked. A battle took place in Dongxian Island, which affected several top forces in Penglai mainland. Among them, Jun was killed by many practitioners. The loss was heavy, young master Jun Qiuyan was scrapped and repaired.

This incident caused a huge sensation in an instant, so that a mighty army came directly to Penglai Wonderland!

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