The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1939

Vol 8 Chapter 1939: Nice Guy

Dongxian Island, the land of alchemy.

In front of a alchemy furnace, white hair leaves sitting on the knees in front of the sky, a long silver hair shines brightly in the flames, with a bright luster, like a fairy.

The alchemy furnace in front of him was suspended in the air, and the fire enveloped the alchemy furnace into the alchemy furnace, so that the flame was also ignited inside, and there was a burst of medicine fragrance inside.

A ray of road fire penetrated into the Dan Furnace, making changes in it, and his hands were still imprinted. In the Dan Furnace, it seemed that his phantom figure appeared, controlling everything inside.

To refine the Elixir, it is necessary to invade the spiritual power into the Elixir and control every detail of the Alchemy, because people who do not cultivate enough cannot refine the powerful Elixir.

After a long time, the Alchemy Furnace burst out with the light of the Avenue, a gorgeous Elixir was condensing and was born, and the Alchemy Furnace also made a concussive sound.

"Almost." Ye Futian's white hair fluttered suddenly, his palms slapped on the alchemy furnace, and a ray of light flew out, and he saw the alchemy furnace open, and a panacea flew out.

Ye Futian froze when he saw this elixir, and his face was a bit dark. I saw that the elixir suspended in the void, although the light of the avenue released from it, diffused a very strong avenue from it, but the elixir was surprising. The ugliness is like an irregularly shaped stone, where there is a little immortality.

"Mistakes..." Ye Futian could not help but whispered when he saw his eyes not far away. He was embarrassed. He tried many times before. This was his first formal alchemy. The result was so ugly.

Several alchemists in Dongxian Island watched him speechless for a while. Is this the genius alchemist found by the island owner? ?

It seems that the island owner wants them to teach Ye Futian more, and may have a chance to become a powerful alchemist in the future.

"Ye Xiaoyou, don't be discouraged. It's already good to be able to practice for the first time. The color is not important." An emperor said with a smile.

"Yes, color is not important, nor is shape." Another said.

Ye Futian can't stay any longer, so what's so important?

"Cough... I suddenly remembered that there was something else, and I left first." Ye Futian said, and then slipped away, Bai Mu also followed him away, and everyone laughed when they left.

"It seems that the people chosen by the island leader still have a long way to go."

"Alchemy, it's not that simple." An old man Fu Xu said, it seems that Ye Futian is like this, they all seem to be in a good mood, this is normal, the island owner asked Bai Mu to bring Ye Futian over, that treatment, let them He was speechless, so he tried his hand.

The first time alchemy, if the medicinal materials are the best, how is it now?

Are ruined.

"Look at the elixir he made, can he take it?" Everyone stepped forward and suddenly everyone laughed and said, "Who dares to take it, or should you come?"

"No, let's do it," the person next to him refused.

They stepped forward and sucked the elixir out of the elixir, and immediately came out with a strong medicinal fragrance. Although the elixir was ugly, the breath was not weak, which made them show a strange color.

After carefully perceiving the breath of the highway contained in the Xiadan medicine, several people's faces changed.

"It looks okay, I try to feel how." One said.

"It's such an ugly panacea, let me try it," said one of them.

Everyone behind showed a strange look. What was the situation?

Didnt you say you didnt dare to take it?

"I'll try it." Someone spoke again, but just as they spoke, the person who got the pill directly swallowed the pill into the abdomen.

"........." Everyone looked at this scene in amazement, shameless.

After the man swallowed the elixir, a breath of life diffused out of the body. This man was not good at the meaning of the life avenue. Obviously all of them were the merits of the elixir. I saw the gorgeous life force enveloped his body , So that the vitality in his body continues to grow, as if some changes are happening to the whole person, the breath becomes longer.

At this moment, a strand of white hair turned into black, the wrinkles on his face also disappeared, the skin became shiny, and it seemed that he was getting younger.

"This..." everyone looked shocked, especially when they saw each other's changes, they were shocked.

It didn't take long for the alchemist of the middle emperor's realm to seem to be reborn, and the whole person was a few decades younger, with great spirits.

"Hahaha!" The old man laughed, looking full of energy, his voice became extremely loud and powerful, and said aloud: "The island owner has good eyes, this little friend Ye is a alchemist wizard."


Everyone was dumbfounded. Who dare to take this panacea just now?

"Dog thief!" They hated in their hearts, only hated that they started too slowly.

"What level?" someone asked.

"Perfect grade medicine, Wupindaodan." The old man said aloud. Hearing his words, other people had the urge to vomit blood. The perfect grade Wupindaodan means that it is comparable to the effect of more than seven grades of ordinary medicine. No wonder he can be rejuvenated.

This old thief...

"The color is not important, the shape is not important, alchemy is the most important grade." The old man laughed and said: "Ye Xiaoyou is really a wizard, not bound by the rules, open up a new path, and be self-contained, use all your energy to improve Above the medicine level, he does not care about outsiders' views. He is so bold, his life is rare, and he is admired by the old."


Everyone was stunned when they heard each other bragging, which is simply...

"What do you think, as an alchemy master, you have no real name, just focus on its form, don't value alchemy at all, and you can't look down on the elixir of Ye Huang's refining. You can only take it when you appreciate it, but when you see the gap, Need to reflect on it, Ye Xiaoyou is on the Dan Road, but can be an old teacher, so I went to visit."

The old man said nothing, and strode out like a meteor to leave Ye Futian.

Left a group of people staring dumbfounded at his back.

"Old man is extremely shameless." Someone pointed at his back and scolded.

"How can there be such a brazen person in the world." The rest of the people rushed to the crown one by one, so it is so shameless, how shameful.

After scolding, only one person asked and asked: "Shall we go?"

"I'm still a little bit ahead," said one of them.

"I'm also a little bit busy, everyone." Another person said, the one who had scolded the most fiercely just now and ran fastest.

The person who asked the question just now was a little ignorant. In a blink of an eye, everyone ran away.

"Shameless!" He scolded, and then stepped out, keeping up with the pace of everyone. All the people who claimed something was going in the same direction.

Therefore, on this day, Ye Futian's palace was particularly lively, which made many people stunned. The pride alchemists, who are all proud on weekdays, now claim to see the Emperor, with a very respectful attitude.

Bai Mu in the palace was shocked to see the alchemy masters coming. What happened?

"I'll wait to meet Ye Xiaoyou." One person said, "I don't know Ye Xiaoyou is free."

"Master Yege is planning to go out for a walk." Bai Mu said, "What are you doing looking for Master Ye?"

She hasn't figured it out yet, what is the situation?

"It's nothing serious, it's the alchemy thing, I want to communicate with Ye Xiaoyou more." One person said, Bai Mu's expression became strange and communicated with Ye Futian?

Where do they know that Ye Futian's lower emperor realm has refined the perfect middle-class Daodan, which surpassed most of them, and that's okay?

Ye Futian had just learned alchemy. After that, wouldn't refining the top-grade medicinal herbs come in handy? easy.

Although they are alchemists, they are also spiritual practitioners. Immortality medicine is naturally extremely important to them. The old man just now gained great benefits by swallowing Daodan refined by Ye Futian.

"I came to visit before I was ready, and my juniors were terrified." At this moment, only hearing a voice came, and I saw Ye Futian walking in the void and came here.

"Where is Ye Xiaoyou, Xiaoyou refined Qidan as soon as he shot it, I am ashamed, so I came to invite Xiaoyou to exchange ideas about alchemy, and there are some doubts to ask Xiaoyou."


Bai Mu was stunned. UU reading book

This group of alchemy masters with high eyes, to ask Ye Futian alchemy?

Ye Futian had just learned alchemy.

In her impression, is alchemy difficult?

Could it be that Ye Futian just made a very powerful panacea?

"The juniors also want to communicate more with your predecessors, but I am afraid that there will be no chance in the future." Ye Futian sighed: "Now Dongxian Island is open, I may have to go out, and was besieged while training in Dongxian Island. He must have offended the Jun strong, and now, Penglai mainland Jun is afraid that he will hate his juniors, but for some reason he has to go out and face this line, I am afraid that he will not come back."

"What is Penglai Mainland? What is Ye Xiaoyou waiting for a while? I will ask someone to help me with Ye Xiaoyou."

"Yes, Ye Xiaoyou doesn't have to worry. We go out differently with Xiaoyou. I'll go find the island owner."

"Although leave it to us."

A voice came out, and Ye Futian was moved to cry, a group of good people, the road was not fair, and they helped each other.

Bai Mu stood there, only feeling a little messy!

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