The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1940

Vol 8 Chapter 1940: Dejima

In Penglai Wonderland, after the end of the trial journey of Dongxian Island, the strongmen from all continents gathered here, and many strongmen did not leave.

Many practitioners of this trip have gained something, and many of them have obtained huge benefits. Although it is impossible to be like Ye Futian, after all, Ye Futian took the opportunity of the road to uproot it.

Moreover, this is still Ye Futian only walked a few avenues, most of them did not touch their fingers.

But others have their own opportunities.

After coming out, Penglai Fairyland became more lively and transactions became more. Besides, it was gossip about the trip to Dongxian Island, talking about what happened in Dongxian Island.

For example, it is rumored that during this trip to Dongxian Island, there is a mysterious strongman from the ancient royal family Jiang.

The ancient royal family is quite far away for the practitioners here, and many people are secretly shocked. Unexpectedly, Dongxian Island has attracted the powerful of the ancient royal family.

However, the most striking thing about this trip to Dongxian Island was not this ancient royal Jiang strong, but an emperor known as the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion, Ye Liunian.

This man was in the center of Dongxian Island, and he even broke into the road, killing many emperors, and the means were cruel and ruthless. What is really scary is that he almost killed the top power of the Penglai mainland. Strong.

Moreover, Jun Junjun Qiuyan was directly abolished.

This matter has now spread throughout Penglai Wonderland, and the practitioners of Penglai mainland have mobilized the strong. Now this Penglai Wonderland is full of Jun's strongmen, as long as the patriarch of the Dongyuan Pavilion comes out and waits for his destiny It is death.

However, I heard that the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion had already been valued by Dongxian Island and had entered Dongxian Island to practice.

At the same time, there is a rumor in Penglai Fairyland. When Dongxian Island was first opened, in front of the blossoming tree, there was a mysterious strongman who let the blossoming tree run away, but I dont know who it is. Some people think that it is because of the blossoming tree itself. It is said that someone deliberately hides.

Today, many people speculate that the man who practiced the flowers and trees frantically is Ye Liunian, the chief of the Dongyuan Pavilion.

This man performed too well in Dongxian Island, and took the opportunity of the avenue. He entered the Dongxianmen with an unparalleled record of unmatched pieces. It is unparalleled. It is said that after that, he also returned to Wutong Island. Shenyan was taken away, but this is a rumor, most people do not know the truth.

But in any case, the most dazzling person on this trip to Dongxian Island did not make a second choice. Only the Dongyuan Pavilion Master who had been hunted down by Jun Qiuyan and Bai Mu was able to escape.

In Penglai Fairyland, there were flickering figures, some people were walking on the ground, and some people were walking on the sky.

I saw that at this time, another extremely strong breath came from the void, and the strong men raised their heads, and they saw a group of black-pressed strong men passing by above the head, making many people secretly shocked, but it was a Support the Imperial Army.

"Is the Jun strong?" someone asked.

"No." One of the crowd showed a different color in his eyes, and whispered, "Yun's strong."

"Yun's in Penglai mainland?" People around were secretly surprised. Yun's in Penglai mainland is the same level of power as Jun's. Now it is leading a large army. What is it doing?

The people still had emotions in the future, another strong breath came, looked up at the sky, and a large army roared past, making many people feel a little numb. What's wrong?

"Is the Yun's strong?"

"I saw one of them in Dongxian Island, and I was with Shangguan Qiuye of Shangguan's family at that time, guarding her." One person said, making everyone's heart shake, and Shangguan's strongman also came.

In Dongxian Island, although Jun and Shangguan did not collide head-on, conflict did erupt, and it was when Jun Qiuyan was abandoned.

Everyone felt faintly that the storm was coming.

Today, Penglai mainland has three top forces converging in Penglai Wonderland.

At the exit of Dongxian Island, only a group of figures came out of it. The person headed was a woman with outstanding temperament and outstanding appearance.

After the woman came out, she looked around the crowd, Shen Nian spread toward the distance, and then saw a line of strong people appear in the distance, flashing towards here, and soon came to Shangguan Qiuye, one person Say "Miss."

"Yes." Shangguan Qiuye nodded slightly and said, "Are you here yet?"

"It's here." The other party responded, and Shangguan Qiuye stepped out and said, "Go."

Having said that, the group stepped away from here. Before she came out, they had passed the message back to the family and asked the strong of the family to come and respond.

What happened in Dongxian Island made her also worried that something might happen, so she started to prepare before that.

It didnt take long for them to come to a restaurant in Penglais Wonderland. It was quite quiet, elegant and free of loud noises. The entire restaurant was already occupied by a person. A middle-aged man was sitting there drinking quietly. When he arrived, he put down his glass and shouted "Autumn Leaf."

"Daddy." Shangguan Qiuye shouted, it turned out that the coming middle-aged grandson was Shangguan Qiuye's father, and also the leader of this generation of Shangguan, Shangguanhong.

"How is the practice in Dongxian Island?" Shangguanhong looked to Qiguan Qiuye and asked him that his temperament had changed slightly, and there should be no small progress.

"Well, I got a lot of opportunities." Shangguan Qiuye nodded. "Of course, the most important thing in this trip is to know someone."

"Dongyuan Pavilion Lord?" Shangguanhong asked.

"Yes, Ye Liunian, the chief of the Dongyuan Pavilion." Shangguan Qiuye nodded. "I have passed some news with Dad before. The talents of this Ye Liunian are extremely amazing. It may not be possible for Penglai mainland to find someone who can be out of his right."

Shangguanhong nodded slightly. "I also heard a lot of rumors about him. Do you observe Dongxiandao's attitude in Dongxiandao?"

"Yes." Qiuye Shangguan responded, "Dongxiandao, must support him."

"Are you sure?" Shangguanhong asked, "How much will you pay?"

"Sure." Shangguan Qiuye said seriously. "According to my guess, Dongxian Island will never let him fail, and he will not hesitate to go to war."

Before she came out, Ye Futian had a few words with her, and even if she didn't, she could see the situation inside Dongxian Island.

Ye Futian now enjoys emperor treatment in Dongxian Island.

This feeling is like Ye Futian is the young master of Dongxian Island.

"Understood." Shangguanhong nodded, his eyes sharp, and there was already a determination in his heart. This was a huge opportunity.

At this moment, there was a strong breath outside the restaurant. When the Shangguan's strongman intercepted it, he saw a mighty figure in the distance coming, standing above the void, staring at the restaurant.

"Shangguanhong." A cold voice came, and Shangguanhong stood up and walked forward a few steps, looking at the figure in the void.

"Jun Xiaoyao." Shangguanhong looked at the coming person, and the helm of the Jun clan also arrived. Jun Qiuyan was the son of this Jun Xiaoyao. Behind him, a person with a terrible atmosphere.

Jun Xiaoyaos eyes fell on Shangguan Qiuye, and there was a killing thought in his eyes, saying, "Heard that in Dongxian Island, Shangguan Qiuye will lead the Shangguans people to deal with my Juns, leading to my Juns strong The casualties are heavy, Shangguanhong, should Shangguanshi give me an explanation?"

"Brother Xiaoyao was afraid it was a misunderstanding." Shangguan Hong calmly replied, "I just asked Qiuye girl, she said that she had never shot from the beginning to the end, and none of my Shangguan people participated, I believe they would not dare to deceive I."

"Shangguanhong, I won't fight with you here anymore." Jun Xiaoyao said coldly. "You will answer directly, how to solve this matter?"

"I don't understand what you mean." Shangguan Hong echoed faintly, and didn't seem to take the other party's heart into consideration.

His words fell and saw Jun Xiaoyao release a terrible road pressure on him. There was a ray of road storms hanging around him, some biting, and many people felt a chill in the distance.

As they talked, the people in Dongxian Island continued to walk out of spiritual practice.

Finally, at the exit of Dongxian Island, a white-haired figure stepped out. As soon as he appeared, he instantly attracted countless eyes, as if everyone was staring at him.

This figure walking out of Dongxian Island is naturally Ye Futian.

He stood there quietly, feeling that countless eyes around him looked at him, but he was a little surprised. Didn't expect to be so attracted to?

In the distance, there are also many Taoist thoughts sweeping towards him.

Ye Futian looked back at the abandoned Jun Qiuyan and said, "People from your family have picked you up. UU Reading Book"

Jun Qiuyan's breath has now weakened to an extremely unbearable point. He is almost a half-dead man. He has a grudge in his eyes, but he also has a ray of hope.

Now that Ye Futian is finally out of Dongxian Island, he wants to see how the other party died.

In the far direction, a powerful breath permeated, Ye Futian looked over there, and instantly saw the presence of the emperor-level presence on all sides. They stood in different directions, and have already taken this place. Blockade.

Obviously, it has been waiting for a long time.

Ye Futian naturally knows who they are, and the wisps of sacred thoughts can perceive the realm of the other party, and there are many powerful existences of the upper emperor level.

Moreover, in the distance, there are constantly strong people flashing, and people are still in very distant places, but Shen Nian has come, and a powerful avenue of breath envelopes this sky, making the exit of Dongxian Island suppressed to the extreme.

Ye Futian looked into the distance in the sky and saw a figure walking towards him, only he stood here alone, and at this time he also felt a touch of light pressure, but he didn't care, his body still stood there quietly , A white robe flying in the void.

Jun clan, the top clan of Penglai mainland, if this thing stops, he can also put down, after all, the person who angered him is Jun Qiuyan, but I am afraid it is impossible!

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