The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1941

Vol 8 Chapter 1941: Encirclement

"help me"

Jun Qiuyan saw the coming figures and shouted, but his voice was a little hoarse, and he couldn't spread such a long distance at all, but the other party still heard it, and the Divine Thought covered here, so he could naturally hear his voice.

Those figures released the breath of terror. Many people had murderous intentions in their eyes. After knowing that Jun Qiuyan was abolished, the Jun's people were extremely angry. Not only that, Jun's practice in Dongxian Island People, almost beheaded.

Today, Ye Futian walks out of Dongxian Island with the abandoned Jun Qiuyan, which is a humiliation to the Jun.

I saw Ye Futian looked at the vast figure in the distance and said: "During the trip to Dongxian Island, Jun Qiuyan led the strong men to kill me, and I abandoned it for repairs, as a punishment, and I wish to spare him not to die. , Just stop here."

Having said that, he directly pushed Jun Qiuyan's body out, and someone emperor stepped out and brought Jun Qiuyan's body brought over by that invisible force back into the crowd of Jun's strong men.

People in the distance saw some thoughts in their hearts. It seems that the Dongyuan Pavilion Lord wanted to calm down, but how could this be possible?

He releases Jun Qiuyan, but the other party can deal with him directly without having to use a mouse.

But he might have no choice.

The Penglai mainland's top forces led the emperor's army to kill. I don't know how many strong people are in this Penglai fairyland. In addition to the family power, the Juns also control very powerful forces outside, including Penglai fairyland also has their power.

"Abolish him, don't let him die first." Jun Qiuyan was put back, his eyes suddenly became extremely unbearable, with a very strong sense of hatred, his voice was completely destroyed by Ye Futian.

After being abolished and cultivated, it is better to die than life. He also wanted Ye Futian to feel it. Therefore, he wanted Ye Futian to live.

Ye Futian glanced at Jun Qiuyan, his expression was indifferent, it seemed that there was no sense of gratitude.

"Do you follow us by yourself, or do you want us to do it?" Only one old man said, walking out of the crowd, is an elder man of the Jun family. The eight realms exist at the peak. Before abandoning Jun Qiuyan, he fled on Dongxian Island. The powerful eight realms stood beside him.

Ye Futian smiled when he heard the other party's words. Sure enough, as he expected, the matter could not be good anymore. Jun would not give up, and he must be dealt with.

"Since that is the case, let's do it." Ye Futian said, he was willing to stop here, not because he was afraid of the Jun strong, but he didn't want to waste time on it, but since he didn't want to let it go, then he had to fight.

An emperor stepped forward, and his breath was terrible. The former eight realm of Dongxian Island reminded him: "Be careful, this person is very powerful, and the upper realm has the fighting power."

The Jun strong has heard of this before, this demon figure of the lower emperor's realm, but has the fighting power of the upper emperor, he alone, killed among the more than one hundred emperors of the emperor, killed the emperor of Dongxian Island The strong are almost extinct, leaving only the last few alive.

With such a record, everyone naturally dared not carelessly, and they were all quite cautious. They did not rely on Ye Futian too close. The Avenue Storm converged and directly attacked Ye Futian from a long distance. The terrible attack of the Avenue attack fell down from the air.

A series of sword intentions appeared around Ye Futian's body, turning into a sword curtain, which blocked the void, and those descending Dadao attacks were directly destroyed. Once they approached the sword territory, they were torn and shattered instantly.

His eyes were like swords, and he swept toward the mighty powerful men and said, "Do you have to deal with me?"


In the distance, a decisive voice came from the sky, and a figure came step by step, full of breath, strong and extremely powerful, and pressed the highway space where Ye Futian was. Come over there.

The strong man of Shangguan followed, and Shangguanhong and Shangguan Qiuye were there. They stood at the other prescription and said, "As far as I know, the contradiction between the two sides has always been that Jun Qiuyan picks things first, from Penglai Wonderland In Penglai Xianchi in the beginning, many people have seen it, but now it is just to blame for it. Brother Xiaoyao will not continue to pursue it."

Many people heard a strange color when he heard his words, but Shang Guanhong, the helm of Shangguan, directly represented the will of Shangguan, should he also participate in it?

Jun Xiaoyao's eyes were cold and he swept to Shangguanhong. He hadn't settled accounts with Shangguan before. Now, the other party is also involved in this matter.

"Brother Shangguan is afraid that the world will not be messed up." Another voice came out. At another prescription position, the mighty strong arrived, this time, the Yun's strong.

Many people tremble in heart. Before that, many people saw that the three top forces of Penglai mainland had troops coming to Penglai Wonderland. Now Ye Futian has passed through Dongxian Island, and indeed the powerful forces have appeared together.

Moreover, the Shangguan clan is vaguely aimed at the Jun clan. On the contrary, the Yun clan seems to be allied with the Jun clan. Looking at this situation, the three parties should have considered it before.

"This matter is also related to Yunshi?" Shangguanhong asked, as expected, all parties have plans with the help of this storm. In addition to trying to kill Ye Futian, Jun seems to want To form an alliance with Yunshi to deal with their family power.

However, he did not have the same plan, and wanted to use Dongxian Island's entry to deal with the Jun.

Today, it seems that the arrow has to be sent on the string, depending on whether the news brought by Shangguan Qiuye is accurate or not, how much Ye Futian can let Dongxian Island pay.

"Ye Liunian was extremely presumptuous in Dongxian Island, killing indiscriminately. I don't know how many practitioners were killed in his hands. They are also the Penglai mainland forces. The strong men of the Jun family have also been slaughtered by many emperors. Cultivation, so, do you actually say that it has nothing to do with Yun's?" Yun Zhi, the leader of Yun, said, and beside him, Yun Zhe glanced at Ye Futian. He didn't dare to easily provoke this person in Dongxian Island.

But now that he is out of Dongxian Island, no matter how outstanding his talent is, he must die this time.

It is rumored that Ye Futian joined Dongxian Island, which was favored by Dongxian Island, but that's all. Because these two top forces led the army to kill, even Dongxian Island, how much can Ye Futian pay?

Dongxian Island, which has been enduring for many years, could not declare war to the two top forces of Penglai mainland for Ye Futian alone?

Take this opportunity to kill Ye Futian first, and then destroy the Shangguan family.

At the time of Dongxian Island, autumn leaves of Shangguan were very presumptuous.

"You mean, Yun's going to kill me too?" Ye Futian asked Yun Fei when he heard Yun Ji's words.

Yun Ji's eyes glanced at Ye Futian and said, "It depends on how Xiaoyao disposes."

"Understood." Ye Futian nodded: "Whether it was in Penglai Wonderland or in Dongxian Island, I didn't take the initiative to provoke right and wrong. Jun Qiuyan thought that he wanted me to follow him, and he was dissatisfied and refused. When I was in Dongxian Island, I also met many people who actively provoked right and wrong, such as the Jun strong."

"Later, they all died."

Ye Futian's words made the strong men stunned.

Later, they all died?

What do you mean?

Now, Jun and Yun come to pick things up, which is suggesting...

Shangguanhong couldn't help laughing when he heard Ye Futian's words. This guy is really a wonderful person, and he seems to be very serious.

Jun Xiaoyao is still staring at Ye Futian, he did not immediately order the shot, it seems to be waiting, want to see the attitude of Dongxiandao.

Dongxian Island is located on the mainland of Penglai. Although it has been isolated from the outside world for many years, it has not been completely disconnected. Dongxian Island opens once every ten years, from which you can feel the background and power of Dongxian Island. This force is very strong.

It's just, I don't know if they will block them from the top two forces in Penglai mainland because of a wicked character.

Jun Xiaoyao took a step forward and said, "Today, whoever prevents Jun's slaughter of Ye Liunian is tantamount to declaring war.

The words fell, and the emperor emperors again broke out with great arrogance.

An old man stepped into the void, and walked over the top of Ye Futian's head. He lifted his palm and pressed towards the sky. In an instant, the light of a sword directly pierced the heavens and the earth, and from the sky dome, he directly directed Ye Futian.

The sword is in the air, and the will of the arrogant sword will be integrated into the sword. There is infinite sword intention around the sword, killing directly towards the void, the two sword lights collide together, so that a terrible sword of destruction appears above the sky. Light, sweeping towards the vast void around.

But at the moment of the outbreak of war, UU Reading exit of Dongxian Island, I saw a figure flashing out, a fairy character with a temperament and a breath of air.

After a short while, a group of mighty emperors appeared at the same time, making many powerful people around stunned.

At this time, Bai Mu walked out of the crowd and looked at the other party. Beside her, there were several extremely strong characters, but she was headed by her. After all, Bai Mu is now a goddess and can represent Dongxian Island. Will.

"Dongxian Island is going to intervene in the Penglai mainland?" Jun Xiaoyao looked at Bai Mu's direction indifferently, and he stood above the sky, the divine radiance spattered the heavens and the earth, the pressure of the Emperor Nine Realms broke out, and the heavens and earth were the colors change.

Under this coercion, everyone felt the power and determination of Jun Xiaoyao, even if the Dongxiandao strong man appeared, he still released the road pressure, which shows his firm attitude.

This time, it is not only about the hatred between Ye Futian and Jun Qiuyan, but also about the strength and decline of the Jun clan, the battle of luck, the same is true of the Shangguan clan.

"Yege Lord is a guest of Dongxian Island Xiugui, moving, killing no amnesty." Bai Mu coldly said, the strong men spread out, at the same time, the far direction, in the outer area of this space, in In different directions, the strong man has continuously stepped into the void, coming to this space, the body has a terrible breath, and seems to have formed a trend of encirclement and suppression!

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