The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1942

Vol 8 Chapter 1942: Go To War


Seeing this scene, Shangguanhong had counted on it. It seemed that autumn leaves were not wrong. Dongxian Island did not hesitate to fight for Ye Futian.

"The Emperor Yan." Someone's eyes fell on an old man wearing a robe of flames, who had long hair and long beard, fairy bones, temperament, and a terrible scorching airflow appeared around his body. A powerful figure in eight realms, good at the way of flames, which is extremely terrible.

He came from a distance and appeared above the outer sky to support Dongxian Island.

"Night Emperor."

Many people looked to the other direction. Many of the emperors who came to the rescue were well-known figures in the mainland of Penglai, and they were even familiar with the major forces. Do they even have friendship with Dongxian Island?

"For so many years, Dongxian Island has not asked about foreign affairs and has never participated in disputes on the Penglai mainland. Over the years, today's Penglai mainland has forgotten the existence of Dongxian Island." At this time, behind Bai Mu, An old man who was a strong practitioner said that he was an alchemist in Dongxian Island. In his direction, there were many practitioners.

In the past few years, they have only asked about foreign affairs, but they do not represent faults with the outside world. On the mainland of Penglai, many people have come to the door to ask for Dan. They have been blessed by Dongxian Island and summoned. These people will naturally come to help.

Dongxian Island was the absolute overlord of Penglai, and even its sphere of influence radiated far beyond Penglai.

But today, several major forces in Penglai mainland, knowing that Ye Futian entered Dongxian Island, still dared to come and get people, so that they dont participate in Dongxian Island, this is already about to forget them. What status?

Hearing his words, Jun Xiaoyao and Yunxie's face also changed slightly. They naturally knew what the power of Dongxian Island was, but the world was forgetful. After so many years, Dongxian Island has gradually been forgotten. It is the current overlord of Penglai mainland, even if they understand in their hearts, Dongxian Islands current strength is bound to be not weak, and may even be stronger than them alone, but even so, the two forces of theirs joined forces and came under pressure. Fairy Island shouldn't matter how much?

If it were before, maybe not.

However, this time, they were obviously wrong.

Dongxian Island came out, not only that, but before that, it called the strong parties to come. Now, in this vast area, the terrible coercion makes the weak people dare not to come near, one after another. Stay away from this battlefield.

This time, Dongxian Island returned to Penglai mainland.

"Dongxiandao gives the opportunity to the Dadao every ten years. Anyone who practices in Penglai is naturally respected, and there is no meaning of provocation. Its just that this person has killed me many emperors of the Jun family, and many people are affected by it. Inviting peers, Jun's must give them an explanation, there is no idea for Dongxian Island, this trip is only for him, why should you substitute Dongxian Island into it." Jun Xiaoyao's tone does not seem to be the same as before As strong as it is, obviously, he didn't want to collide head-on with Dongxian Island, and there were also Shangguan's tigers watching. If the war is in full swing, even if they can win, it will be miserable, and there will be no winner.

"The goddess has said very clearly before. Dongxian Island has its own rules of Dongxian Island. They entered Dongxian Island to hunt down Yege Master. Can't they kill them and fight back?" The old man said coldly: "If Ruoxianxian Island It was Dongxiandao in those days, did you have the courage to come to be a person?"

To put it bluntly, I still didn't take today's Dongxian Island too seriously.

"In Dongxian Island, we naturally abide by the rules of Dongxian Island. However, I only started after he left Dongxian Island, which did not affect Dongxian Island." Jun Xiaoyao responded: "My Jun's and Why should Dongxian Island interfere with his grievances?"

"No more nonsense, let's do it." The old man said, at the moment when his words fell, there was a suffocating pressure in the vast space. Jun Xiaoyao's eyes were cold, and he looked at the practitioners of Dongxian Island. He never thought that Dongxian Island did not even hesitate.

Even the situation in front of them means that they have already started the battle of layout before this.

For Ye Futian.

But now, it is already difficult to ride a tiger, even if they are willing to stop, the other party is not necessarily willing.

Outside this area, the strongmen of all continents have not left, they have witnessed this scene, did not expect to be able to witness such a war after Dongxian Island.

This war will likely directly change the future pattern of Penglai mainland.

Because Ye Futian, or because of a conflict in Penglai Xianchi, Jun Qiuyan's provocation to Ye Futian directly led to changes in the future pattern of Penglai's overall situation. I am afraid no one had thought of it.

Even Jun Qiuyan himself couldnt think of today. After being abolished and repaired, he can still feel the terrible pressure of this heaven and earth, and only feel a tremor in his heart. The vast army of emperors, this time, Not only their emperor's army, but also the other's army.

Because of his affairs, not only has his cultivation practice been abolished, but now, will he still fight with Dongxian Island?

I saw Jun Xiaoyao stepping out of the void, an unparalleled road pressure came down, above the sky dome, the golden divine sprinkle down, shooting towards the vast space, UU reading book www.uukanshu. com has a very large and magnificent ancient temple that was condensed and born. This ancient temple has nine layers, as if cast from pure gold, and it is awe-inspiring.

Jun Xiaoyao waved his palms, the rays of light were vast, the Ninefold Ancient Temple was oppressed, the horrible sound of rumbling came out, and many avenues were directly crushed and destroyed, and the invisible ancient temples appeared together, falling down, and also facing down. Ye Futian fell out in the direction where he was.

Everything you pass will be destroyed.

I saw the direction of Dongxian Island, an old man stepped out, he stepped directly across the void, standing under the ancient temple, facing the Jun Xiaoyao, a **** array appeared between heaven and earth, directly radiating the infinite space, holding up this For a few days, the ancient temple crashed down and smashed on that circle, but it was not able to destroy it.

In the other direction, Yun's Yunji also stepped out, and the strong breath of the Nine Realms was released. He suppressed the sky and saw him shoot. Shangguanhong stepped across the void and found him directly.

The two men held two top powers, and there was a contradiction in their own right. Now that things have evolved to this point, they have no retreat and can only go to war.

In the battle of luck, whoever loses will be doomed.

The rest of the powerful shot one after another, Ye Futian looked at the battlefield, and also went out.

Since the war, then, only Jun and Yun can be destroyed!

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