The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1943

Vol 8 Chapter 1943: God Tree Appears

Ye Futian's body was suspended in the air, with white clothes and white hair. His eyes were bright as stars, sweeping towards the battlefield.

"Boom..." With a loud noise, Ye Futian saw a magic weapon attacking him, a golden roulette, directly tearing and cutting the void, making a sharp and harsh sound, and the space seemed to be cut. The speed is as fast as possible.

However, he saw that Ye Futian's figure disappeared in the same place as the same light, and the magic weapon cut through his residual image and shattered the residual image directly.

Ye Futian, the land above, looked at the man who shot him, a powerful man in the upper realm.

Jun's probably knows that his fighting power is very strong. People who are not in the upper realm of the emperor dare not dare to confront him directly.

This person who shot was the pinnacle of the Seven Realms, and had a magic weapon to rely on, so he dared to fight Ye Futian. He wanted to see how strong this person was and could kill him many emperors. He was very curious, Can the next emperor really kill the Seven Realms as rumored?

Lifting his head, he saw that Ye Futian's body was suspended in the air, and there was a sacred blazing sword in front of him. On his body, there was a Buddha's ghost shadow faintly, and the endless Buddha's doorway was blooming in this Buddha's ghost shadow. The light of the Brahma, the Sanskrit sound, turned into infinite ancient characters, and radiated out in a flash. The Brahma Avenue sounded through the world, and the sound sounded in the eardrums of many people, directly attacking the soul of God.

The Emperor of the Seven Realms who shot Ye Futian only felt that there was a Buddha in his mind, Vajra Vajra. He wanted to suppress him, making his soul tremble, as if he wanted the spirit to come out three-dimensionally, and his eyes became a little blurred.

At this moment, he felt an extremely terrifying sword of killing, his heart was beating violently, he sipped, and saw his magic weapon flew back in front of him, guarding the rotation, tearing the void in front of him .

The **** sword was killed, as if a sword river was killing down on nine days, and everything it passed was destroyed.


There was a loud noise, the opponent's magical instrument appeared to be cracked, the power of the avenue was split from the middle, and the seven powerful realms wanted to retreat, but the speed of the Excalibur was so fast, the sword light flashed away like a lightning bolt. The person's body was directly penetrated from the head down, and there was a strong sense of fear in his eyes.

He wanted to feel the strength of Xiye Futian, and now he feels it.

In a flash, kill.

Many people have noticed the battlefield here, and there are practitioners from various continents in the distance. They are all concerned about this duel. Apart from the battle between top characters, the most important thing is the strength of Ye Futian. After all, All the grievances are caused by him, naturally want how strong this rumored man is.

They saw that a powerful existence of seven realms was just killed in a single thought, without any trace of struggling power.

"Vajra's magic law." Many of the older generation of Penglai mainlanders whispered when they saw the power of the Buddha door used by Ye Futian. They had also entered Dongxian Island and practiced in front of the mountain wall of Nafomen. I have heard of some of the Buddha's methods, but it has never been really cultivated, and it is only an understanding of some of the power that has been able to strengthen the sound wave.

Unexpectedly, today, a person who is a practitioner of the next emperor's realm directly inherits and realizes, and, in such a short time, it is easy to release in battle, and its power is so strong. Strike to kill.

But at this time, a more terrible pressure enveloped Ye Futian. In the land above his body, there were several emperor-level existences in different directions, all of which were superior emperors of the seven realms, as if they had been discussed before the war. Well, after the war, they went straight to Ye Futian, and other strong men opened the way for them.

Behind him, Beigong Ao and Dongxian Island's strongmen came here, but they saw the mighty imperial army appear in front of them to stop them from supporting Ye Futian. In the lineup, Jun's lineup did not have Dongxian Island. Strong, but they contracted formation, trying to encircle Ye Futian.

It is their purpose to kill Ye Futian, but it is not their wish to fight against Dongxian Island, but now that the matter is here, they have to get rid of Ye Futian first. Perhaps after Ye Futian fell, Dongxian Island will give up instead of attachment. Yu went to war with them.

The terrifying Dao Palace Palace is suspended above Ye Futian's head, and is similar to the Dao God Wheel of Jun Xiao, the helm of the Jun family. Obviously they are all members of the Jun clan and have the same life soul, and the cast Dao God Wheel is similar.

The suffocating Dawei pressure fell, this space became extremely heavy, as if the body could not stand, Ye Futian only felt that he was endlessly powerful.


One after another, the palace shrine hangs down, and the avenue glows down. This avenue radiates the power to suppress the broken avenue, and can smooth out all existence.

The sword of Ye Futian was in the air, and the sword intention exploded in madness, but the terrible kendo light curtain was constantly destroyed, and the horrible roaring loud noise came out, and the temple palace was dropped, trying to suppress the heavens, Ye Futian in front of and below this force It seems extremely small.

"Don't even support Xianxian Island?" The strong man watching from a distance said, although there are many strong men in the Junshi who intercepted the person in Dongxian Island and wanted to hunt Ye Futian, Dongxian Island was not without support. , But they did not do so, but fought against their opponents in the periphery. Is this confidence in Ye Futian?

Those who are all the core characters of the Jun family, are the superior emperors of the Seven Realms, and their ability to excel at the same time resonates at the same time. The space is completely controlled by them and turned into the avenue field, everything will be suppressed and destroyed.

Seeing that the Infinite Temple Palace Que fell down the town, suddenly Ye Futian's body lit up with an extremely gorgeous green divine light. Immediately around his body, a **** tree appeared, and countless branches and vines grew out of the infinite Endless, twinkling towards those palaces that came to death.

"Ancient tree?"

Many people show a strange color, is this also his life soul?

The growth rate of this ancient tree is too horrible, exaggerated at a nearly horrible speed, and turned into a huge **** tree. The body of the sturdy **** tree is larger than a palace, and the vine branches and leaves that roll to the temple are also extremely stout, releasing the incomparable. The divine green divine light.

But this is not the magic of the **** tree. The ordinary old tree is very fragile and easy to be destroyed, but this **** tree has nearly invincible vitality. The way to destroy it, even if it is destroyed, the branches and leaves of the **** will grow out in an instant.

So a spectacular scene was formed in that space, a growing towering ancient tree, the branches and vines that extended from it wrapped around the temple palaces, this scene as if this **** tree is a space.

The power of the temple palace was weakened invisible, and the destructive power of the avenue seemed to have lost its place at this moment.

"This is..." The strong man in the distance looked at this scene shockedly. This is Ye Futian's Avenue God Wheel?

Wasn't he good at swords before?

Many people call it the white-haired sword emperor, who possesses the sword attribute Dao Shenlun.

Those who have been to the core island of Dongxian Island are exposed to a strange color. It feels like they have known each other. They have experienced it.

In the forbidden area of the core island of Dongxian Island, they saw a **** tree and tortured them miserably.

What does this **** tree mean now?

They didn't know that Ye Futian intentionally let them see this **** tree.

His mortal soul is the ancient tree of the world, and it is also the ancient tree. Moreover, the ancient tree of the world is likely to involve a big secret. At that time, the father-in-law did not let him be released in front of people, and now he has to be more careful when he arrives in Shenzhou. The opportunity obtained by Dongxian Island is a good cover.

"He got the Forbidden God Tree, could it be..." There was a ray of thought in the hearts of those who had entered the Forbidden Land.

They thought of Shendan, Ye Futian, he got Shendan?

After coming out that day, Ye Futian was also slightly embarrassed, but when I thought about it, he seemed a little different at that time, and his temperament changed slightly, but everyone didnt think about it. After all, they all fell into their own misunderstandings and take it for granted. Ye Futian could not succeed. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

But seeing this scene in front of them, and Dongxian Island's attitude towards Baoye Futian, they vaguely felt that they were wrong.

Divine Pill may have been taken by Ye Futian, so Ye Futian may have an extraordinary meaning for Dongxian Island.

The ancient branches and leaves are encircling the palace palace, and the **** wheel is still stretching out towards the sky dome. Those people want to escape, but they see a chill in the **** tree. The space of the avenue seems to condense at this moment, many people They all felt their blood flow slowed down, and the release of Dadao's power was not so smooth.

What is more terrible is that at this moment, there is a sound of Buddha ringing around, which is directly echoed in my mind, and the soul is shocked.

A large number of avenue attacks are endless, so that the powerful of the upper realm of the emperor should be overwhelmed.

"Om..." The branches and leaves of the gods directly rolled towards their bodies, invading the body with the power of the lunar, they felt their combat power was rapidly lost, the breath of the road was released to the extreme, struggling to escape.

But at this moment, the fire of the avenue suddenly burned up, one yin and one yang, the extreme chill and the terrible hot air flow invaded at the same time, and someone screamed.

In a blink of an eye, a Venerable Emperor of the Seven Realms in the void made a painful and miserable voice, and was invaded by the fire, and his body gradually became unreal!

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