The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1944

Vol 8 Chapter 1944: Wanton Killing

In the distance, many powerful people looked at the scene in shock. Although the practitioners from various continents had not been in contact with the top characters, they had seen a lot of evil characters in the realm.

However, it has never been seen that a person under the lower emperor's realm can be so strong.

Those who practiced against him were all the superior emperors of the Seven Realms, and they were also the core characters of the Penglai mainland's top power Jun. Several strong men surrounded and attacked, and the main road resonated and attacked at the same time. They were even directly cracked, and all were killed. How strong it is to escape alone.

When will the next emperor have such extraordinary power?

They just feel that their knowledge is not enough.

"What is his ability" was discussed by practitioners from various continents, and was shocked by Ye Futian's fighting power.

"In a momentary attack, he showed at least three avenue abilities." Someone was speechless, and each avenue ability was terrible.

The people beside "Not More" whispered, everyone agreed.

Kendo, sonic waves, flames, the power of the shadow and the **** tree.

Every ability is terrible, and his Dao Shenlun must be perfect. No one doubts this, otherwise there can be no such fighting power.

Not to mention them, even those who have seen Ye Futian's shot in Dongxian Island are equally shocked. Although Yefutian in Dongxian Island has been able to cut the seven realm strong, but now it is more at ease, or rather , More direct overbearing, directly crushing and killing with the most powerful attitude.

This gives the impression that the seven realms are like ants and can be extinguished with a finger.

However, in fact, the Seven Realms are already the upper realm of the emperor. Standing on the upper level of the emperor, if they use the entire Shenzhou as the base, they are definitely considered to be the upper class of the Divine State, but this moment is so fragile that it is not vulnerable.

But the strong man also depends on who he compares with.

Seeing the fall of those strong men, the emperors of the emperor's emperor's faces are all somber, is it so strong, which gives them a chill in their backs, such a strong strength, how much potential will it have?

It is no wonder that Dongxiandao will protect him and fight at any time.

Jun Qiuyan was taken to the farthest direction in the back. Those who were killed were all his clan and blood relatives, but because of this storm all died in Ye Futians hands, his heart was extremely complicated, hate, endless hate Meaning, everything is Ye Futian.

But again, there are also extremely strong regrets. If he was not so self-righteous in Penglai Xianchi at first, he would not provoke Ye Futian, or he would not pursue the matter afterwards, then nothing would happen.

Seeing the situation in front of him, he was very clear that he brought the whole family into a storm, which might destroy the whole family.

Moreover, it is destined to be unable to withdraw, and can only continue to go on.

In the practice world, when you are weak, no one will forgive your mistakes and be merciful to your people.

"Kill him." In the upper air, Jun Xiaoyao, who was fighting, shouted. Although he was restrained, he could also see Ye Futian's fighting situation. It was enough to separate a ray of thought. See Ye Futian. He not only did not retreat, but also had a stronger determination. Ye Futian had to be killed before he could let Dongxian Island withdraw from this battle, otherwise Dongxian Island would pay no price for such a demon. Go to war.

Even if he exists as Nine Realms, Jun Xiaoyao has to admit after witnessing Ye Futian's battle. This may be the most outstanding next emperor he has ever seen, and there is no one.

"Must stop me," he said, looking at the old man in front of him and said aloud, that the magic circle covered the sky and held him in this space. There was no way to kill Ye Futian. He could only order other powerful people to go.

"Jun Xiaoyao, this time, you went wrong." The old man responded that Jun was the top force in Penglai mainland, but they still should not choose to fight outside Dongxian Island. Although they can understand Jun's attitude, after all In Dongxian Island, many strong men of the Jun family were killed, and Jun Qiuyan, the son of Jun Xiaoyao, was abolished. It is imperative that the other party kill Ye Futian.

But the timing is not right, Jun Xiaoyao should not have come so directly, unless Dongxian Island is expected not to shoot, otherwise, it is to force Dongxian Island, so that they have no escape route.

Nowadays, Dongxian Island chooses to go to war, and Jun's retreat is impossible.

"What is right or wrong." Jun Xiaoyao said aloud. The sound of the shock was empty, and the power of the attack of the avenue fell. This sky dome has countless temples to suppress it, and it is overbearing to suppress and crush this space.

The Jun strong is slaughtered in Dongxian Island, because Dongxian Island, can Jun choose to avoid without fighting?

Even if it is a conflict between the two parties, within the rules of Dongxian Island, however, the slaughter is slaughter. They naturally want revenge, and this is the case of the spiritual world. There is no right or wrong, only a position.

"The difference between one thought and one, the pattern of the Penglai mainland will change, why bother." The old man replied, a beam of skylight broke out on the huge boundless circle, and collided with the palace Que killed by the town.

On the other hand, the battlefields of Shangguanhong and Yunjie are also extremely fierce. Both of them exist in the Nine Realms. When the battle broke down, at the same time, the practitioners of Shangguan and Yunshi also fought together, fighting fiercely.

The boundless world outside Dongxian Island turns into a terrible battlefield.

After Jun Xiaoyao's order, more powerful people killed in the direction of Ye Futian, swarming in and wanted to kill Ye Futian. Some people broke out and attacked on the road, but there were many powerful people around to help Ye Futian. Interception, Dongxian Island's strong, but there is no shortage of them, here is their home court.

Bai Mu looked at the battlefield, thinking of the Master's orders, a flash of cold light flashed in her eyes, and said: "Today Jun and Yun tried to kill me the guests of Dongxiandao and undermine the rules of Dongxiandao. You dont have to take care of your emotions anymore, there is no amnesty to kill."

Many of the invited emperors have not yet tried their best and are hiding, and they still keep their hands. After all, they dont know how the outcome of this matter will go, and if there is no shelter from Dongxian Island, If Jun wants to deal with them in the future, it will be a huge hidden danger.

However, Bai Mu's sentence seems to be quite clear.

There is no amnesty to kill.

In the future, I am afraid that there will be no Juns.

Thinking of this, they also made a decision. The road pressure on them was even more terrifying. They no longer kept their hands and started wanton killing.

In one direction, several emperors were killing in the direction of Ye Futian, but they were blocked by a group of people. This pedestrian released the fire at the same time. In a flash, this sky and earth became a realm of flame and burned the mountain. When the sea is cooked, the light of horror **** fire goes straight to the sky, and the other party seems to be buried directly in the sea of fire.

Those strong men also released the power of a strong avenue, but different dao fires were distributed in different directions and turned into multiple dao fires. Those strong men condensed at the same time, and suddenly there was a avenue furnace in the dao fire space. Everything exists.

Another prescription position, a group of strongmen who also killed Ye Futian was intercepted. Facing them was a group of fairy characters from Dongxian Island. They released a similar breath, and the vitality of life was extremely strong from their bodies. Released from above, several empresses released the ancient trees of the avenue, which was their **** wheel, rolled to the crowd, and instantly flooded this space.

"Junior, I'm afraid I can't kill him." Bystander Qing, the strong men from all continents in the distance are watching the battle, they can see the situation of the entire battlefield, Dongxian Island side is at ease, this is their home after all, from the bystanders From the point of view, Dongxian Island occupies the absolute initiative, and it is almost already firmly in control of the battle situation. If they were not allowed to let a group of people go to Ye Futian before, I am afraid that those powerful people will not pass.

From the situation at this time, it can be seen that after Ye Futian slaughtered the strong line, he stood alone in the center of the battlefield. Except for some avenues that stormed to his side, no emperor or attack could come to him. Side, all were cut off.

So strange that Ye Futian stood there, no one could fight, he standing in the center of the battlefield seemed to be idle

Ye Futian himself was also depressed. Dongxian Island was properly arranged and defended his side impeccably. Instead, he let the center of the storm sit idle and sit watching the wind and the clouds. There was nothing to do.

Behind him, Beigong Ao and Emperor Helian were also there, protecting him in the left and right directions, but in fact, they knew that Ye Futian's strength actually did not need them to protect the law. UU reading It's not easy to say, but Emperor Helian will definitely not be Ye Futian's opponent. The previous battle can already explain the situation.

Ye Futian glanced at one of the battlefields, and then his figure moved. Although Dongxiandao protected him, he could not stand here to watch the battle. With his current strength, the other party can directly threaten his life. There are not many people. As long as the strongest people are contained, he has no threat.

His body directly turned into a streamer, a prescription position, the strong sides of both sides were colliding, and suddenly felt a super strong sword coming, the strong face of the Jun's strong changed, and turned back to see Jian Guangyi Flashing away, followed by the blooming of blood, all the figures were directly cut off.

However, Ye Futian's body did not stop. The gorgeous sword light shuttled through the void and appeared on another battlefield in an instant. Another glorious glory of the sword came, and the puffing sound continued, blood Flying in the void, and several emperors were directly slaughtered, the sword light was too fast.

In the distance, those who watched the battle only saw a glory of swords traversing the battlefield in the battlefield. There must be blood in the place where the light passed, accompanied by the fall of the powerful in the realm of the emperor.

This made their hearts quite uneasy. The emperor was like an ant, slaughtered indiscriminately for a short time, and I didn't know how many were killed by Ye Futian.

In this way, the emperor of the monarch will be cut off

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