The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1945

Vol 8 Chapter 1945: Doomsday

The Yun's strongmen are equally uncomfortable, and they have faced their rivals, Shangguan's, and the practitioners of Dongxian Island have formed a siege against them. Coupled with the eruption of Ye Futian's strength, they continue to kill the emperor's emperor. , So that their side is full of decline.

Yun Ji, who was fighting Shangguan Hong, had a slightly gloomy look. The breath of the road was overwhelming the void. His eyes were indifferent, and he swept to the opposite Shangguanhong and said: "Shangguanshi is also a Penglai mainland power. Now, he is going to look at Dongxian. The island has risen again in Penglai? Dongxian Island has been enduring for many years. I am afraid that the ambition is not small. Shangguanhong, are you willing to **** for the horse?"

Shangguanhong was unmoved, his expression was indifferent, and wanted to excite him?

Both of them had grievances. Before they knew Dongxiandao's attitude, I was afraid that Yun's still wanted to join hands with Jun's to find a chance to eradicate them. Now, it seems that Dongxiandao is their common enemy.

Moreover, Shangguanhong is very clear that the enemy of Dongxian Island has never been them, and he also knows why Dongxian Island is so forgiving.

What's more, if Dongxiandao really has the power to overwhelm Penglai, who can stop it? That is the general trend, and the general trend is impossible. Now, he is just following the trend.

"Yunyu, why didn't you say these words before?" Shangguanhong said, another violent attack blasted at the other party, knocking Yunye's body back, making his eyes extremely gloomy and his mind swept away. With a glance at the entire battlefield, Ye Futian continued to kill, and an eight-state powerhouse had already fallen. In this way, the emperor of the Jun family would be defeated one by one until they were completely defeated.

At this moment, suddenly a monstrous divine power descended on the sky, and the golden divine power fell down, and the heavenly vault appeared temples. In the temple, an old man stood there, overlooking the air below, breath Incomparably arrogant.

"Old Ancestor." The strong men of the Jun clan released their dazzling eyes when they saw the coming person. Their ancestor came, and the Jun clan was at the helm of Jun Xiaoyao. He is the head of this generation, but the most of the Jun clan The strong man is the ancestor. After he handed over the Juns family to Jun Xiaoyao, he didnt ask about the Juns business any more. He gave everything to Jun Xiaoyao to take care of it. To shock that situation.

Although he has not succeeded for many years, his cultivation base has reached the peak of the emperor, and his strength is super scary, but he is the strongest person behind the king.

At this critical moment, I did not expect the ancestors to appear.

The strong men of Dongxian Island and Shangguan clan frowned when they felt that horrible breath. Has the ancestral ancestor of the Jun's family also arrived? The momentum is extremely horrible. In an instant, the vast space is shrouded in a majestic avenue. The ancestor of the Jun clan was angry, as if Dao Tianwei fell down and slammed into the minds of many people. Many strong men only felt their blood tumbling, Da Dao suppressed the north, and the battle on the entire battlefield was stagnant.

Shangguanhong's face also changed slightly. I didn't expect this old guy to have gone out of the mountain, and he wasn't dead yet, and his breath was so arrogant. It was a bit troublesome.

"Donglai Shangxian has fallen for many years. Today's Penglai Continent is no longer the same as Penglai Continent. Since Dongxian Island does not ask foreign affairs, why should it have to come again?" The monstrous avenues and the powerhouses of Dongxian Island frowned and felt the breath. They realized that no one here could compete with each other.

After all, he raised his palms and oppressed toward the lower sky. In a flash, the sky dome seemed to be collapsed. An immense temple shook down. Everyone was covered in it, and several powerful practitioners were released. Dawei Shenwei blocked, but all were suppressed and destroyed, unable to block the other party's attack.

"Penglai mainland is indeed not the original Penglai mainland. Although Dongxian Shangxian has also fallen for many years, Penglai mainland hasn't yet turned your old guys to wantonly." A cold and proud voice came, and the voice fell, Dongxian Island direction A noble figure came out like a queen.

She stepped across the void directly in one step, and appeared in front of the other party. Shenfeng made a loud long sound, and an illusory phantom of the phoenix appeared between heaven and earth. , Smelting everything in the world, killing him towards the old man.

The old man was surrounded by the temple, blocking the invasion of the **** fire on the avenue, but the immense giant phoenix spit fire, and the flame instantly submerged the void, enveloped the temple, and directly melted and destroyed, so that the temple was melted.

"Wutong Shenyan." Everyone looked at the fire, which was the Tao fire that Donglai Shangxian comprehended. It was super scary. It was an immortal fire of destruction, but it was also an endless fire.

"You are right. Since you are practicing in the hidden world, you should hide and practice. It's already old and immortal, so why bother to come out and find death." The woman's long hair is flying, noble and domineering, her voice is extremely strong, under the immortal fire, The shrine was smelted and destroyed a little, making the ancestors of Jun's ancestor frowned.

This fire is almost perfect.

"It's so strong." Everyone was amazed at seeing this scene. The elders of the Jun family might not be able to bear the prestige of this fire. The coming ancestors had a great strength, but they were suppressed in the blink of an eye.

"Is the perfect emperor?" Someone secretly said.

No, if it is the perfect level of Nine Realms Emperor, how powerful would it be? The old man of the Jun family has no rebellious power and will be killed directly. The other party may only have refined the Divine Fire, so that the power is extremely terrifying.


The eyes of the ancestor of the Jun ancestor were cold. He was suppressed by a little girl. He lived for many years. At that time, Dongxian Shangxian was only his peer. Of course, although he was a peer, his identity was not the same.

But nowadays, the descendants of Donglai Shangxian are going to bully him.

Numerous temple palaces surrounded the heavens and earth, and there was an extremely magnificent scene above the sky. He shouted and raised his hands forward. The temple palaces that surrounded the heavens and earth suddenly killed in the direction of the main island of Dongxian Island. Go, great power.

But when I saw this, the owner of Dongxiandao Island snorted, and a **** tree suddenly emerged, it was a phoenix tree, covering the sky and the sun, every leaf contained the power of the **** fire, and the entire tree of the phoenix tree was fired by the fire Covered, madly expanding, covering the sky and the sun, directly wrapped around the temple palaces that came from the bombardment.

The Temple Palace suppresses everything, and the attack comes, but it is entangled in ancient branches and leaves, and its power is continuously weakened, and there is a fire invading, so that those Temple Palaces have been melted into nothingness before it comes.

"Boom!" I saw a fiery red robes of the phoenix robe dancing on the island of Dongxian Island, with long hair flying, and the plane tree of Indus continued to expand and expand. A piece of leaves flew out of the expanded tree and rolled towards the other side Body turned into a terrible storm.

In an instant, the leaves turned into fiery red phoenix fire feathers, and a sacred phoenix appeared, directly covering the body of the ancestor of the Jun's ancestor, and the fire spit out and invaded the other side.

The other person's figure flashed, and the temple palace was shrouded, and he wanted to rush out of this avenue area, but at the same time when the phoenix spit out flames, the sycamore tree that covered the sky came and rolled into this space, completely Sealed, turned into an absolute Shenhuo Avenue area.

"The ancestor of the Jun's ancestors will be miserable." The strong men saw this scene secretly, the female island owner's strength is so strong, the avenue of fire and fire covered the other side, enough to kill the other side.

The strong men of the Jun family looked at this scene, extremely nervous, and even many people's faces were a little pale. If the ancestor was burned by the fire, what would happen?

Jun, will usher in the disaster of extinction.

No one thought that Dongxian Island would be so strong. Has the female island owner who never appeared in the world, the descendants of Dongxian Shangxian, already been so strong?

The Dao Shenhuo field seems to have become somewhat entangled. Within that field, the ancestors of the Jun family seem to be struggling and wanting to rush out, but the Dao Shenhe wheel transformed by the Wutong Shenshu directly covers the sky and becomes absolute. If you cant bear the prestige of fire, UU has only one way to read, and die.

"It seems that it is indeed old, and my Jun's will retreat, and then I will see the practitioners of Dongxiandao detouring." I saw a voice in that field, and the powerful Jun's ancestors who had previously been overbearing and powerful in a blink of an eye. Then began to show weakness.

This voice made Jun's people feel cold in their hearts and seemed to understand.

"Are you dreaming?" The owner of Dongxian Island responded indifferently, and the fire was even hotter.

"What do the island owners want?" The other party's voice changed slightly.

"Since you are here, let's stay." The Queen's voice was still overbearing, and after a while, there were bursts of screams, and the other party's voice became more anxious: "The Jun will be willing to look forward to the horse head of Dongxian Island in the future."

"No need."

In response to his still cold voice, soon, even more miserable voices came out, making the Jun's strong heart beating continuously, as if they had already predicted their own ending.

If even the ancestors were killed, how would they make a comeback?

Among the crowd, Ye Futian also looked at the owner of Dongxian Island. Perhaps what he sees now is still only part of the strength of Dongxian Island. This war actually did not put much pressure on Dongxian Island.

Jun's destiny is already doomed!

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