The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1946

Vol 8 Chapter 1946: End

Jun Qiuyan felt that his experience was a bit dreamy. Once he was the young master of the Penglai mainland's top power, he had a distinguished background and outstanding talents. He was also a powerful figure in the realm of the emperor, and he was able to speak in the entire Penglai mainland.

For this trip to Dongxiandao, he also prepared quite well, hoping to take this opportunity to get the chance of Dongxiandao Avenue and consolidate and enhance his strength.

But now, what ended?

When he was abolished, the family was almost going to annihilate the disaster. The ancestors were eroded by Daohuo at this moment, and a miserable voice came out, making him face ashamed, and Jun's will be affected by him, leading to destruction?

Why is this happening?

A lower emperor, whose cultivation base is not as good as him, why can it affect the life and death of Penglai mainland's top power Jun?

"Boom..." On the sky, the fire engulfed everything, countless sycamore leaves fluttered in the void, when the leaves flew down, there was nothing inside, the ancestor of the Jun completely disappeared, only Dongxian Island The beautiful island owner still stood above the void, and behind him was a huge phantom phoenix, which became one with heaven.


The emergence of the ancestor of the monarch not only did not reverse the war situation, but instead please the female island owner of Dongxian Island. The ancestor of the monarch was killed on the spot, and there will be no suspense in this war.

The gusty wind roared, countless sycamore leaves flew down, and each leaf contained the power of the Divine Fire on the road, rolling towards the boundless void. At this moment, with her body as the center, the entire world seemed to be burning, and everything was invisible The erosion of the Divine Fire of the Avenue.

"Withdraw." Jun Xiaoyao ordered to say, he felt that the avenue of fire was everywhere, covering this side of the sky, and there was no place to escape unless someone could restrain the other side.


The world seems to be ignited by flames, and an immense giant phantom phantom appears, from the bottom up, devouring the sky, many emperors of the emperor's face are shocked, they find themselves enveloped by the power of the fire .

The body of the emperor's emperor rises at the same time and wants to evacuate, but it is too late. Above the void, the owner of Dongxian Island is like a goddess, and the infinite stream of **** fire flows out from above her body. Are burning.

There are screams coming out one after another. Here, the owner of Dongxian Island is an invincible existence. The ancestors of the Jun's ancestors are all directly burned by the Divine Fire, who can contend with her power of the Avenue?

Many emperors were directly covered with Divine Flame, which was extremely miserable.

"The island owner spares his life..." Some people began to beg for mercy, even if they were a strong party, but they would still feel fear when they truly faced death.

"It's not only fooling me on Dongxian Island, but what's the point of begging for mercy now." There was an indifferent voice in the void, she didn't want to personally let the people of Penglai mainland know her strength, but just watched in secret, but Jun killed Here, even the ancestors of Jun's ancestors were killed, she could only walk out of Dongxian Island.

Jun and Yun dared to go to war today, presumably thought her Dongxian Island was a bully, and as such, she had to kill.

In the battlefield, a respectable emperor made a scream, turned into nothingness under the fire of the road, and dissipated between heaven and earth. If the battle between the top powers is large enough, there is no possibility of escape, only A dead end.

"Islander, this matter has nothing to do with my Yun's family. I just invited him as a friend and did not intend to deal with Dongxian Island. I also hoped that the island's owner would forgive sins." The fall also began to show weakness, not only the emperor of the monarch was being slaughtered, but also the Yun monarch.

In this way, they will be wiped out, and all will fall here.

"Come on, let's stay." The owner of Dongxiandao Island said indifferently, the fire on the avenue was still burning, and some emperors fell. At the same time, the strongmen of Dongxian Island also launched attacks and began slaughtering one-sidedly. The owner of Dongxian Island controls the overall situation, and the situation is completely tilted.


In the distance, many people on the mainland saw this scene trembling. Not long ago, they also sought a chance in Dongxian Island, but this time, Dongxian Island became ruthless and began to slaughter, every moment. Someone fell.

Most of the strong men from the continents from all sides saw such a terrible picture for the first time. The emperor was like a ant and was massacred. In this case, only the emperor battlefield can meet it. .

Today, they witnessed.

In the battlefield, the number of emperors is getting less and less, and the strong men of Jun and Yun are being slaughtered, while Dongxian Island and Shangguan have almost no losses. In this situation, they are completely suppressed. One-sided slaughter.

"Jun's and Yun's, it's over." Many local practitioners of Penglai mainland felt emotions and made people cheat. The two big overlords of Penglai mainland, like this, fell away. They seemed to forget who was the former Penglai mainland. overlord.

Shangguan Shi chose the right position this time, I am afraid that it might rise and become stronger, and, and Dongxiandao climb the relationship.

Now everyone can see that Dongxian Island, which has not asked foreign affairs for many years, is still the strongest force in Penglai mainland.

The young city owners of the Penglai Innocent City are also among the crowd, and there are the strong men of the Injury City. They see this situation with great emotion. The two giants will fall and become history, I dont know the future Penglai mainland What will the pattern be like, will Dongxian Island be directly involved in the Penglai mainland and re-enter the world's vision.

With the continuation of the battle, the two top powers are getting fewer and fewer, Jun Xiaoyao and Yunfei have also been sieged. The East Xiandao Island above the void saw the two struggling and also attacked. The strong man was wounded and forced into desperation.

"Is it necessary?" Jun Xiaoyao raised his head and looked up to the empress in the void. It was not easy to practice, and it was even more difficult to practice to his present state. However, everything had to be a void.

"Kill." The main mouth of Dongxiandao Island spit out a word, did not respond to the other party, and at this step, naturally no longer keep his hand.

A Shenfeng came down and strangled with the old man. Soon, Jun Xiaoyao did not persevere and was destroyed under the fire.

When the battle stopped, the two top powers in Penglai mainland were only Jun Qiuyan alive. The strongmen who came to the war were all killed, and there was no trace of mercy in Dongxian Island.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Jun Qiuyan closed his eyes in pain and said, "Kill me."

At this moment, his heart is as gray as death, without the idea of survival, is it still meaningful to live?

Now, even the family has ushered in the disaster.

Ye Futian walked to Jun Qiuyan's life. He didn't have much pleasure. The release of Jun Qiuyan before was not hypocritical, but he didn't really want to entangle the Jun family and wanted to resolve this matter. Both parties stopped fighting.

But Jun, who did not know what he experienced in Dongxian Island, was obviously reluctant to agree, so there was everything that happened at the moment.

Looking at the figure that appeared in front of him, Jun Qiuyan asked, "I want to ask you something, Dongxian Island, why would you fight for you?"

Is it just talent?

He still can't understand why Dongxiandao, who hasn't asked foreign affairs for many years, why he would fight for Ye Futian and walk into the world's vision.

Ye Futian's fingers stretched out, pointing at Jun Qiuyan, and a wisp of swords directly crossed, Jun Qiuyan snorted, blood oozed from the center of his eyebrows, and his eyes gradually faded and fell.

Jun Qiuyan's eyes were open and he didn't look away, but he wanted to know the answer, which was obviously unworthy.


A storm ended in such a cruel way, and then it was cleaned up.

"Thank you, Lord Island." Ye Futian looked up and thanked the host of Dongxian Island Island. This time, no matter what, he used the other party's strength. Otherwise, how did he deal with the existence of Nine Realms? This time, it was perfect. Of course, it was also the other party's intentional cooperation, which he naturally knew.

The owner of Dongxian Island, this is actually hinting to him.

"It's not over yet, Shangguanhong, I will take a few people to Yunshi. In addition, you will take someone to Junshi to walk around. UU reading books" She looked at Shangguanhong and said, Next, It is also necessary to clean up the follow-up matters and eliminate unknown risks.

"Understood." Shangguanhong nodded: "Just go?"

"Well, let's go directly." The owner of Dongxian Island said, she looked down into the empty space and said, "Go."

When the words fell, a few people followed her to break through the air and went to Yunshi to reason.

"We also set off." Yun Ji said, leading the crowd to the Jun family.

Seeing this scene, the crowd understood that the two forces must be completely ended.

Soon, many strong men left here, and Ye Futian watched all this happen quietly, as if he was outside of the affair, as if everything had nothing to do with him, even if he had shot before, nothing happened to him, Dong The arrangement of Xiandao is clear and clear, or the island owner of Dongxiandao has arranged all this.

Some alchemists went to Ye Futian. They already knew the strength of some Dongxian islands. They naturally looked down on their opponents, but they were a group of people from all over the world. They even thought they came to provoke themselves.

"These things are boring, Ye Xiaoyou, let's go back and study how to make alchemy." One person said, Ye Futian turned back and said nothing.

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