The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1947

Vol 8 Chapter 1947: Handover

The storm ended, and the storm triggered by a transaction eventually led to the destruction of the two top forces in Penglai mainland, which made many people feel emotional. Sure enough, they still have to remember the lesson. Do not be self-righteous. Jun Qiuyan may not have thought of death. The contempt for the next emperor will lead to such an ending, and it is embarrassing.

The practitioners from various continents have never left. A predecessor from Shangguan came to Ye Futian. He was followed by Shangguan Qiuye. He saw him with a smile and said: "Shangguanyun, Qiuye's uncle, I have heard that Ye Xiaoyou is unparalleled in talent and handsome. Seeing today, it is more outstanding than I thought."

The eight officials of the Shangguan Movement were indeed impressed by Ye Futian's performance. A new generation replaced the old one. Ye Futian did not show his full strength in the previous battle. Dongxiandao helped him out. This is the trueness of the next emperor. Fighting power, I don't know at what level.

"Predecessor is wrong." Ye Futian responded with a smile: "Shangguan girl is also a phoenix among people."

"It's a long way off." The middle-aged smiled and said: "Before talking about the little friend, Qiuye is also very admired. She praised the little friend in front of my brother. The brother also hopes that she can learn more from Ye Xiaoyou in the future. "

"How can I dare to be a servant," Ye Futian replied.

"So fighting, what is the significance of cultivation for you? When you enter the realm of the upper emperor, who will compete with the realm of the emperor." Shangguanyun sighed: "Father of autumn leaves has gone to the Jun family, waiting for this matter After the end, Ye Xiaoyou must go to Shangguanshi to sit down."

"If you have a chance, you must." Ye Futian nodded, Shangguan Qiuye whispered after listening to the polite words of the two. Ye Futian was a guy. She also understood some things in Dongxian Island. Confused by Yan value, this person is decisive in his work, and he is terrified and frightened. Jun has such an ending. Isn't Ye Futian designed it step by step?

Perhaps this guy had already thought about it when he entered Dongxiandao, and he would destroy the monarch by the hand of Dongxiandao. Of course, ordinary people cant do it. He has this qualification, and Dongxiandao is willing to do it for him. Shot.

"Ye Huang's strength is indeed unmatched." Another person came here, Liu Qing, the young city lord of the harmless city. On the chess board, several of them were abused by blood, and now they see Ye Futian's true combat power. Also convinced by mouth, this guy is really scary.

Ye Futian nodded at Liu Qing: "You are not weak."

"It's a long way off. I used to think that the chess game restricted me, but now I understand that without a chess board, it will be even worse. I don't even have the qualification to play." Liu Qing said with a wry smile. He was directly slaughtered by Ye Futian. He still knew his strength.

Ye Futian smiled and did not respond. When the strength was almost the same, there might be dissatisfaction, but when the gap was insurmountable, his peers could only look forward to admiration, because it could not be surpassed.

"If there is a chance, I hope to be able to ask Ye Huang for more advice." Liu Qing, the Lord of Wucheng City Young Master, said again, Ye Futian nodded slightly and said, "OK."

Liu Qing arched his hand: "There will be a period in the future."

"There will be a time to come." Ye Futian nodded and saw that Liu Qing turned and left. The strong men in the harmless city all flickered away, and they should go back.

On this trip, the pattern of the mainland of Penglai will change, but it is not yet known what attitude Dongxiandao will be. If Dongxiandao wants to dominate Penglai, there may be no other forces to counter it.

It won't take long for news to come back from Jun and Yun.

"Let's go back." Ye Futian turned around and said that he was walking towards Dongxian Island. After the storm ended, the hidden dangers of the outside world were resolved, and they would not threaten the Dongyuan Pavilion.

Bei Gongao and Emperor Helian followed Ye Futian, as well as many alchemy masters, and they all leaned to Ye Futian. Their eyes were very bright when they looked at Ye Futian. This guy is a baby. Please develop it and teach him. Alchemy, although many of them are now making alchemy medicines, they are not necessarily higher than Ye Futian.

But Ye Futian still has great potential to be tapped. He needs to teach him a bit. When he cultivates for improvement, alchemy attainments will also be upgraded at the same time, and it will become a mobile treasure trove in the future.

Seeing Ye Futian leave, the people from all continents and Penglai mainland have also dispersed, leaving one after another. Although this storm has affected the future pattern of Penglai mainland, it has no effect on them. What to do and what to do, and Ye Futian's strength has greatly touched them, so it's time to practice and improve myself.

Ye Futian is one person, practicing multiple avenue abilities, and all of them are well-rounded and powerful, and they feel that they are proud of the practice, which is really not worth mentioning.

There are still many trading venues in Penglai mainland, to see if we can find some treasures suitable for spiritual practice and bring them back, and then try to retreat and practice for some time.

As for Ye Futian, he returned to Dongxian Island, Bai Mu and others were beside him, only listening to Ye Futian facing Bei Gongao and Helian Emperor: "Senior, things here are gone, Dongyuan Pavilion Over there, I might not be going back. Why not, in the future, Dongyuan Pavilion, will be handed over to the two seniors?"

"Don't go back?" Bei Gong was stunned. He still hoped that Ye Futian would be the master of Dongyuan Pavilion. After all, he might become a legend in the future.

But when he thought of Ye Futian's potential, he also clearly understood that Dongyuan Pavilion, afraid that he could not keep Ye Futian, he did not belong to that continent, an unnamed continent, how to accommodate a real dragon.

"En." Ye Futian nodded and came to Shenzhou to practice. Naturally, he wanted to steadily increase his strength and continue to move to a higher place. Dongyuan Pavilion was only a temporary resting place. Now, Dongxian Island is more suitable for the next stage of practice.

"He Beibei is higher than me. If the pavilion master does not return, Dongyuan Pavilion is suitable for the North Palace. Now in that continent, there is no one stronger than him." Emperor Helian said.

Ye Futian nodded: "Senior Bei Gong is indeed more suitable to serve as the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion. Senior Helian can stay in Dongxian Island for a while and practice here."

"Good." Emperor Helian understood that Ye Futian wanted to help him. There are many opportunities in Dongxian Island, and he was left to practice for some time. Naturally, he hoped to be beneficial to his practice.

Bei Gongao is showing his thoughts, with a little thought in his eyes. After a moment of silence, he said: "Pavilion Lord."

"Huh?" Ye Futian looked at him.

"In the past, I always wanted to control Dongyuan Pavilion, but now, I don't seem to have any interest in the position of Dongyuan Pavilion. When I return to the mainland and Dongyuan Pavilion this time, I plan to deal with things over there. How about practicing with the Pavilion Master in the future?" Bei Gongao said. He thought that following Ye Futian was more valuable than the position of Patriarch Dongyuan Pavilion.

Emperor Helian was stunned, and his steps were a little dull. Now that the Northern Palace has eight realms, the mainland's first strongest man, in charge of Dongyuan Pavilion, is the first person in that continent. What a glory.

He was slightly envious of Bei Gongao. However, the other party changed his mind and gave up all this. He was willing to follow Ye Futian's practice. He knew very well that following Ye Futian was destined to be unknown, and there would be a lot of people gathered around Ye Futian. The strong, and his own light is enough to cover everyone around him.

It is indeed a kind of courage to let go of the identity of the first person on the mainland and follow Ye Futian's side to practice.

Emperor Helian had always known that Bei Gong was a shrewd man. The position of the Lord was only to have the opportunity to witness the higher scenery.

Bei Gongao's heart is very big, he feels that he is slightly inferior to each other.

Ye Futian was also a little surprised. UU read He looked at Beigongao. Although Dongxiandaos position can now follow him, he is more worthy of trust. Beside, it will be much more convenient to act, plus Zifeng, he doesn't need to do anything in ordinary things.

"Seriously?" Ye Futian asked. The Eight Realm Powerhouses are already top-notch figures. When they go back, they are the mainland's top powerhouses.

"Seriously, I've thought about it before." Bei Gongao replied with a smile in his eyes, looking very indifferent.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded. "Just, some of my seniors have been wronged."

"Say wronged, I will go back and deal with the matter of Dongyuan Pavilion, and the matter of the Yang family needs to be dealt with." Bei Gongao said, Yang Dongqing betrayed Ye Futian in Dongxian Island, colluding with Jun Qiuyan , Being slaughtered, the Yang family must naturally handle it well, and dont bury hidden dangers.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded: "You go back to arrange first. Senior Helian practiced here for some time. When the time comes to hand over, Senior Helian inherits the position of the patriarch of Dongyuan Pavilion. Then you will come back."

"No problem." Bei Gong proudly nodded, he majored in practice. "

"Yes." Bei Gongshuang nodded, and the next Helian glanced at him. The old fox and his daughter did not forget to arrange it next to Ye Futian. Take the initiative to jump up.

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