The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1948

Vol 8 Chapter 1948: Retreat

Penglai's mainland is changing, and the two top family forces are destroyed.

Junshi and Yunshi, the top characters of the two giant families, were cleaned up. Afterwards, they were again blood-washed by forces of all sizes. They have the power to grudge against them, as well as the power to rob by fire. The generations, especially the top families, are rich in resources. Naturally, some people will not miss the opportunity of plunder.

In the morning and evening, the two peak forces fell apart and became history, and the cause was only a simple conflict, which made countless people sigh.

If Jun said that he was affected by Jun Qiuyan, the younger generation, Yun was even more miserable. They were purely blind, they were involved in the storms that should not be involved, and they were devastated by the top. Who can think of it before then?

However, this is the case in the world, no matter how big the storm, the cause may be just a small thing.

While many people were expecting whether Dongxian Island would re-enter Penglai, after the leader of Dongxian Island led the strong men back, they disappeared and disappeared, as if they had never appeared before, and they still did not have much to Penglai mainland. Interest, as if it were not because the two forces angered them, Dongxian Island may not come out of the mountain.

Or that is because they want to kill Ye Futian.

The owner of Dongxiandao Island came out this mountain only for the younger generation. However, Ye Futian's extraordinary talents are indeed amazing. It cannot be forgotten that the name of Ye Yuannian, the master of Dongyuan Pavilion, spread throughout Penglai mainland, many He set off and went to the continent where Dongyuan Pavilion is located, wanting to go there to see where this person is really sacred.

However, when they visited Dongyuan Pavilion, they found that Ye Futian was still a mystery. It seemed to appear out of thin air. Once upon a time, he became the master of Dongyuan Pavilion by chance, and did not return this time, but Directly resigned from the position of Dongyuan Pavilion, Bei Gongao came back to arrange the matter of Dongyuan Pavilion.

After a period of time, everything gradually returned to peace. More than a thousand mainland practitioners have successively left Penglai, and the people in Penglai's fairyland have gradually become scarce, returning to the former calm.

The next lively event may be ten years later, but can there still be Ye Liunian-like characters after ten years?

I am afraid it is difficult, almost impossible.

Many people speculated whether Dongxian Island allocated the goddess Bai Muxu to Ye Futian as a Buddhist monk, and left him to practice in Dongxian Island.

They are thinking, what is Ye Futian doing in Dongxian Island now?

should enjoy all kinds of Daodan, strive to improve themselves, and hold the beauty back. With such a talent, Dongxian Island will inevitably try its best to win him and leave him in Dongxian Island.

At this moment, in Dongxian Island, a land of alchemy, Ye Futian's gray-faced, dark-skinned face seemed to be smoked, and her white clothes were also dyed black, with a bit of strange smell on her body. It is completely different from what the outsiders imagined. If they saw Ye Futian's appearance at the moment, they wouldn't know what they thought.

"Senior Helian, although this panacea is a bit ugly, but you should pay attention to it, senior, you can't waste it." Ye Futian held a panacea he had just refined in his hand. , But the panacea is extremely ugly and has no regular shape.

Emperor Helian grinned bitterly and said weakly, "Pavilion Lord, I think I have eaten a lot. It's time to digest it. I will leave this medicine for Beigong. He has never enjoyed the Pavilion Lord's Immortality."

Ye Futian stayed in Dongxian Island to practice these days. He thought that every day was a magic drug. However, the fact is that Ye Futian feeds him the "Shen Pill" he made every day. By the way, the panacea produced by refining is also uneven, and there are all kinds of virtue, and the refining is broken... Based on the principle of not wasting, all was fed to him...

Poor master of his majestic Helian clan, he became Ye Futian's imperial test boy! !

That's horrible.

"Nah Lian You come." Ye Futian said.

"Leave it to the father emperor, I am not high, these divine pill is'too much'." Helian said weakly, Ye Futian looked at Beigongshuang next to him, Beigongshuang was "innocent" Looked at him and shook his head gently.

"It seems that they all know how to share." Ye Futian sighed and looked at the Black Wind Eagle not far away. The small sculpture felt his thoughts and turned and shook his body away. He didn't know anything.

"Senior Helian, you see that your cultivation has reached the bottleneck. Perhaps it is not feasible. You need to use the Elixir for conditioning. You should not be humble." Ye Futian signaled to Helian, and Helian faced with a bitter face, finally difficult. Swallowed the Elixir, with a painful expression on his face.

Its not a good thing to eat too much medicine, and Ye Futian is giving him everything he wants.

"Masters." Ye Futian began to shout, not far away, those alchemists who pretended to have seen nothing before turned around and looked at Ye Futian said: "What else do you have in the years?"

"Take some more Danfang and herbs, the harder the better, the best is Qidan." Ye Futian said, the other person's mouth twitched, then nodded and said, "Okay."

Someone left here and secretly said that this guy was a ruthless man. He wanted to slowly adjust Ye Futian. As a result, he did not accept the adjustment, and he had to practice cultivation directly. Moreover, he only cultivated high-level and difficult potions. This failure rate is of course high...

A guy who hasnt even learned the basic alchemy abilities, wants to refine the best alchemy medicine, and consumes alchemy materials here every day. They hate their teeth and are already wondering whether its right or wrong to leave him. Let this ancestor go quickly?

Otherwise, their treasures and treasures will be consumed by him.

Even more speechless, they looked for Bai Mu, Bai Mu ignored them, asked the island owner to talk about Ye Futian, let him save some points, the island owner said to follow him... What is it called, is there any way to learn alchemy?

If you go on like this, the alchemy pavilion will be empty...

Not only that, the monster that the guy raised was also excessive. A black wind vulture claimed to be the lord of the eagle. Every day, he used the excuse to help the owner find the spirit grass and raged in the drug garden. I didnt know how many good things I ate. Suddenly, this product even found a backer. After Feng Zun, he could not afford to...

After a few months, this day, a terrible breath came from Dongxian Island. There was a avenue storm directly into the sky, and the sky and earth changed color. Many people looked up there, and the thoughts swept out and found The source of the storm on the avenue is slightly wavy.

Someone is about to break through. The person who broke through is actually the person who practiced Ye Futian's trial of Dan all day, Emperor Helian.

Ye Futian, who was in alchemy, also froze, walked out of the land of alchemy, and looked up at the distance, a smile appeared in his eyes. In fact, Emperor Helian was very old, and stayed there for many years. Although many of the elixirs given to him these days are not very good, but some elixirs are targeted, and many of them are life attributes. This elixir seems to have no direct effect, but it can give it vitality. Strong and strong, vitality is the foundation of all people.

Strong vitality, strong spirit, and better perception of the outside world. He did not directly refine the avenue divine pill he needed for his practice, but started from the other side to consolidate his foundation. This is also what he learned from the east. Learned from Lai Shangxian's memory.

For several months, Emperor Helian was also in pain and happy. Now, he has finally broken the realm.

The avenue storm continued for a long time. After the end of the practice of Emperor Helian, he came to Ye Futian's side with a beaming smile on his face.

"Congratulations." Ye Futian said with a smile.

"Thank you." Emperor Helian bowed slightly to Ye Futian. Although he was extremely happy to break through the boundary, he now exists in the Eight Realms, but he also knows that all of this is Ye Futian's credit and did not expect to be tortured these days. ', even in exchange for the joy of breaking the border.

"It's a situation that the seniors have broken through. Thank you for doing. These days, the top 100 still suffered a lot." Ye Futian said with a smile: "Now that the seniors have broken through, they can go back to the mainland with peace of mind."

Helian also felt deeply in the heart of the emperor. At this moment, he vaguely had the idea of Gongbei Gongao. He also had such an idea. He gave up the idea and followed Ye Futian to practice.

"Not as good as I will stay too..." King Helian said.

"Predecessor Bei Gong has already said that there is a need for people over Dongyuan Pavilion. He is still waiting for his predecessor to hand over it. Moreover, following my uncertain future, there may be danger. The predecessor controls the royal family and it is better to go back. "Ye Futian said, Helian Huang nodded slightly.

"Go, now it has broken through, and there is nothing to worry about." Ye Futian said again, and Emperor Helian realized that Ye Futian had always wanted to wait for him to break through, and then let him leave.

Helian once again saluted Ye Futian and arched his hand: "There will be a period."

"There will be a period later." Ye Futian nodded.

"Let's go." Emperor Helian said to Helianyou beside him. Helianyou looked at Ye Futian and smiled: "I'm in Dongyuan Pavilion, and I look forward to your name coming one day."

Ye Futian smiled, and He Lianyou was extremely optimistic about his future.

Emperor Helian left Dongxian Island. After a while, Bei Gongao returned, handing over the family to the clan, arranged everything, and came to Dongxian Island, where he began to practice for a while.

Ye Futian also did a retreat in Dongxian Island. Apart from alchemy, it was practice.

Time flies without knowing it!


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