The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1949

Vol 8 Chapter 1949: Break Through

Ten thousand and fifty years in China, Penglai mainland has already returned to tranquility.

Several years have passed since the storm of the year, and now Shangguan's on the Penglai mainland is in full swing. Since the defeat of Jun's and Yun's rivals of Shangguan's World War I in that year, Shangguan's has become stronger against the trend and started to go with Dongxian Island. Very close.

According to rumors, Shangguan often visits Dongxian Island and exchanges with each other. There are rumors that Dongxian Island supports Shangguan's many avenues.

After that war, the Shangguan family seemed to usher in good luck, and many emperors broke through the territory one after another. The eight realm powerhouses have increased their numbers and continue to become strong, and there are no opponents in Penglai mainland.

However, there are still some rumors that Shangguan may have joined forces with Dongxian Island to become the spokesperson of Dongxian Island on the mainland of Penglai, but no one knows how it is, and it has not been confirmed, and no one knows Dongxian Island and Shangguan Shi's specific relationship only knows that Dongxian Island is extremely low-key and almost cut off contact with the outside world.

Many people are puzzled, but since they have proven their strength a few years ago, why are they so low-key and restrained.

At this time, in the peaceful Dongxian Island, Shangguan Hong and Shangguan Qiuye, two of Shangguans father and daughter, brought many people to visit. They were waiting quietly in the courtyard of a palace. Quiet tea tasting.

"How long will Ye Xiaoyou have to practice?" Shangguanhong asked. He was rumored to be walking very close to Dongxian Island, which was not the case. Although he often came to Dongxian Island, he always came to Ye Futian. Shangguan Qiuye's familiar relationship, and cooperation and cooperation, close to each other, naturally more accessible.

Moreover, Shangguanhong is well aware that Ye Futian may have an unusual position in Dongxian Island.

As long as you maintain a good relationship with Ye Futian, it is enough.

Whats more, in the past few years, Shangguanhong discovered that Ye Futian is actually good at alchemy, and his alchemy strength is advancing by leaps and bounds. Once he is stronger than once, he will come every once in a while, and he will find the amazing progress of Ye Futians alchemy. When I first came here, the elixir refined by Ye Futian was already perfect, and it could affect the practitioners of the upper emperor's realm.

Such a terrible talent even made Shangguanhong marvel at it. From Ye Futian's hand, he also took a lot of immortality medicine to take back.

"I don't know." The person who received Shangguan Hong was headed by Bei Gongao. He shook his head and said: "He has been closed for a period of time this time. He has never been out of the customs. The owner of Shangguan may not come at the right time, or else , Dont wait for him. Have a chance to come back in the future?"

Shangguanhong thought secretly when he heard Bei Gongao's words. It seemed that he had to visit this time in vain, but there was nothing important. He just came to see and consolidate his relationship. He felt that one day Penglai One person is bound to be Ye Futian.

Of course, the premise is that he stays on the mainland of Penglai. This small world, one of the continents of Shenzhou, may not necessarily keep him.

"Yes, then I will visit again later." Shangguan Hong nodded slightly and said to the next Shangguan Qiuye: "Let's go back first."

Shangguan Qiuye glanced in the direction of Xing Gong. In the past, there were times when Bei Gongao would call Ye Futian, but this time it didnt. It seems that this retreat Ye Futian paid much attention to it. Her father decided not to wait and left first.

"Slow walking." Bei Gongao personally delivered guests. After all, Shangguan Hong, the helm of Shangguan, is actually very high. Being able to come and visit in person, it is actually giving Ye Futian's face. If he is Bei Gongao, the other party is afraid of being No one will look at it squarely, which shows that Ye Futian's potential is strong, and the powerful existence of an emperor's nine realms is willing to come for him.

Shangguanhong and Shangguan Qiuye walked out, and suddenly, they seemed to perceive something, and their steps stopped slightly.

The reaction of Shangguanhong was the fastest. His eyes turned instantaneously, looking towards the palace, and then they looked at Shangguan Qiuye.

I saw that this time, there was an extremely gorgeous ray of light rushing to the sky, a strong avenue power enveloped the void, a variety of different avenues gathered together, and that avenue power seemed to be a perfect level of avenue breath .

"This is..." Shangguan Hong's eyes flashed, the perfect level of the road, broke through the territory in Dongxian Island, and it is the kind of palace, who else can?

"Perfect level." He whispered, before Ye Futian's cultivation was a third-order emperor, already the peak state of the next emperor, and now if it is a breakthrough, it is the median emperor.

The lower emperor to the middle emperor's realm is a hurdle. Many people are perfect in the lower emperor's realm road, but they cannot continue to maintain the middle emperor's realm. However, will Ye Futian do it?

If Ye Futian still maintains the perfect level of the Divine Wheel, then his combat power can directly threaten the Seven Realm Powerhouses, plus his various card means, how terrible the strength will be?

Shangguan Qiuye also trembles in her heart. She is not much different from Ye Futian Realm, so she feels deeper. It is just that the breath of the road generated when the situation broke through, made her feel ashamed.

The beautiful eyes just stared over there, the vast radiance of light fell between heaven and earth, and the avenue of radiance seemed to turn into a vision of heaven and earth, where there was the sound of sword chanting, the sound of a piano, the surging of gods, and the vision of stars and moons, There is also an illusory shadow of ancient trees, shining on the boundless space.

"Natural vision." Many people marveled at the scene. This scene is a spectacle and beautiful, as if to make people forget that someone is breaking through.

The roar of the avenue continued, and in the distance, some people came towards this side, and many practitioners of Dongxian Island were attracted. They walked one by one in the void and came to the outside of the palace and stopped towards the vision. Looking around.

"Perfect level." Many people are shocked. The median emperor still maintains the perfection of the Divine Wheel, which is rare.

Bai Mu also appeared. She stood in the void, with a slight wave in her heart. She felt that her goddess seemed a little ill-named. Compared with Ye Futian, it was too far behind.

"Great." Many alchemists also came over and marveled.

"This kid, alchemy has given us a face. Now, spiritual practice is so perfect. How can we old folks still live?" someone said.

"Don't rely on the old and sell the old, the boy who murdered the seven realm strong like ants in the battle a few years ago, not to mention now, this breakthrough, your eight realms, I am afraid that it may not be enough to watch." The next person said He said that the old guy was so angry that he glared his beard, but he couldn't say it. He knew that the other party was telling the truth and could not refute it.

Maintain the perfect road, break into the middle emperor, how strong will Ye Futian be?

The Seven Realms are no longer in the scope of consideration. Unless they are also the monster-level characters who cast the perfect road of God Wheel, otherwise, if the imperfect level of the God Wheel, the Seven Realms are only a spike.

The glow of Xia Guang is still there, the avenue roars, the vision is bright, Ye Futian sits cross-legged inside, feels the avenue, absorbs the power of the avenue, enters the state of ecstasy, and wanders outside, perceiving everything around him.

His flesh is also constantly roaring, that is the washing of the avenue, and continues to refine his human body.

At this moment, I saw an extremely arrogant breath coming in the void, many people looked over there and arched their hands slightly, trying to shout, but they saw each other reaching out and begging everyone not to speak~www.mtlnovel. com~ waved at the same time: "Don't tell anyone about this matter, let him continue to practice, and all will retreat."

This voice directly passed into everyone's eardrums, making everyone stunned, but still nodded as he did, and stepped back and left here, not daring to disturb Ye Futian's practice.

The owner of Dongxiandao Island looked at Ye Futian, her figure gradually disappeared, but her mind was always here, watching all this.

The roar of the avenue continued for several days, and the entire Dongxian Island was alarmed, but no one was going to disturb Ye Futian and break through the border. They just watched all this silently, guarding him, as if Ye Futian was the east. The most noticeable and important day of Xiandao.

On this day, a breath of majestic avenue ran wildly into Ye Futian's body. Ye Futian's body sitting there seemed to be subjected to the tremendous strength of the avenue. The roar in the body seemed to make the void explode.

"Om..." An extremely gorgeous ray of light bloomed from his body, swept toward the sky and earth, and spread towards the distance. At this moment, the whole practitioners of Dongxian Island saw this gorgeous avenue Xiaguang, they knew that Ye Futian had broken through.

looked up and saw that Ye Futian's body floated above the void, and his temperament became more outstanding. The pair of extremely bright and handsome eyes looked energetic. Ye Futian after breaking through the border was like a divine and sacred God!


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