The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1950

Vol 8 Chapter 1950: Yin Yang Illustration

The avenue entered the body, the vision disappeared, a white dress fluttered, and the long silver hair fluttered to the extreme.

Below, many people looked at him, Xia Qingxian, Xiaodiao, Zifeng and Beigongao, etc., all smiled when they saw the gorgeous divine glory, proclaiming the median emperor, the avenue divine wheel is more shining and still perfect Flawless, Ye Futian's strength will rise to another level.

If you dont know, if you only look at him as a realm, walking outside is afraid to pit many people. Who can think of a four-level middle emperor, in fact, already has the fighting power of ordinary people.

I saw Ye Futian's figure falling to the ground, Bei Gong proudly saw him come down, walked toward him, and said with a smile: "This time, I am afraid that I may not be your opponent?"

"Humility, in the past few years, Uncle Bei Gong you have not wasted time, Xiaomu fully integrated into the body, turned into a thunder body, how powerful the battle." Ye Futian said with a smile.

Now that the relationship between the two is more intimate, Bei Gongao decided to follow Ye Futian to practice, and Ye Futian no longer called his predecessor, directly commensurate with his elders, Bei Gongao is also very useful.

Bei Gongao smiled when he heard Ye Futian's modest words. After a long time, he naturally knew what Ye Futian was. Can he believe it?

Especially in terms of spiritual practice, he said that his alchemy talents are mediocre, and his practice strength is average.

As for what level of combat power is now, probably only Ye Futian's own mentality is clear, and you really lose.

Of course, Bei Gongao naturally wants Ye Futian to be as strong as possible. After all, he is the one he decides to follow, and he is honored.

He and Emperor Helian were able to break through the eight-level hierarchy, not because of Ye Futian.

At this time, I saw the sound of breaking the sky continuously, and from a distance someone heard someone say: "Boy, congratulations on breaking through."

"Yo Xiaoyou, congratulations." I saw the figures flashing. It was those who were ousted by the island owner before. They were all practitioners of the Alchemy Pavilion in Dongxian Island. Many of them were older elders. After all, people with strong talents and strong potentials do not want to spend time on alchemy.

Ye Futian took the initiative to meet each other and said: "Thank you guys, it's just a break, little things."

"It's a trivial matter for others to break through, but for you, it's different, haha." An old man said with a laugh, his eyes fixed on Ye Futian, his eyes were like looking at a treasure, Ye Futian alchemy has been Very strong, gradually improved, and now cultivated as a breakthrough, Dao Shenlun is still perfect, which means that he may refine the higher Dao Elixir.

"Indeed, your breakthrough, the most powerful forces in the East China Region, are extraordinary." Another person also said, proving that the median emperor is perfect, and has great potential to continue to prove when he hits the upper emperor. Dao perfect level, if the upper emperor is perfect, that means extraordinary, which means that it has the potential to reach the top.

Everyone understands what he means, just like the appearance of such a character in Donglai's life, it is definitely the core of the core and was trained as a successor.

"If I have such a romantic figure in Shangguan, I will be able to feel at ease." Shangguanhong also came over and said, last time I was about to leave, seeing Ye Futian was breaking through the realm, and stayed here until now. Ye Futian broke through.

"Predecessor Shangguan." Ye Futian smiled and nodded at Shangguan Hong. At this moment, only one voice came: "He didn't spread it for the time being."

There is a sense of dignity in this voice. It is the voice of the owner of Dongxian Island. She has already warned once before. This time it is probably also told to Shangguan Hong, reminding him not to disclose it.

Ye Futian thought after hearing the other party's words, the female island owner of Dongxian Island seemed to treat him as his own, deliberately keeping him secret, probably not wanting to expose too much of his news, to attract outside attention. .

"Understood." Many people nodded, and Shangguan Hong also deliberately said: "Everything about Dongxian Island, I will keep my mouth shut after I go out."

He is also a wise man. He knows how to deal with the relationship with Dongxiandao. First of all, he must hide his words. The Jun and Yunshi were destroyed a few years ago. How could he possibly do something unpleasant to Dongxiandao.

"Well, after the cultivation breaks through the realm, you can use the pill medicine to help practice and consolidate the realm." The female island master continued to say, naturally speaking to Ye Futian.

"There are still many good medicines in the alchemy pavilion. You are better than me at this point. You can pick it yourself." The other party continued, Ye Futian said, "Thank you, Lord."


He smiled and looked at those alchemists in the alchemy pavilion. Sure enough, he saw that the other party's face was black... The island owner was too eccentric. Is this to give the alchemy pavilion to Ye Futian?

"Masters, there has been no alchemy for a long time. I will try to make progress." Ye Futian said with a smile. The master of the alchemy pavilion looked at his smile and only felt trembling, and nodded daringly and said: "OK, go Right."

Ye Futian happily went to the alchemy pavilion with everyone. After the cultivation ground was broken, alchemy was opened for a while.

Several days later, the alchemy pavilion continued to be filled with the fragrance of the elixir, and many alchemists were gathered here in the burst of glow. Every time the elixir was refined, they would marvel in their hearts.

Sure enough, Ye Futian's alchemy level was improved again after the cultivation ground was broken, and the level of refined alchemy medicine was higher.

On this day, the alchemy furnace was a violent tremor, and I saw a ray of ray of light rushing to the sky. The land of alchemy and the ray of ray of light above the sky seemed to appear a phantom of a **** tree. Under, shrouded the boundless space, above the **** tree, a pill appeared there, crystal clear.

"Life Daoguo, the perfect medium-grade divine pill." The pupils of the alchemy masters contracted and stared at the Daoguo, they were able to refine this panacea.

This fruit directly engulfed the radiance of the surrounding avenues, and gave birth to an unparalleled life force. Ye Futian opened his eyes and grasped his palms towards the void. The Dao Danhua fruit was in perfect shape, which was no longer the alchemy standard a few years ago. Too.

Many practitioners stared at the elixir, but they saw Ye Futian handing it to the nearby Xia Qingyuan, saying, "This elixir should be useful for your practice."

Xia Qingyan nodded her head slightly and took it away. She did need to work hard to improve her strength as soon as possible. Ye Futian grew too fast to keep up with his pace.

Many alchemists have eyes rounded, and can only watch Xia Qingyuan put away the medicine. This **** is full of money, and the benefits are given to the people around them, but they have no way. The island owner defaults. They only I can watch with my eyes open, and I also hope that Ye Futian will give them alchemy.

"It seems that cultivation practice is really beneficial to alchemy. These few days can be regarded as a small test of the sword. I have the opportunity to practice again in the future. I am going to continue to practice retreat for a while." Ye Futian said, everyone looked at him with his eyes. Is this gone?

What about their panacea?

Isn't no longer practicing?

Picked up a lot of their immortality medicines before, don't you want to pay it back?

"Some are weary, masters, juniors will come again when they have time." Ye Futian could ignore their eyes and walk away. These old guys were thieves one by one, they had to hang their appetite first, and he did have to practice. .

Under the stunned eyes of everyone, Ye Futian left like this. After going back, he opened a period of retreat practice again, but this time it was no longer an impact on the realm, but a practice of Taoist law, inheriting the memory of Donglai Shangxian. There are also many powerful Taoism laws.

Donglai Shangxian was a top alchemist at that time. He had extensive knowledge and knowledge of Taoism, some had practiced by himself, and some existed in memory.

After Ye Futian left the alchemy pavilion, the people of Dongxian Island did not see him again. This guy actually continued to practice as if he had only practice in his eyes.

In a blink of an eye, for several months in the past, Ye Futian's palace, practicing Taoist platform, he sat cross-legged, the breath of the road was pervasive, and there were two different road forces surrounding the body, one yin and one yang, one cold and one hot, Two different avenue forces are intertwined and surrounded, seemingly forming a wonderful avenue cyclone.

At this time, in Ye Futian's life palace, a very gorgeous scene appeared.

Life Palace World, above the sky, there is a very huge artifact pattern, as if it is a fish of yin and yang, one yin and one yang, the land of yin and yang is like a sun and the moon, the power of the lunar sun seems to diffuse out of it, there is the lunar Power and Wutong Shenyan, although Wutong Shenyang is not the true fire of the sun, but also a yang property, extremely domineering.

The middle of this pattern seems to be vaguely able to see a shadow of an ancient tree, the ancient branches and leaves are filled, and the power of the two avenues is combined to make it into a complete pattern.

What is more terrible is that in the land on the edge of the pattern, the lingering power of Yin and Yang appears a ray of sword meaning, as if it is the sword of Taiyin and the sword of the sun, surrounded by the Yin and Yang pattern, this scene is simply terrifying and powerful. .

This technique evolved from an extremely tyrannical way of the Dao, and then Ye Futian himself realized that he wanted to create a new Dao God Wheel and integrate it into the power of the Dao and the magical power. Extremely scary!


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