The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1951

Vol 8 Chapter 1951: Resignation

As time passed, Ye Futian seemed completely immersed in spiritual practice and could not extricate himself.

On this day, practicing Daotai, Ye Futian's body appeared extremely gorgeous two-level power of Yin and Yang, rotating around his body, he was bright all over, as if a picture of Yin and Yang appeared on his body, and his body and the surrounding avenues produced There was a strong resonance, and the sound of roaring avenues in the body continued to resonate around the world.

A gorgeous sun and moon appeared at the same time, and the extremely strong air currents swirled around it, gradually turning into a terrible pattern, extremely stable, and resonating with Ye Futian's body. For a long time, a gorgeous picture was formed, the sun and moon were empty, surrounded by yin and yang fish, Turn into a complete whole.

The sound of avenue vibrations was heard in the palace, and many people looked towards Ye Futian's monastery platform. What happened to this guy?

However, everyone was very conscious and did not disturb Ye Futian, let him continue to practice.

Bei Gongao has long been accustomed to, no matter what earth-shattering actions Ye Futian has made today, he is not surprised. Now, he has accepted the situation that the guy is a superb demon, not to say that the original Dongyuan Pavilion was on the mainland. Even in today's Penglai, there is still no one deserves to be compared with him, and there is no qualification to compare together, otherwise he will not follow the cultivation of his eight realms.

Cultivation, the most important thing is always strength.

At this time, Ye Futian's eyes opened, and the dark eyes seemed to have the light of the sun and the moon. He raised his head and looked at the yin and yang pictures in the void, and another road **** was born, but still Need to upgrade the quality of the God Wheel.

"Yin and Yang are accompanied by each other, supplemented by swords, and I don't know how powerful." Ye Futian's heart was dark, and the glory of the sword emerged from the edge of the Yin and Yang patterns. However, the next moment, he moved, the power of the avenue above the sky and the brilliant divine light. Disappeared, directly immersed in Ye Futian's body.

But he did not leave, but continued to practice. The state has reached the median of the four emperors, which means that he has already reached the perfect fourth order of the **** of the avenue. Comprehend a avenue **** wheel, but there are realm foundations, and it will still rise soon.

He stretched out his palm and opened his palm. There was a panacea. Ye Futian's palm threw the panacea directly into his mouth. Then he swallowed all the panacea and swallowed it. Within a moment, there was a roar in his body, and the avenue was extremely rich. The vitality is constantly growing, and the mental strength is also becoming stronger.

Its just that something is too much...

But they are all the elixir of his own refining. If he does not eat white, he does not forcibly improve his strength. There are no side effects, but only to consolidate the foundation. Soon, his breath becomes strong again. And continue to practice for a while.

After a few more days, the avenue in Ye Futian's body roared through the cultivation platform. When the magical and gorgeous avenue pattern surrounded it, the sky changed its color. Ye Futian was considered to be satisfied with the practice, and looked up at the new Avenue God Wheel, A smile appeared.

The next moment, the light of the avenue flooded into the body and disappeared, everything was back to normal, he stood up and finally ended the period of retreat.

Ye Futian met Phoenix when he came out, Zifeng looked at him and said, "Is the retreat closed?"

"En." Ye Futian nodded: "Then for a long time, I should not practice."

After breaking through the state, he spent a lot of time to stabilize the state, and created a new Dao Shenlun, and temporarily reached a level. It would not be of much use to continue to practice, and there is no need to continue to retreat.

"My **** flame, isn't it meant to be with me to help me practice?" Zifeng Meiyan asked Ye Futian looking at him.


Ye Futian looked at the Phoenix and said, "Zi Feng, this Divine Flame is already in my body and integrated with me. If you want to perceive, practice by my side."

Zifeng looked at Ye Futian so quietly and did not speak.

These days Ye Futian is closed except alchemy. When will she be given the opportunity to practice by her side?

This guy, when he first entered Wutong Island and played the phoenix Yu Fei, did he already conspire?

Men's mouths are really unbelievable.

"I'm going to see the alchemy pavilion." Ye Futian was ready to go straight, woman, it's not easy to mess with. Although it is a phoenix, it is also a woman.


Suddenly, wings appeared on the back of Zifeng, spreading directly, the gorgeous **** feathers filled with a terrible aura of flames, every feather seemed to contain terrible power, an invisible Daowei directly enveloped Ye Futian Physically, Zifeng said: "Now that you have also proven the middle realm, retreat and practice for so long, you should make great progress, let's try."

couldn't help but Ye Futian disagreed, Dao Shenhuo rushed towards Ye Futian's body directly.

Ye Futian felt the rushing air current of the highway, and thought that the Phoenix seemed to resent him a lot...

"Yes." Ye Futian's body flashed, his body rushed to the sky, and immediately fell above the sky. The phoenix also turned into a straight fiery red light, breaking through the clouds, swaying up, and the speed was incredible.

In the palace below, many people stepped out, what's wrong?

The eagle eagle dumbfounded at the strong avenue fluctuations in the sky. It is worthy of being the ancestor of Phoenix. The master dared to challenge the war directly, and the eagle trembling.

Above the sky, between the clouds and fog, the two stopped their bodies when they reached a very high place, so as not to spread the battle to Dongxian Island and maintain a high enough distance, but even so, there are still gods sweeping away, it seems very very Pay attention to the situation here, but no one has stopped it.

"Buzz." A fierce gust of wind roared, and a huge phantom phantom phantom appeared around Zifeng's body. The huge phoenix wings flapped and moved, causing a fiery gust of flame to blow above the sky. Can burn everything.

Ye Futian's body circulated on the road, and stood quietly, looking at each other, deservingly the perfect level of road fire breath, even if he is in the realm now, he should feel a ray of threat from the flame.

Countless phoenix fire feathers moved with the wind, condensed into one above the sky, and gradually, a real giant phoenix appeared, covering the sky and covering the sun, directly covering this sky dome, and it was spectacular.

Ye Futian naturally saw that Zifeng was serious this time, and wanted to see how strong he was. She was different from other practitioners. The avenue was perfect, and she was too strong. She and Ye Futian belonged to the same category. .

In addition to wanting to vent his dissatisfaction with Ye Futian's retreat, he also wanted to know Ye Futian's true strength.

Ye Futian understands what Zifeng thinks, it seems that he wants to conquer this arrogant phoenix, he still needs to show some real strength.

His thoughts moved in an instant, surrounded by the sun and the moon, and a natural vision. Above his body, a gorgeous figure of the road **** appeared. The power of the two poles of yin and yang circulated, and the sun and moon appeared in the pattern, engulfing the vast world. The breath of the road.

This pattern expands madly. In a short moment, it turns into a huge pattern covering the sky and directly covering the sacred and huge Phoenix figure.

The power of the Taiyin Sun hung down at the same time, directly overshadowing the sacred and huge phoenix figure. The phoenix made a loud sound of phoenix, and the claws were torn directly towards the huge yin and yang patterns in the void, extremely overbearing.

"Om!" The shadow of Taiyin Shenhui and the light of Shenhuo drooped at the same time. UU reading made the phoenix figure gradually become illusory and endured a terrible oppression. At the same time, the sacred Yin and Yang picture had an infinite sword The light flows, and at the next moment, Sun Jianwei and Taiyin Jianqi kill at the same time.

Phoenix made a long beep again, raised his claws and beat to resist, Daohuo wanted to burn the sword directly, but it was difficult to do.

In an instant, the huge and incomparable figure of Phoenix seemed to be overwhelmed by Jian Qi.

Soon, the huge phantom of the phantom of the Phoenix disappeared, leaving many emperors in Dongxian Island trembling violently in their hearts, so terrible?

Zi Fengmei's eyes also stared at Ye Futian, with a bit of disapproval.

"If you want to fight happily, there is a chance to accompany you." Ye Futian said with a smile: "Go, follow me to see the island owner."

"See what the island owner does?" Zi Feng asked.

"Farewell." Ye Futian replied and practiced in Dongxiandao for several years. Now the state has also broken through, and the leave is gone.

"Are you going?" Zi Feng secretly said, she was ready to follow Ye Futian to leave a few years ago, but then practiced on the island for several years. However, this day is still coming, Ye Futian is ready to go out Going to China!


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