The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1952

Vol 8 Chapter 1952: Abduct

Ye Futian took Zifeng to the place where the host of Dongxiandao Island lived. Seeing the arrival of the two, the hostess of the island said calmly, "Are you ready to go out?"

Obviously he guessed that Ye Futian was about to leave. After solving the turmoil of the Jun clan, Ye Futian was basically in a state of closed retreat. Except for his practice, alchemy is alchemy. Now he cultivates for progress, and his temperament is transformed. Got to go.

"Well, come here to say goodbye to the Master." Ye Futian nodded.

"Okay." The island owner nodded happily without leaving Ye Futian, and said, "Let Bai Mu take some people to follow you?"

Ye Futian also did not know the other partys true thoughts. He enjoyed so many benefits of Dongxian Island. Naturally, it was impossible for him to go away and cut off contact with Dongxian Island. This is too unjust, I am afraid that Dongxian The main island of the island chased after thousands of miles.

Divine Pill was swallowed by him, Divine Tree merged into the body, Divine Flame was also absorbed by him, inherited the alchemy of alchemy of Dongxian Shangxian, and enjoyed some unknown treasures, and now he still needs to take away the truth of Dongxian Island phoenix.

"Don't think too much, just protect your safety, there won't be many people, and it doesn't make sense to have more. I will select the most outstanding people." The female island master said.

"My current strength, the protection of the people of Dongxian Island is actually not too significant." Ye Futian said: "Even if there are predecessors who are stronger than me, they are not too strong, and I will not be the original. If you step outside, if you encounter something that can't be solved outside, Senior Dongxiandao will follow in vain."

Island Master looked at Ye Futian and said, "You mean, did you leave?"

Ye Futian looked at the other person's eyes. Sure enough, he still didn't worry about him, but it was normal. Who can rest assured?

"There are no outsiders here. I have appointed you as the second island owner of Dongxian Island in the future. If you exceed me in the future, you can directly inherit the position of the island owner of Dongxian Island. Everything here can be said to be mine and yours. "The main female island said.

"Mine?" Ye Futian blinked, is the second island owner?

This woman is so ruthless that she is willing to give him the entire Dongxian Island.

Isn't that the fairy of Dongxian Island is also his...... Hey, how come to think of this, he is a gentleman.

"Yes." The female island master nodded: "It's all yours. If you want to be able to go to that day, I will follow your orders."

Ye Futian looked at the stunning and noble face in front of her, and his thoughts were a little crooked.

"Cough..." Ye Futian looked at Nvdao and said: "Some young people can't stand it."

"You swallowed the Divine Pill and the God Tree and inherited everything from my ancestors. It was originally a descendant of Dongxian Island, and there is nothing wrong with passing it to you one day." The owner of Dongxian Island continued.

Ye Futian's eyes flickered, since the other party said so, then, you're welcome.

He looked at the female island master and said, "However, this has nothing to do with the people of Dongxian Island following me, they have little meaning to follow unless..."

"Unless what?" The female island owner looked at him.

Ye Futian looked at her, hesitantly.

If there is a personal emperor's top character to follow, then it is too safe, unless you get into a giant character, otherwise there will be no trouble.

"Say something if you have anything to say." The Lord Naojima said coldly, what thought is this guy playing? The eyes swept around her, making her very uncomfortable.

"Isn't it better, the island owner also went out to distract?" Ye Futian said weakly. Although he was already in the middle of the realm of emperor, the tone still seemed a bit lacking. After all, this is a strong man who can kill nine realms. The existence of Jun Xiaoyao.

Although is very beautiful, she cannot be deceived by her appearance. A few years ago, she killed the most emperors.

Ye Futian's words fell, and an invisible road pressure suddenly fell on him, making Ye Futian trembling, and Zi Feng next to him stared at Ye Futian dumbfounded, even letting the island's sister follow him?

This asshole, the courage...

Ye Futian looked at the beautiful island owner weakly. Since the other party said, Dongxian Island is his sooner or later, then exercise the power of the next master in advance.

I felt that pressure, it was a lot of pressure.

The main island of the female island has been staring at Ye Futian. She walks and walks, her skirt and ground, noble and glamorous, gorgeous, and walks to Ye Futian's side step by step.

"If the island owner disagreed, when I didn't say it." Ye Fu weather was slightly weaker.

The female island master stared at him and said, "Okay!"

"Er..." Ye Futian blinked, looking up at the stunning face in front of her, okay?

He also asked weakly, did the other party really agree?

The owner of Dongxiandao Island is of extraordinary strength. With her by her side, the realm of the emperor almost went away.

"I'm with you." The owner of Belle Island said, staring at Ye Futian, suddenly showing a light smile, which meant to reverse all sentient beings, but Ye Futian had no intention to appreciate this beauty. On the contrary, he only felt tight. Will there be any conspiracy?

"When do you depart?" asked the island owner.

"I'm going to refine some immortals, how about starting in seven days?" Ye Futian raised his head and whispered, the tone of his speech was not much.

"Okay, I will formulate a good course of practice, you can do your own things with peace of mind." The island master said.

Ye Futian looked at her with eyes, how she felt to be taken into the pit.

The sense of conspiracy is getting stronger and stronger. Is he doing something wrong?

"You came from the realm, and you are not familiar with Shenzhou. I understand Donghuayu better than you. Rest assured, I just lead the way. After all, I am only your follower this time, Lord Yedao!" The word is very bitten.

"Island Master is polite, then it is so settled." Ye Futian shuddered and left, leaving Zifeng to leave, and fled.

Looking at the back of Ye Futian's departure, Zifeng is a little speechless, looking at the island master and saying, "Sister, are you going?"

"Why not?" The island owner looked at Ye Futian's leaving back, revealing an intriguing smile. This little guy, really brave enough to let her follow him, give him some courage. He even wanted to give Dongxian Island now. Swallowed, and now she directly hit her idea.

Now that she hasn't been out for a long time, she followed this little guy out.

Seven days after , Ye Futian had been practicing alchemy in the alchemy pavilion and was completely immersed in it.

Moreover, this time no one was watching, everyone was waiting outside, Ye Futian did not let anyone disturb.

I saw the direction of the alchemy room, and there was a terrible scent of breath coming out. The turquoise divine light swayed upwards and turned into a **** tree. The world was covered in faintly. From inside, the fragrance of medicine continued to spread.


At this moment, there was a horrible Dao fire rushing to the sky, and the sound of Fengming was faintly heard. When the refiners looked over there, they saw the appearance of a phoenix phantom, surrounding it.

A loud sound of Fengming came out, and a sound of beating came from the alchemy room. Shenfeng swayed upwards, with nine long sounds in a row, straight into the sky, like a heaven and earth vision, incomparably gorgeous.

A ray of divine light rose into the sky, and the rich scent of the scent was paved. The avenue divine light illuminated the refining room, and everyone looked at the vision in front of them dull.

Alchemy, born vision.

"This is..." Someone murmured.

"It should be." The person next to him responded with a heart turmoil, and they realized why Ye Futian's alchemy attainments are so strong, and they are improving fast. No wonder the island owner likes him so much, and let him play tricks.

It turns out that he is the heir of Dongxian Shangxian.

This is the alchemy technique of Donglai Shangxian. Ye Futian inherited the alchemy of Donglai Shangxian.

"Everything is left in the Dan Furnace. All the seniors will use it for themselves. The juniors will leave first." When a voice came, the crowd saw that a white figure had left and walked.

Thus everyone reacted, and rushed directly into the alchemy room, and a sturdy, medicinal fragrance came out. In the alchemy furnace, the divine light circulated.

"Om." A figure rushed in directly.

The next moment, all the figures came out at the same time, all flew towards the alchemy furnace.

Soon, the roar of avenues was heard from the alchemy room.

Ye Futian walked in the void, and a voice came from behind him.

"Dog Thief..."

"Old dare dare!"


A sound drifted into the eardrums, UU reading followed by a loud bang, that was the sound of the alchemy room bursting, Ye Futian sighed, its not that I didnt help the elders to refine it, could not bear the elders to turn their faces .

On this day, many alchemists from Alchemy Masters fought, and their friends in the ordinary week faced each other, completely disregarding the image, and some people went to war directly and turned upside down. Dongxian Island was trembling with fear. Someone went to report to the owner of Dongxian Island. But it was found that the owner of Dongxian Island had already left, and Ye Futian and them also left together.

Outside Dongxian Island, among the empty clouds and fog, a group of people walked by, and Bei Gongao peeked at the woman next to him from time to time, a shock, and looked at Ye Futian's eyes full of worship, admiration, admiration, this guy even put The owners of Dongxiandao Island were all kidnapped out, really genius.

"Are you deliberate?" In front, the host of Dongxian Island asked Ye Futian.

"Ah?" Ye Futian was confused.

"Alchemy Pavilion." the island owner suggested.

"Injustice, I just want to leave some medicine." Ye Futian said wrongly, the owner of Dongxiandao Island glanced at him, and then did not speak, the group went on and prepared to leave Penglai mainland!


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