The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1953

Vol 8 Chapter 1953: Committed To

The vast sea of clouds, a black wind eagle traversing the clouds and fog, the speed is very fast.

On the back of the huge body of the black wind carving, a line of figures was sitting and some were standing there.

The host of Dongxian Island Island fluttered in a red dress, standing in front, beautiful and beautiful, Bai Mu stood quietly behind her, this time Master also came out together, Bai Mu was very shocked, not only that, Master Zun actually said that the future Dongxian Island might be handed over to Ye Futian. How much does he value Ye Futian?

Behind them, Ye Futian sat quietly, Xia Qingyan sat beside him on the left, on the right were Bei Gongao and Bei Gongshuang father and daughter, Zi Feng sat alone in front of the head of the small sculpture Locally, Xiaodiao occasionally harassed her a few words, but Zifeng was generally too lazy to justify.

looks like a strange match, but they are very harmonious.

At this time, Ye Futian was drinking with Beigongao. Of course, the wine was brought from Dongxian Island. Qiong pulp and jade liquid, hidden in the wine, do not drink white or drink.

"Bai Mu, let's have some drinks together." Ye Futian said to Bai Mu standing there.

Bai Mu glanced at Ye Futian, and then looked at the master in front of her. She would not be too casual here. If the master is no longer the only one who came out with Ye Futian, it doesn't matter, you can feel free.

"Island Master, the road is long, come and have a few drinks." Ye Futian yelled, Dongxiandao Island Lord returned to look at Ye Futian, Ye Futian smiled and said: "The wine is brought from Dongxian Island , The island owner is cheaper if I dont drink."

Bai Mu was speechless. This guy really did not care about his words. In Dongxian Island, no one dared to talk to Master.

Masters rarely show up and dont talk much, but they are extremely majestic, saying one thing or two, they are also extremely decisive. Cultivating to the existence of the highest realm of the emperor, how can there be a simple generation, whether it is heart, means, and courage? Ordinary people can compare.

The island owner raised his steps and sat down in front of Ye Futian. Ye Futian smiled and took out a wine glass to pour wine to the other party. Then he raised the glass and said: "Now they are already a family and have always called the Master Its also not appropriate. The island owner is older than me and a descendant of the Immortals. As a disciple of the Immortals, what will I call Senior Sister in the future?"

"" Bai Mu was stunned. This relationship is climbing. If Ye Futianru called Master Shizi, wouldn't she change her name to Master Shi?


From the island owner directly to the sister, this guy is so thick-skinned! ! !

Bei Gong proudly lowered his head and smiled, this kid is really powerful, what family, sister, all came out.

This relationship has been drawn closer for an instant, and the other party is so important to Ye Futian, most of them will not refuse him.

Sure enough, I saw the owner of Dongxian Island nodded and said, "Follow you."

"That's the way to go." Ye Futian said with a smile: "Sister Shi Qiang first."

said that he picked up the glass and drank the wine from the glass. The owner of Dongxiandao Island also saw his movements and raised the glass and drank the wine in the glass.

"I'm not in Dongxiandao now, so I don't call the island owner anymore, please call Dongli fairy, please." Bei Gongao raised his hands and said, Dongxiandao island owner was Donglai's fairy, and his surname was Dong. Lai, saying that the fairy of Donglai is naturally no problem.

Donglai Fairy had another drink and asked Bei Gongao: "Why did you choose to follow him?"

Beigong Ao now has eight realms, and there are avenues in Dongxian Island. He wants to hear Beigong Ao's opinion, why not return to the continent where he is to be the first person, but choose to follow a junior figure.

"Donglai Fairies are willing to accompany him to come out for trial, let alone me." Bei Gongao said with a smile, it seemed to say nothing, but it seemed to say everything, the reason is very simple, Donglai Fairy Why would you want to come out? He was proud of Bei Gong, and he didn't want to.

It seems that the two people are only one step away, but they have a huge gap. Both their status and strength are not at the same level.

Donglai Fairy nodded and understood.

"Sister, the memory I got from Shangxian's memory is somewhat fragmented. At that time, when the other party entreated Qiubao against Shangxian, why did he leave Dongxian Island?" Ye Futian asked.

"My father also had some friends at that time, and the other party had already committed injustice. Naturally, it was too bad to be done, and was subject to some constraints." Fairy Donglai said, Dongxian Shangxian was the top alchemist master. There are a lot of friends, and many people have benefited from it. Naturally, there are also some powerful people.

Ye Futian nodded: "But the danger has always existed. This hidden danger has made Dongxiandao have been forbearing for so many years, avoiding it in Dongxiandao, and accumulating strength?"

"Reluctant? Saving up strength?" Fairy Donglai glanced at him, and there was a smile of self-deprecation on that stunning face: "It's half right, not reluctant, but dare not come out, not high-profile, as for Forbearance and accumulated strength, it can be regarded as wishful thinking of Dongxian Island. Even if the accumulated power can sweep Penglai, there is no meaning, no top character, the other party may not look at you in the right eye. Todays Dongxian Island , Not worthy."

said that she toasted and drank herself, her tone seemed a bit sad.

Dongxian Island, not worthy.

The forbearance in the eyes of outsiders is actually wishful thinking of Dongxian Island. They really want to accumulate strength and improve themselves, but in fact it does not make much sense unless one day, there can be a peak.

"So..." Ye Futian understood a little bit when he heard the other party's words.

"So, with you." Fairy Donglai said, Ye Futian brought a hint of dawn to Dongxian Island. From Ye Futian's body, she saw the potential to become a giant, so she was even willing to take Dongxian Island. Give it to him and be willing to try out his practice together with him.

has only one goal to help Ye Futian reach the top.

In Dongxian Island, she also observed Ye Futian's conduct, which was good for the people around her. If he could assist him and give him all the Dongxian Island, he would at least have a sense of belonging to Dongxian Island. Willing to take revenge and say something else, but if he climbs to the top, he will not let Dongxiandao stay forever, not daring to move at will, afraid of being too high-profile, causing flying disaster.

She named Ye Futian as the second island owner, and even willing to abdicate for Ye Futian in the future. In fact, she had this purpose and gave it to him to preserve Dongxian Island. This was the fathers inheritance. He didnt want to see Dongxian one day. The island dust disappeared and became the dust of history.

"If one day you reach the summit, I will give you Dongxian Island, I hope you can accept it." Donglai Shangxianmei looked towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian only understood the intention of the other party at this moment. Dongxian Island was not forbearing, and it was too high-profile to teach it to the world. It was all about making wedding dresses for others. In fact, Dongxian Island itself was nothing more than to attract some People cannot change too much. At least, if there are such characters as Jiang Jiuming, it is impossible to join Dongxian Island.

Ye Futian, he is an exception, maybe it is also the luck of Dongxiandao, and sent such a person.

Everything is a coincidence.

"Okay, I accept." Ye Futian nodded and drank a drink to the fairy of Donglai. He felt very good about Dongxiandao and solved the hidden danger of Jun's for him, and even if he took When the Divine Pill swallowed the Divine Tree, the other party did not threaten him, including those Alchemy Masters who are also very cute. Dongxian Island has always been frank with each other. Of course, he will not be beautiful because of the Dongxian Island Lord and the fairy...

has received so many favors and will only take over in the future. He has no reason to refuse.

"En." Fairy Donglai nodded, and with Ye Futian's promise, she felt relieved and said softly, "Thank you."

"It should be my thanks to Sister." Ye Futian said, "Sister, where are you going to take me this time?"

Shenzhou is so big, this trip, led by Donglai Fairy, he does not care about anything, Donglai Fairy knows Shenzhou better than him.

"Pave a way for you." Fairy Donglai looked down in the distance and whispered. The reason why Ye Futian came out this time was that she thought a lot when Ye Futian made the request. Ye Futian's appearance may not be impossible. Attracted the attention of Dongxiandao Qiu Family, if he behaved too brightly, he might be in danger.

Therefore, she immediately nodded and agreed to walk with Ye Futian.

On this trip, he was going to take Ye Futian to a main continent in East China, where her fathers friend was there. She planned to pave the way for Ye Futian. Even if he was in trouble in the future, someone could protect him. .

Ye Futian didn't ask much, nodded casually, several people continued to drink, under the clouds, from time to time can see the continental plate, they shuttled over the continents, and met many spiritual practitioners on the way, basically all It is the existence of the emperor's realm that will travel across the continent!


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